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Stargate Origins title.jpg

Stargate Origins is a web series that ran from February 15, 2018 to March 8, 2018 created by Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry. It is the fourth series in the Stargate franchise and ran for 1 season.


The series follows Catherine Langford and her father Professor Paul Langford as they are taken through the Stargate by Dr. Wilhelm Brücke to Abydos and encounter the Goa'uld Aset who is planning to use Abydos to rebel against Ra.


Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall).jpg
Wilhelm Brücke.jpg
James Beal.jpg
Paul Langford (Connor Trinneer).jpg
Ellie Gall as Catherine Langford
Aylam Orian as Wilhelm Brücke
Philip Alexander as James Beal
Connor Trinneer as Paul Langford
Wasif Alabu Khan.jpg
Kasuf (Daniel Rashid).jpg
Salome Azizi as Aset
Shvan Aladdin as Wasif Alabu Khan
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez as Serqet
Daniel Rashid as Kasuf


Episode 1.jpg
Season 1


The show was produced by United Artists Digital Studios, MGM Television and New Form.