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Milky Way

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3 moons



Controlled by

Ra (past)

Abydos was a planet in the Milky Way and the homeworld of the Abydonians.


Abydos had three moons. (Stargate)




Ra brought the Abydonians here from Earth through the Stargate in order to mine Naquadah. (Stargate) Ra placed Aset on Abydos to rule over the Abydonians. In 1939 Dr. Wilhelm Brücke came to Abydos with a team, including Professor Paul Langford. Catherine Langford arrived shortly afterwards with Captain James Beal and Wasif Alabu Khan. (SGO: "Episode 2", "Episode 3", "Episode 4") Ra was contacted by Serqet, Aset's bodyguard, that Aset had birthed a Harcesis and was planning to rebel against him so he came to the planet. Aset was killed and the Abydonians were once more directly riled by Ra. (SGO: "Episode 10") In 1996 a team from Earth arrived shortly before Ra returned. After Ra's forced were defeated, he fled the planet aboard his ship but was killed in orbit when a nuclear bomb was transported aboard. Daniel Jackson remained behind with Sha're as Jack O'Neill, Charles Kawalsky and Ferretti returned to Earth reporting that the bomb had destroyed the Stargate on the other end, when in actuality Jackson and the Abydonians had buried it. (Stargate)

Some months later Jackson discovered the Cartouche room and realized that the Stargate could go other places so had the Stargate unburied and started to experiment. A year after returning O'Neill and the others came back after someone came through the Stargate, killing several people and kidnapping another. The same person came to Abydos, killing several Abydonians and kidnapping Sha're and Skaara. Jackson returned with the others to Earth to begin the search, instructing the Abydonians to bury the Stargate once he had left and only unbury it in a years time when he would try to return. (SG1: "Children of the Gods") Sha're returned to Abydos, pregnant, and remained for a season before Jackson returned. Heru'ur came to Abydos, landing his ship on the pyramid, remaining inside the structure as his guards searched for Sha're. The rest of SG-1 arrived and helped drive Heru'ur off before Apophis arrived to retrieve Sha're. (SG1: "Secrets")

Amaunet, the Goa'uld who took Sha're as host, came to Abydos and kidnapped several Abydonians. (Stargate: "Forever in a Day") Shifu returned to Abydos to learn more about his mother and met SG-1. (SG1: "Absolute Power") Anubis came here to find the Eye of Ra that Ra had hidden away on the planet. SG-1 came to help find the Eye and the Abydonians defend their world. Anubis' forces overwhelmed the Abydonians and killed many of them. Anubis made a deal with Jackson to get the Eye and he would leave Abydos alone. Oma Desala ascended the dead Abydonians. After obtaining the Eye he used it to destroy Abydos, killing the other Abydonians, who were also ascended by Oma. The Abydonians recreated their planet to allow SG-1 to come back and learn what happened to them. When they left it returned to its destroyed state. (SG1: "Full Circle")

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