Air, Part 1

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Air, Part 1 is the first episode of Season 1 of Stargate Universe.


When Icarus Base is poised to dial the Ninth Chevron, the Lucian Alliance attack and cause the planet's core to become unstable. Personnel from the base have no choice but to evacuate through the Stargate to the Ninth Chevron address and find themselves on the Ancient ship Destiny.




Gloria Rush, Hamilton, Reed (Air, Part 1)


Ancient, Tau'ri


Earth, P4X-351


Ancient language, Asgard Transporter, Atlantis, Atlantis Database, C-4, California, Chevron, Death glider, Destiny, Destiny Control interface room, Destiny expedition, Destiny Gateroom, Destiny Observation deck, Dial Home Device, Dinosaur, F-302, Faster-Than-Light engine, Galaxy, George Hammond (ship), Goa'uld Troop transport, Ha'tak, Harvard, Hologram, Hyperdrive, Icarus Base, Life support, Light year, Lucian Alliance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Milky Way, Naquadria, Ninth Chevron, Non-disclosure agreement, Oxygen, Pegasus, Point of Origin, Prometheus (game), Railgun, Shield, Stargate, The Pentagon, Unstable vortex, Washington, D.C., Wine, Wormhole


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