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Ancient language

The Ancients, known in their language as Anquietas, were an advanced race.



The Ancients had access to healing abilities and could cure others. The cells of their bodies don't produce Adipocere when frozen and can fully revive even after millions of years. Their brain chemistry is different from humans. Their blood is red. (SG1: "Frozen") They have 42 chromosomes in their DNA. (SGU: "Human") Ancients have bone marrow similar to humans. (SGU: "Hope")


The Ancients built the Stargates and established the Stargate Network in the Milky Way. They had advanced mind transference technology and used a base-8 math. (SG1: "The Fifth Race")


The Ancients were once known as the Alterans and evolved in another galaxy before coming to the Milky Way. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2") The Ancients were present on Earth over 3 million years ago. (SG1: "Frozen") The Ancients discovered evidence of a structure within the Cosmic microwave background radiation so they launched a number of Seed ships and Destiny to go out into the universe. (SGU, "The Greater Good", "Air, Part 1") The Ancient used to meet on PB2-908 with others from the Asgard, Furlings and Nox and created the Alliance of Four Great Races. (SG1: "The Fifth Race", "The Torment of Tantalus") They left the Milky Way area a long time ago but left behind the Repository of Knowledge to pass on what they knew. (SG1: "The Fifth Race") They were building a great city on Vis Uban when they were afflicted by a plague. They had a city that they made lost to anyone who might try to find it. (SG1: "Fallen") they built a device on Dakara which was used to recreate life in the galaxy after the plague. (SG1: "Threads") They tried to stop it but in the end had to accept their own deaths. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity") Some of the Ancients ascended and became the Others. (SG1: "Full Circle") Many Ancients left for the Pegasus galaxy and became the Lanteans. (SGA: "Rising")