Ancient Egyptian rebellion

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Ancient Egyptian rebellion.jpg
"A rebellion or uprising, and the Stargate was buried there."
- Daniel Jackson - Stargate

The Ancient Egyptian rebellion was an event that happened on Earth.


In 3000 B.C. an alternate timeline SG-1 helped organize a rebellion but it was exposed and all of them except Daniel Jackson. Over the next five years he and the Egyptians began stockpiling Goa'uld weapons including Staff weapons. In 2995 B.C. another alternate SG-1, except Jackson, arrived aboard the Time Jumper but when the Jumper was found the rebellion had to begin. They worked on distracting Ra so they could take the Stargate using the Jumper and hide it so he did not take it when he fled Earth. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2") The Stargate was buried and Ra forbid reading and writing on Abydos to prevent a rebellion there. (Stargate)