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The Asgard were an advanced race.



The Asgard are shorter than humans, with grey skin, long arms and legs, a large head and two, large black eyes. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot") Asgard bodies require food and can be maintained through artificial means. (SG1: "Small Victories", "Descent") They cannot produce offspring through sexual reproduction. When their bodies begin to fail, they are transferred into a younger clone of themselves. A lack of genetic mutation in their DNA is causing a genetic breakdown. (SG1: "Revelations") Asgard brains have a pre-frontal cortex and are highly resilient to attempts to gain control over their minds. (SG1: "Revelations", "Descent") The Asgard have short fingers with fingernails on them. (SG1: "Disclosure") Asgard DNA is programmed to grow cloned bodies to maturity in three months. (SG1: "Covenant") They have larynxes similar to humans. (SG1: "Covenant") Their bodies do not have adrenal glands that produce epinephrine. (SGA: "Allies")


They are ruled by the Asgard High Council. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer")


They have advanced spaceships, transporters and hologram technology. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot")


The Asgard launched a ship in 28001 B.C. with a crew in stasis. (SG1: "Revelations") The Asgard explored the Ida galaxy and settled Hala. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection") The Asgard would meet with the Ancients, Furlings and the Nox on PB2-908 to share knowledge and created the Alliance of Four Great Races. (SG1: "The Fifth Race", "The Torment of Tantalus") In 1001 they stopped being able to reproduce through sexual reproduction. (SG1: "Revelations") They established Cimmeria as a safe world for humans forging the Protected Planets Treaty with the System Lords to accomplish this. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer", "Fair Game") They visited Earth at some point and may have exposed themselves to people at Roswell. When the Goa'uld invaded Cimmeria, Thor came to the planet to remove the Goa'uld presence. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot") When the System Lords turned their attention towards Earth, the Asgard negotiated to have Earth included in the Protected Planets Treaty, helping to protect Earth from attack. (SG1: "Fair Game") When the Rogue NID had stolen technology from the Asgard, they approached Stargate Command and were planning on severing ties with them, but were convinced to let the SGC find those who had stolen their property. The Asgard insisted that Jack O'Neill be the only one of SG-1 to be aware of the plan. When they recovered the location where the stolen technology was being held, Thor took the Biliskner there and began taking it all back. (SG1: "Shades of Grey")

The Asgard entered into war with the Replicators but were unable to resist them. They started building the O'Neill, an advanced ship designed for their war with the Replicators. Several Replicator ships were detected heading for Othala so Thor came to Earth to get help with a less-advanced plan to stop them. Samantha Carter came up with a plan to use the O'Neill to draw the Replicator ships away and destroy them. (SG1: "Nemesis", "Small Victories") The Asgard stated that they were unable to help the People of K'Tau when SG-1 accidentally caused their star to shift, due to their treaty with the Goa'uld, but may have secretly fixed the issue during the SGC's attempt to mask their involvement. (SG1: "Red Sky") The Asgard were contacted by the SGC for help when an asteroid was detected heading for Earth but they were unable to help because the protected planets treaty. (SG1: "Fail Safe") The Asgard received the body of the android Reese, who created the first Replicators, and were able to learn something that allowed them to begin to win battles against the Replicators. (SG1: "Revelations") After finding a recall code in Reese, the Asgard evacuated to the void between the Ida and Milky Way galaxies while a time dilation device trap was set for the Replicators on Hala. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection")

The Asgard resettled on Orilla and began making clone bodies for all the minds stored aboard their ships. The Replicators escaped from Hala and made their way to Orilla. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1") The Asgard were saved when a weapon was created by O'Neill using Ancient knowledge which destroyed the Replicators on Orilla. (SG1: "New Order, Part 2") A Colson Industries biotech subsidiary was given Asgard DNA for sequencing but they continued and created a clone which was presented by Alec Colson to the press. (SG1: "Covenant") They began constructing Replicator disruptor satellites to protect their worlds from Replicator attack. (SG1: "Gemini") After the Goa'uld and the Replicators had been defeated, the Asgard began rebuilding their civilization. (SG1: "Collateral Damage") The Asgard attempted to dial out the Supergate but were unable to do so. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")

The Asgard attempted a final solution to stop their genetic degeneration and save their race but it ended up giving them a rapidly progressing disease that they were unable to stop. A decision was made to provide all of their technology and all of their knowledge to the Tau'ri to preserve their legacy and many believed that the Tau'ri were the best hope of preserving the future. They installed upgrades to the Odyssey, including an Asgard Computer core that could project any Asgard as a hologram for easier interface. When Ori Warships arrived, the Asgard all gathered on Orilla as the planet detonated, wiping out their species. (SG1: "Unending")

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