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Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis is a 19-episode season that aired from July 16, 2004 to March 25, 2005.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
Rising.jpg "Rising" 101 July 16, 2004 Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright Martin Wood
The Atlantis expedition heads through the Stargate to the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy, a potential one-way trip. The city is found underwater but protected by a powerful shield that is failing. While looking for a safe place to evacuate to, they encounter the Wraith, an enemy who defeated the Ancients.
Hide and Seek.jpg "Hide and Seek" 102 July 23, 2004 Story by: Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper Teleplay by: Robert C. Cooper David Warry-Smith
As the expedition settles into and explores Atlantis, McKay undertake a gene therapy to get the Ancient gene and uses a personal shield device that seems unable to be turned off. After Jinto goes missing, a strange energy creature is seen in the city, feeding off energy sources.
Thirty-Eight Minutes.jpg "Thirty-Eight Minutes" 103 July 30, 2004 Brad Wright Mario Azzopardi
Fleeing from a Wraith attack and with Sheppard having an alien bug attached to his neck, the team's Jumper becomes lodged in the Stargate. With only 38 minutes before it shut down, they must work on becoming free but first have to deal with the bug that is draining Sheppard's life.
Suspicion.jpg "Suspicion" 104 August 6, 2004 Story by: Kerry Glover Teleplay by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Mario Azzopardi
When Sheppard's team begins running into the Wraith on almost all of their missions, it is suspected that there is a spy on Atlantis. As the Athosians take offense at this, a landmass is discovered on Lantea and the Athosians offer to go there to prove that they are not spies.
Childhood's End.jpg "Childhood's End" 105 August 13, 2004 Martin Gero David Winning
Sheppard's team encounter a civilization of children who perform ritual suicide before they turn 25 as they believe it has been keeping the Wraith away for 500 years. It is discovered that an electromagnetic field generator prevents all Wraith technology from working.
Poisoning the Well.jpg "Poisoning the Well" 106 August 20, 2004 Story by: Mary Kaiser Teleplay by: Damian Kindler Brad Turner
The expedition meets the Hoffans who are working on a drug that will prevent the Wraith from feeding on them. Dr. Beckett works with them to create a viable prototype but the Hoffans begin moving faster and inoculating their people before it is discovered the drug kills half of those that take it.
Underground.jpg "Underground" 107 August 27, 2004 Peter DeLuise Brad Turner
Sheppard's team goes to meet the Genii to negotiate for food but soon learn that the Genii are hiding their true civilization from outsiders. They work together on a plan to gather intelligence on Hive ship locations as the Genii plan to use nuclear bombs to destroy the ships.
Home.jpg "Home" 108 September 10, 2004 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Holly Dale
A planet is found that offers a chance for the expedition to return to Earth and Weir and Sheppard's team heads through. After their opportunity to return to Atlantis is destroyed and they may be stuck, they begin to notice strange things about the world.
The Storm.jpg "The Storm" 109 September 17, 2004 Story by: Jill Blotevogel Teleplay by: Martin Gero Martin Wood
When a massive Hurricane is detected heading towards Atlantis which will destroy the city, a plan is developed to evacuate the city and use the storms lightning to power the shield and save Atlantis. With the city mostly empty, a Genii strike force arrives to raid it.
The Eye.jpg "The Eye" 110 January 21, 2005 Martin Gero Martin Wood
With the storm approaching, the Genii strike force changes their plan to seize the city for themselves rather than raid it and force McKay and Sheppard to continue the plant to save the city. Sheppard works to take down the soldiers and rescue McKay and Weir.
The Defiant One.jpg "The Defiant One" 111 January 28, 2005 Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise
A crashed Wraith ship from the war is found on a nearby planet and Sheppard, McKay and two scientists go to investigate. A single Wraith has survived on his own for 10,000 years and takes control of their Puddle Jumper and resists Sheppard's attempts to kill him.
Hot Zone.jpg "Hot Zone" 112 February 4, 2005 Martin Gero Mario Azzopardi
While exploring a damaged area of the city, McKay, Ford and a group of scientists are affected by a nanovirus that causes hallucinations and death within hours. As they work on finding a solution, one of the scientists tries to get back to the general population.
Sanctuary.jpg "Sanctuary" 113 February 11, 2005 Alan Brennert James Head
After being saved from the Wraith by a mysterious energy force, Sheppard's team learn that the planet has never been attacked by the Wraith. They meet Chaya Sar who they bring to Atlantis and McKay begins to suspect that she is not who she is claiming to be.
Before I Sleep.jpg "Before I Sleep" 114 February 18, 2005 Carl Binder Andy Mikita
An old woman is found in stasis in the city and after reviving her, she reveals that she is Elizabeth Weir from an alternate timeline. She recounts her story about ending up 10,000 years in the past and meeting the Lanteans before they abandoned Atlantis.
The Brotherhood.jpg "The Brotherhood" 115 February 25, 2005 Martin Gero Martin Wood
Sheppard's team heads out to find the Potentia, a ZPM given to monks by the Lanteans and hidden on the planet Dagan. They are soon captured by Commander Kolya who wants to take the Potentia from them and forces McKay to figure out the clues to find the treasure.
Letters From Pegasus.jpg "Letters From Pegasus" 116 March 4, 2005 Carl Binder Mario Azzopardi
Sheppard and Teyla head to a planet to view the Wraith fleet headed for Atlantis and gather intelligence on their forces as the expedition record video messages for those back on Earth when McKay devises a way to send a message home.
The Gift.jpg "The Gift" 117 March 11, 2005 Story by: Robert C. Cooper and Martin Gero Teleplay by: Robert C. Cooper Peter DeLuise
As the Wraith get closer to Atlantis, Teyla begins having nightmares about them and learns that her ability to sense the Wraith was because of experiments done to her ancestors by the Wraith. She manages to connect her mind to the Wraith heading for them.
The Siege, Part 1.jpg "The Siege, Part 1" 118 March 18, 2005 Martin Gero Martin Wood
With the Hive ships approaching Atlantis, they work on repairing the Lagrangian Point satellite to stop them as planets are scouted as possible fall back locations. After Sgt. Bates is attacked it is discovered that there is a Wraith in the city.
The Siege, Part 2.jpg "The Siege, Part 2" 119 March 25, 2005 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Martin Wood
A military team arrives through the Stargate from Earth to help defend Atlantis and let them know that the Daedalus will be arriving inside 4 days with a ZPM to power the city's shields. Weir negotiates with the Genii for some of their nuclear bombs to help defeat the Wraith.


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