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Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis is a 20-episode season that aired from July 15, 2005 to March 10, 2006.


Main cast

Recurring characters


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
The Siege, Part 3.jpg "The Siege, Part 3" 201 July 15, 2005 Martin Gero Martin Wood
The Daedalus arrives in time to save Sheppard's life and take out the final Hive ship. A moment of relief is ruined when they learn that twelve more Hive ships are on their way so the Daedalus goes out to intercept them only for the Wraith to quickly find a counter to their attacks.
The Intruder.jpg "The Intruder" 202 July 22, 2005 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Peter DeLuise
Returning to Atlantis with supplies and new personnel, a crew member of the Daedalus is killed and while investigating, another person is killed. They discover that a Wraith computer virus is slowly taking over the ship and killing anyone who discovers it.
Runner (episode).jpg "Runner" 203 July 29, 2005 Robert C. Cooper Martin Wood
While searching for Ford, Sheppard and Teyla are captured by a man who turns out to be a Runner, someone hunted by the Wraith. Ford kidnaps McKay and wants to convince him that the Wraith enzyme is the key to defeating the Wraith by rescuing Sheppard and Teyla.
Duet.jpg "Duet" 204 August 5, 2005 Martin Gero Peter DeLuise
McKay and Lt. Cadman are taken into a Wraith dart which is then shot down. After successfully rematerializing McKay, he soon learns that Cadman is sharing his body with him. The strain of sharing his body becomes too much as they work on finding a way to separate them.
Condemned.jpg "Condemned" 205 August 12, 2005 Story by: Sean Carley Teleplay by: Carl Binder Peter DeLuise
Sheppard's team meet the Olesians who are technologically advanced and have an island that they send their prisoners to which attracts the Wraith and keeps them safe. The team is captured by the prisoners who want to use their Jumper to escape.
Trinity.jpg "Trinity" 206 August 19, 2005 Damian Kindler Martin Wood
Sheppard's team discovers a destroyed Hive ship and find a Lantean power generation device connected to an energy weapon. Working to reactivate the generator leads to disaster. Teyla and Ronon go offworld to trade and Ronon learns that a number of his people survived.
Instinct.jpg "Instinct" 207 August 26, 2005 Treena Hancock and Melissa R. Byer Andy Mikita
Offering to hunt down a Wraith who is plaguing a village, Sheppard's team meets a young female Wraith being raised by a human. While looking for the other Wraith, the female Wraith takes Beckett's retrovirus to turn herself into a human but it goes wrong.
Conversion.jpg "Conversion" 208 September 9, 2005 Story by: Robert C. Cooper and Martin Gero Teleplay by: Martin Gero Brad Turner
After being fed on by Ellia, Sheppard is infected by the Iratus bug retrovirus and begins to mutate and lose control. A team goes offworld to collect Iratus bug eggs to manufacture a cure for Sheppard but they fail and Sheppard escapes from his quarters.
Aurora (episode).jpg "Aurora" 209 September 23, 2005 Story by: Brad Wright and Carl Binder Teleplay by: Carl Binder Martin Wood
Atlantis picks up a signal from a Lantean warship and Sheppard's team heads aboard the Daedalus to investigate. Destroying a Wraith ship also there, they discover that the Lantean crew are alive in stasis and living inside a virtual reality.
The Lost Boys.jpg "The Lost Boys" 210 September 23, 2005 Martin Gero Brad Turner
Sheppard's team is kidnapped by Ford who is now running a group of men who are all using the Wraith enzyme and he gives some of the team the enzyme. A plan is revealed to destroy a Hive ship that is attacking and destroying worlds but the team is captured once aboard.
The Hive.jpg "The Hive" 211 January 6, 2006 Carl Binder Martin Wood
Imprisoned aboard the Hive ship, Teyla and Ronon begin to experience withdrawal from the enzyme as McKay takes a massive dose of it in order to get back to Atlantis. Sheppard is brought before the queen and attempts to convince her he was sent by another queen.
Epiphany.jpg "Epiphany" 212 January 13, 2006 Story by: Brad Wright and Joe Flanigan Teleplay by: Brad Wright Neil Fearnley
Investigating a strange energy field, Sheppard ends up inside living with a group of humans meditating to reach ascension who are being attacked by a creature known as The Beast. The rest of the team work to get him out as time is moving much faster inside the field.
Critical Mass.jpg "Critical Mass" 213 January 20, 2006 Story by: Brad Wright and Carl Binder Teleplay by: Carl Binder Andy Mikita
Atlantis receives a message from Earth concerning a bomb that the Goa'uld had planted in the city to destroy it. As the search for the bomb and interviews take place to find the operative, Teyla must perform a funeral for a deceased Athosian.
Grace Under Pressure.jpg "Grace Under Pressure" 214 January 27, 2006 Martin Gero Martin Wood
While testing a repair Jumper, McKay ends up trapped inside as it sinks into the ocean on Lantea. As the others work on a rescue plan, McKay begins to hallucinate Samantha Carter who wants to help him come up with plans to save his life.
The Tower.jpg "The Tower" 215 February 2, 2006 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
Sheppard's team find a world where villages are ruled over by the Tower, a city-ship like Atlantis. Sheppard is taken to the Tower to learn that the ruler, the Lord Protector, is being slowly poisoned and the suspect is his son who is next in line.
The Long Goodbye.jpg "The Long Goodbye" 216 February 10, 2006 Damian Kindler Andy Mikita
When Weir is inhabited by a woman's consciousness, she asks Sheppard to allow her husband to enter his mind so they could say goodbye. Once inside the two escape and attempt to kill one another, revealing that they are the last of their people and intend to win their war.
Coup D'etat.jpg "Coup D'etat" 217 February 17, 2006 Martin Gero Martin Wood
After Lorne's team is killed offworld, an investigation takes place to determine what happened. Ladon Radim contacts Atlantis and explains that Cowen has began planning the conquest of other worlds and offers to exchange a ZPM for military supplies to stop him.
Michael.jpg "Michael" 218 February 24, 2006 Carl Binder Martin Wood
Lt. Michael Kenmore awakens on Atlantis with no memory of who he is and is told that he is a member of the Atlantis expedition and was captured by the Wraith. As he tries to recover he notices that others are cautious around him and soon learns that he wasn't always human.
Inferno.jpg "Inferno" 219 March 3, 2006 Carl Binder Peter DeLuise
Sheppard's team meets the Taranians who have access to a pristine Lantean warship. It is soon discovered that the Taranians are going to be wiped out when a supervolcano on their world is set to erupt but during the evacuation, the Stargate is destroyed by lava.
Allies.jpg "Allies" 220 March 10, 2006 Martin Gero Andy Mikita
A Hive ship arrives at Atlantis with Michael Kenmore aboard who wants to get the retrovirus in order to use it to convert enemy Wraith into a food source. The Hive queen turns against them, taking the location of Earth from the database.


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