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Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis is a 20-episode season that aired from July 14, 2006 to June 22, 2007.


Main cast

Recurring characters


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
No Man's Land.jpg "No Man's Land" 301 July 14, 2006 Martin Gero Martin Wood
The Daedalus heads out to destroy two Hive ships that are heading for Earth while McKay and Ronon escape from captivity on one of the Hives and intend to cause damage to stop the Hive. Sheppard boards one of them and has to work with Michael.
Misbegotten.jpg "Misbegotten" 302 July 21, 2006 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Martin Wood
With hundreds of converted Wraith with no memories to look after, a camp is set up on a planet to contain them. When they begin to remember who they are they manage to contact other Wraith who send a Hive ship to collect them.
Irresistible.jpg "Irresistible" 303 July 28, 2006 Story by: Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper Teleplay by: Carl Binder Martin Wood
Sheppard's team met Lucius Lavin, a man who is very beloved by his people and many wives. When he comes back to Atlantis, many others began becoming enamored with him and Sheppard and McKay work to find out what he is doing to control people.
Sateda (episode).jpg "Sateda" 304 August 4, 2006 Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper
Ronon is recognized as a Runner, captured and given back to the Wraith who take him to his homeworld of Sateda to be hunted for sport once more. Remembering events from his past, the rest of his team work on a plan to locate and rescue him.
Progeny.jpg "Progeny" 305 August 11, 2006 Story by: Robert C. Cooper and Carl Binder Teleplay by: Carl Binder Andy Mikita
Atlantis makes contact with a society of Ancients who live in a massive city. Their leader reveals that they have a plan to destroy the Wraith but refused to elaborate. After they are detained they learn that they are not human but artificial lifeforms.
The Real World.jpg "The Real World" 306 August 18, 2006 Carl Binder Paul Ziller
Weir awakens in a mental facility on Earth and is told that there is no Stargate or Atlantis, that the last two years has been a hallucination she had suffered. As she tries to adjust to this new reality, she begins seeing and hearing strange things.
Common Ground.jpg "Common Ground" 307 August 25, 2006 Ken Cuperus William Waring
Sheppard is captured by Commander Kolya who demands that Weir hand over Ladon Radim in exchange for his return. When Weir refuses, Kolya brings out a Wraith who begins to feed on Sheppard. As Atlantis tries to track him down, Sheppard tries to convince the Wraith to escape with him.
McKay And Mrs. Miller.jpg "McKay And Mrs. Miller" 308 September 8, 2006 Martin Gero Martin Wood
When McKay's sister comes up with a way to extract limitless energy from alternate realities, he returns to Earth to get her to come back to Atlantis to test it. The project goes well until an alternate McKay comes through and warns them that they are destroying his universe.
Phantoms.jpg "Phantoms" 309 September 15, 2006 Carl Binder Martin Wood
Searching for a missing team, a Wraith device is found that causes people to hallucinate that they are fighting enemies. As McKay tries to disable the device, Sheppard fights against the Taliban as Ronon fights the Wraith, unaware they are fighting one another.
The Return, Part 1.jpg "The Return, Part 1" 310 September 22, 2006 Martin Gero Brad Turner
A ship is found filled with Lanteans who return to the city and take control, having the expedition return to Earth. When the Asurans attack and seize the city, killing the Lanteans, Sheppard's team, Weir and Beckett enact a plan to take it back.
The Return, Part 2.jpg "The Return, Part 2" 311 April 13, 2007 Martin Gero Brad Turner
Sheppard's team, Weir and Beckett disable Atlantis' systems and find the disabled body of Niam in orbit. Once their plan to shut down all the Asurans on Atlantis, a new plan is developed as O'Neill and Woolsey are captured and interrogated.
Echoes.jpg "Echoes" 312 April 20, 2007 Story by: Brad Wright and Carl Binder Teleplay by: Carl Binder William Waring
People begin seeing apparitions of Lanteans around the city, injured or in distress. McKay finds that the whale that saved his life a year ago has returned with a number of his species. The two events are found to be connected to something incredibly deadly.
Irresponsible.jpg "Irresponsible" 313 April 27, 2007 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Martin Wood
Sheppard's team head out to meet a hero who saved a village only to find that it is Lucius Lavin using a personal shield. After he saves the village again, they learn it was faked but the people don't believe them. Kolya arrives looking for Sheppard.
Tao of Rodney.jpg "Tao of Rodney" 314 May 4, 2007 Damian Kindler Martin Wood
McKay is affected by a device but no apparent changes are found. He soon learns that he is rapidly evolving and become more intelligence as well as developing advanced abilities. They soon learn that the changes mean he either needs to ascend or he will die.
The Game.jpg "The Game" 315 May 11, 2007 Story by: Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson Teleplay by: Carl Binder William Waring
Sheppard and McKay discover that the "game" they have been playing on Atlantis for the last two years, was actually directing real people and their actions have caused tensions to rise between the two nations and may lead to all out war.
The Ark.jpg "The Ark" 316 May 18, 2007 Story by: Ken Cuperus and Scott Nimerfro Teleplay by: Ken Cuperus Martin Wood
Sheppard's team find a hidden space station where the people who built it put themselves into storage to survive the Wraith. When a pilot brought out learns his family didn't make it, he tries to kill them all and the station begins to enter the planet's atmosphere.
Sunday.jpg "Sunday" 317 June 1, 2007 Martin Gero William Waring
During a mandatory rest day for many on Atlantis, an explosion rocks the city and it is soon discovered that a scientist was exposed to a device that caused them to grow an explosive tumor. Another scientist was also exposed and will soon explode.
Submersion.jpg "Submersion" 318 June 8, 2007 Ken Cuperus Brenton Spencer
Investigating an underwater drilling station on Lantea, a team encounters a Wraith queen aboard who attempts to get Sheppard to take her to the Stargate. After capturing her, Teyla learns she armed an auto-destruct on her ship and the explosion will take out Atlantis.
Vengeance.jpg "Vengeance" 319 June 15, 2007 Carl Binder Andy Mikita
Sheppard's team heads to check in on the Taranians to find their settlement abandoned and them dead in underground tunnels. Attacked by a strange creature, they discover a number of pods and soon come face-to-face with their creator - Michael.
First Strike.jpg "First Strike" 320 June 22, 2007 Martin Gero Martin Wood
The Apollo arrives and delivers a weapon system to destroy warships being constructed by the Asurans. After a successful attack, the Asurans launch a ship with a Stargate on board that fires a beam to strike Atlantis, which quickly begins draining the shield.


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