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Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis is a 20-episode season that aired from September 28, 2007 to March 7, 2008.


Main cast

Recurring characters


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
Adrift.jpg "Adrift" 401 September 28, 2007 Martin Gero Martin Wood
After escaping the Asurans, it is discovered that the power conduits of Atlantis are damaged and they are losing power. Weir is rushed into surgery as the city drifts through space, approaching an asteroid belt that will cause significant damage to the city.
Lifeline.jpg "Lifeline" 402 October 5, 2007 Carl Binder Martin Wood
Sheppard's team and Weir head to Asuras to steal a ZPM for use on Atlantis. With Weir able to access the Asuran data she directs them and McKay discovers a directive to make the Asurans attack the Wraith. Carter and Dr. Lee come aboard the Apollo to help search for Atlantis.
Reunion.jpg "Reunion" 403 October 12, 2007 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie William Waring
Ronon meets former Satedan friends of his he thought were dead and they reveal they are going on a mission to stop the Wraith from shutting down the command making the Asurans attack them. Samantha Carter is chosen as the new leader of the Atlantis expedition.
Doppelganger.jpg "Doppelganger" 404 October 19, 2007 Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper
Sheppard touches a strange crystal offworld and soon members of the expedition begin experiencing horrific nightmares with Sheppard in them. They discover that an entity is moving between them and it soon begins killing those it affects.
Travelers.jpg "Travelers" 405 October 26, 2007 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie William Waring
Returning from a mission, Sheppard is captured by a space-faring civilization. He makes a deal with them to help them create a way to fly an Aurora-class warship they found but instead commandeers it and sends a distress signal. The signal is picked up by the Wraith.
Tabula Rasa.jpg "Tabula Rasa" 406 November 2, 2007 Alan McCullough Martin Wood
A mutated strain of a simple disease begins spreading through the city and begins causing people to lose their memories. McKay awakens in his lab with no memory to find a message from himself to find Teyla or else he and everyone else will die.
Missing.jpg "Missing" 407 November 9, 2007 Carl Binder Andy Mikita
While visiting the Athosians, Teyla and Keller find the village abandoned. They soon run into the Bola Kai, a warrior tribe, and must hide from them and wait for rescue. They find a Genii spy captured by the Bola Kai who tells them that the Wraith took the Athosians.
The Seer.jpg "The Seer" 408 November 16, 2007 Alan McCullough Andy Mikita
Sheppard's team meet Davos who can foresee future events. Todd the Wraith makes contact with Sheppard, wanting help to stop the Asurans who are now destroying human worlds in order to fight the Wraith. Davos shows Carter a vision of Atlantis being destroyed.
Miller's Crossing.jpg "Miller's Crossing" 409 November 30, 2007 Martin Gero Andy Mikita
When McKay's sister, Jeannie, is kidnapped, he returns to Earth to help locate her only to be kidnapped himself. A man wants them to fix the nanites he injected into his daughter to cure her cancer and injects Jeannie with some as an incentive.
This Mortal Coil.jpg "This Mortal Coil" 410 December 7, 2007 Story by: Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Teleplay by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie William Waring
Sheppard's team begins noticing strange things around Atlantis and soon find Elizabeth Weir inside a secret room. The rest of the expedition are revealed to be Asurans and the team is in fact duplicates created to help them reach ascension.
Be All My Sins Remember'd.jpg "Be All My Sins Remember'd" 411 January 4, 2008 Martin Gero Andy Mikita
The Daedalus and the Apollo arrive to begin hunting down Asuran ships but when the ships retreat to Asuras, McKay comes up with an idea of destroying the Asurans all at once but a fleet is needed to engage the ships so an alliance is made with the Wraith.
Spoils of War.jpg "Spoils of War" 412 January 11, 2008 Alan McCullough William Waring
Intercepting a signal from Todd, Sheppard's team find his Hive ship abandoned in space. They learn he was taken by a rival Hive to a Wraith facility and after rescuing him, he reveals the facility is used to clone thousands of new Wraith soldiers.
Quarantine.jpg "Quarantine" 413 January 18, 2008 Carl Binder Martin Wood
Atlantis enters into a quarantine and those trapped around the city are unable to make contact with one another. They discover that the subspace transmitter is sending a signal so Sheppard begins to climb the tower to the control room to shut it down.
Harmony (episode).jpg "Harmony" 414 January 25, 2008 Martin Gero William Waring
Sheppard and McKay are asked to escort a Princess on a pilgrimage but they soon come under attack from Genii mercenaries who were hired to kill the Princess. The temple they are headed to is a Lantean testing ground and a "beast" prowls the woods.
Outcast.jpg "Outcast" 415 February 1, 2008 Story by: Joe Flanigan Written by: Alan McCullough Andy Mikita
Sheppard returns to Earth with Ronon for his father's funeral. They are approached at the wake by a woman who says she had worked on a project to create a human-form Replicator and it has now escaped. The Replicator soon masks itself from being detected.
Trio.jpg "Trio" 416 February 8, 2008 Martin Gero Martin Wood
McKay, Carter and Keller head offworld to try to convince a group of people to move their settlement to safer area and end up falling into an abandoned Genii mine. As they attempt to get out, Carter breaks her leg and the facility they are in begins to fall down.
Midway.jpg "Midway" 417 February 15, 2008 Carl Binder Andy Mikita
With a review for Ronon with the IOA approaching, Carter invites Teal'c to Atlantis to help coach him. Ronon doesn't believe he needs the help but when the two go to the Midway Space Station, it is invaded by the Wraith trying to get to Earth.
The Kindred, Part 1.jpg "The Kindred, Part 1" 418 February 22, 2008 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Peter F. Woeste
Teyla begins to have dreams about the father of her child, Kanann, and Sheppard's team heads out to check up on a lead. It is discovered that the Hoffan drug is being spread on human worlds, tainting the Wraith food supply and Teyla is taken by Michael.
The Kindred, Part 2.jpg "The Kindred, Part 2" 419 February 29, 2008 Alan McCullough Martin Wood
After finding Beckett alive, they discover he is a clone created by Michael but he helps them track down Michael. Teyla is reunited with the Athosians who have been kept and experimented on by Michael who reveals he intends to use Teyla's baby in his work.
The Last Man.jpg "The Last Man" 420 March 7, 2008 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Martin Wood
Sheppard returns to Atlantis to find it abandoned and the ocean outside dried up. A hologram of McKay tells him that he has travelled 48,000 years into the future and that he has a plan to get him back in order to stop Michael from taking over the entire galaxy.


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