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Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis is a 20-episode season that aired from July 11, 2008 to January 9, 2009.


Main cast

Recurring characters


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
Search and Rescue.jpg "Search and Rescue" 501 July 11, 2008 Martin Gero Andy Mikita
While trying to find Teyla, a team is trapped offworld and rescue teams head to locate them. Michael arrives in orbit and the Daedalus manages to disable the vessel and Sheppard's team heads aboard to rescue Teyla, who begins to go into labor.
The Seed.jpg "The Seed" 502 July 18, 2008 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie William Waring
Woolsey takes command of the expedition and arrives on Atlantis as Keller comes up with a solution for the clone of Beckett stored in stasis. When Keller fails to turn up to work, they find her growing tendrils out of her body which begin to spread into the city.
Broken Ties.jpg "Broken Ties" 503 July 25, 2008 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Ken Girotti
Ronon is kidnapped by Tyre who hands him over to the Wraith who turn him into a Wraith worshipper. Tyre is captured by Atlantis and after a painful withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme he helps them go after Ronon only to turn against them and offer them as a tribute.
The Daedalus Variations.jpg "The Daedalus Variations" 504 August 1, 2008 Alan McCullough Andy Mikita
The Daedalus arrives in orbit despite being in the Milky Way and when Sheppard's team goes aboard it jumps into an alternate reality. With no way back, the team begins going to other realities but soon encounter hostile aliens and dangerous space conditions.
Ghost in the Machine.jpg "Ghost in the Machine" 505 August 15, 2008 Carl Binder Ken Girotti
An entity makes its way into Atlantis' systems and identifies itself as Elizabeth Weir. She tells them that she worked with the splinter group of Asurans on reaching ascension but they instead uploaded themselves to subspace and are now coming to Atlantis for new bodies.
The Shrine.jpg "The Shrine" 506 August 22, 2008 Brad Wright Andy Mikita
McKay becomes affected by a parasite that begins causing rapid memory loss. Jeannie is brought to Atlantis to say goodbye but is convinced by Ronon to take McKay to the Shrine of Talus, a Lantean structure that will return McKay to his normal self for a day to say goodbye.
Whispers.jpg "Whispers" 507 September 5, 2008 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie William Waring
Major Teldy's team finds one of Michael's abandoned labs and Sheppard and Beckett head out to help investigate it. At nightfall, a mist rolls in over the area and Michael's experiments are accidentally released and begin hunting them down.
The Queen.jpg "The Queen" 508 September 12, 2008 Story by: Alex Levine and Alan McCullough Teleplay by: Alan McCullough Brenton Spencer
With a plan to remove the Wraith's need to fed on humans, Atlantis approaches Todd who says the only way is to convince the Primary, the queen who leads his alliance. Teyla is disguised as a queen to meet with her and Todd immediately murders the Primary and blames Teyla.
Tracker.jpg "Tracker" 509 September 19, 2008 Story by: David Schmidt and Carl Binder Teleplay by: Carl Binder William Waring
McKay and Ronon go with Keller on a medical mission but she is soon kidnapped. When Wraith arrive on the planet, Ronon realizes whoever took Keller is a Runner. The Runner takes Keller to an injured little girl he rescued from a culling.
First Contact.jpg "First Contact" 510 September 26, 2008 Martin Gero Andy Mikita
Daniel Jackson comes to Atlantis and works with McKay on finding a hidden lab in the city. Shortly after finding it, a group of aliens infiltrates the city and takes them. Todd comes aboard the Daedalus to work with Keller on her gene therapy.
The Lost Tribe.jpg "The Lost Tribe" 511 October 10, 2008 Martin Gero Andy Mikita
McKay and Jackson discover the device they were forced to activate also causes Stargates to explode when used. A Traveler ship helps Sheppard and Zelenka go after Todd aboard the Daedalus as Jackson learns the aliens that took them are Asgard.
Outsiders.jpg "Outsiders" 512 October 17, 2008 Alan McCullough William Waring
Sheppard's team goes to drop of supplies for Beckett treating those affected by the Hoffan drug and encounter Wraith who threaten a village to hand over those affected by the drug that they took in. Beckett and McKay are captured by the Wraith.
Inquisition.jpg "Inquisition" 513 October 24, 2008 Alex Levine Brenton Spencer
Sheppard's team goes to meet with representatives of the Coalition of Planets but are instead kidnapped and put on trial for the crimes of waking the Wraith early, releasing the Asurans and the actions of Michael. Woolsey comes to serve as their defense.
The Prodigal.jpg "The Prodigal" 514 November 7, 2008 Carl Binder Andy Mikita
Michael Kenmore infiltrates Atlantis and takes control of the city. He brings Teyla and her baby to him and informs her he intends to use the child to perfect his hybrids. Sheppard and McKay work on taking back the city as Michael begins arming the self-destruct.
Remnants.jpg "Remnants" 515 November 14, 2008 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie William Waring
The IOA send Shen Xiaoyi to perform an evaluation on Woolsey and his command and he learns they mean to replace him. McKay and Zelenka locate a device in the ocean filled with advanced technology as Sheppard is captured by Kolya, back from the dead.
Brain Storm.jpg "Brain Storm" 516 November 21, 2008 Martin Gero Martin Gero
McKay is invited to attend a presentation from a long time rival and brings Keller along as his date. When the presentation concerns using matter bridges to stop global warming, McKay realizes that his work has been stolen. Everyone becomes trapped inside as the temperature begins to continually get lower.
Infection.jpg "Infection" 517 December 5, 2008 Alan McCullough Andy Mikita
A Hive ship arrives in orbit with the entire crew in hibernation. When the ship begins deteriorating, they bring Todd out of hibernation and discover he had used Keller's Gene therapy but it caused a disease which has spread into the Hive ship.
Identity.jpg "Identity" 518 December 12, 2008 Carl Binder William Waring
When Keller begins acting strangely and attempts to leave the city in a Jumper, she reveals that she is not Keller but somehow ended up in Keller's body. Sheppard's team go to the planet the woman was on to find that she and Keller have switched bodies.
Vegas.jpg "Vegas" 519 January 2, 2009 Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper
In an alternate reality, Detective John Sheppard begins hunting down a serial killer leaving desiccated corpses around Las Vegas. He is soon brought to Area 51 and told of a thwarted alien invasion and how one of them made it to Earth and was the serial killer.
Enemy at the Gate.jpg "Enemy at the Gate" 520 January 9, 2009 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
Todd contacts Atlantis to tell them that one of his underlings has turned against him and is in control of a ZPM-powered Hive ship. Engaging with the Hive, it suddenly leaves and they learn it intercepted a signal from an alternate reality that contained the location of Earth.


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