Attero device

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Attero device
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Subspace interference


First Contact, The Lost Tribe

"It creates a very specific subspace static. Uh, turbulence is probably a better way of looking at it."
- Meredith Rodney McKay - First Contact

The Attero device is a device that cause instability in Wraith hyperdrives.


The device is an antenna that produces a subspace static that specifically interferes with Wraith hyperdrive engines, causing their hyperspace windows to become unstable and rip ships apart as they try to enter. (SGA: "First Contact") The device also inadvertently creates a form of radiation that affects Stargates, causing them to rapidly build up energy within the Event horizon and explode. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe") The Attero device control key is required for activation. (SGA: "First Contact")


Janus created this device but the Lanteans decided not to use it because it destroyed Stargates. Janus took the control key back to Atlantis. The Vanir found the facility on M6H-987 and discovered what the device did. Once the control key's transmitter had been activated, the Vanir went to Atlantis and took it, as well as Meredith Rodney McKay and Daniel Jackson. They Vanir threatened to kill Jackson if McKay didn't bring the device online. After discovering what it did to Stargates, McKay tried to shut it down but he and Jackson were stunned. (SGA: "First Contact") The Vanir removed the control key and left with it. McKay and Jackson had to enter the antenna chamber and pull the master control crystal to shut it down. Richard Woolsey ordered the device, and its surrounding facility, destroyed. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")