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The Best of Stargate SG-1 is a soundtrack from Stargate SG-1 season 1.


The soundtrack was released by Zyx Records on August 7, 2001. It features music created by Joel Goldsmith, Richard Band, Kevin Kiner and Dennis McCarthy. The Original Stargate themes were written by David Arnold. The total run time is 01:08:47.


Number Title Artist Runtime Notes
1 Stargate SG-1: Main Title David Arnold and Joel Goldsmith 1:03
2 The Enemy Within (Suite) Dennis McCarthy and Kevin Kiner 6:46 Suite: Prologue, Final Confrontation
3 Cold Lazarus (Suite) Richard Band 6:10 Suite: Charlie's Room, Alien O'Neill Returns Home
4 Emancipation (Suite) Kevin Kiner 3:36 Suite: Good Fight, New Friends
5 Torment of Tantalus (Suite) Kevin Kiner 10:14 Suite: Stargate Experiment: 1945, Hieroglyphics Lightning/Through the Stargate
6 Thor's Hammer (Suite) Joel Goldsmith 7:33 Suite: Gairwyns's Theme, the Unas Labyrinth, Thor's Gate
7 The Nox (Suite) Joel Goldsmith 10:02 Suite: Travel To Nox Planet, Nox Theme, Apophis Battle/Nox City
8 Hathor (Suite) Joel Goldsmith 6:45 Suite: Hathor Awakes, Goa'uld Chamber, Commendation
9 Tin Man (Suite) Joel Goldsmith 6:57 Suite: Teal'c Attacks, Harlan's Welcome, The Return
10 Within the Serpent's Grasp (Suite) Joel Goldsmith 8:43 Suite: The Mission Begins, Recon Mother Ship
11 Stargate SG-1: End Credits Joel Goldsmith 0:58