Bug people

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Bug people
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Increased strength, speed and resilience

"I accelerated the development, augmenting the complexity of its physiology. There were several adjustments…several mistakes…until I finally found the perfect balance between strength, agility, and resilience."
- Michael Kenmore - Vengeance

The Bug people are a Human-Iratus bug hybrids created by Michael Kenmore.


The Bug people are bipedal with two arms that had large three-fingered hands on them. They have a hard exoskeleton but are susceptible to attack on their underbelly. They are very fast and strong and can withstand a lot of damage before succumbing. The form inside large pods before bursting out. (SGA: "Vengeance")


Michael began creating these creatures, running concurrent experiments on three planets including the planet where the Taranians were located, using them for his experiments. He allowed an Iratus bug to gorge itself on the people, killing them, and then taking the eggs that are laid so he could manipulate the human DNA inside. He accelerated development and augmented the physiology to make them stronger and more resilient. After several adjustments and failures he created these creatures and began to create several dozen of them. One of them attacked Sheppard's team and several more soon began hatching. Michael released a number of them to try to take down the team but they escaped. He took the number he had with him and abandoned the planet. (SGA: "Vengeance")