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Cameron Mitchell
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Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell is a male Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force and the commander of SG-1.


Early life

When he was 10 years old, his father was involved in a crash and had his legs amputated and Mitchell went to see him in the hospital. A few months later they watched a space shuttle launch from the hospital room. (SG1: "Collateral Damage") He went to George Washington High School in Auburn, Kansas with his friend Darrell and played on the school's Football team. He had a crush on Amy Vandenberg but never had the courage to ask her out. He graduated in 1987.(SG1: "Bounty") He attended college and took a class in Fencing, which he flunked. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2") He attended training alongside Bryce Ferguson and the two made a pact to get into the Space Program. In 2002 he was involved in an accident where Ferguson was injured saving Mitchell. (SG1: "Stronghold") When a Captain, Mitchell was piloting a plane for an attack but after launching his bombs was told to stop as their intel was wrong. The bomb destroyed a convoy of refugees and Mitchell considered quitting the Air Force but was talked out of it by his father who told him that he was similar to his father in that he was always looking for more. (SG1: "Collateral Damage")


He led the Snakeskinners aboard the Prometheus, with the call sign "Shaft" (as in Cam shaft), and during the battle over Antarctica, he stopped SG-1's cargo ship from being attacked. His F-302 was hit and crashed, leaving him with serious injuries. He was told that there was little chance he would ever walk again. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and was told by Jack O'Neill that when he was out of the hospital he could do anything he wanted. Mitchell refused to stay down and regained his ability to walk. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1", "Avalon, Part 2", "Beachhead")


He asked to join SG-1 and arrived at the SGC to learn that Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c had left the team and Major General Hank Landry had him interview possible team members with him leading SG-1. He spoke to Carter and Jackson, asking them to rejoin but they declined and he went to Dakara to see Teal'c to ask the same and was similarly declined. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1") Vala Mal Doran came to the SGC looking for an Ancient treasure and after she attached something to Jackson and he later collapsed, Mitchell contacted Teal'c who returned. Jackson tracked down the location of this treasure and they went in search of it, finding an underground cavern. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1") Mitchell and Teal'c became trapped in a test room with a lowering ceiling and after Jackson translated some writing, Mitchell realized the puzzle tiles had the numbers 1 through 8 with their mirror images on it and solved it. He pulled the Sword in the Stone and a holographic Knight appeared. He fought it but was beaten down, he refused to give up and managed to defeat the Knight and obtain the treasure. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2")

While Jackson and Vala used an Ancient Long-range communication device, Mitchell went to P3X-421 to meet a Prior of the Ori and brought him back to Earth. After learning the Prior and the Ori could not be trusted, they detained him but he burned and destroyed himself rather than be taken. Jackson and Vala's bodies began to die so Mitchell and Teal'c carried the communication device to the Stargate and threw it into the Unstable vortex and destroyed it, disconnecting Jackson and Vala. (SG1: "Origin") When Jackson and Vala remained connected despite not wearing the Kor mak bracelets, Mitchell and Jackson went to learn more from the man that Vala has stolen the bracelets from. In exchange for his information, he wanted a necklace Vala had stolen which she had traded for a power coil which she had given to a man she had stolen a Tel'tak which was now in the hands of the Lucian Alliance. When going after the ship, they were joined by Teal'c who mentioned his help was just this once and Mitchell later remarked that he would be back. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind")

When on P8X-412 trying to convince the people not to join the Ori, a Prior plague was release and Mitchell became infected and almost died. He was cured along with everyone else by a Prior. (SG1: "The Powers That Be") After the Ori began building a beachhead, Carter came to the SGC with a Gate buster weapon and Mitchell was pleased to have SG-1 alongside him. Arriving on Kallana, Mitchell warned the Prior that their weapon would destroy him but he seemed unconcerned. The weapon's energy fed a force field and the Ori sent through components to build a Supergate. Vala used a Tel'tak to take the place of the final component and destroyed the Supergate. (SG1: "Beachhead") Mitchell got Carter, Jackson and Teal'c to rejoin SG-1, giving them their SG-1 patches. When Ba'al was discovered hiding on Earth and had a building constructed that was laced with Naquadah as a bomb to be used if he was discovered, Mitchell came up with an idea and contacted Colonel Lionel Pendergast on the Prometheus to get them to beam the entire building into space. (SG1: "Ex Deus Machina")

While searching for the Sodan, SG-1 was attacked and Mitchell was badly injured during a fight with a Sodan warrior who he equally injured. Mitchell was taken by the Sodan, healed and trained in their fighting style so he could take part in a Kel shak lo, a ritual battle for one who spills Sodan blood. He was trained by Jolan and after seeing a Prior visit the Sodan, he tried to convince them that the Ori were not gods. He tried to talk to Jolan about it but he refused. Jolan later told Mitchell that he was the warrior's brother and thus would be the one who Mitchell fights but he no longer wanted to kill Mitchell. They came up with a plan to expose Mitchell to a serum during the fight to fake his death. The plan worked and Jolan took him back to the Stargate. He returned to Earth where the warrior had been taken and told him what had happened between him and Jolan. (SG1: "Babylon")

Finding a hidden Goa'uld lab and a man named Khalek inside, they soon discovered that he was a human clone of Anubis. When Khalek tried to escape, he used his telekinetic abilities to take a Zat'nik'tel from Mitchell who then shot Khalek twice in the chest to stop him. Khalek later escaped again, using his abilities to throw Mitchell into a wall. Mitchell confronted Khalek in the gateroom and shot at him again but he stopped the bullets, only to be hit by bullets from Jackson who was on the other side of the room. He and Jackson continued to fire and killed Khalek. (SG1: "Prototype") When the PRIOR2 virus was spreading on Earth, Mitchell was sent out to help coordinate the actions to prevent its further spread. He was later recalled for a mission to capture a Prior and went to see the Sodan. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1") Mitchell used a Sodan Cloaking device to sneak up on the Prior but was detected and was almost killed until the Anti-Prior device stopped him. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")


Meeting with the Galarans, Mitchell tested out their memory technology and met Dr. Reya Varrick. At a reception for the scientists working on the technology, Mitchell offered to help Reya maintain civilian control of the project and she asked that he walk her home. The two shared a kiss but as Mitchell left he was stunned and had a memory of him killing Reya implanted into his mind. Wanting to find out who had killed her, he allowed his memories to be examined and after reliving the memory of an attack on a refugee convoy, the memories were proven to be implanted. He insisted that they continue to the investigation to learn who had actually done it and was able to uncover the truth. He had the memory of the murder removed but insisted that all other memories of Reya remain. (SG1: "Collateral Damage") When an alternate reality SG-1 arrived at the SGC, Mitchell interviewed the alternate Jackson. As more teams began to arrive, a plan was developed to stop it and SG-1 joined the first counterparts aboard the Prometheus to enact it. Mitchell enjoyed reminiscing with his counterpart but soon the alternate team commandeered the ship and imprisoned them. Mitchell tried to convince his counterpart to stand down but it didn't work. SG-1 managed to escape and retook the ship. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")

Mitchell got Bryce Ferguson transferred to the U.S.A.F. Academy Hospital to be treated and went to see him in hospital. Ferguson wanted to know what Mitchell had been doing and postulated that Mitchell had been fighting aliens. Mitchell was angered to learn that Ferguson could not be treated and would die so he contacted Landry to get permission to use a Galaran Memory technology to show his friend what he had been doing. Mitchell hooked Feguson up to the device and showed him things he had experienced. He left to join a rescue mission for Teal'c who had been captured by Ba'al and rushed in to take out a Staff cannon post before trying to get to Teal'c. With help from Jackson and Carter he got aboard Ba'al's Ha'tak and helped distract Ba'al so Teal'c could take him out. He returned to Earth to learn that Ferguson had died. (SG1: "Stronghold") When the Rand Protectorate built an Ori Satellite weapon, the Prometheus went to take it out but it was protected by a shield and severely damaged the ship. Mitchell led a squadron of F-302's to try to take the satellite out but could do nothing and the Prometheus was destroyed. Mitchell and the others went to the Caledonian Federation and he and Teal'c took part in an attack on the satellite after its communications were severed but were called off. (SG1: "Ethon")

While investigating the addictive crop, Kassa, Mitchell posed as a drug dealer looking for the product but his story was not believed and he had to flee. When the Stargate was beamed away as SG-1 was escaping they were captured and beaten for information before being rescued by the Odyssey. Learning that Ba'al was stealing Stargates, SG-1 went on a mission to recover them. Returning to Earth afterwards, Mitchell remarked that they have the best job in the world. (SG1: "Off the Grid") SG-1 had to escort some International Oversight Advisory representatives to the Gamma Site for a tour and had to protect them when the R75 bugs escaped containment and began multiplying. (SG1: "The Scourge") Mitchell and Carter were shifted into another dimension where they could not communicate with anyone. When Mitchell heard that Teal'c and SG-12 had not contacted the SGC and that SG-3 was being sent after them, he went along even though he couldn't do anything. He went with Teal'c who was hunting down Volnek who had been affected by a Prior and was attacking everyone. When Teal'c used a Sodan Cloaking device he was able to see and hear Mitchell. Unable to be hurt by Volnek, Mitchell took part in the plan to get him between two claymores but when he shifted back to reality, he had to be rescued by Teal'c. (SG1: "Arthur's Mantle")

After Vala connected to Jackson's body from the Ori galaxy and revealed that the Ori were building warships for an invasion, SG-1 headed out to find the weapon that Merlin was working on against the Ori. (SG1: "Crusade") Finding the planet of Camelot where Arthur and Merlin once lived, they gained access to Merlin's library but could not find the weapon. Mitchell remained behind with Jackson to continue to search the library and to face off against the Black Knight if it appeared because they were in the library. When the Knight appeared, Mitchell went to fight it but could not harm it with a P-90 or with a sword. Luckily the Sword in the Stone in the village was removed and given to him and he was able to beat it back. Jackson managed to disable it before it killed Mitchell. He and Jackson were picked up by the Korolev to be taken to the newly built Supergate to stop the Ori warships that were arriving. (SG1: "Camelot")

The warships proved to be too powerful and Mitchell took an F-302 to help defend the ship but the Korolev was struck as he got to the F-302 but he managed to get off as the ship was destroyed. He awoke a few hours later to Carter contacting anyone as she floated in space in a Spacesuit. The Odyssey survived and he boarded it, but the beaming technology meant they couldn't get Carter aboard, so he piloted the ship to bring her into the fighter bay instead. Bra'tac arrived to inform them that the warships had arrived at Chulak, so SG-1 went with him to try to stop them. Fearing that Bra'tac would sacrifice himself pointlessly in the defense of Chulak, Mitchell placed a small Locator beacon on him. After their plan to stop the ships failed, Bra'tac set the ship on a collision course but the Odyssey arrived, and Mitchell called for them to be beamed out. (SG1: "Flesh and Blood")

SG-1 found Vagonbrei and were infected by a parasite that would kill them if they fell asleep. Mitchell and Teal'c entered some caves to try to find information about Morgan Le Fay and found a lizard that was immune to the parasite so they went to capture it. Awake for so long, Mitchell was unable to get back up and Teal'c had to leave him. (SG1: "Morpheus") SG-1 went to Atlantis and he and Carter went aboard the Odyssey to dial out a Stargate to the Supergate to block anymore ships from coming through. When they came under attack from the Wraith, Mitchell suggested using a slingshot maneuver to get around a Black hole. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project") When Ba'al came to Earth seeking help to stop his clones in exchange for giving them the location of Merlin's weapon, SG teams began collecting the clones. When they escaped and appeared to be working together, Mitchell led a team to take back the SGC. (SG1: "Insiders")

SG-1 was to join Landry at O'Neill's cabin for some down time and was the first to arrive, where Landry told him that the others would be delayed for a day. Mitchell found it difficult to relax around his boss. While out for a run he ran into a man who said that a bear had attacked his friend and Mitchell had him take him to see his dead friend. He and Landry went out the next day to help hunt down the bear and found a number of hunters firing into the bushes. Mitchell found a man using a Sodan Cloaking device who worked for The Trust and had been spying on him and Landry. It was found that the cloaking devices had released interdimensional creatures that had mutated the bear that had been attacking people. SG teams came to hunt it down and after taking it down, Mitchell saw another creature coming at Landry and he had to tackle the General who didn't believe Mitchell. (SG1: "Uninvited")

SG-1 was called on to help Martin Lloyd with the Wormhole X-Treme! movie script and Mitchell suggested a number of ideas for it and later when it was revealed that the lead of the series was not signing on, Mitchell suggested replacing him. He wanted to go on a mission as it would be his 200th trip through the Stargate and when they finally went, and were joined by Landry and O'Neill, he found a celebration waiting for him on the other side. (SG1: "200") After the inhabitants of a planet were wiped out, SG-1 went to take control of the Ori Warship on the surface. He and Teal'c were found by Jaffa sent to take the ship and were captured. They later escaped and convinced the Jaffa to work with them to take the ship from whoever was in control. When the ship arrived in orbit of Dakara, Teal'c told Mitchell that they had to stop it but their plan failed. (SG1: "Counterstrike")

When tracking down Vala who had been taken by the Trust, Mitchell was shot by a Trust operative and then taken by Vala, who had no memories of who she was. He was handcuffed to a bed and tried to convince Vala of who she was but she didn't believe him. He was found by the rest of SG-1 and Carter was amused that he had lost his pants again. They tracked Vala down again and she recovered her memories. (SG1: "Memento Mori") After the Odyssey had been captured by the Lucian Alliance, Mitchell came up with a plan to go undercover to learn where it was. Using the Reole chemical he posed as Kefflin, one of Netan's Seconds, and got aboard Netan's ship where he injected Netan with the chemical and Netan believed he was Kefflin. When Teal'c was captured waiting nearby, Mitchell took over the interrogation, faking torture and revealing to Netan that Anateo had captured the Odyssey. When Tenat came aboard he recognized him as "Cam Mitchell" and Mitchell convinced him he was scamming Netan and agreed to cut Tenat in, injecting him with the chemical as well. He freed Teal'c and they went aboard Tenat's ship where he posed as Netan who Tenat believed because of the chemical. As "Netan" he ordered Tenat to open fire on Netan's ship before being beamed off the ship. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")

When a possible location of the Sangraal was found, SG-1 went in search of it. After a series of tests, they found the Sangraal but a final test needed to be passed: defeating a Dragon. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 1") After defeating the dragon by speaking the Guardian's name: Ganos Lal, they returned but were transported away instead and found Merlin in stasis. As Merlin worked on a new Sangraal, his body began to fail so he uploaded his memories which Jackson took into himself. Mitchell was concerned for him but allowed him to work on the Sangraal and explained to Vala that watching your team members potentially sacrificing their own life was part of being on a team. Adria arrived with her forces and Jackson held them off while the others escaped. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 2")


While Carter worked on hiding a village on P9C-882 from forces of the Ori, it failed and Ori forces invaded. Carter was shot and Mitchell had to activate the device to hide them from being found. He worked on patching up Carter but could only do so much. Carter believed that she was going to die but Mitchell refused to let her give up. When the village was targeted from orbit, Carter helped Mitchell use a crystal from an Ori Staff weapon to provide extra power to the device and save the village. Mitchell came to visit Carter in the infirmary, bringing her some Macaroons he had baked, which were not very good. (SG1: "Line in the Sand") When Carter disappeared testing out the Mantle, Mitchell, Teal'c and Vala took turns speaking to an empty room, unaware she had been sent to an Alternate Reality. (SG1: "The Road Not Taken") Jackson was found to have been turned into a Prior by Adria, so SG-1 captured him and he revealed it was part of his plan to finish the Sangraal and send it through the Supergate to destroy the Ori. Unable to believe him, SG-1 got information to try to finish Jackson's plan by themselves. Mitchell went with Vala as she assembled the Sangraal but they were soon stopped by Ori soldiers. Jackson, who commandeered the Odyssey, arrived and Carter and Teal'c rescued Mitchell and Vala. They activated the Sangraal and Jackson set the ship to go through. Jackson turned back into a human and several hours later more Ori Warships arrived. (SG1: "The Shroud")

After destroying a Lucian Alliance Kassa shipment, SG-1 had bounties put on them. Mitchell had his high school reunion in Auburn and Vala asked to come along as she had nothing else to do. He met his old friend Darrell and ran into Amy Vandenberg. At the reunion, Mitchell admitted to Amy that he had a crush on her during high school and she revealed she had one on him too. Getting a call from Landry he went to find a phone but was stopped by Bounty hunter Odai Ventrell who used a device to imitate Mitchell's voice and call for help over the phone. He had Mitchell return to the reunion and dance with Amy. When Amy noticed how distant he appeared, he told her to slap him and leave to protect her. Vala tried to hit Ventrell but he had a personal shield so Ventrell took the reunion hostage. The rest of SG-1 arrived and Ventrell had them ringed aboard his ship, only for the rest of SG-1 to be aboard already and them beaming in had been a hologram. Mitchell told Ventrell that with Netan failing to kill them meant that his seconds would turn against him and the bounty on Netan would be much higher than the one on them. Mitchell spoke with Amy before he left and the two shared a kiss. (SG1: "Bounty")

When SG-1 were confused with "rebels" on a planet and forced to take hostages. Mitchell and Vala went with Cicero, a researcher who believed them when they said the Stargate had brought them there, and they found a Goa'uld Ark bomb which Vala said could be used to power the Stargate. When security forces stormed the building they were captured before being able to escape, and Mitchell convinced the leader, Quartus, that they were peaceful and being allowed to leave meant that any future contact was up to them. (SG1: "Bad Guys") After a bombing of a Jaffa summit, Teal'c left the SGC to hunt down the Jaffa responsible, Arkad. SG-1 were later sent to stop him as his actions may be believed to be those of the SGC. Mitchell ended up fighting Teal'c but was beaten. (SG1: "Talion") When Jacek, Vala's father, offered information on Arkad's planned attack on Earth in exchange for sanctuary, he was found to be running some scams on Earth. Mitchell told him to stop and that if he didn't they would make him leave the planet. (SG1: "Family Ties")

A trap was laid for Adria, with Vala coming up with the idea to place fake memories into her to get Adria to believe her. They were ambushed by Ba'al's forces, and Mitchell had SG teams lower their weapons and allow Ba'al to take Adria. After capturing Adria again, they learned that Ba'al had implanted a clone into her and Mitchell and Teal'c interrogated him. After removing the clone, Adria awoke and sealed off part of the Odyssey. Mitchell had to cut through a bulkhead door to get closer but they were too late and Adria ascended. (SG1: "Dominion") SG-1 went to Orilla where the Asgard gave them all their technology and knowledge as they were dying and wanted their legacy to live on. Attacked by Ori Warships they managed to escape and soon learned from Teal'c that they had been trapped in a Time dilation field for 50 years and he had been sent back to prevent it. Mitchell remarked to Teal'c that he assumed his alternate self went a little crazy cooped up on the ship. (SG1: "Unending")

Ark of Truth

While searching for the Ark of Truth on Dakara, SG-1 was captured by Ori forces led by Tomin. When Tomin got into a disagreement with the Prior, Mitchell grabbed a soldiers staff weapon and killed the Prior, causing Tomin to surrender his forces. SG-1 had to head to the Ori galaxy to find the Ark aboard the Odyssey and were joined by James Marrick, an International Oversight Advisory member to oversee the mission. After obtaining some information about the Ark, Marrick confronted Mitchell about not informing him and Mitchell, in front of the bridge crew, told Marrick that if wanted things run differently then replace him. When Marrick activated the Asgard Computer core, they detained him and he said that the IOA didn't expect them to find the Ark so instead sent him to use the core to create a Replicator to destroy the Ori fleet. When the Replicator was immune to the Anti-Replicator guns, Marrick revealed there was a shut down code and Mitchell locked him up. He went in search of the Replicator queen and found her but was then attacked by Marrick who had been taken over by a Replicator. Severely beaten, Mitchell disconnected the Replicator long enough for Marrick to tell him about the shut down code. Mitchell blew up the queen which destroyed Marrick's body but the Replicators inside him reformed into a human shape. Luckily they were disabled but the Odyssey came under attack from Ori Warships. Mitchell got to the bridge and surrendered but they kept attacking. The Ark was used so the Ori forces stopped attacking. Mitchell recovered back at the SGC and Carter brought him some Macaroons. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)


After the final Ba'al clone had been captured, he was transported to the Tok'ra homeworld to be extracted from his host. SG-1 and Jack O'Neill were invited to attend the extraction ceremony. Mitchell was interested in the ceremony but afterwards said that he expected something more spectacular. O'Neill invited the others out to lunch and after saying he was paying, Mitchell quickly agreed. While getting changed back at the SGC, Jackson asked what they thought Ba'al meant when he mentioned there being a contingent plan in the case of his death and Mitchell said he wasn't going to worry about it. (Stargate: Continuum)


Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality, Mitchell joined SG-1 to go to an alternate reality in order to steal a Zero Point Module. He and the team later returned empty-handed. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")
  • In an alternate reality visited by Carter, Mitchell had been praised as a hero by President Hank Landry but after he spoke against the President's policies he was let go and unable to afford his therapy to keep the use of his legs. He was visited by Carter in 2007. (SG1: "The Road Not Taken")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, SG-1 and Hank Landry were trapped within a Time dilation field aboard the Odyssey for 50 years. Mitchell began go to stir crazy aboard the ship wanting to risk trying to escape using the F-302s. When a way to reverse time within the field was devised, everyone except Teal'c, who remained older to save them in the past, were erased. (SG1: "Unending")
  • In an alternate timeline, Mitchell attended the extraction ceremony on the Tok'ra homeworld but when people started to disappear they fled to the Stargate and he, Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter made it through but ended up in another timeline. They were aboard the Achilles stuck in the Arctic Circle. They were rescued and met with Hank Landry who told them that they would not be let through the Stargate once it was set up as they would try to change the timeline back. The three were separated and sent around the country. Mitchell went to see his old childhood home and soon saw a news report about Al'kesh being seen. He was to go with SG-1 to the Stargate in Antarctica to obtain a Zero Point Module to power the Antarctic outpost but they are destroyed so they are redirected to Russia, who recovered the Stargate from the Achilles. They run into Teal'c who Mitchell convinces to help them. They end up on Praxyon in Ba'al's Time machine. Qetesh's forces begin attacking and Carter manages to use the time machine to send Mitchell back in time to 1929. He waits until 1939 and boards the Achilles where he kills Ba'al and his Jaffa when they arrive through the Stargate and correcting the timeline. He later takes a picture with his own grandfather. (Stargate: Continuum)