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Carson Beckett
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Paul McGillion

Dr. Carson Beckett was a male Tau'ri and a member of the Atlantis expedition.



He was stationed at the Antarctic outpost where he discovered that some people held the Ancient Technology Activation gene, including himself, that allows them to control certain Lantean technologies. Meredith Rodney McKay was trying to get him to sit in the Control chair to learn more about how it worked but Beckett was apprehensive. When he finally sat down, he accidentally activated a Drone which left the outpost to seek a target on its own. He was told to concentrate on shutting it down and eventually was able to do so before it hurt anyone. He was later telling others about his experience when he was approached by John Sheppard who had almost been shot down by the Drone and he apologized. He told Sheppard about the Ancients, the Stargate and the ATA gene. When Sheppard went to sit in the control chair, Beckett told him it wasn't the best idea to which Sheppard asked what was the chances he had the ATA gene. The chair activated as soon as Sheppard sat down and Beckett ran off to get Elizabeth Weir. He joined the Atlantis expedition said goodbye to his mother who cooked him a farewell meal. He went through the Stargate to the Pegasus galaxy to to city of Atlantis. He was brought back the severed arm of a Wraith and he studied it to find it had no inhibiting proteins so it would be able to regenerate easily. At a celebration of their arrival and meeting the Athosians, he saw Sheppard with Teyla Emmagan and asked why he doesn't make friends like that, to which McKay remarked that he needed to get out more; Beckett reminded him they were in another galaxy and he couldn't get out more. (SGA: "Rising")

A few days after arriving, Beckett began working on a Gene therapy to give people the ATA gene, as it was "legal" to do in the Pegasus galaxy. McKay volunteered to be the first test subject and it worked. He later treated McKay after he fainted. When Aiden Ford was injured by an energy entity, Beckett remarked that it had been like he had been struck by lightning. (SGA: "Hide and Seek") When Sheppard had an Iratus bug attached to his neck, he had Ford describe it and after they said they tried to remove it in various ways, Beckett had them test some materials to see if it reacted to any. They later came up with a plan to use a defibrillator to stop Sheppard's heart so the bug would let go. After they were unable to resuscitate him, Teyla took him through the Stargate and once they were back on Atlantis, Beckett successfully resuscitated him. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes") He treated McKay after he had been hit by a Wraith stunner. (SGA: "Suspicion")

Beckett came to Hoff to examine the Hoffan drug and he met Perna, the chief scientist working on the drug and he was smitten with her. The two of them worked on the drug and after creating a viable sample, he was concerned about moving to the next testing level. The drug was tested on a man who had a Wraith feed on him but nothing happened. He was again concerned at how fast the Hoffans were moving and was appalled that the drug had already started to be given to the people, including Perna. Half of everyone who took it began dying and Beckett stayed by Perna's side as she died. (SGA: "Poisoning the Well") He went to the mainland to inoculate some Athosian children and had to help with evacuating them from the path of a Hurricane. He remained with Teyla and Ford to wait for some missing Athosians but when they arrived it was too late to leave so they remained to wait it out. They learned from Sheppard that Atlantis had been invaded by a Genii strike force. (SGA: "The Storm")


When they entered the eye of the storm, Ford convinced Beckett to fly them out and over the storm and to Atlantis to help Sheppard. After arriving they went to the armory and Ford had to remind Beckett to remain quiet. They rescued Sheppard from an ambush and Beckett went with Teyla to provide cover fire for a rescue for Weir and McKay. He was knocked out by Sora along the way and suffered a minor concussion. (SGA: "The Eye") When members of a research team began dying, Beckett prepared his medical team to go down in hazmat and examine them. He found nothing wrong with any of them but after autopsies revealed those that died, had done so in the same way, they learned that they were infected with a nanovirus. When Hays died, Beckett tried to save him but there was nothing he could do. They were all saved when an EMP was used to stop the virus. (SGA: "Hot Zone") He performed an examination on Chaya Sar and later reported that he found it extremely unlikely that she was as healthy as she was coming from a pre-technological society. (SGA: "Sanctuary")

After someone was found in stasis on Atlantis and revived, Beckett examined her. A while later she awoke and revealed that she knew who he was. She was later found to be Weir from an Alternate Timeline. Beckett gave her a stimulant to keep her awake for longer so she could tell them what had happened to her. (SGA: "Before I Sleep") When a Dart was detected heading for the city, Beckett had to pilot on the Jumpers to try to shoot it down. (SGA: "The Brotherhood") A message was going to be sent back to Earth and Beckett recorded a message for his mother. (SGA: "Letters From Pegasus") Teyla came to see him, wanting to know why she was able to sense the Wraith but he had no idea. He took her to the mainland where she learned more about her ability. After obtaining information from a hidden Wraith lab, Beckett and Weir discovered that Teyla had Wraith DNA in her genetic makeup. (SGA: "The Gift")

He gave Teyla a clean bill of health and cleared her for duty. He treated Bates who had been attacked, putting him in a medically-induced coma to treat his injuries. He had a forensics team examine Bates' uniform and then reported to Weir that they had found Wraith DNA on it. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1") Beckett was called down to the Control chair to test out the Mark II Naquadah generator that had been supplied to power it, but he was concerned about using it based on what happened last time. When McKay and Zelenka were fixing two Genii Nuclear bombs they asked for stimulants which Beckett reluctantly provided them. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 2") When Ford had been found in the ocean with a dead Wraith attached to him, Beckett and his team removed the Wraith and treated him. Ford left the infirmary and when Beckett went to bring him back, Ford grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground. Beckett found that Ford had been exposed to a massive quantity of the Wraith enzyme and he began giving him smaller doses to wean him off it. Ford knocked out a guard and threatened to kill a patient until Beckett handed over all the enzyme he had collected. He monitored Teyla as she communicated with the Wraith as part of the plan to trick the Wraith into thinking they were destroying Atlantis. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 3")

He returned to Earth with the other senior personnel and helped create a list of candidates to join the expedition. While returning to Atlantis aboard the Daedalus, he performed an autopsy on Dr. Monroe after he was killed. (SGA: "The Intruder") He was called to P3M-736 to remove a Wraith Tracking device from Ronon Dex. He found the device near Ronon's spine but Ronon refused to be put under and Beckett had to remove it while he was conscious. He successfully removed it and disabled the device. (SGA: "Runner") He was offworld when McKay and Lt. Laura Cadman were taken into a Dart. After it was shot down, Beckett offered help to the Wraith Pilot before he was killed. McKay was brought out but Cadman's mind came along, sharing McKay's body. McKay, acutally Cadman, asked Beckett to join him on his date with Dr. Katie Brown which was awkward. A plan was developed to remove Cadman and before it was enacted, Cadman took control of McKay's body and kissed Beckett. (SGA: "Duet")

He examined Dr. Collinsworth after he was killed and reported that he died from radiation exposure but had no clue what sort of radiation had killed him so fast. (SGA: "Trinity") Beckett began working on an Iratus bug retrovirus, hoping to be able to convert Wraith into humans but his tests proved unsuccessful. When Sheppard's team met Ellia, a female Wraith being raised by a man called Zaddik, Beckett went to examine Zaddik's serum that Ellia used instead of feeding on people as well as getting Ellia to agree to help him test the retrovirus. Ellia took a sample of the retrovirus before it was ready and it instead began stripping out human elements and turned her into an animalistic creatures. He and McKay went to try to find her and they were attacked by a Wraith. (SGA: "Instinct")

After Sheppard had his arm fed off by Ellia before she was killed, Beckett examined the wound but it was gone. He later discovered that Sheppard had been affected by the retrovirus in Ellia and was not converting in much the same way she did. Beckett realized they needed Iratus bug eggs in order to create a cure for Sheppard and he went with a team offworld to try to collect them but failed. Beckett discovered that Sheppard was producing Iratus bug pheromones and thus would be the only one capable of retrieving the eggs without being attacked. Once secured, Beckett and his team were able to find a cure for Sheppard. (SGA: "Conversion") He treated McKay when he had given himself a massive dose of Wraith enzyme, having to manage him going through withdrawal as they had no enzyme to wean him off. (SGA: "The Hive")


Beckett joined a team to go to rescue Sheppard, who had been trapped inside a Time dilation field. (SGA: "Epiphany") He was asked by Teyla to examine Charin, who was ill, and he told Teyla that implanting a Pacemaker could help Charin live longer but Charin refused it. After a Goa'uld was found in Colonel Steven Caldwell, Beckett ran scans on everyone else to see if there were anymore among them. (SGA: "Critical Mass") Beckett comes to the Tower to check on the ill Lord Protector and he finds that he has been poisoned over a long period and is dying. He and Sheppard are captured and imprisoned after the Lord Protector dies and Otho, his chamberlain, seizes power. (SGA: "The Tower") When a consciousness imprints itself on Weir, Beckett examines her and confirms that the imprint is temporary and the consciousness will soon fade. Sheppard takes on another consciousness and the two consciousnesses are enemies who begin fighting and Beckett is stunned. He later performs surgery on Ronon who had been shot in the stomach. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye")

He examined the Genii prisoners that are captured, finding that they are all sick from radiation poisoning but says that he can save several of them. He later performs surgery on Dahlia Radim, removing a tumor from her lung. (SGA: "Coup D'etat") Beckett managed to come up with a viable Iratus bug retrovirus and a Wraith was captured to test it on. the retrovirus worked and the Wraith was converted into a human and his memories were blocked. Given the name Michael Kenmore, Beckett examined him and gave him daily injections to keep him from transforming back. After Michael learned what he was, he tried to escape and killed a guard pursuing him and Beckett blamed himself for it. (SGA: "Michael") Beckett came to Taranis when people were injured in an earthquake and became trapped when the Stargate was destroyed by lava. He helped get people aboard the Orion when a supervolcano was going to erupt. (SGA: "Inferno")

Beckett continued to work on the retrovirus and they turned it into a gas. When Michael returned with a Hive ship and they wanted to use the retrovirus on enemy Wraith to turn them into a food source, Beckett was against it as he created the retrovirus to help the Wraith in his own way. He worked with Zelenka and a Wraith Scientist to test the gas. (SGA: "Allies") When a number of Wraith were converted, Beckett oversaw their treatment; they were told they had survived a plague and were being treated for it. He soon discovered that some of the Wraith had remembered who they were and he was captured by Michael who read Beckett's mind to learn that a Nuclear bomb was placed nearby as a failsafe. Beckett was rescued by Sheppard's team. (SGA: "Misbegotten")

Beckett was sent to meet Lucius Lavin and look at his medicines and he fell under the man's influence, bringing him back to Atlantis without permission. As everyone else fell under his control as well, Beckett joined a team to go offworld to a Wraith outpost to collect a herb for Lucius. He was later kidnapped by Sheppard, who was not controlled by Lucius and forced to examine a sample of liquid that Lucius drank, where Beckett learned that Lucius was producing a pheromone that influenced people. He devised a serum that prevented it from affecting people and distributed it to the city. (SGA: "Irresistible") He had to remove an arrow from McKay's Gluteus maximus and then joined Sheppard's team to go and rescue Ronon who had been made a Runner again. Beckett fired a drone from their Jumper to kill the Wraith commander fighting Ronon and then had to remove another tracking device from Ronon. (SGA: "Sateda")

After Weir was infected with Asuran nanite, Beckett came up with a plan to distract them by placing a Wraith tissue sample into her leg so they could hit them with an Electromagnetic pulse. The plan worked but the newer nanites came back as they were made of organic material. Luckily Weir was now able to overpower their control on her mind and destroy them. (SGA: "The Real World") When Sheppard was captured by Acastus Kolya and a Wraith was allowed to feed on him, Beckett told Weir that he doubted Sheppard would survive many more feedings. (SGA: "Common Ground") Beckett went with Sheppard's team and a marine unit to look for Leonard's team and he examined some old, dead Genii bodies. When Leonard's team, minus Leonard, was found dead they were going back to Atlantis but the DHD had been booby trapped and exploded, killing a marine and injuring two others. Beckett treated them but soon came under the effect of a Wraith Mind manipulator, hallucinating that Sgt. Barosso was still alive and that Lt. Kagan kept dying, despite him being stable. After being shown that Barosso was dead, Beckett hallucinated him again and left the cave they were in, carrying Kagan. The mind manipulator was disabled and Beckett treated both McKay and Ronon for gunshots. (SGA: "Phantoms")

When Lanteans returned to Atlantis and made the expedition leave, Beckett took a surgical position at the SGC. Sometime around here he stopped seeing Laura Cadman. When Asurans took control of Atlantis and plan was developed to destroy the city, Beckett joined the others to go through the Stargate without authorization to try to save the city. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1") When the Asurans were going to launch the city, Beckett was sent to the Control chair to launch Drones to destroy the Star Drive so they couldn't leave. A plan was developed to interface the Anti-Replicator guns with Atlantis' shield generators to take out all the Asurans at once. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2")


After Teyla and Weir said they saw apparitions of Lanteans, Beckett prescribed some sedatives to help them sleep only to immediately see Lantean medical staff working on a badly burned man. The apparitions were projections from the Flagisallus, a whale-like fish, that were warning them of an approaching [[Coronal mass ejection. The Flagisallus' calls were on a frequency that caused pressure to build and people began to fall ill and Beckett looked after them. (SGA: "Echoes") Beckett went with Sheppard's team to a planet to meet a "hero" who had saved a village only for it to turn out to be Lucius Lavin. Beckett examined his blood to find that he had not been using his herb. (SGA: "Irresponsible") When McKay was affected by a device, Beckett examined him but found nothing wrong. It was discovered that the device had accelerated McKay's evolution and he either had to ascend or he would die. Beckett helped him examine his brain activity as he attempted to ascend. McKay soon gave up but when he began to die he tried again. He grabbed Beckett and spoke to Beckett's mind, giving him the information needed to reprogram the device to put his DNA back to normal. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

Beckett joined a team to help rescue Sheppard's team and had to watch as Sheppard rode a shuttle out of a breaking-apart moon and crash land on a planet. (SGA: "The Ark") Beckett asked McKay to join him on a Fishing trip on a mandatory rest day. On the day, McKay said he couldn't come as Katie Brown wanted to spend the day with him. He asked Sheppard, Ronon, Zelenka and Lorne to come instead but they all had other plans. He was going to ask Dr. Biro to come but her being excited that he came to see her made him chose not to ask. With no one to go with he went to do some paper work instead. An explosion rocked the city, and Beckett went to work on those injured. He removed a piece of shrapnel from Teyla and began operating on Dr. James Watson. He was informed by McKay that Watson had an explosive tumor growing in him so Beckett ordered his staff out and he and Marie operated and successfully removed the tumor. Not wanting to wait for a disposal team he carried the tumor out and handed it off to the disposal unit. As he turned to leave, the tumor exploded and killed him. His body was transported back to Earth. (SGA: "Sunday")

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