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Carson Beckett (clone)
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Carson Beckett (clone) - List of Appearances

Portrayed by

Paul McGillion

This Carson Beckett is a clone of Carson Beckett.


Michael Kenmore obtained Beckett's DNA on M8G-352 and eventually cloned him, but his genetic structure was unstable and required weekly injections to maintain him. Michael also made Beckett susceptible to his mental influence. Micheal wanted him to work on combining Human and Wraith DNA but Beckett refused. Michael killed a young woman in front of him and threatened to kill someone everyday that Beckett didn't help. With no choice he began working for Michael on creating the hybrids as well as refining the Hoffan drug. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2") In 2008 he was rescued by Sheppard's and Lorne's teams from a planet. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") Back on Atlantis, Meredith Rodney McKay explained to him that the real Beckett had come back but had died in an explosion. They discovered that he was a clone. He provided them with an address of a planet and went with Sheppard's team to investigate. They came under attack and injured the attacker, and Beckett assisted in the surgery to save his life but collapsed during. They discovered that he was dying due to not having the injections needed to stabilize his genetic structure. He worked with Jennifer Keller to try to synthesize the drug Michael used but they hit a wall. Beckett refused to be put into stasis as he knew there was a chance he wouldn't come out. He joined the team to go to one of Michael's planets and shot and killed two of Michael's guards to rescue Teyla Emmagan. Michael arrived and Beckett was unable to shoot him. He finally decided to be put into stasis to save his life. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

Keller came up with a solution for Beckett and he was brought out of stasis. He was going to be sent back to Earth to recover but when Keller began growing tendrils out of her body, Beckett discovered she was infected with a Hive ship pathogen and asked to remain to help as he had seen something similar when he was working for Michael. He was able to create a Phage to destroy the pathogen, curing Keller before he returned to Earth. (SGA: "The Seed") After six months of rest on Earth, Beckett returned to Atlantis but wanted to leave a week later as he felt responsible due to his work on the Hoffan drug. John Sheppard came to see him and said that one of Michael's labs had been found. He and Sheppard went to a planet and met with Teldy's team. He worked with Dr. Alison Porter on examining Michael's research and the two ended up flirting with one another. Hearing gunfire, Beckett wanted to go to help but Sgt. Dusty Mehra had him stay. He later went out anyway and ran into one of Michael's experiments that had been released. He was saved by Mehra but when they went back Porter was gone. He went out again and helped rescued Sheppard from one of the experiments. After the experiments were all taken down, they went to get the last of Michael's research and ran into more of them, but they were also killed. After two weeks he packed to leave again. (SGA: "Whispers")

He began traveling worlds in Pegasus to treat those affected by the Hoffan drug. He was on Elson's planet when Sheppard's team came to drop off supplies. Wraith showed up and demanded the people to hand over the Balarans they had taken in as they had been affected by the Hoffan drug. Beckett and McKay were captured by the Wraith and taken aboard the Hive ship where Beckett was told to continue the research on identifying those affected by the drug. He soon discovered that he had the Hoffan drug in him and went to confront the Commander, telling him he would not work for him and getting him to start to feed on him. The commander died and Beckett went to rescue McKay. He provided cover while McKay disabled the Hive's weapons. They had to beam themselves into a Dart to get off the ship, which deposited them on the ground when the Dart tried to beam up people. (SGA: "Outsiders") He returned to Atlantis and examined Keller who was behaving strangely, but found nothing physically wrong with her. After it was discovered that a woman named Neeva Casol had switched bodies with Keller, Beckett went with Sheppard's team to find Neeva's body. When Keller's body was shot, Beckett removed the bullet and saved her. (SGA: "Identity")

Beckett was called in to man the Control chair on Atlantis for its trip to Earth to fight a Hive ship headed there. Despite being nervous he was able to lift Atlantis off M35-117 and engage the hyperdrive. Arriving at Earth, he began firing Drones at the hive. Richard Woolsey asked him if he could correct their orbit as the Hive's weapons fire was pushing them down, he said there was only power to either correct the orbit or keep firing and Woolsey told him to keep firing. The Hive was destroyed by a Nuclear bomb aboard but Atlantis began to lose orbit and Beckett worked to bring them down safely over the ocean. He later joined others on a balcony overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")