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Catherine Langford
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Elizabeth Hoffman, Nancy McClure, Viveca Lindfors, Kelly Vint, Glynis Davies, Ellie Gall

Catherine Langford is a female Tau'ri and a member of Project Giza.


In 1928 Catherine went with her father to his dig at Giza, Egypt where she picked up the Eye of Ra pendant and took it with her. She saw the Stargate being raised up and when workers began to exclaim that something was underneath where the Stargate laid, she came forward and saw the fossilized remains of Jackal and Horus Guards. (Stargate) She learned to shoot when she was 15. (SGO: "Episode 5") She worked with her father on the Stargate but after 10 years had learned little. She met Captain James Beal in the market one day and the two began seeing one another. She brought him to see the Stargate and meet her father. During the night some Nazis led by Dr. Wilhelm Brücke arrived and took them both hostage. (SGO: "Episode 1") After activating the Stargate, Brücke took her father through it. She managed to escape and went get help from Beal. (SGO: "Episode 2") With Beal and Wasif Alabu Khan, she went back to the Stargate and activated it to go after her father. (SGO: "Episode 3") On Abydos they encountered Serqet and were attacked but managed to get away. They met Kasuf who took them to his people at Nosdevli. (SGO: "Episode 4") Beal was upset that Catherine had got them into the situation when they were tied up by the Abydonians. During an escape, Wasif was stabbed in the stomach but the Abydonians used the Wand of Horus to heal him. (SGO: "Episode 5")

The Abydonians kept them prisoners but when they saw the Eye of Ra pendant she had they assumed she had been sent by Ra. (SGO: "Episode 6") Looking through Brücke's notebook, she realized that he had learned more about Abydos and was looking for some power for the Nazis. She and Beal furthered their relationship by spending the night together. (SGO: "Episode 7") When Aset arrived with Brücke and Langford, Beal had to stop her from going to her father as they would be captured as well. When the Abydonians asked for help in getting rid of Brücke who they believed had turned Aset against them, she agreed. (SGO: "Episode 8") She had Kasuf take her to see some symbols in the caves under Nagada where she located the seventh symbol needed to dial back to Earth. She destroyed the bottom of the cartouche so Brücke wouldn't find it. (SGO: "Episode 9") She joined the others at Aset's Temple and rushed in to save her father, shooting Brücke. Aset captured them and altered the memories of her and her father so they would forget their time on Abydos. She implanted a suggestion in Catherine to assemble a team to one day come back to defeat Ra. Beal got them both through the Stargate but they had no recollection of what had happened, including some time before hand. They packed to move to the United States. (SGO: "Episode 10")

In 1945 she met Dr. Ernest Littlefield who worked with her father on experiments with the Stargate, the two fell in love and got engaged. Her father came to her one day and told her that Ernest had died in an explosion in the lab. The experiments were shut down after this and Catherine petitioned various government administrations to restart the project. (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus") In 1969 she was living in New York city when she was visited by the son of Heinrich Gruber, someone who worked with her father, and she told him where the Stargate was currently located. (SG1: "1969") In 1994 she started Project Giza with the United States Air Force but after two years they were unable to activate the Stargate. In 1996 she went to see Daniel Jackson at a symposium he was holding and afterwards spoke to him in her car, offering him a job and stating that he had nowhere else to go. She greeted Jackson when he arrived at the base and was amazed when he corrected the translations of the Hieroglyphics on the Coverstones. After Jack O'Neill arrived and stated that they were no longer able to disclose any information without his permission, Catherine asked him why he had been sent and he told her that he was there in case they succeeded. (Stargate)

After Jackson discovered that the strange symbols on the Coverstones were star constellations, she introduced him to General W. O. West at a briefing and was happy that he had solved the problem. When Jackson was allowed to see the Stargate, Catherine told him about the discovery and that they had never been able to activate the Stargate before. When Jackson joined the team to go through the Stargate, Catherine gave him the Eye of Ra pendant for luck before he left. O'Neill later returned it to her, saying that Jackson did say that it brought him luck. (Stargate) She returned home in 1997 to find Jackson waiting for her. He told her about Stargate Command and all the planets they had visited and showed her footage of the experiments done in 1945 and she discovered that Ernest never died but went through the Stargate and became lost. Jackson took her back to the SGC and she joined SG-1 to go to the [[Planet (The Torment of Tantalus)|planet that Ernest had went to. They found him there but he showed indifference towards Catherine, later revealing that he had hallucinated her coming to him and forgiving him for leaving; the two rekindled and stated that he didn't realize what he had at the time. They all returned to Earth and Catherine and Ernest could finally be together. (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus")

Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality visited by Daniel Jackson, she approached her realities Jackson to work with her but he rudely turned her down. She eventually figured out the Stargate and was part of the SGA program. She met Jackson when he came through the Stargate and was shocked to know that he knew things about her and asked Jack O'Neill to meet with him. She helped Jackson get back to his reality after hearing that Jackson helped reunite her with Ernest Littlefield in his reality. She was captured by Jaffa when she was dialing the Stargate for Jackson and was killed when the bases self destruct detonated. (SG1: "There But for the Grace of God")

Alternate Timelines