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Home planet





Alpha Male


The First Ones, Beast of Burden, Enemy Mine

Portrayed by

Dion Johnstone, Alex Zahara

Chaka is a male Unas and the Alpha Male of his clan.


He came across a dig being done by SG-11 on his world. He chose to attack them, killing Loder and dragging Daniel Jackson off. When Jackson tried using his radio, Chaka knocked it out of his hands. He later allowed Jackson to use an audio recorder and Jackson repeated some words he was chanting, surprising Chaka. When a UAV flew overhead, Chaka was frightened and Jackson tried to convince him it wouldn't hurt him. When Jackson made it known he wanted some water, Chaka let him go to the waters edge and Jackson escaped. Chaka followed him and he went into water which Chaka wouldn't follow. A Goa'uld swam towards Jackson who backed out of the water and Chaka grabbed it out of the air as it jumped towards Jackson, ripping it in half. He took Jackson to a cave and cooked the symbiote, sharing it with Jackson who did not eat any of it; Jackson shared some food he had with Chaka. Chaka found Jackson looking at some cave drawings and cut Jackson's cheek to draw a line with his blood next to a figure of him, to signify Jackson being marked for death. Chaka took him to his clan but tried to convince the Alpha Male that Jackson should join their clan. The Alpha Male tried to kill Jackson and was shot by Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter. Injured, Chaka beat the Alpha Male down and drowned him in a shallow pool. Chaka became the new Alpha Male and invited Jackson to come with him but he declined. (SG1: "The First Ones")

Chaka would occasionally find an Energy bar near the Stargate, left their by Jackson. In 2001 he was approached by Burrock and his men and Chaka went to offer them the energy bar and Burrock shot him with a Zat'nik'tel. He was taken to Burrock's planet and locked up. Jackson came to find him and Chaka realized the Unas on this world were slaves, stating that they were marked for death and refusing to leave without the ones he befriended. The Unas around him realized he tried to help them and identified him as their leader. They eventually escaped but were ambused by Burrock at the Stargate, killing one of the Unas and almost killing another. Chaka shot him with a Staff weapon to save the Unas and then killed Burrock with another shot. He told Jackson that he was staying to help the other Unas and Jackson told him that he could do it without killing anyone. (SG1: "Beast of Burden") Chaka eventually managed to negotiate a truce and built up a truce with the humans. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")

He was contacted by Jackson who brought him to Earth so he could go with the teams to P3X-403 to try to negotiate with the Unas there as Stargate Command was conducting a mining operation. Chaka took a disliking to Colonel Edwards who kept glaring at him and Jackson warned him that if he didn't stop Chaka would take it as a challenge. Chaka and Jackson went alone to a meeting place and waited until Iron Shirt, the local Alpha Male, arrived. Chaka gave Iron Shirt his knife who in turn gave Chaka a leather wristband and negotiations began. Chaka helped Jackson translate a few things but was confused when Jackson mentioned "spaceship". When Iron Shirt said that a fight would mean death to the humans, Jackson asked him how many Unas there were and when he answered Chaka was visibly shocked. After an Unas was accidentally killed, Chaka noticed Iron Shirt watching the mining camp from afar before dozens of Unas arrived; Chaka immediately began sinking to show submission as he knew it was their only chance. Iron Shirt came down and he and Jackson began negotiating again with Chaka's help. The Unas offered to mine instead as it would help fight the Goa'uld and no war was started. Jackson thanked Chaka for his help. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")