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Children of the Gods - Final Cut is a special re-release cut of the pilot of the first episode of Season 1 of Stargate SG-1.


The cut features a number of scenes that have been shortened, lengthened or altered in some way. The CGI effects have been updated throughout the episode. Many dialogue pieces in the episode have been added or removed or altered slightly and the voices of Apophis and Goa'uld 2 are not as deep. The music has been changed to feature less from the Stargate movie.

Major scene differences from the original

The cut starts with scene over Earth with the Richard Dean Anderson cast title, the Stargate SG-1 title and Children of the Gods title. The scene zooms down to Earth and fades into Gateroom.
Weterings does not approach the ramp up to the Stargate before it opens.
Apophis orders Jaffa to open fire rather than them reacting to the soliders.
There are no opening credits.
In the morgue, Dr. McKenzie shows the Female Serpent Guard when discussing the Jaffa pouches.
Hammond never orders to bomb sent through on schedule, sending O'Neill to a holding room right away instead.
When sending the tissue box, Samuels asks why not send a note, O'Neill replies that anyone can send a note.
The G.I. Joe/Major Matt Mason scene is removed entirely.
Samantha Carter never says that her "...reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside..."
When in front of the Stargate, Carter never mentions the energy output of the Stargate before O'Neill pushes her through.
The wormhole travel is updated to the new version.
There is a longer scene of Carter seeing the DHD for the first time.
Carter says "jerry rig" instead of "MacGyver" when discussing the control system for the Stargate on Earth.
There is a new scene of the desert of Abydos during the sandstorm.
Jack O'Neill talks about Daniel Jackson and the Abydonians using the dish of the MALP that was sent through after the first mission as a cooking dish.
There is a new scene of pyramid on Abydos.
Weterings is brought before Apophis without being chosen by Teal'c first.
When discussing the Stargate Network, Daniel does not bring up stellar drift, Carter brings it up instead.
Carter asks to digitally record the Abydos Cartouche room to feed it into the computer.
O'Neill names the two other members killed on Abydos: Curran and Swope.
There is a debriefing after the mission to Abydos describing the cartouche room and going to other planets, George Hammond tells O'Neill to get Jackson come clean clothing as he stinks.
There is a shot over the Chulak Prison with a Tel'tak flying overhead.
Hammond does not tell SG-1 and SG-2 that if they do not return their GDO's will be locked out.
Teal'c does not pick Sha're out of the room of potential hosts.
The nudity parts of the scene where Sha're is chosen as a host is not shown.
In the prison, after Jackson wakes up, he wants to find Sha're and Carter says that they can't as they all saw her eyes and that she has been taken over.
Teal'c's symbiote when revealed is done with CGi rather than animatronics, he reveals it is the 12th he has carried.
Carter asks Teal'c why he turned against the Goa'uld, who replies that they are conquerors and that the Tau'ri are strong enough to resist them.
Apophis and his entourage arrive from a Tel'tak rather than a unique Death glider.
Two death gliders attack SG-1 and the refugees instead of one. O'Neill and Teal'c shoot and damage one, causing it to fly off.
Carter does not immediately go through the Stargate, instead being ordered to go by Charles Kawalsky to inform them that refugees are coming.
The scene where Kawalsky is infected by a Goa'uld is not shown and his eyes do not glow at the end.


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