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Chloe Armstrong
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Chloe Armstrong - List of Appearances

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Elyse Levesque, Alana Husband

Chloe Armstrong is a female Tau'ri and a member of the Destiny expedition.


Early life

She was born in 1986. (SGU: "Light") She graduated from Harvard, studying political science. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

Senator's office

She was employed by her father after graduating. She came up with the idea to embed a mathematical proof into the video game Prometheus to find people who could solve it. When Eli Wallace had been found, she went with her father aboard the George Hammond to Icarus Base where she met Eli aboard. At a dinner on the base, Chloe was told by Colonel David Telford how exhilarating it was to fly in an F-302 and Chloe asked if she could be taken up. The base came under attack and while moving through the facility, part of it collapsed and cut her off from her father. After they were reunited, they had to evacuate through the Stargate. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Aboard the Ancient ship Destiny, her father was injured coming through. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") She was told that the Warfarin he was taking was bad for him with his injuries and she later took them from him. She told him that the air on the ship was thinning out and a damaged shuttle was sucking out the air but could only be sealed from the inside, killing whoever went in to seal it. She found her father missing from his quarters and learned that he was sealing himself in the shuttle. She had to watch as he died. She attacked Nicholas Rush, blaming him for their current predicament. Matthew Scott came to see her to ask about her father, wanting to know about the man who died to save him. (SGU: "Air, Part 2") She was visited by Everett Young who had her use the Tau'ri Long-range communication device to go back to Earth. Inhabiting the body of Dr. Mehta, she went to see her mother to tell her what had happened. After Scott and a team returned with supplies the life support was fixed. She went to see Scott who told her that his parents had died when he was four and the Priest that had raised him had drank himself to death, telling her that sometimes you don't get over death but you do get through it. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Chloe had Eli show her the showers and she was the first to try them out. When the power on the ship went out, the ship made an aerobraking maneuver around a gas giant and Eli collected Chloe to come and watch it. (SGU: "Darkness") After it was discovered that the ship was going to collide with a star, a lottery was to be held to determine who would be able to escape on the Ancient Shuttle. Chloe and Scott had sex and he said he was sure that Young was going to choose her for one of the two spots he set aside but Chloe disagreed and said she would take her chances with the lottery. She was not chosen but Scott was given one of the spots. She and Eli waited on the observation deck as the ship approached the star but it instead used the star to recharge and the shuttle soon came back aboard. (SGU: "Light") Chloe and Scott were seen by Lt. Vanessa James kissing. James later came to tell Chloe that Scott had become trapped offworld and she then berated the others for not doing everything they could to try to save him. Luckily he got out in time and returned to the ship. (SGU: "Water")

She returned to Earth to see her mother and went to see some of her friends, telling them that she was cousin "Liz". They took her out to a club to see Janelle Monae and she invited Eli to come along. At the club she learned that her ex-boyfriend Josh had been seeing her friend Celina. She got drunk and ended up confronting Celina, much to her confusion. Eli went to take her home and she said he was a really good friend before kissing him. (SGU: "Earth") Scott returned from Earth later and let Chloe know that he had a son that he just learned about and he was upset that he wasn't able to be there for him. (SGU: "Life") After Sgt. Spencer was found dead and the weapon was found in Young's quarters, he asked Chloe to represent him at a hearing. She was annoyed at how Camile Wray was taking control of the proceedings and called her out on just trying to find Young guilty. (SGU: "Justice")

When Destiny came under attack from aliens, they cut a hole in the hull and kidnapped Chloe. They probed her mind briefly before she was freed by Rush, who the aliens had previously taken and he got them both back to Destiny. (SGU: "Space") Chloe and Rush began having dreams about the aliens and he confided in her that they had implanted a transmitter in him so find out if she had one as well. She joined with him and other civilians to take control of the ship, feeling that Young's actions in leaving Rush behind on a planet were wrong. When Young took back control, he instead ordered the transmitter to be removed and Chloe used the communication stones to swap with Dr. Brightman who would perform the surgery. The aliens began attacking, disrupting the stones and Chloe returned to her body mid surgery. She then helped TJ finish the surgery. (SGU: "Divided")

When Destiny dropped out in an unknown system and needed a month to readjust its course, Chloe joined a team to go to a nearby planet to gather supplies. While on the planet, she learned that TJ was pregnant. She and Scott began to reconnect after she had joined with Rush to take over the ship. When it was time to leave, she considered remaining with those that wanted to stay but when both he and TJ were convinced by Young to go back, she went back as well. (SGU: "Faith")

Chloe joined a team to go offworld to examine some ruins, as she had been examining Daniel Jackson's work, and when they explored some tunnels, they encountered a Spider-like creature and Greer shot at it, causing the tunnel to collapse and trap them. The rescue team was unable to get to them and had to leave before Destiny jumped. (SGU: "Human") She soon realized that there were maps in the tunnels that they could use to try to find an exit. A collapse occurred and they believed that Greer was killed. They managed to find an exit and began to use the Stargates to try to get back to Destiny. Soon they realized they were going the wrong way and soon found the crashed alien spaceship Rush had examined. Chloe was somehow able to partially understand the alien writing. With more information, they went back using the Stargates but once Destiny was in range, they couldn't connect and Destiny soon jumped away. (SGU: "Lost")

Destiny's engines overloaded which allowed them to gate back to the ship. As weeks passed while the engines were repaired, Chloe joined James to try Dr. Adam Brody's alcohol. After listening to James talk about how she had blacked out, Chloe thought it sounded similar to her experiences with the aliens and they went to inform Young. (SGU: "Sabotage") Chloe became affected by a Tick-like creature and soon began to hallucinate her father; she told him what had happened to her over the past few months and was comforted to see him again. When Eli found her she revealed what she was doing and convinced him to wait and he agreed. When Scott showed up, Eli told him what was happening and they took her to have the creature removed. (SGU: "Pain") Chloe sewed some clothes for TJ's baby and later found her crying over having to raise the child on Destiny. (SGU: "Subversion")

Lucian Alliance invasion

Chloe was with Eli Wallace when the Lucian Alliance dialed into Destiny. When they broke out of the room, Chloe convinced Eli to leave with her and they ran from gunfire. They entered an elevator as they were shot at and soon found themselves somewhere in the front of Destiny and Chloe found she had been shot in the leg. Eli did his best to stop the bleeding and then helped carry her. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1") She told Eli that he was a good friend and revealed she knew that he did have feelings for her. Finding a console, they sent a message and got one back and Eli had to leave Chloe to help others. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2") Her wound miraculously began to heal and she was able to follow Eli where he had let in Matthew Scott and Ronald Greer who had been outside the ship. She and Eli went to meet up with Nicholas Rush and Dr. Adam Brody and they took refuge in the hydroponics lab. Rush threatened to siphon power from the shields so a burst of radiation from a Binary pulsar would kill the Alliance soldiers and they surrendered. (SGU: "Intervention")

Back to work

She spoke to Tamara Johansen about her loss, but TJ said she was fine. Chloe told her that her gunshot wound had almost completely healed. (SGU: "Awakening") She began writing in her diary in Ancient and an alien language, studying Destiny during blackouts. When she was found and her diary was examined, she was confined but Nicholas Rush claimed allowing her to move around to study her they may be able to figure out what is happening. Rush took her to see his work and she was able to solve an equation he had written down. Rush said that the Neural interface chair could be used to undo what was done to her and she agreed to try it. She later asked Rush if it had worked but he told her it had not and she needed to keep what was happening to her a secret. (SGU: "Pathogen")

Chloe joined a team to go offworld and she was almost attacked by an organism but was saved by Matthew Scott. Scott was infected by its blood and Chloe was exposed as well, but was not infected. A barricade was made at the Stargate to fend off the organism while they tried to treat Scott. Chloe allowed herself to be stung but the organism but wasn't infected, showing that she was immune. Her blood was used to cure Scott but back on Destiny they were quarantined. (SGU: "Cloverdale") Scott was cleared but Chloe remained in quarantine. She showed Scott that part of the skin on her leg was changing and hardening. (SGU: "Trial and Error") Eli Wallace came to see her, and she asked about him and Ginn, saying she was happy for his relationship. (SGU: "The Greater Good") Chloe learned that they were trying to stop Destiny from jumping away or finding a way to turn the ship around and she offered to help. She did something to Destiny that allowed them to achieve this task. (SGU: "Malice")

She told Scott to stop coming to see her as she was changing and that she wasn't scared of it anymore. Greer came to see her about Scott's visits and asked for her forgiveness as he would most likely be the one to end her life when it came down to it. She gave her forgiveness and the pair said goodbye. (SGU: "Visitation") When Eli told her about their deal with the Ursini to destroy a Command ship controlling automated drones, Chloe said they shouldn't trust them. When the battle began, Chloe told Eli she could help but when stopped by Corporal Baras, she knocked him down and broke his arm. She ran off and went to the control interface room, using the consoles to send a message to the Nakai. (SGU: "Resurgence") The Nakai helped destroy the Command ship but when they stopped a shuttle from going back to Destiny, a deal was made to give them Chloe so they could stop what was happening to her and retrieve the information she had collected. Scott took her over and she was taken aboard and operated on. Returned to the shuttle and back to Destiny, Chloe was cured of the ongoing changes to her body but discovered she still had memories that allowed her to make the calculations she had been doing. (SGU: "Deliverance")

When a plan was made to dial Earth when Destiny recharged, Chloe said she was nervous about introducing her mother to Scott. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Senator Michaels came aboard and spoke with Chloe, stating that she felt that Chloe being stuck on the ship was a waste. She later told Micheals that an alternate timeline version of herself had chosen to remain on Destiny and she believed she was aboard for a reason. (SGU: "Alliances") Trying to establish contact with Earth using the stones, Chloe took a shift and fell asleep where the consciousness of Ginn inhabited her body. She briefly regain control later on and learned what was happening. The consciousness of Dr. Amanda Perry also appeared and a plan was developed to use the neural interface chair to download them into the computer and Chloe agreed to let it happen. (SGU: "Hope") Chloe worked with Eli and Brody when Rush transferred his consciousness to the ships computer. (SGU: "Seizure")

Chloe helped in the infirmary when people were injured offworld. Eli got Chloe's help when he had accidentally activated a stasis pod that Brody was working in and trapped him in stasis. (SGU: "The Hunt") Chloe went with a team to a planet where they had met descendants of an alternate timeline version of the expedition. (SGU: "Common Descent") She went down to Novus when they took the people back there and she read the diary of her alternate self. (SGU: "Epilogue") Chloe joined the others offworld and went to gather supplies but was trapped by a drone. (SGU: "Blockade") She went to speak with TJ about Park's blindness and when TJ said that it was impossible to cure, Chloe asked her if she was speaking about herself and her ALS. She later calculated an FTL course to bring Destiny right at a Command ship. A plan was made to put everyone in stasis to escape the drones and Chloe had to convince Rush that it was their best choice. She joined others to eat the last of the fresh food on board and then entered stasis. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, she went with a team to a planet to collect food and she soon fell ill. Quarantined on the planet they were attacked by creatures in the night and she was killed. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, they learned that they were infected and Chloe soon fell ill. She was among the first to die. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Rush asked for volunteers to remain on Destiny to finish its mission and Chloe was among those that decided to remain while the other went through the Stargate to Earth. When it appeared that Destiny was going to be destroyed she and the others went through as well. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Ending up 2,000 years in the past, they settled on Novus. She and Scott married and had at least one son - Alan. She was present when Young was dying. When he apologized for not getting them home, she told Young that they were home. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")