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Daniel Jackson
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July 8, 1965






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Michael Shanks, James Spader, Richard Dean Anderson

Dr. Daniel Jackson is a male Tau'ri, a former ascended being, an archaeologist, a member of Stargate Command and a member SG-1.


Early life

Jackson was born on July 8, 1965 in Olympia, Oregon. (SG1: "1969", "Forever in a Day", "Disclosure") His parents worked at the New York Museum of Art and in 1973 while putting up an exhibit, the stone monument display collapsed on them and killed them. (SG1: "The Gamekeeper") His grandfather Nicholas Ballard didn't adopt him as he was always travelling. (SG1: "Crystal Skull") He was raised by his foster father and foster mother. He attended the University of California at some point and eventually received his doctorate in archaeology. (Stargate) He worked under Dr. Jordan and alongside Sarah Gardner and Steven Rayner. He and Sarah began a relationship. (SG1: "The Curse") He developed theories about cross-pollinization of early cultures and that the pyramids of Egypt must have been built earlier than first thought and was laughed at by his colleagues for these. (SG1: "Hathor") He undertook a dig in the Yucatán where he helped deliver a baby. (SG1: "Brief Candle") He refused to believe his grandfather's story about being sent by the Ballard skull to meet with Giant aliens and in 1995 went to see him and the two had a huge fight with Jackson refusing to go and see him again. (SG1: "Crystal Skull") In 1995 his over working strained things with Sarah and he ended things and stopped working with Dr. Jordan. (SG1: "The Curse", "Chimera")

Project Giza

Jackson was at the Alameda Room, giving a symposium on the Old Kingdom and the 4th Dynasty about his theories on an earlier writing system and the Pyramids not being build by the Pharaohs of the time. The audience all ended up walking out. As he was leaving he was approached by Lt. Charles Kawalsky telling him that someone wanted to speak to him and ushered him into a nearby car where he met Catherine Langford who offered him a job deciphering Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, he was going to decline when Catherine pointed out that his grants had run out and he had been evicted from his apartment. He met Catherine at a USAF facility and was shown the Coverstones, immediately correcting the translation done on the hieroglyphics on the coverstones and decoding the word "Stargate". He was about to be told about the Stargate when Colonel Jack O'Neill entered and told the staff that they were unable to disclose anything else without his persmission. Jackson worked on the other Glyphs on the Coverstones for two weeks before discovering that they were star constellations. When briefing General W. O. West on his discovery, he was shown the Stargate and Jackson discovered which of the glyphs was the Point of Origin, allowing them to activate the Stargate. (Stargate)

He joined the team to go through to Abydos, with Catherine giving him a Eye of Ra pendant she had for luck. After arriving he began searching for a source for the symbols to be able to activate the Stargate back to Earth. The rest of the team was angry that Jackson couldn't get them back. He noticed some tracks in the sand and followed them to find a Mastadge, when O'Neill and the others found him, O'Neill told him not to touch it but Jackson countered that it had a harness and was domesticated. The Mastadge was spooked and ran off, with a rope attached to it wrapping around Jackson's leg and dragging him off. He woke a little while later when O'Neill, Kawalsky and Brown caught up to him. They discovered the Abydos Mine and met the Abydonians who bowed down when they saw the Eye of Ra pendant he had on him. They went back to Nagada and when Jackson began drawing in the sand to try to communicate with the Abydonians, he was taken away to be cleaned by some Abydonian women. He was approached by Sha're who started to remove her clothes; Jackson pulled her clothes back on and escorted her out. Kasuf was outside and asked Sha're what happened and she replied that he did not want her. Kasuf started to beg for forgiveness so Jackson stated that he was in fact very happy and allowed Sha're to stay to make them both feel better. He attempted to communicate with her by drawing in the sand, and she altered what he had drawn to show a symbol she had seen in catacombs. Jackson asked her to show him where she had seen this symbol. Sha're showed Jackson the catacombs and using the hieroglyphics there they were able to communicate and he learned the Abydonian language. He told her the story of how Ra had been forced to leave Earth after the Ancient Egyptian rebellion. He was tracked down by the others and they discovered the symbols to get back to Earth but did not have the Point of Origin. (Stargate)

They returned to base camp, to find it in shambles and a large ship on top of the pyramid. They entered and were attacked, with Jackson and O'Neill brought before the Goa'uld Ra who had taken the nuclear bomb that O"Neill had been ordered to detonate on the planet. O'Neill attacked one of the guards and took his Staff weapon to try to kill Ra but in the fight Jackson was shot and killed. Ra revived him in the Sarcophagus and told him of the plan to send the nuclear bomb back to Earth with a shipment of Naquadah that would increase its destructive power. Ra took the Eye of Ra pendant and told Jackson that he would execute the others but during the execution he noticed in the crowd of gathered Abydonians that they had found the weapons the team brought with them ,so he turned the staff weapon he had been given on Ra and escaped with the others in the chaos. He confronted O'Neill about the bomb and O'Neill remarked how his son had died and no parent should outlive their child, so he wanted to end his own life. Jackson, the team and some Abydonians went to Ra's ship to stop the bomb being sent and Sha're was shot and killed by one of Ra's guard. Jackson used the Ring Transporter to go to Ra's ship to use the sarcophagus to revive her. As he was leaving Ra found him and began to use his Hand device to kill Jackson but when the Ring Transporter activated again, Jackson escaped, taking back the Eye of Ra pendant. Discovering that the bomb was rigged and couldn't be disarmed, both Jackson and O'Neill came up with the same plan to send the bomb up to Ra's ship which was leaving the planet, where it detonated in orbit, destroying the ship and killing Ra. O'Neill, Kawalsky and Ferretti returned to Earth with Jackson deciding to remain behind with Sha're. After they left Jackson and the Abydonians buried the Stargate. (Stargate, SG1: "Children of the Gods")

Return to Earth

Jackson began searching around Nagada and the pyramid and after a month found the Abydos Cartouche room and discovered that the Stargate could go to other planets. He had the Stargate unburied and moved in the pyramid structure to study the Stargate and the Dial Home Device but every address he dialed didn't work. A year after they left, O'Neill, Kawlsky and Ferretti returned after an attack on Earth and Jackson showed them the cartouche room and said that the hostiles must have come from somewhere else. Returning to the Stargate, they found that the same hostiles had attacked the Abydonians and kidnapped Sha're and Skaara. Jackson returned with them to Earth as Ferretti, who had been injured, had seen the symbols used by the hostiles to escape. He spent the night at O'Neill's house and the next day was part of a briefing on the Goa'uld. When Major General George Hammond announced the founding of Stargate Command and the SG teams, Jackson wanted to join SG-1 stating that his wife was out there and he needed to be out there; Jackson was approved to join the team with O'Neill and Samantha Carter. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

He went with SG-1 and SG-2 to Chulak where SG-1 met some monks who took them to the city but when the Goa'uld Apophis announced his new queen, who had taken Sha're as a host, Jackson tried to get to her and they were all captured. When in prison they found Skaara. As the Goa'uld were choosing new hosts for their children, Jackson grabbed one of the Goa'uld asking how much of him would remain if he was chosen, hoping for a way to be close to his wife in some way. When Apophis ordered all the other prisoners killed, his First Prime Teal'c turned against the other guards and helped them and the other prisoners escape. While on the way back to the Stargate they were attacked by a Death glider which was shot down by SG-2 who had heard the commotion. Jackson dialed back to Earth, Carter went through to inform the SGC that they were bringing back refugees as Jackson assisted sending through the people. He remarked that Sha're was still out there and O'Neill told him that they were going to find her. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")


After Kawalsky was found to have been infested with a Goa'uld and was put through surgery to remove it, Jackson was hopeful that if it was successful it could be used on Sha're. (SG1: "The Enemy Within") After meeting the Untouched, Jackson petitioned Hammond that the SGC should have spent more time with them to learn more about their culture, and Hammond told him that the President agreed with his position and wanted SG teams to assess scientific and cultural value of each mission. When a virus was brought back to the SGC, Jackson was immune from it and was sent with Teal'c back to the Untouched to retrieve some of their blood to learn why they were immune. While on the planet, he was kidnapped by the Touched, those affected by the virus, and eventually the virus affected him due to him no longer taking antihistamines for his allergies, which was what prevented the virus from affecting him. After this was discovered and a cure was found, SG-1 returned to the planet and cured Jackson. (SG1: "The Broca Divide")

SG-1 went to a planet to capture a creature that could make itself invisible and encountered Apophis, deciding to try to capture him instead. During the ambush, Apophis managed to kill him, O'Neill and Carter; they were later revived by the Nox. Jackson tried to learn from the Nox Opher and was surprised to learn that he was 432 years old. To protect the Nox, SG-1 again attempted to capture Apophis but the Nox, using their advanced abilities took Apophis and his guards away and sent them back through the Stargate (SG1: "The Nox") When O'Neill was affected by nanites that began aging him rapidly, Jackson worked with Teal'c on deciphering some Goa'uld writing concerning the nanites. (SG1: "Brief Candle") Visiting Cimmeria, O'Neill and Teal'c were taken away by a device near the Stargate and Jackson and Carter met with Kendra, a former host, who took them to where O'Neill and Teal'c were sent to. Jackson was hoping to use the device which destroyed Kendra's Goa'uld, Thor's Hammer, to save Sha're but Teal'c was unable to leave as the device would kill his symbiote, Jackson took Teal'c's staff weapon and destroyed the device to free him. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer")

Jackson was looking over some files sent by The Pentagon about the experiments done on the Stargate in 1945 and viewed some footage of a man going through the Stargate and becoming lost. He went to see Catherine Langford, and she was upset that she had not been told about the SGC and the other worlds the Stargate could go to. He showed her the video footage and she identified the man as Dr. Ernest Littlefield, her fiance who she was told had died in an accident. Jackson took her back to the SGC and she joined the team to go to find Ernest. Finding him still alive, he showed Jackson what he had found on PB2-908, alien writings and a projection of elements which Jackson realized was a Universal language. As the castle around them was falling apart and threatened to bury the Stargate, Jackson said he was staying behind to study the language but was convinced to leave with the others. (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus")

When SG-1 returned to Chulak to rescue Teal'c's family, he and Carter followed a religious procession and managed to collect a symbiote for study for a tank near a temple. He remarked how all the other symbiotes would eventually take hosts and Carter said if they killed them now when they were vulnerable they would be no better than the Goa'uld. As they were leaving, Jackson turned around and shot the tank, emptying its contents and killing the symbiotes. (SG1: "Bloodlines") After meeting the Oannes Nem who communicated to them asking if they were from the world that built Babylon, the team was stunned and O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c had their memories altered to make them think Jackson had died. Nem wanted Jackson to tell him what had happened to his mate Omoroca who had went to Babylon to try to free the humans from the Goa'uld. Unable to recall things he had read decades prior, Jackson had Nem use his memory technology to help recover what he had read; Jackson recalled that Omoroca had been killed. Nem allowed him to leave as the rest of SG-1 came back, having discovered the truth. (SG1: "Fire and Water")

The Goa'uld Hathor, who had been trapped on Earth for two thousand years, came to the SGC and used a chemical to influence and control the men on the base. Hathor chose Jackson as her "beloved" and the two had sex so she could obtain DNA used to create new symbiotes. When she was forced to flee Earth, she lost all control of Jackson and the others. (SG1: "Hathor") When Teal'c was put on trial on Cartago for a murder he did there when he was First Prime, Jackson helped served in his defense, claiming that even though it was Teal'c who picked Sha're out as a potential host, he had forgiven him and that Teal'c was a changed man and his friend. (SG1: "Cor-ai") SG-1 were attacked and had to escape through the Stargate, which overloaded and caused them to be thrown out at excessive speeds, causing Jackson to be knocked out. When he recovered he worked on finding out where O'Neill and Carter, who didn't come through the Stargate after him, had been sent to. While working one night, he noticed the base was shaking slightly and the Chevrons on the Stargate lit up, making him realize that O'Neill and Carter were somewhere on Earth and using a second Stargate, unaware they were already on Earth; the two were found in Antarctica. (SG1: "Solitudes")

While on a mission, Jackson touched a strange device and found out that the rest of SG-1 were gone. He dialed Earth and went back but was immediately detained by Hammond who had no clue who he was. He met Catherine Langford who was working at the base and learned that she had no knowledge of him working on the Stargate and that O'Neill was the base commander. He soon learned that he was in an alternate reality where Apophis was attacking Earth, discovering the symbols to a planet that the Goa'uld attack had originated from. He asked O'Neill and the others to allow him to go back to his reality to help prevent an attack there. As he was escaping he was shot by Teal'c but managed to return to his own reality, warning SG-1 that an attack was coming. (SG1: "There But for the Grace of God") He, SG-1 and Hammond had to meet with Senator Robert Kinsey, who had cut the SGC's funding, to put forward their case to keep the SGC active. Unconvinced by their argument, Jackson told him about the incoming attack but Kinsey considered it a ploy to get the funding. (SG1: "Politics")

He convinced the rest of SG-1 to go through to the coordinates he received and they soon found themselves aboard a ship headed to Earth. He and Carter went around the ship planting C-4 to destroy it but when O'Neill and Teal'c were captured by Klorel, the Goa'uld inhabiting Skaara, he and Carter went to free them. Klorel attempted to use his hand device to kill Jackson and O'Neill was forced to kill him. SG-1 were captured but freed by Bra'tac and worked on a plan to destroy the second ship that had arrived. Jackson was shot by a staff weapon and severely wounded, he told the others to go without him as they would be dying on the other ship anyway. He shortly after realized that he could use Klorel's Sarcophagus to heal himself. After being healed he ran through the ship to the on board Stargate and went to the Alpha Site before returning to Earth. The rest of SG-1 and Bra'tac escaped on Death gliders and were reunited with Jackson. (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "The Serpent's Lair")


After rescuing the Nasyans from a Goa'uld attack and Carter was found to have been infested with a symbiote, Jackson went to the U.S.A.F. Academy Hospital where the Nasyans were being treated to interview them to find out how Carter had been infested. Later he saw the Nasyans off through the Stargate and noticed a group of guards run into the gateroom, he realized that the head guard was the same doctor who he saw at the hospital and when he brought it up, the guard took him hostage. Teal'c came in and used a Zat'nik'tel, shooting both the guard and Jackson and then shooting the guard again; the guard was actually an ashrak, a hunter who came after the symbiote in Carter. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty") When SG-1 was sent to the prison planet Hadante, Jackson tried to stop some prisoners from killing themselves in the unstable vortex of the Stargate and one of the prisoners was offended at him meddling and took it as a challenge. He tried to kill Jackson but another prisoners Linea, used a Linea's device to discreetly kill the prisoner. The other prisoners assumed that Jackson had somehow killed the prisoner. (SG1: "Prisoners")

SG-1 was pulled into Virtual reality chairs which made him relive the day that his parents died over and over. The Keeper, the person running the virtual reality, told him he could try different scenarios to save his parents but nothing worked and eventually Jackson refused to take part in it. (SG1: "The Gamekeeper") After Jackson stopped a woman from killing herself, SG-1 was captured and imprisoned in a mine but during an escape attempt Jackson was severely wounded. The woman, the princess of the planet, had him put in a Sarcophagus to heal him and later told him that she believed that he was her destiny. He went to see the rest of SG-1 and told them that he was going to talk to the ruler to try to get them set free but it would take time. The princess convinced him to use the sarcophagus again which began to alter his mind, he agreed to marry the princess and got SG-1 set free. He went with them back to Earth but was prevented from returning due to the effects the sarcophagus had done to him. He went through withdrawal and tried to escape but was convinced to stop. He returned to the princess and convinced her to stop using the sarcophagus herself. (SG1: "Need")

When they discovered that the Goa'uld had invaded Cimmeria, Jackson was in favor of returning to help the Cimmerians. He and Carter went with Gairwyn to the Hall of Thor's Might to try to get ahold of some Asgard weapons. The first test involved a thin beam they had to cross but when Gairwyn slipped, Jackson went to help her and they both fell, only to realize the room was fake but the action allowed them to pass to the next test. Translating some Runes Jackson was unable to figure out what the test was about but Carter realized that the Runes numbers were Pi and when they represented Pi on another wall, a hologram of the real Thor appeared before them, revealing that he was an actual transmission and not a recording. The Asgard came to Cimmeria and removed the Goa'uld presence. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot") An Orb that was brought back to Earth released an organism and while examining the writing on the orb to try to find out something to stop it, he realized that the organisms were trying to communicate with them. Jackson offered to send the orb and the organisms to P4G-881 so that they could both live. (SG1: "Message in a Bottle")

An Abydonian year had passed since Jackson returned to Earth so he went back to Abydos to inform Kasuf that he had not found Sha're but would keep looking. Kasuf led him out to see that Sha're was already there and heavily pregnant with Apophis' child. Sha're revealed that while pregnant the Goa'uld inside her, Amaunet, slept. Jackson spoke to her and said that he still loved her and wanted her to return to Earth with him. Heru'ur arrived on the planet to find Sha're and they took refuge in a cave where Sha're gave birth. Amaunet took control and demanded the child but Teal'c, dressed as a Horus Guard, told Amaunet that Heru'ur was taking the child as his own. Jackson presented the child to Kasuf and told him to keep the child safe. When Apophis arrived, Amaunet told him that Heru'ur had taken the child and as they were leaving Amunet looked directly at Jackson where he was hiding but did not reveal his location to Apophis. (SG1: "Secrets")

When SG-1 met the Tok'ra, Jackson asked them why any human would volunteer to be a host for them. When they met the Tok'ra High Council, Jackson told them that they had the same goals in mind to persuade them to enter into an alliance. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1") When they rejected the proposal, Jackson asked why and then asked if they would allow them if they ever obtained some technology or kill they needed. As the Goa'uld launched an attack against the Tok'ra, Jackson helped them pack up and evacuate. When some of the Tok'ra evacuated back to Earth, Jackson gave a Sagan Institute box to Grand Councilor Garshaw as a way to contact them if needed. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 2")

When looking for SG-11 and being taken by the Salish to ask the Spirits to return them, Jackson warned Carter that there may be a ceremonial dance of some kind and to just go along with it; he was surprised when the Salish Tonane just started calling out for them and stated that the Spirits told them to just call their name instead. Jackson went along with talking to the Spirits, two animals that appeared before them, and later SG-11 just walked out of some mist. Tonane came back to Earth and Jackson showed him some images of his ancestors. When SG-11 were revealed to be replaced by the Spirits and began taking people away as punishment for trying to decieve the Salish, Jackson hid with Tonane but then went to find the rest of SG-1. Jackson approached T'akaya, a Spirit, and agreed to take her to Xe'ls in exchange for hearing them out, saving the SGC. (SG1: "Spirits")

After the Touchstone was stolen from Madrona, Jackson and Teal'c watched the Weather Channel and noted the strange and sudden weather patterns occuring in North America, believing it to be the result of the Touchstone being on Earth. (SG1: "Touchstone") When O'Neill looked into the Repository of Knowledge and started using strange words in place of common terms, Jackson discovered that he was speaking a language similar to Latin and with further research discovered that he was speaking the language of the Ancients, the builders of the Stargate. He decided to remain with O'Neill to continue to translate the language as well as be O'Neill's only form of communication with others. When Carter and Teal'c became trapped offworld, Jackson showed the recording of their communication to O'Neill and he devised the means to fix the Stargate and bring them home. After O'Neill wrote a program that dialed an 8th Chevron address, Jackson stated that they had no choice but to let O'Neill go as they couldn't help him; O'Neill returned with the Ancient knowledge removed. (SG1: "The Fifth Race")

Jackson was with SG-6 on P3X-808 and they were prevented from returning to Earth for two weeks because the SGC had dialed into a planet being sucked into a black hole. He and SG-6 managed to return once the wormhole had been disconnected. (SG1: "A Matter of Time") SG-1 met Ma'chello, who offered to show them technology to fight the Goa'uld, but instead switched bodies with Jackson. He awoke in Ma'chello's failing body and had to convince SG-1 and Hammond of who he was. When Ma'chello was captured, Jackson told him that he had no right to steal his life and in doing so prevented him from ever finding Sha're. Carter came up with a way to get everyone back into their own bodies. (SG1: "Holiday") After capturing a severely injured Apophis, his host regained a bit of control and Jackson translated the Ancient Egyptian he was speaking, telling the host that his soul would soon return to Egypt and be reunited with his family. (SG1: "Serpent's Song")

On a mission to PJ2-445 to collect a downed UAV, Jackson's allergies flared up and when they met with the aliens on the planet they were scared when he sneezed. Jackson managed to communicate with the aliens that they were looking for the UAV and they brought it to SG-1 but soon after some of the aliens began collapsing. He noticed one of the aliens before a plant that descended into the ground when Jackson approached and he set up a camera to try to record it happening again. He and O'Neill began to be affected by a sound that the plant emitted and argued with one another but as soon as they returned to Earth they immediately felt better. Reviewing the UAV footage caused Jackson to feel ill again and he realized it had something to do with the footage. It was discovered that the aliens and the plant had a symbiotic relationship and the plant being damaged led to the illness among the aliens so a solution was developed to cure them both. (SG1: "One False Step")

After SG-1 were transported back in time to 1969, they journeyed across the United States to find the Stargate. Jackson went undercover to speak to Catherine Langford and learn where it was located, allowing SG-1 to return to their time. (SG1: "1969") He awoke in a future SGC, being told that the rest of SG-1 had been killed and he was frozen and it was decided to keep her like that until they had the technology to revive him. The future SGC used a device to help go through his memories to try to find out who had saved his life. He awoke later to find O'Neill and Carter standing over him and he was told that it was all fake and that they were being held by the Goa'uld inside a fake SGC. They attempted to escape but were captured and learned that it was Hathor who had caught them. (SG1: "Out of Mind") He and Carter were rescued by SG-3 but during their escape back to the Stargate were caught again. They were all rescued when Teal'c and Hammond, along with Bra'tac and other Jaffa arrived. (SG1: "Into the Fire")


When Jacob Carter came to Earth looking for the Goa'uld Seth, Jackson managed to track him down to outside Seattle. SG-1 and Jacob went to locate him and Jackson realized that Seth would most likely have a secret escape tunnel built into his compound. When the got inside, Jackson, Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter were affected by Nish'ta and fell under Seth's control. They were freed by an electric shock delivered by hidden ear pieces and helped to release Seth's other followers and get them to safety. Jackson and O'Neill were knocked down by Seth and only managed to escape seconds before explosives destroyed the compound. (SG1: "Seth") When some of the System Lords were coming to Earth for negotiations with the Asgard, Jackson gave a briefing on the Goa'uld about to arrive. Jackson served as an intermediary for the Goa'uld for their general needs, agreeing to remove the security cameras in their rooms but wanting to leave the ones in the hall. When Teal'c had a confrontation with one of them, Cronus, Jackson spoke to him, learning that Cronus had killed Teal'c's father. After an accidental insult from O'Neill, Jackson wrote up an apology letter in Goa'uld and O'Neill signed it. (SG1: "Fair Game")

Jackson began to exhibit symptoms of Schizophrenia, hallucinating an Event horizon within his closet and a dead body pulling him into it and then hallucinating a symbiote entering O'Neill. He was committed for treatment and when he was visited by the rest of SG-1, he again hallucinated a dead body and then as he tried to grab the body, he was restrained by Teal'c and Jackson saw something leave him and enter Teal'c. Hearing Ma'chello's voice thanking him for delivering him to a Goa'uld, he figured out that one of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing inventions had affected him. (SG1: "Legacy") He worked with the Orbanian Urrone excavating the temple around their Stargate, uncovering hints about their past. He and Teal'c discovered that the Urrone children had nanites in them that allowed them to learn quickly but became infant-like when they were harvested and was shocked that the children were simply looked after and not interacted with. Jackson was partially swayed when learning that preventing the Urrone from being harvested meant that they had to wait many years for the knowledge to be accumulated again. (SG1: "Learning Curve")

He worked with an alternate reality version of Charles Kawalsky to use the Quantum Mirror to get back to his reality so they could contact the Asgard to help free Earth from Apophis. They were captured by Apophis and Jackson was shot once with a Zat'nik'tel and was about to be killed when the Asgard arrived. (SG1: "Point of View") After being captured by the Bounty hunter Aris Boch, Jackson asked what they were worth and that maybe they had something they could trade for their freedom. Jackson was a little disappointed to find that he was barely worth a day's rations. After swaying Boch's mind to allow them to go free, he told Jackson that he was actually worth a lot because he figured out how to work the Stargate; he told Boch that it didn't make him feel any better. (SG1: "Deadman's Switch") After meeting Simon's people Jackson was shocked to learn that they practiced Trepanning to release evil spirts from those they believed were possessed. Teal'c was put on trial for possession and was killed, and Jackson was still willing to stop a Trepanning and save a girls life. When Teal'c revealed himself to still be alive, they were all condemned as evil and put up for sacrifice where a Goa'ulded Unas took them away. They managed to escape and defeat the Goa'uld. (SG1: "Demons")

After meeting with SG-X, Apophis' SGC infiltration group and they accidentally caused one of them to be injured, signifying to them that their training is almost complete and that they need to complete their final challenge - fighting one another to the death until one team is victorious. Jackson told Major General George Hammond that they were responsible and needed to help stop it. (SG1: "Rules of Engagement") Working to free some captured Abydonians, Jackson encountered Amaunet, the Goa'uld who took Sha're as a host, and she began to kill him with a Hand device. Sha're managed to communicate with Jackson through the hand device and he lived two different lifes, one where Sha're had been killed and he resigned from the SGC and another where Sha're was saved and lived with him on Earth. Sha're kept trying to tell him something but was pulled away before she could. In the dream he rejoined SG-1 and then returned to where Sha're had been killed, learning that Amaunet had sent Shifu, her son, to Kheb. Jackson was saved in the real world, when Teal'c shot and killed Amaunet. Jackson forgave Teal'c for killing Sha're. (SG1: "Forever in a Day")

SG-1 met the Vyans who all had amnesia and they were taken to see Ke'ra. Jackson and Ke'ra began to develop a rapport with one another. She and two others came back to Earth to help with trying to find a solution to their amnesia and Ke'ra kissed Jackson. He explained that he had just lost his wife but then kissed her back. It was discovered that Ke'ra was in fact Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds, who had caused the amensia as well as causing the Vyans to reverse age several decades. Jackson defended her, stating that she was a different person, even likening her to Teal'c who used to serve Apophis. Ke'ra realized that they thought she was Linea and stole one of the solutions to recover her memories. She intended to kill herself, unable to deal with the two different personalities that she had but Jackson stopped her, convincing her to have her memories blocked again and return to Vyus to live a normal life. (SG1: "Past and Present")

When on a mission to rescue Jacob from Sokar's prison moon Netu, Carter had to work through Jolinar's memories to try to find out how she escaped from the moon; Carter told Daniel that there was something Jolinar tried to hide from Martouf. Jackson was concerned when Martouf told them that they would be arriving on Netu using Escape pods. They were captured when they arrived and Jackson used a Tok'ra Communication device to cause a distraction so the guards came in and they escaped. They were recaptured and the new ruler of Netu revealed themselves to be Apophis. Jackson told him that Amaunet had been killed. (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories") One of Apophis' men found the communication device on Jackson. They were interrogated with a Memory recall device and the narcotic Blood of Sokar and Jackson hallucinated O'Neill asking him about Shifu but he refused to answer any of the questions. As he was being taken away, he saw the communication device and hit one of the guards so he would be knocked onto the table and managed to grab the device. SG-1, Martouf and Jacob managed to escape the moon. (SG1: "The Devil You Know")

Jackson was duplicated by an alien along with a number of SGC personnel, but the alien died along with many of its kind when their leader activated an auto-destruct. (SG1: "Foothold") SG-1 went to Tollana to take part in a Triad to determine whether Skaara or Klorel had right to Skaara's body and he and O'Neill were chosen by Skaara to represent him. He argued that as the Goa'uld steal what they possess, they similarly stole Skaara's body and that life as a slave is not life at all. The Triad voted in favor of Skaara and Klorel was removed. (SG1: "Pretense")

When SG-1 returned from a mission with no memory of what happened, they discovered that small devices had been implanted in their brains and allowed them to see and hear the artificial intelligence Urgo that influenced them to try new things and increased their senses. After contacting the person who implanted the devices in them who informed them that them seeing Urgo was an error and to return so they could remove the devices, Jackson noticed that Urgo seemed to be upset at his "death" and realized that he was in fact alive. SG-1 convinced the creator to save Urgo by implanting him into themselves. They returned to Earth again with no memory of what happened to them. (SG1: "Urgo") After examining the geological record on Edora Jackson discovered that the planet had frequent massive meteor strikes and they evacuated most of the Edorans but O'Neill became trapped on the planet. They later came up with a plan to rescue him after three months and Jackson remarked that O'Neill must have thought that he was never going to go home again. (SG1: "A Hundred Days")

After O'Neill stole some technology from the Tollans and was forced to retire, SG-1 drew straws to determine who would go and see him and Jackson was chosen. O'Neill claimed that he had been pretending the whole time Jackson knew him that he was his friend. It was later revealed that it had all been a ploy to get O'Neill to track down the Rogue NID who had been stealing technology. (SG1: "Shades of Grey") After SG-1 had been captured by the People of P2X-416 and escaped with help from the researcher Nyan, Jackson offered him a role as a research assistant with him. (SG1: "New Ground") When SG-1 discovered the location of Kheb they went to find the Harcesis Shifu and met a Monk who resided there. Talking with and learning from the monk, Jackson discovered that he could light fire with his mind and move things around just by thinking. He was approached by the ascended being Oma Desala who showed him Shifu and Jackson was about to leave with him only to realize that he never had any power at all, that Oma was the one doing it all and that Shifu was safest with her. Jackson convinced SG-1 and Bra'tac to lower their weapons when Apophis' forces arrived and Oma took them all down instead. (SG1: "Maternal Instinct")

When SG-1 discovered a Crystal skull that was similar to the one that Nicholas Ballard had found, SG-1 went to investigate and Jackson looked into the skull which released an energy. Teal'c shot at the skull with his Zat'nik'tel and Jackson was sent into a different dimension where he couldn't be seen, heard or interacted with. He awoke later to find Teal'c had returned to the planet to collect the skull which allowed Jackson to get back to Earth. He initially thought that he was dead as he wasn't hungry or thirsty and tried to communicate with others. He went with SG-1 when they went to see Ballard and later overheard Hammond talking to his granddaughter on the phone where Hammond called Jackson a close friend. Ballard spoke to Jackson who was surprised that he could perceive him and convinced him that he was real and to speak to Hammond to get them to return to the planet to rescue him, using the information about Hammond's call as proof. Replacing the skull, the energy continued and the rest of SG-1, minus Teal'c, and Ballard were pulled into the different dimension where they made contact with Giant aliens. Ballard was chosen to remain to exchange knowledge and culture and he and Jackson reconciled their relationship, with Jackson calling Ballard "grandpa". (SG1: "Crystal Skull")

Jackson had to have his Appendix removed which resulted in him being taken off duty for a while. When the rest of SG-1 were transported onto the Biliskner in orbit that had been taken over by the Replicators, Jackson remarked to Hammond that he felt out of place not being with them and Hammond told him that's how he feels all the time sending SG teams out. He was against the plan to destroy the ship if it started to land as it would kill SG-1 aboard. After the Stargate is beamed away, Jackson realized that they intend to use to escape the crashing ship. (SG1: "Nemesis")


Due to technical difficulties, the second Stargate wasn't set up for a week before SG-1 could return home and Jackson was glad to see them alive and well. After it was learned that a Replicator had survived the crash of the Biliskner and taken over a Russian submarine, Jackson went with Jack O'Neill and Teal'c to take care of it. Watching their camera footage, he directs O'Neill and Baker to Teal'c and Stevens who were being attacked. Jackson noticed that one of the Replicator blocks from the new Replicators was corroded and that they must be using the submarine's material to make more of them, being weaker than the original one. As the original Replicator is taken out, O'Neill and Teal'c are swarmed and Jackson is hesitant about enacting the plan to destroy the submarine with them aboard. Luckily Thor beamed them out in time. (SG1: "Small Victories")

When SG-1 met Alar and his people who were at war on their world, Jackson was hesitant about providing supplies that would assist in their war as opposed to humanitarian aid, despite them offering their advanced technology. O'Neill became annoyed at him asking questions and had him go back to Earth with Carter where he asked Hammond if them helping them win a war was the right thing to do and he was asked by Hammond to obtain more information. O'Neill grew upset at him again but later changed his mind and told Jackson to ask a lot of questions. Jackson learned that they were engaged in a war of genocide and they were the ones to start it. SG-1 left the planet as they were losing the war. (SG1: "The Other Side") Jackson wore an Atoniek Armband brought to the SGC by the Tok'ra Anise, which altered his behaviors and when he, O'Neill and Carter left the base without permission, they ended up in a bar fight. The three of them went on a mission without authorization to destroy a new battleship being built by Apophis and Jackson went to take some weapons grade Naquadah but the armband stopped working and he collapsed. With help from Teal'c all three of them escaped. (SG1: "Upgrades")

After Jackson was cleared on being a Za'tarc, an assassin programmed by the Goa'uld, he helped rewrite the Tau'ri-Tok'ra Treaty. When O'Neill and Carter were identified as Za'tarcs, he went to go see O'Neill who let him know what Anise was interested him but their host Freya was interested in O'Neill and had made a pass at him. Jackson attended the summit with the Tok'ra but was preoccupied thinking about O'Neill and Carter. He was informed that Martouf might be a Za'tarc and tried to get him to speak to him outside when the President arrived and Martouf tried to kill him. (SG1: "Divide and Conquer") Jackson was caught in a time loop but did not remember anything between loops. In the final loop he worked with O'Neill and Teal'c on translating some writings to learn how to shut down the machine responsible for the loop. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity")

When it was discovered that the Russians had recovered the Stargate from the Biliskner and began their own program, SG-1 was called in when they lost contact with their facility. Jackson went with Carter and Dr. Svetlana Markov to a planet that the Stargate had been connected to for over a day as he wanted to examine some of the underwater ruins found there. Their mini submarine became stuck and Jackson later theorized that there were life forms in the water holding them in place. When the front window broke but the water did not flow in and drown them, Jackson placed his hand through it, stating that he believed that the life forms simply wanted to understand them. The three were all surrounded by the water and held in place. They were later returned to Earth after some of the life forms that had been trapped on Earth were allowed through the Stargate. (SG1: "Watergate")

Jackson joined a dig on P3X-888, finding Goa'uld remains and theorizing that the planet was the homeworld of the Goa'uld. He was kidnapped by an Unas and when Jackson tried to use his radio, the Unas knocked it out of his hands. Jackson later used his audio recorder to make notes about the Unas. While drinking some water, Jackson made an escape and went into a body of water to evade the Unas but it ran around to the other side quickly. Something began approaching him from the water so he had no choice but to get out and the Unas grabbed a symbiote as it jumped towards Jackson. The Unas took him to a cave where it started a fire and cooked the symbiote remains and tried to share it with Jackson. He shared some food he had with the Unas and remarked that this was how he met his father-in-law. He helped remove a bullet that had entered the Unas' hand and when the Unas took him to the rest of his clan, it tried to convince them to allow him to join them. Jackson spoke some of the Unas language that confused the Alpha Male. The Unas that took Jackson killed the Alpha Male and became the leader and allowed Jackson to leave. (SG1: "The First Ones")

After they had resettled the Enkarans and it was discovered that their world was being terraformed, SG-1 made contact with the ships occupant and Jackson felt that they didn't have the right to stop the terraforming as it would bring back a civilization but didn't want to see the Enkarans killed. He convinced the Enkaran communicator, Lotan, that the ship created to come and meet the Enkarans and later convinced him to temporarily stop the terraforming. They discovered that the ship had previously scanned the Enkaran homeworld and Jackson had Lotan use the ship to transport the Enkarans back home. (SG1: "Scorched Earth") SG-1 had their memories altered and were forced to join a slave labor force on P3R-118. They began to have dreams about the Stargate and parts of their former lives and began to meet in secret, believing that something was not right. After remembering some more, they overpowered their captors and returned to Earth. (SG1: "Beneath the Surface")

After a man called Martin Lloyd claimed to know about the Stargate, SG-1 went to investigate him and as O'Neill kept him busy, the rest of SG-1 went to his house and based on the number of alien paraphernalia he had, Jackson stated he didn't believe he was a threat. Jackson and Carter went to see the man's psychiatrist, Peter Tanner, who told them where Martin worked only for them to be captured. They were questioned as to what they knew about Martin Lloyd and they feigned ignorance, even when they showed a thermal image of Teal'd showing his symbiote. They were later rescued but the men got away. (SG1: "Point of No Return") When the test flight of the X-301 went wrong and O'Neill and Teal'c were trapped aboard hurtling out into space, Jackson contacted the Tok'ra for help and was discreetly given information to let him figure out where their closest operative was. He and Carter went and were found by Jacob Carter who used a Tel'tak to rescue O'Neill and Teal'c. (SG1: "Tangent")

When Jackson found out that his archaeology teacher, Dr. Jordan, had died he left to go to his funeral and ran into Sarah Gardner and Steven Rayner. Rayner said he shouldn't have come back and Sarah showed him the things they were working on when Dr. Jordan died, remarking that something was missing and she needed to find it. Jackson helped look for it and found another artefact from the collection that had Goa'uld writing on it. He took it back to the SGC where they found it contained a dead symbiote. Jackson tried to find the other jar that may have the Goa'uld Osiris in it and he and Rayner found a dead body. When Rayner disappeared, they believed he had opened the jar and been taken over so they followed him to Egypt. They found him severely injured and were surprised when Sarah showed up having been Osiris all along. Osiris wanted to know where the Stargate was and where the other jar was located. Jackson managed to stick them with a sedative but they escaped before it took effect. (SG1: "The Curse")

A possible alliance between Apophis and Heru'ur had SG-1 join Jacob on a plan to reprogram a space mine to get the two Goa'uld to instead go to war. Jackson had to decipher some Phoenician writings to figure out how to reprogram the mine. When they arrived, they managed to open the mine but their code was incorrect, luckily they figured out what they did wrong and properly set the mine. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom") When Hammond retired and Major General Johnathan Bauer took command, he had Jackson removed from SG-1 and given a consultant position. When Bauer was testing a Naquadah bomb on another planet Jackson discovered evidence the planet had been a former Goa'uld mining operation and recommended the test be called off. (SG1: "Chain Reaction") When a note came through the Stargate from an alternate future, Jackson said that the note appeared to be written in O'Neill's handwriting. (SG1: "2010")

SG-1 went to Abydos after being contacted by Kasuf and they met the Harcesis Shifu who wanted to know more about his mother. Jackson tried to convince Shifu to try to remember the knowledge he had to help Earth and Shifu used an ability to give Jackson a dream where he had been given Shifu's genetic memories. In the dream Jackson began designing a satellite defense weapon to protect Earth but became corrupted by the knowledge he had, having Carter removed from the SGC so she wouldn't catch onto his plans, and potentially having Teal'c killed. When the weapons were launched, he took control and destroyed Moscow to prevent a global nuclear war. Jackson woke up and realized that he knowledge Shifu possessed came with too much risk for him to remember. Shifu left Earth thanking Jackson for telling him about his mother and Jackson remarked that she would be proud of him. (SG1: "Absolute Power")

Jackson became addicted to the Light matrix hologram device on P4X-347 and when he returned to Earth he almost instantly went into withdrawal. He didn't come to the base the next day and O'Neill found him hanging off his balcony about to jump. As his condition rapidly deteriorated, O'Neill took him back to the planet where he got better quickly. He figured out how to work the device and they discovered they could turn it down incrementally to remove the addictive effects it was having and allow them to go home within a few weeks. (SG1: "The Light") He joined SG-11 on a mission offworld. (SG1: "Prodigy") When an Entity entered the SGC computers, Jackson wanted to try to communicate instead of destroying it. After the Entity took control of Carter's body, Jackson spoke to it and learned that the MALP they sent to its world caused damage. After the Entity was killed along with Carter's body, Jackson realized that it had transferred Carter into the memory mainframe it had constructed and she was transferred back into her body. (SG1: "Entity")

When Apophis' fleet was approaching Vorash and Carter and Jacob came up with a plan to cause Vorash's Star to go supernova, Jackson called it ambitious. After Tanith escaped, Jackson spoke to Teal'c telling him that he didn't fail Shaun'auc as he believed as her death did allow the Tok'ra to use Tanith and now they can destroy part of Apophis' fleet. When the star went supernova they were flung over 4 million light years into another galaxy and were shortly afterwards followed by Apophis. (SG1: "Exodus") Jackson spoke to O'Neill about what had happened to Teal'c on Vorash when they were ambushed by Tanith and some Jaffa. When O'Neill, Carter and Jacob boarded Apophis' Mothership, which had been abandoned, Jackson was instructed by Jacob on how to fly their ship so they could get as far away as they could when they got back due to the auto-destruct on Apophis' ship. When Teal'c returned, having been revived and brainwashed by Apophis, Jackson reminded him that Apophis had brainwashed Rya'c but Teal'c didn't respond. (SG1: "Enemies")


To overcome the brainwashing, Bra'tac removed Teal'c's symbiote to put him through the Rite of M'al Sharran and told the others to speak to Teal'c and challenge what he said. Jackson asked Teal'c that if he remembered everything then surely he remembered questioning if the Goa'uld were gods. The rite succeeded and Teal'c rejoined SG-1. (SG1: "Threshold") Jackson worked on translating some writings from Velona, discovering that the Velonans had defeated the Goa'uld who attacked them but somehow ended up destroyed themselves. (SG1: "Ascension") SG-1 were affected by the Reole Kaiael who made them believe he was a new member of SG-1. When he and O'Neill were trapped offworld, Jackson returned with the others to Earth for backup and were confused as to why no one else knew who this fifth man was. Jackson was interviewed by Colonel Frank Simmons who questioned whether Jackson could be trusted as he had been compromised when Sarah Gardner was taken as a host by Osiris. (SG1: "The Fifth Man")

After SG-1 accidentally caused a disaster that would lead to the death of the People of K'Tau, the SGC attempted to fix the problem but some of the people resisted, destroying a Rocket they had constructed which killed two people. Jackson was against simply abandoning the people as not all of them were responsible and to leave would be irredeemable. Jackson spoke to them about relocating but they were not interested. Luckily the Asgard were able to fix the problem. (SG1: "Red Sky") When Cassandra collapsed and they couldn't figure out why, Jackson examined footage from SG-7 on Hanka and found that it was something common among the children and that they were sent into the forest and came back cured. SG-1 went to Hanka and located Nirrti's lab where Jackson discovered that Nirrti had been accelerating the evolution of the Hankans to make a better host. (SG1: "Rite of Passage")

Reviewing some footage of the Unas Chaka, Jackson sees Chaka being captured by humans. He convinces Hammond to allow them to go and help and locate Chaka on a planet where humans have Unas as slaves. He and O'Neill attempt to rescue Chaka but he refuses to leave without the other Unas and they are all captured. Chaka apologizes for getting them captured and Jackson realizes that the other Unas have identified Chaka as their leader and that they know what freedom is and want it for themselves. After escaping again, with the other Unas, they are ambushed at the Stargate and Chaka kills Burrock, the man who captured him. Chaka decides to stay to help all the Unas and Jackson tells him that he can do it without killing anyone. (SG1: "Beast of Burden")

Jackson worked on opening a Ziggurat on P2X-338 where a missing Russian team was believed to be. Inside they found the team had all died and they became trapped inside. He worked on translating some writings discovering that the Goa'uld Marduk would appear before his followers and they found a Ring Transporter in the floor and used it to escape. (SG1: "The Tomb") Jackson and O'Neill talked to High Chancellor Travell about trading technology from the Tollan. After discovering a conspiracy, Jackson went with Carter and Narim and discovered that the Tollan were being forced to make Phase shifting weapons for the Goa'uld. After Narim destroyed the weapons and the Goa'uld began attacking, SG-1 escaped through the Stargate. (SG1: "Between Two Fires") After meeting the Aschen, Jackson and Teal'c discovered a hidden, underground and learned that the Volians had been a more advanced civilization until they met the Aschen. (SG1: "2001")

When Carter disappeared, Jackson posted a message online for O'Neill so he could get into contact with Harry Maybourne. He did some research on Adrian Conrad and found out about Saint Christina's Hospital where Carter might be kept at. He entered the hospital and spoke to the men inside claiming he electrocuted himself and needed help. He asked a guard if he knew what it was like to be electrocuted and if he knew what that felt like before shooting him with a zat. (SG1: "Desperate Measures") When Martin Lloyd was making a show called Wormhole X-Treme! which was similar to the exploits of SG-1, Jackson and Carter found hidden cameras in Martin's home and tracked down one of Peter Tanner's men but he got away. They tracked a call he made and performed a raid on a warehouse but they found an NID team lead by Agent Malcolm Barrett inside. Barrett had them detained but Jackson and Carter overpowered their guard. (SG1: "Wormhole X-Treme!")

SG-1 took part in a training exercise for new SGC recruits and during a fake foothold situation, Jackson took on the role of a leader who was being controlled by an alien device. (SG1: "Proving Ground") When Teal'c became trapped in the Stargate, Jackson went with Major Paul Davis to Russia to negotiate use of their Stargate to try to free Teal'c. They were unable to get anywhere with the negotiations, and when Colonel Chekov mentioned that Colonel Zukhov was a friend of his and is now dead, Jackson appealed to him that Teal'c was his friend and convinced Chekov to loan them the Dial Home Device to save Teal'c. (SG1: "48 Hours")

He was approached by the Tok'ra to go undercover and take out the System Lords using the newly developed Symbiote poison. Jackson was originally hesitant about the mission as it would require killing the hosts but was convinced to take part as there was no other option. He used a Reole chemical ring to inject Yu with the Reole chemical which made him believe that he was Jarren, his Lo'taur. He went with Yu to the Hasara Space station and was going to release the poison when Osiris showed up, but did not tell anyone else that she knew who he was. (SG1: "Summit") She found him later but he managed to inject her as well making her believe she was Yu's servant. He learned that Osiris came to petition the System Lords for Anubis to join them and the plan to kill them all was scrapped. He learned Anubis was attacking the Tok'ra so he planned to leave but first attempted to capture Osiris. Yu caught him and knocked him down but was stabbed by Osiris who then attacked Jackson. He tried to get through to Sarah Gardner which confused Osiris long enough for Yu to attack her. Jackson then escaped. (SG1: "Last Stand")

When an asteroid was detected heading for Earth, SG-1 went to deliver a Naquadah bomb to destroy it. While O'Neill and Teal'c went to deliver the bomb, Jackson and Carter had to take shelter in escape pods as the hull began to breach. When they discovered the asteroid had a core of Naquadah and would destroy Earth if it was detonated, Jackson realized the Goa'uld had to have towed it to the Solar System which gave Carter the idea to take the asteroid through the Earth to save it. (SG1: "Fail Safe") After they discovered and reactivated the android Reese, Jackson believed she didn't know she was an android and treated her like a human in order to get her to cooperate. When he confronted her with the truth, she threw him into a bookshelf. She apologized and told him that she had made him a toy to have more fun - a Replicator. They learned that she the original creator of the Replicators and they had destroyed her world. When her Replicators began to take over the base, he attempted to convince her to stand down and even tried to shut her down but she stopped him. He told her that she was his friend and he didn't want her to die. O'Neill came into the room and shot her in order to stop the Replicators. Jackson said that he didn't have to do that as she was shutting them down. (SG1: "Menace")

Jackson helped disable a force field at the Sentinel so it could be repaired and translated some writings which helped others learn that the device needed a human component to work. (SG1: "The Sentinel") While on Langara, Jackson befriended Jonas Quinn and during a test of their Naquadria bomb there was an accident and Jackson shot out a window, entered the lab and disabled the device, saving people's lives. He was exposed to a fatal amount of radiation which would kill him. As he died, he found himself talking to Oma Desala who offered him ascension and Jackson didn't feel he was worthy as he had failed in his work to save those close to him and stop the Goa'uld. Oma told him that everyone only ever had one choice - whether they were good or evil. Jackson communicated with O'Neill telling him to let him go. (SG1: "Meridian") He ascended in front of the others and sent a slight breeze through a corridor as a way of telling SG-1 he was ok. (SG1: "Revelations")


When Jack O'Neill was captured by Ba'al and tortured for information, Jackson came to see him and offer him a chance to ascend to escape. O'Neill wanted him to use his ascended powers to help him escape but Jackson refused as that would be interfering. He refused to help directly, even by doing some scouting for him. He told O'Neill that it was his decision but he needed to choose it himself. He communicated with Teal'c giving him the idea to let the System Lords know of Ba'al's secret outpost so they would attack it and give O'Neill a chance to escape. He came back to speak to O'Neill when he got back to Stargate Command to say goodbye again. (SG1: "Abyss")

When Teal'c was switching his symbiote between him and Bra'tac to keep them both alive, he experienced a dream world where he was visited by Jackson who told him to hold on and that he won't leave his side. As Teal'c was recovering at the SGC, Jackson visited him and told him that everything would be ok. (SG1: "The Changeling") Jackson learned that Anubis was looking for the Eyes of the Goa'uld and had found them all except the Eye of Ra and was heading to Abydos to locate it. He spoke to the Abydonians stating that they would not be alone in their fight and he and Skaara started looking for the Eye. He went to see O'Neill, and let him know what was happening. After SG-1 arrived he helped them find a hidden chamber and read a tablet stored inside that was written in Ancient, discovering that the Others were ascended Ancients and information on a Lost City. (SG1: "Full Circle")

He let Yu know that Anubis was looking for the Eye and he brought a fleet to come and stop Anubis. He confronted Anubis who revealed to him that he was partially ascended. He returned to SG-1 to learn that Oma had ascended Skaara who had been fatally wounded. He made a deal with Anubis to give him the Eye in exchange for leaving Abydos alone and letting SG-1 go free, wanting them to find the Lost City and its weapons to defeat Anubis. When Anubis got the Eye he began an attack on Abydos and Jackson showed up to stop him. When Jackson attempted to destroy him, he was stopped by Oma who pulled him away. In order to prevent the Others from stepping in she made him human again, blocked all of his memories and sent him to Vis Uban, where SG-1 could find him. (SG1: "Full Circle")

Mortal again

Jackson awoke on Vis Uban with no memories of who he was. He was found by Shamda's people who gave him the name "Arrom" which meant 'naked one', due to how they found him. For two months he lived with them, trying to remember who he was but could not. He was returning to camp one day when he was found by SG-3 who brought him to SG-1. O'Neill and Carter convinced him to come back to Earth to try to regain his memories. That night he had a dream and remembered Sha're and went to talk to Teal'c about it. He joined a briefing the next day where he knew that the tablet talking about the Lost City wasn't talking about Vis Uban. When a plan was developed to stop Anubis' Mothership, Jackson went with Jonas Quinn to board the mothership and locate where the weapon core ventilation shaft was by deciphering Anubis Ancient cipher coding. After finding the location, they were discovered but only Jackson was able to escape into an air vent. (SG1: "Fallen")

As he moved about the ship, he learned they were at Langara, Jonas' homeworld and that Yu was coming with a fleet to attack the ship so he and Jonas needed to get off the ship. When an explosion rocked the ship, Jonas was able to get out of his cell and they headed to steal a Tel'tak to get off the ship. When Jaffa entered the hangar they instead went to the Ring Transporter as one had been found on Langara during a dig. They went down and ended up in a warehouse where they helped free SG-1 from a Jaffa attack. When they were captured by Herak, Anubis' First Prime, they overpowered them and Jonas dove in front of a staff blast headed for Jackson. Anubis fled the planet Jonas recovered to return to his home. Jackson retook his position on SG-1. (SG1: "Homecoming")

When O'Neill regressed in age 30 years overnight and recalled seeing an Asgard, Jackson and Teal'c looked for similar events and went and interviewed people who had similar experiences (but never aged backwards). It was discovered that the young O'Neill was actually a clone and plan was made to capture the Asgard responsible. They got aboard a ship and captured the Asgard Loki. (SG1: "Fragile Balance") When Teal'c was recovering from an injury, Jackson began to recall a memory from when he was ascended and discovered that Bra'tac and Rya'c had been captured. The team went with other SG teams to Erebus to free them and Jackson and Carter boarded an under-construction Ha'tak to cause a distraction. (SG1: "Orpheus")

Meeting the People of P3X-289, Jackson examined some of their written works to learn more about their past, working with Evalla. When Evalla walked off, the team discovered that no one had any knowledge of her, including her husband. Jackson discovered written record that the dome they lived in had over 100,000 inhabitants and they learned that the dome computer compensated for power loss by shrinking the dome and sacrificing people to maintain itself. (SG1: "Revisions") While investigating a crashed spaceship with numerous people in stasis aboard, SG-1 was knocked out and Jackson had numerous consciousnesses of people into his mind. He managed to surface briefly, confused and spoke to Fraiser before the other consciousnesses took over. The minds were later removed and Jackson made a complete recovery. (SG1: "Lifeboat")

SG-1 went to P3X-403 to help locate a missing person and Jackson examined some artefacts that the mining team had found and he discovered that Unas had been on the planet. After a search team was attacked by Unas, Jackson spoke their language which caused them to break off their attack. He convinced General Vidrine to allow him to bring in Chaka to try to negotiate with the local Unas before SG teams went in to forcibly relocate the Unas. Jackson and Chaka met the leader of the Unas on 403, Iron Shirt, and Jackson made some progress in making Unas understand why the were mining and he learned that there were a large number of Unas livng on the planet and if it came to fighting, the humans would lose. When an Unas was killed, a large group of Unas came to the camp but Iron Shirt came down to speak to Jackson and he convinced Colonel Edwards, the leader of the mining camp, to stand down. Iron Shirt offered for the Unas to mine instead, as it was sacred ground, as it would help in the fight with the Goa'uld. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")

SG-1 went to Hebridan and while Carter took part in the Loop of Kon Garat, Jackson and O'Neill met with Miles Hagan to help them get a Stargate to their world. When Teal'c went missing investigating sabotage to ships in the Loop, Jackson and O'Neill went to find him and spoke to Hagan again who took them inside to find him. (SG1: "Space Race") He was helping with an evacuation on P3L-997 when the Stargate stopped working and they became trapped. When the Stargate was fixed he finished evacuating people to the Alpha Site. (SG1: "Avenger 2.0") After meeting the Hak'tyl resistance and offered them Tretonin, Jackson spoke to young Nesa telling her that she could be a great warrior and not have a symbiote. When she fell ill from needing a symbiote she went to Earth to take Tretonin and developed a crush on Jackson. (SG1: "Birthright")

After encountering a Kull Warrior learning that the Goa'uld Telchak once had a device that reanimated the dead and Anubis may have created a similar device, Jackson went with Dr. Bill Lee to Honduras to try to locate this device. They hired a guide to take them to the location and they found a small chamber and recovered the device, barely making it out alive when the chamber filled with water. They were all captured by anti-Honduran rebels and held for ransom. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1") He and Lee were tortured for information and Lee revealed what the device was they found. When they revealed to him that they had activated the device, he told them to turn it off as it could cause bad issues Jackson began working on an escape plan and he and Lee headed into the jungle. When Lee couldn't go on, Jackson had him hide and led the rebels away but was captured by them. He was rescued at the last second by O'Neill. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 2")

When Carter aboard the Prometheus was lost, Jackson put together a list of addresses near Prometheus' path to try to locate them. (SG1: "Grace") Jackson helped with the talks between representatives of Langara about relocating them to another world and became frustrated at their mistrust of one another being more important than saving their people. He later told Jonas Quinn that he felt sorry that he had to deal with representatives on a regular basis. (SG1: "Fallout") Jackson began having strange dreams about Sarah Gardner and when they first met but she was more supportive of his over working himself and missing events with her. In the dream she gave him a tablet written in Ancient and he was advised to translate it next time he dreamed as it may contain information from when he was ascended. After it was discovered that Osiris may be controlling these dreams in order to find the Lost City, a trap was set. When Jackson woke, Osiris used their hand device on him but was driven off and captured. Osiris was removed and Jackson comforted a now free Sarah. (SG1: "Chimera")

After the Alpha Site was attacked, Jackson helped to try to maintain the alliance between them, the Tok'ra and the Jaffa as the latter two blamed the other for the attack. (SG1: "Death Knell") When a documentary crew came to the SGC, Jackson was interviewed. When SG-13 was attacked offworld, SG-1 went to help. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 1") Jackson helped Dr. Fraiser treat Senior Airman Simon Wells, who asked Jackson to film a goodbye for his wife. Fraiser was hit by a Staff weapon blast and killed but Wells survived. Jackson went to see Wells at his home and met his newborn daughter Janet. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 2") When a Rogue NID operation was uncovered and found that they had cloned a human-Goa'uld hybrid named Anna, Jackson tried to get her to remember information about when the Goa'uld personality took control. When a bomb was discovered set by the Goa'uld, Jackson tried to get her to remember the code to stop it but she escaped and killed the man who created her and then took her own life. (SG1: "Resurrection")

Lost City

Jackson translated some writings from P3X-439 and learned that a Repository of Knowledge was located there. SG-1 went to extract it but when Anubis attacked, he attempted to use the repository but was stopped by Jack O'Neill who used it himself instead. Jackson went with Teal'c to see O'Neill who went home for the weekend and found Samantha Carter already there, the four of them spent some time bonding before being joined by Major General George Hammond who informed them that he was being replaced. Jackson met Dr. Elizabeth Weir who was replacing Hammond and Bra'tac arrived to inform them that Anubis was bringing his fleet to attack Earth. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1") When O'Neill began doing and saying strange things, Jackson realized that the Ancients had assigned sounds to the Glyphs on the Stargate and using words O'Neill put in a crossword was able to come up with a potential location of the Lost City. They went to the planet and found a small outpost, where O'Neill revealed that the Lost City was on Earth and was called "Atlantis" and he took a Zero Point Module from the outpost. They returned to Earth where Jackson learned that O'Neill was modifying the Ring Transporter to bore a hole into the ice of Antarctica. They found another outpost and O'Neill inserted the ZPM and used a Control chair to fire Drone weapons to destroy Anubis' fleet in orbit. O'Neill, who was dying because of the knowledge, had them place him in a nearby stasis pod. Jackson remarked that they were in an outpost and it wasn't the Lost City. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 2")


He was preparing to go back to the outpost to find a way to help O'Neill but was prevented because of the Antarctic Treaty. Carter and Teal'c left to contact the Asgard and Jackson helped translate a message from the System Lords who wanted to form an alliance because they had destroyed Anubis. When the negotiations broke down, Jackson translated the message they had received and discovered that the other System Lords had launched an attack on Earth to test its defenses and the System Lords on Earth were detained. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1") Jackson was transported up to Thor's ship and O'Neill was transported up as well so Thor could interface O'Neill with the ships computer and he could build a weapon to help defeat the Replicators. Carter had been captured by Fifth but they learned that she was still alive so SG-1 went to rescue her. (SG1: "New Order, Part 2")

He was at the Antarctic outpost trying to learn the location of Atlantis. He discovered that it needed an 8th chevron address and was in another galaxy. He helped Weir and Meredith Rodney McKay inform O'Neill what they had found and he authorized the go ahead for the Atlantis expedition but didn't want to let Jackson join them. As the expedition was leaving, Jackson said he could just grab his bag and join them but O'Neill refused. (SGA: "Rising") He met with Colonel Alexi Vaselov who soon collapsed and Jackson was taken over by Anubis who had been inhabiting Vaselov. Jackson woke in the infirmary with a gunshot wound and learned that he had tried to force his way through the Stargate. After recovering some memories he realized it was Anubis who was controlling him. (SG1: "Lockdown") SG-1 went to locate one of Anubis' hidden bases and become trapped inside for a few days before making their way out. (SG1: "Zero Hour")

After SG-1's arrival on Tegalus caused a civil war, Jackson was on the planet when the bombs fell and was injured. He was looked after by Leda Kane and the two became close. When Jared Kane and his men returned he tried to convince Kane to help take back his country from Soren's forces and later he asked Leda to try to convince her husband. He managed to contact the SGC and organized another assault from them from inside Soren's bunker an d they managed to stop him and reclaim the country. (SG1: "Icon") When Teal'c became trapped in a Virtual reality chair, Jackson was placed in another to help him, linking him in such a way so it allowed him to see some events 2 seconds before they happened. He convinced Teal'c he was real and the two beat the simulation. (SG1: "Avatar")

When Teal'c was involved in an altercation after moving off base, Jackson was sent to talk to him by O'Neill. Teal'c was later arrested after his neighbor's boyfriend was killed and he was implicated. He later received a message written in Ancient and got a phone call asking him to translate it in exchange for information absolving Teal'c. He met with a man who took him to a warehouse to provide the translation, threatening to kill Teal'c's neighbor when he hesitated. Once he provided the translation, he and the neighbor were zatted. (SG1: "Affinity") Jackson went with Carter to talk to Alec Colson after he announced he was going to be releasing information kept secret about aliens. (SG1: "Covenant")

When the Stargate disappeared and The Trust was found to be behind it, Jackson convinced Dr. Bricksdale, the man who helped the Trust get aboard Osiris' Al'kesh, to help them get aboard and he went up and disabled the ships cloak to allow the Prometheus to find it. He was found and captured before he could disable the hyperdrive but when the Stargate activated on the ship, he and Carter attacked the Trust and when Teal'c radioed through the Stargate, Jackson radioed back and Teal'c arrived to rescue them. They got off the ship with the Stargate before it jumped away. (SG1: "Endgame")


When a mission to take the Prometheus to Atlantis was being prepared, Jackson was excited about possibly going. (SG1: "Gemini") Major General George Hammond brought Jackson along with him aboard the Prometheus to go to find out what happened to the Atlantis expedition. During their journey they intercept a distress signal and go to investigate and they are boarded by a Kull Warrior who transports everyone off the ship to an Al'kesh, leaving Jackson alone on the ship. After the Kull resists being shot with a Kull disruptor, Jackson is captured and the Kull reveals itself to be a woman, Vala Mal Doran who later tells Jackson that she wants the ship to transport her people to a safe world. Jackson eventually overpowers her and locks her up and goes to meet with her contacts, finding that she actually intended to sell the ship. Goa'uld forces attack but the crew of the Prometheus aboard the Al'kesh help rescue him. Vala later escapes and flees aboard the Al'kesh. (SG1: "Prometheus Unbound")

While trying to convince Harry Maybourne to return to Earth to stop him being found by the Goa'uld Ares on the world he was living on, Maybourne showed them ruins which mentioned future events, Jackson examined the ruins and found mention of a spaceship with a time machine in it. (SG1: "It's Good To Be King") When The Trust took Robert Kinsey, Jackson went to Russia to try to learn why they wanted him to introduce them to General Miroslav Kiselev and was detained and had his blood tested to see if he was a Goa'uld. He then learned that Kinsey had been implanted with a Goa'uld and got in to talk to him and try to learn what he had been doing. When soldiers arrived to kill them, Jackson had him and the Goa'uld beamed out. (SG1: "Full Alert")

Jackson is taken by the Replicators and approached by Replicator Carter who tells him that he had knowledge she wants from when he was ascended. He finds himself in a dream world where Oma Desala finds him and tells him that he could ascend when he is killed. Oma tried to get him to remember the knowledge he had and he realized that it was actually Replicator Carter in his mind. She revealed that she had learned from him of a weapon on Dakara that could stop her. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 1") As she continued to probe his mind and recover more information, Jackson used some of it to gain control of her and temporarily stopped the Replicators. Once she regained control, she stabbed him through the chest and killed him. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 2")

He found himself in a diner with the real Oma Desala who offered him ascension again. He recognized the diner as the one that Nicholas Ballard had taken him to after his parents funeral. He met Jim in diner, being the only other person there who would talk to him and Oma revealed the people were the Others. Jim showed him some editions of The Ascended Times, a newspaper that showed events from around the universe and later led Jackson to realize that Oma was the one who helped Anubis ascend. Oma revealed that Anubis had tricked her somehow and her punishment for what had happened was Anubis being sent back to wreak havoc. Jim came back and revealed that Oma had helped him ascend and Jackson realized that Jim was Anubis. He tried to stop him but could do nothing but Oma stepped in to stop him herself, locking the two into eternal combat where they could do nothing else. He was returned to human form on Earth. (SG1: "Threads")

Jackson left SG-1, intending to journey on the Daedalus to Atlantis and take a position there. He met with Cameron Mitchell who asked him to stay and rejoin SG-1 but he declined. When Vala Mal Doran contacted the SGC about an Ancient treasure on Earth, Jackson met with her and she attached a Kor mak bracelet on him and another on herself, linking them together to ensure that she got a share of the treasure. Jackson later fell ill after being separated from Vala for a period of time and missed the departure of the Daedalus. He worked on finding the Ancient treasure and tracked it to the King Arthur legend and found a possible location in Glastonbury. He, Mitchell, Teal'c and Vala journeyed there and found an underground cavern with tests inside. Vala failed the test and the ceiling began to lower. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1")

He figured out the solution and saved them. After Mitchell fought a holographic Knight, they found the treasure including a book which Jackson translated and learned that the Ancients were once known as the Alteran and came from another galaxy. An Ancient Long-range communication device was found among the treasure and Jackson figured out that the Communication stones were used with it. Vala joined him, in case they became separated, and their minds were sent to another galaxy and he inhabited a man named Harrid. They learned of the Ori and were approached by a man named Fannis who was part of the Anti-Ori underground. Vala, inhabiting Sallis, was accused of being overcome and burned to death but was revived by a Prior of the Ori who took the pair with him. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2") Taken to the City of the Gods, Jackson learned more about the Ori and met with the Doci, discovering that the Ori were ascended beings who had those beneath them worship them and would interfere with lower affairs if they wished. They were returned to the village and followed to track down the underground and he and Vala were about to be burned to death when the communication device was destroyed and he returned to his body. (SG1: "Origin")

Vala left the SGC but she and Jackson fell ill again and it was discovered that they were still linked despite the bracelets being removed. She joined Jackson and Mitchell to go offworld for information on how to sever them and had to get back items for people in order to obtain the information, only to be told that it would wear off eventually. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind") Jackson went with Mitchell, Teal'c and Vala to P8X-412 to try to get them to not join the Ori and Vala posed as Qetesh, the ruler of the planet. Jackson convinced her to come clean as a way to convince the people not to join with the Ori and they imprisoned Vala. A trial was held and Jackson spoke for Vala stating that she was not responsible for Qetesh's actions and trying to get them to realize she came clean to help them. A Prior arrived and Jackson argued with him, stating that knowledge should be gained and not given as that was part of the knowledge. (SG1: "The Powers That Be")

When the Ori were building a beachhead on Kallana, Jackson went along to speak with the Prior there but they were unswayed. The Ori began building a Supergate and Vala left to destroy it, but as she escaped, she was sent to the Ori galaxy. Jackson collapsed but luckily the effects of the Kor mak had worn off enough that he didn't die. (SG1: "Beachhead") When a dead Jaffa was found on Earth, Jackson did some research in the area and spoke to Sheila Jameson after her husband disappeared. She provided him with photos that he had checked to show that the people in them were all leaders of business and finance companies and Jackson believed their was a Trust connection. He later took part in an operation to capture Ba'al who was on Earth but they were called off at the last second. During this time Jackson officially rejoined SG-1. (SG1: "Ex Deus Machina") When Mitchell went missing while SG-1 was looking for the Sodan and one of the Sodan was captured, Jackson tried to convince the warrior that the Ori were not gods. (SG1: "Babylon")

After finding a human clone of Anubis, Jackson suggested that they end his life as he was too dangerous to be kept alive as he had advanced abilities including telekinesis. He confronted the clone, Khalek, and let him know that they knew who he really was. When Khalek tried to escape, Jackson shot him in the chest as his attention was focused on Mitchell. He and Mitchell fired more shot and killed Khalek. (SG1: "Prototype") When the PRIOR2 virus was spreading on Earth, Jackson went with Mitchell to P9G-844 to see the Sodan and attempt to capture a Prior using the Anti-Prior device. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1") While the Prior was distracted, Jackson ran through the frequencies on the device until it worked. They interrogated the Prior and Jackson informed him that they had learned that the Ori were not ascending any of their followers and it was all a lie. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")


When Mitchell was accused of a murder on Galar, Jackson and Teal'c worked on going through evidence to try to find out who had actually performed the murder. (SG1: "Collateral Damage") When an alternate reality SG-1 arrived at the SGC, Jackson interviewed the alternate Teal'c learning that in his reality Bra'tac was leader of the Jaffa and Samantha Carter was married. More alternate teams began to arrive including one that had Dr. Janet Fraiser on it. A plan was developed to stop more teams from arriving and SG-1 was joined by the first team aboard the Prometheus but the alternate team took them hostage and commandeered the ship. They managed to escape and take back the ship. (SG1: "Ripple Effect") When Teal'c went missing while investigating changing allegiances on the Jaffa High Council, Jackson went with Bra'tac to meet a contact who Bra'tac realized had been brainwashed. After finding where Teal'c had been taken to, Jackson joined the mission to rescue him. (SG1: "Stronghold")

Jared Kane came to the SGC to tell them that a Prior had supplied his government with plans for an Ori Satellite weapon and Jackson went with him to try to negotiate for it to be disabled, telling the rest of SG-1 to come aboard the Prometheus and destroy the satellite if he didn't get in contact with them. He and Kane were arrested and when the Prometheus arrived, Jackson watched as President Nadal ordered it destroyed. Despite this loss he still wanted to help and brokered a treaty between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. After returning to Earth, he learned that the two countries had began fighting again and destroyed each other. (SG1: "Ethon") While investigating the addictive crop, Kassa, SG-1 had to flee from attackers and as Jackson was dialing the Stargate it was beamed away along with the DHD. The team was captured and beaten for information but later rescued by the Odyssey. (SG1: "Off the Grid")

SG-1 had to escort International Oversight Advisory representatives to the Gamma Site for a tour and Jackson spoke with Shen Xiaoyi about how the Chinese government was unhappy how the SGC was being run and how the United States was gaining military technology from it. The team had to protect the representatives when the R75 bugs escaped containment and began multiplying. (SG1: "The Scourge") After Mitchell and Carter disappeared at the SGC, Jackson realized that they had been shifted to another dimension when Lee found Lepton radiation. He learned to communicate with the pair using the Mantle of Arthur device that had shifted them in the first place. When Lee tried to get them back he ended up shifting Jackson as well. On the other side Jackson deciphered some writing the device was displaying to discover that Merlin had built a device that could kill ascended beings to be used against the Ori. He also found a way to reverse the device and get them all back. (SG1: "Arthur's Mantle")

His body was briefly taken over by Vala Mal Doran who had been sent to the Ori galaxy. Learning that the Ori were building ships to invade, Jackson asked Landry to send them to try to locate Merlin's weapon. (SG1: "Crusade") Finding the planet of Camelot where Arthur and Merlin once lived, Jackson managed to convince Antonius, the village historian, to allow them access to Merlin's library. After the Black Knight attacked and killed Antonius, SG-1 was asked to leave but Jackson and Mitchell remained to try to find the weapon. When the Black Knight attacked the village, Jackson tried to disable it but could not so he shot at the Control crystals and shut it down. They learned that the weapon they were after was the Sangraal but had been taken a long time ago. He and Mitchell were picked up by the Korolev and taken to the battle at the newly built Supergate where several Ori Warships arrived. (SG1: "Camelot")

Jackson worked on trying to use the Ring Transporters to send over a Nuclear bomb but the Korolev was severely damaged and he managed to Ring over himself before the ship was destroyed. He found Vala who revealed that she had given birth to a girl, Adria, who was rapidly aging and was to serve as the leader of the Ori armies. A plan was developed to capture her and try to turn her to their side but he was captured by Tomin and brought before Adria. When Adria ordered Tomin to kill Jackson, Vala stepped in front of him and was hit herself and when Adria was healing Vala, Jackson stunned her and Tomin. A Prior arrived but luckily he was beamed out by the Odyssey and he grabbed Vala to take her as well. (SG1: "Flesh and Blood")

He worked on trying to track down the Sangraal and managed to find the location of Vagonbrei. SG-1 headed there to find a town of long-dead people and were infected with a parasite that would kill them if they fell asleep. Jackson was able to find a reference that said the location of the other planets the Sangraal might be on was in the Atlantis Database. (SG1: "Morpheus") SG-1 and Vala went aboard the Odyssey to Atlantis and while the others worked on a plan to dial into the Supergate to block it, Jackson and Vala searched the database. Vala insisted that Jackson just ask the hologram program about the planets and he was shocked that they were given exactly what they wanted. Jackson realized that the hologram was not a hologram at all but was Ganos Lal, otherwise known as Morgan Le Fay. Ganos revealed that she intended to give them clues but Jackson said he wanted her and the Others to do more. Ganos was going to tell them something but the Others pulled her away. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")

Jackson returned to Camelot to continue to look for more information after they found nothing on Castiana and Sahal. (SG1: "Insiders") He went to England to meet with a Lord or Earl who had a library of reference material on Merlin and Morgan Le Fay. (SG1: "Uninvited") When SG-1 was called on to help Martin Lloyd with the Wormhole X-Treme! movie, Jackson was annoyed that he had to take part and was told that O'Neill had requested that he take part. He found many of Lloyd ideas ridiculous. He later joined SG-1, Landry and O'Neill to go to P2C-106 to celebrate Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate. (SG1: "200") While on a mission SG-1 is beamed off the planet before a wave of energy wipes out everyone on the planet. They return to take control of the Ori Warship sitting on the planet and he and Vala are found by Adria. She attempts to get Jackson to reveal what happened to everyone on the planet but he was able to resist. He attempted to convince Adria to give people a choice to join Origin rather than forcing them but she refused. (SG1: "Counterstrike")

He took Vala out for dinner as a thank you for her trying so hard to not fall back on her old ways. Vala was kidnapped when she went to the bathroom and Jackson appeared distressed at her being taken. After a Trust operative was captured they learned that Athena was behind it and Jackson did some research to discover that Athena was trying to obtain the location of the Clava Thessara Infinitas that she believed Qetesh had discovered. After tracking Vala down, they discovered that she had lost her memory as a result of Athena trying to recover the information. When Jackson found her he told her that she had made a decision to stop running and that it was time to come home. This caused Vala's memories to come back. (SG1: "Memento Mori") After the Odyssey was captured by the Lucian Alliance, Jackson went with Vala to track down the data recorder and were also captured. The two worked with Carter on a plan to take back the ship and then when more Alliance ships arrived, he talked with Netan in an attempt to stall while the hyperdrive was being repaired. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")

After finding the location where Ganos Lal hid the Sangraal, SG-1 headed out to find it and had to get passed a number of tests. Jackson grew suspicious of their guide, Osric, after he quoted something from the Book of Origin. Finding Ba'al trapped in a shield trap, Jackson realized that everyone needed to leave something in the chest to be released and noticed the ring that Osric put in had Ori markings. He let the others know and when they confronted Osric, he was revealed to be Adria in disguise. She forced them to help her get the Sangraal. Passing more tests inside a mountain, they found the Sangraal and Jackson realized that Adria was unable to use her powers inside. The Sangraal was a hologram and activated a Dragon that attacked them. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 1")

Jackson defeated the Dragon by speaking the Guardian's name, which was Ganos Lal. When they returned to find the Sangraal, SG-1 and Ba'al were transported away to another planet and found Merlin in stasis. After he revived, Jackson filled him in on the Ori invasion and Merlin got to work on building another Sangraal. Merlin said that his body was failing and uploaded his memories to the device he was using before dying. Jackson realized what he had done and allowed the memories to be uploaded to his mind. He began to work on the Sangraal and developed advanced abilities such as Telekinesis and Lightning manipuation. Adria soon tracked them down and when she went to attack the others, Jackson stopped her attack to allow the others to escape. He was captured by Adria and taken aboard a ship. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 2")


Jackson was "taught" by Adria in Origin in her attempt to convert him to her side. Merlin's consciousness protected Jackson's mind and allowed Adria to think that she was getting to him. Adria converted Jackson into a Prior so he would continue to work on finishing the Sangraal for her. Jackson and Merlin came up with a plan to send the Sangraal through the Supergate and destroy the Ori and Jackson had to wait for SG-1 to find him as he needed Jack O'Neill to order the Stargate in the Pegasus galaxy connected to the Supergate destroyed first. After being found by SG-1 they didn't believe him, thinking he may have actually be turned by Adria. Once Jackson learned that Richard Woolsey wanted him put in stasis as SG-1 would try to accomplish his mission, he overcame the Anti-Prior device and took control of the Odyssey, beaming O'Neill up and continuing to the Supergate. He used his abilities to create a cloak for the Odyssey and then went aboard an Ori Warship where Adria was waiting and he told her that he had tricked SG-1 into unblocking the Supergate as well as finishing the Sangraal without the Others interfering. Jackson had brought along the Anti-Prior device which allowed him to take down Adria. He piloted the ship towards the Supergate before Merlin's consciousness disappeared, which converted him back into a human. The Sangraal went through but a few hours later several more warships arrived. (SG1: "The Shroud")

After destroying a Lucian Alliance Kassa shipment, SG-1 had bounties put on them. He was doing research in a library when a Woman approached him and began flirting. When he turned her down, she pulled a weapon and fired on him. He escpaed but she followed and threatened to shoot a mother with a baby unless he stopped. He was saved when she walked onto a road and was hit by a bus. He joined Carter and Teal'c to head out when Mitchell called for help. They found a ship used by a bounty hunter and tricked the bounty hunter into thinking they had beamed in using a holographic projector but instead waited on his ship to capture him. (SG1: "Bounty") Finding a possible location of the Clava Thessara Infinitas, SG-1 went to P4M-328 but found themselves in a museum and were mistaken for "rebels". Force to take hostages, Jackson spoke over the radio with a negotiator and was told what to say by Cicero, a researcher who believed they had come through the Stargate. (SG1: "Bad Guys") When Teal'c went to kill Arkad, who had bombed a Jaffa summit, SG-1 went to stop him as his actions could be seen as those of the SGC. Bra'tac told Jackson that Teal'c believed that Arkad had also killed his mother. Jackson spoke to him over the radio and tried to convince him to stand down. (SG1: "Talion")

When Jacek, Vala's father contacted Earth and exchanged information about Arkad's planned attack on Earth for sanctuary on Earth, Jackson and Mitchell went to see him when he was caught running some scams. Jackson later convinced Vala to give her father a chance to change but they found him meeting with a Jaffa who attacked them and Jackson had to shoot him. (SG1: "Family Ties") When Vala came up with an idea to implant false memories in herself as part of a plan to capture Adria, Jackson explained to her later that everything she remembered recently was not real and showed her a video of herself explaining the plan. When Adria had a Ba'al clone implanted in her, and he was being removed, Jackson tried to comfort Vala but she said she was fine and that Adria wasn't really her daughter. When Ba'al released a toxin that meant Adria would die, she woke and threw Jackson out of the room. Jackson realized that she was trying to stall for time so she could ascend. They were too late in getting to her and she ascended. (SG1: "Dominion") He went with SG-1 to Orilla where the Asgard provided them with all of their technology and knowledge before they took they own lives. They were attacked by Ori Warships but managed to evade them. Teal'c relayed to them that he had spent 50 years with them in a time dilation field before coming up with a way to save them and reversing time for all of them except himself. (SG1: "Unending") He recruited Nicholas Rush to the Icarus Project. (SGU: "Human")

Ark of Truth

Jackson began to have visions of Merlin who showed him the Ark of Truth and an exploding mountain. SG-1 went to Dakara to search for the Ark and after they found a stone chest, they were captured by Ori forces led by Tomin and the Administrator. Jackson warned them not to open it but when it was blasted open it contained nothing but ancient scrolls. Mitchell killed the Administrator and the forces stood down after seeing the Prior killed. Jackson told Tomin about his vision and Tomin mentioned Ortus Mallum as a mountain that exploded, leading Jackson to convince the rest of them to go in search of the Ark in the Ori galaxy. Stopping at a planet to obtain information, Jackson saw Merlin sitting among some people but he disappeared when he looked back. Finding that Ortus Mallum was located on Celestis, they went there and began searching. Seeing Merlin again and he sank into the ground, Jackson led the others to a hidden chamber where they found the Ark. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Bringing the Ark out, they were attacked and Teal'c was shot in the back. Captured, they were taken to the City of the Gods and imprisoned. The Doci arrived and began torturing Jackson to try to get information from him. Merlin appeared later and told him not to give up and Jackson realized that it wasn't Merlin, who had not ascended again, but was Morgan Le Fay. She revealed herself and told him that her previous actions had caused her to be banished by the Others. She had helped him when she could but could do no more as Adria was too powerful for her to take on since she had taken on all of the Ori's power when she ascended. Teal'c arrived and rescued Jackson and the others. Vala Mal Doran took them to where the Ark was being kept and Jackson tried to activate it but the Doci and Adria arrrived. While Vala distracted Adria, Jackson realized the code was "origin" and activated the Ark, which spread from the Doci to all the Priors. Back on Earth, Jackson brought the Ark to a Prior so it would spread to all the other Priors. Jackson believed that the Ark should be destroyed but it was instead sent to Area 51 for study. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)


After the final Ba'al clone is captured, SG-1 and Jack O'Neill are invited to the Tok'ra homeworld for the extraction ceremony. After the symbiote is removed, Vala tells Jackson that she is going to stay behind to help the host through the process. Jackson later asks the others what they think Ba'al meant when he mentioned a contingency plan in the event of his death, but Mitchell said it was nothing. (Stargate: Continuum) He discovered a possible hidden lab on Atlantis used by Janus and came to the city to try to find it, working with Meredith Rodney McKay on finding it,much to McKay's dismay. After discovering it, McKay remarked that he didn't think they would find anything and Jackson said he was used to that with his career. Aliens entered the lab, stunned the two and took them from the city. They awoke on board a ship and were soon brought to a facility and told to activated a device. When they explained to the aliens that the logs indicated a problem with the device, the alien told McKay to activate it or they would kill Jackson. Once activated, McKay discovered what the problem was but he was stunned trying to disable it. (SGA: "First Contact") McKay revealed that the device destroyed Wraith ships when they entered hyperspace but also caused any Stargate that activated to explode. Jackson went to speak with the leader who revealed that they were Asgard and were using the device to be safe from the Wraith. Jackson and McKay escaped and found some of the armor the Asgard used which they used to go into the device's main chamber and shut it down. Jackson was hit by a discharge and badly injured. Luckily the Daedalus arrived and rescued them. Jackson returned back to Earth to recover. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

He filmed a series of videos as part of a program to quickly explain the Stargate Program and various other things to people. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") When Nicholas Rush swapped bodies with Colonel David Telford to try to find out if Telford was a spy for the Lucian Alliance, Jackson was sent to follow him. He followed Rush as he left his escort and went to Telford's home before going to a bank and met with other people. Jackson used a camera to take photos of the people Rush met with and when they stunned Rush, he called in for others. By the time they got down there, Rush had been taken aboard a cloaked ship. They figured out the woman Jackson photographed was Kiva, a commander in the Alliance. He recommended that they shut down the Communication stones as Rush's life was in danger now and was against trying to figure out what Telford knew, stating that he had rights. (SGU: "Subversion")


Morality and Ethics

Skills and Abilities


Alternate Realities

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, SG-1 met the Aschen and joined the Aschen Confederation. When they discovered that the Aschen were slowly sterilizing Earth's population, SG-1 made a plan to send a note back in time to prevent this future. Jackson helped take out some of the Aschen Automated weapons but they took down O'Neill so Jackson attempted to send the note but he too was killed. (SG1: "2010")
  • In an alternate timeline, he went with SG-1 back in time to 3000 B.C. using the Time Jumper to steal a ZPM from Ra. After obtaining it, the Time Jumper was found and they were forced to stay. Unwilling to remain under Ra's rule, they helped form a rebellion but were exposed and he was executed. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")
  • In an alternate timeline, he taught English as a second language. The Air Force brought him to Cheyenne Mountain where he met Carter and they were showena Video camera that had footage of them from an alternate timeline. He and Carter tried to get O'Neill to join them but he refused. O'Neill later joined and convinced Hammond to let him and Carter come on the mission. They went aboard the Time Jumper through the Stargate to Chulak to find Teal'c but they were captured by Apophis and Jackson was tortured and implanted with a Goa'uld as a spy. Teal'c freed them, but had to kill Jackson when he sensed the Goa'uld inside him. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")
  • In an alternate timeline, SG-1 and Hank Landry were trapped within a Time dilation field aboard the Odyssey for 50 years. Jackson began a relationship with Vala. When a way to reverse time within the field was devised, everyone except Teal'c, who remained older to save them in the past, were erased. (SG1: "Unending")
  • In an alternate timeline, Jackson attended the extraction ceremony of the last Ba'al clone but when people started to disappear, he Cameron Mitchell and Samantha Carter had to escape through the Stargate. They ended up in an alternate timeline aboard the Achilles with the Stargate stuck frozen in the Arctic Circle. While getting off the ship, Jackson's foot falls through the floor and into water. By the time they get out, his foot has began to freeze badly. He convinces the others to go to find help and shortly afterwards the USS Alexandria comes up through the ice and rescues him. The others are found but Jackson has to have his lower leg removed due to the frostbite. The three of them told that they would not be allowed to change the past and are separated and send across the country. Jackson finds a book written by his counterpart and calls them to tell him not to give up on his theories but his counterpart hangs up. He is contacted by Carter and learns that Al'kesh were seen above cities. He and the others are sent on a mission to obtain a [[Zero Point Module to power the Antarctic outpost but after they are destroyed by Ba'al's fleet, they are redirected to Russia who had recovered the Stargate from the Achilles. They run into Teal'c and Mitchell convinces him to help them. They end up on Praxyon in Ba'al's Time machine and Carter works to find a Solar flare needed to send them back in time to top Ba'al from changing the past. Qetesh's forces arrive and Jackson is killed in the firefight. (Stargate: Continuum)
  • In an alternate timeline, Jackson was a discredited whack-job living on the fringes of society. He had written The Truth About the Pyramids but it didn't sell very good. He was contacted late by someone who told him not to give up on his theories but he assumed it was a prank and hung up. (Stargate: Continuum)