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Eli Wallace
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David Blue, Ryan Kennedy, Colin Bremner

Eli Wallace is a male Tau'ri and a member of the Destiny expedition.


Early life

He was born in 1984. (SGU: "Darkness") He spent some time attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked at a burger restaurant at some point. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") His mother was infected by HIV while restraining a junkie and was stuck by a needle. His father couldn't deal with it and left when Eli was fourteen. (SGU: "Time")

Icarus Project

In 2009 Eli played the game Prometheus and believed he had solved a puzzle in the game but when he went to show a friend, his solution didn't work again. He was soon approached by Nicholas Rush and Jack O'Neill who gave him a Non-disclosure agreement to sign. Eli didn't sign right away and was then beamed up to the George Hammond where Rush told him that they needed his help with something. He contacted his mother to tell her he had got a job but couldn't tell her what he was doing. Having a meal aboard the ship, he met Chloe Armstrong and he was surprised that she knew who he was. Arriving at Icarus Base, Eli was amazed at the things he saw and after a failed attempt to use Eli's solution to dial the Ninth Chevron he worked with Rush on solving the issue. He was invited to a dinner with the senior officers and didn't like how Colonel David Telford was speaking to Chloe, thinking he was flirting with her. The base came under attack and Rush asked Eli to try to figure out what had gone wrong and Eli realized that the Ninth Chevron wasn't an address but a combination so the Point of Origin wasn't correct. The Stargate was dialed and some of the personnel had no choice but to go through as the planet had become unstable. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Arriving aboard the Ancient ship Destiny, they soon found the ship's life support failing. Eli found a floating camera device that he called a Kino which he figured they could use to explore damaged areas of the ship. He later recorded his feelings on the situation much to everyone's annoyance and he said they should record it in case they died and anyone who came after them would know what happened. (SGU: "Air, Part 2") He joined a team to go to a planet to try to locate a material to replenish the processing nodes for the life support. On the planet the team separated and Eli was shocked when Dr. Jeremy Franklin, Dr. Andrea Palmer and Curtis wanted to try another planet to see if it was a possible evacuation site for those on Destiny. Eli followed them back, radioing Matthew Scott to inform him of what was happening. He tried to stop them from leaving as they were taking the Ancient Remote needed to dial the Stargate. Ronald Greer and Rush arrived and Greer shot Franklin to stop him from leaving but the others had just left. Eli remained on the planet, dialing in to try to contact Palmer and Curtis but got no response. When Scott and Greer were coming back with Lime for the life support, Rush told Eli to stick his arm in the Event horizon to hold the Stargate open to give them time to get back before Destiny entered FTL. The Lime was used to bring the life support back online. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Chloe asked Eli to show him how the showers worked and he remained nearby to make sure no one walked in on her. Lt. Vanessa James came to find him and asked if she could speak to him alone. She took him to the observation deck where others had gathered and wanted to know if they were going to make it back to Earth as they were not being told anything. He said if they mentioned anything to him he would tell them. The entire ship lost power and Eli went to find Chloe, accidentally briefly seeing her naked. Riley asked Eli to show him how to use a Kino and it was found outside of James' quarters, who came out to see what was going on in her underwear and told the pair she would kick their asses. (SGU: "Darkness") The ship was headed directly for a star and a lottery was held to determine who would be able to escape aboard a shuttle. Eli began filming people as part of a plan to create a documentary of themselves to be left behind. He noticed Chloe being very close to Scott and the two going off together, much to his dismay. He was not chosen for the shuttle and he and Chloe waited for the end on the observation deck, only for Rush to come in and they learned that the ship was using the star to recharge. With Destiny leaving, the shuttle was too far away to get back in time so Rush came up with the idea to use a slingshot maneuver to get back Eli figured out the math needed for the shuttle to use and they got back just in time. (SGU: "Light")

When Young and Scott went offworld to harvest ice for drinking water, some alien organisms were found aboard and they badly injured Corporal Gorman. Eli let Young know about them despite Rush not wanting him to say anything. Rush later berated Eli for telling him as they needed Young to focus on the ice and he called Eli a child. (SGU: "Water") Eli used the communication stones to go back to Earth. He went to see his mother and said he was a friend of Eli's. He was contacted by Chloe who said that some of her friends were taking her out and she invited him to come along. At the club he was approached by a woman and he asked her to dance. When Chloe got drunk, he took her home and he was amazed at how that woman was interested in him and Chloe pointed out that he wasn't in his own body. As she was drunk, Chloe kissed Eli before calling him a great friend. They returned to the ship to learn that Telford had enacted a plan to dial Earth while Destiny recharged in a star and Rush had faked it failing as he believe it was going to fail. Young asked Eli to go over the data to see if Rush was lying. (SGU: "Earth") Rush revealed a planet in their path, a year away, that they could use to dial Earth but Eli went over the data to find that Rush had faked it. (SGU: "Life")

After Sgt. Spencer was found shot dead and the weapon was missing, Eli was among those with an alibi so he helped search for the missing gun. He found it in Young's quarters. Scott asked Eli to go over all the Kino footage to try to find something that proved Young's innocence. He soon found footage of Spencer killing himself and then Rush coming in and removing the gun, which he relayed to Young. (SGU: "Justice") After Rush was killed offworld, Young had Eli take on a greater role with the ship. An alien spaceship arrived and Eli transmitted a message to them, but they got one back telling them to surrender. When it began attacking and Eli had to work on the weapons to fight back. Rush was found aboard the alien ship and he freed Chloe, who had also been taken. (SGU: "Space") When Rush and some of the other civilians took control of the ship, Eli tried to stop him from gaining control of the ships systems. A deal was made to trade some food and water for Eli. Rush revealed that he had been implanted with a transmitter that the aliens were tracking and they were coming to attack and he needed Eli's help in bolstering the shields. When Young took back control, Eli revealed the existence of the transmitter to which Young ordered removed. Three alien ships arrived and began attacking, and Eli worked to keep the shields online before they jumped. (SGU: "Divided")

When Destiny dropped out in an unknown system and needed a month to readjust course, a team went to a nearby planet to gather supplies but Eli remained on the ship. (SGU: "Faith") Eli joined a team to go offworld to examine some ruins. When they explored some underground tunnels, they encountered a Spider-like creature which Greer shot and it caused a collapsed that trapped them. A rescue team was unable to get them out before Destiny jumped. (SGU: "Human") Another collapsed made them believe that Greer was killed. They managed to find a way out and began using the Stargates to try to get to Destiny. Eventually they found they had gone in the wrong direction but soon came to the planet with the crashed alien spaceship Rush had examined and they were able to find a star map to figure out where to go. They got to a planet in range of Destiny but couldn't connect and soon Destiny jumped away, stranding them. (SGU: "Lost")

Two days later, Destiny popped up again and they dialed in and returned to the ship, learning that the FTL engine had overloaded and given them the chance to return. He worked on repairing them with Rush and Dr. Amanda Perry and was surprised when Perry appeared to be interested in Rush. (SGU: "Sabotage") He found Chloe speaking to no one and asked her about it and she said she was speaking to her father, as she was affected by a Tick-like creature. When Scott showed up, Eli told him what was happening. (SGU: "Pain")

Lucian Alliance invasion

When Everett Young ordered the air vented from a room with Colonel David Telford inside, Eli said it had to be a bluff to scare Telford. (SGU: "Subversion") When the Lucian Alliance dialed into Destiny they broke out the gateroom and took over part of the ship. Eli and Chloe Armstrong ran from gunfire into an elevator and were accidentally sent to the front of the ship. Chloe was shot in the leg and Eli worked his best to stop the bleeding. Chloe eventually wasn't able to walk so Eli started to carry her. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1") Chloe told Eli that he was a good friend and then revealed she knew that he had feelings for her. They found a console and he managed to message Nicholas Rush. They received a message that Matthew Scott and Ronald Greer were stuck outside and soon to be killed by a Binary pulsar so Eli had to leave Chloe to get to a nearby airlock to let them in. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2") When they got inside, Chloe arrived, having somehow recovered enough to start walking again. He and Chloe went to meet up with Rush and Dr. Adam Brody and sealed themselves in the hydroponics lab where Rush threatened to siphon power from the shields so the radiation from the pulsar would kill the Alliance personnel, forcing them to surrender. (SGU: "Intervention")

Back to work

He joined a team to go on a shuttle to a planet to gather supplies but the shuttle crashed. They began searching for the Stargate in order to use it when Destiny next dropped out of FTL and managed to locate it but digging it out would take too long so explosives were used to get it out. Sgt. Hunter Riley was injured during the crash and later died. (SGU: "Aftermath") When Destiny docked with a Seed ship, Eli discovered that the ship had excess power which could be used to dial Earth. When aliens on board began siphoning energy away from Destiny instead, Eli had to talk Colonel David Telford through a process to stop the flow. Destiny undocked from the Seed ship and left, leaving Telford behind on the ship. (SGU: "Awakening") He found Chloe Armstrong acting strangely and spoke to Matthew Scott about it. They discovered Chloe had been altered by the aliens that had taken her. Eli had to go back to Earth as his mother was sick and had stopped taking her treatment due to depression. He initially claimed to be a colleague but soon told her who he was however she didn't believe him. He got permission for her to use the Communication stones and came aboard Destiny. Seeing what her son was doing helped her to get back on track. (SGU: "Pathogen")

Eli joined a team to go offworld and Scott was infected by an organism. A barricade was made at the Stargate to fend off the organism while Scott was being treated but the only option left to them was to leave Scott behind. Eli spoke to him, telling him not to give up because they haven't. When Chloe allowed herself to be infected to prove that she was immune, Eli was angered as it meant she couldn't come back now either. Luckily she was immune and her blood was used to treat Scott but they ended up quarantined back on the ship. (SGU: "Cloverdale") He began working with Ginn who had studied his work and Ronald Greer told him that she was interested in him and he needed to make a move. After she saw some of Eli's personal footage of him talking about his mother, he was upset but she instead kissed him. He discovered that Destiny was running an advanced simulation which was affected Young's dreams to test his command. (SGU: "Trial and Error")

He and Ginn began a relationship. When Rush and Young went aboard a derelict alien spaceship but its engines activated and they began moving away, Dr. Amanda Perry was brought aboard to help get Destiny to catch up. When she disappeared, Eli went over the Kino footage that Rush had sent to her, which showed him the location of the bridge and how to access it. He, Brody and Volker found the bridge with Perry in it and Eli was angered that Rush had kept it from them. When they caught up, Destiny struck the ship causing it to rotate and Eli worked on calculations for the pair as to when they needed to jump out to get back to Destiny. He went to find Rush later and he was kissing Perry, who was in Ginn's body. He angrily told Perry that she needed to remember she was in another person's body. (SGU: "The Greater Good") Simeon escaped and killed Ginn before leaving through the Stargate. Eli asked Young for a gun to go after him and later geared up intending to go himself, but Young told him that killing someone would change him and he convinced Eli to help stop the ship to give them time. (SGU: "Malice")

When the people who stayed behind in the last galaxy reappeared with no memory of what happened, Eli spoke with Val who said that she was starting to remember a few things before she started bleeding from the nose and died. It was discovered the people had died on the planet but had been revived however they were now all dying over again. Eli examined a Kino found on the shuttle that showed a strange light saving them. (SGU: "Visitation") Wray spoke with Eli about all that he had been through but when she mentioned Ginn, he stopped speaking and left. At the debris field of a battle, a simulation showed that smaller drones had destroyed a few larger ones and Eli realized the drones had just gone dormant. When the drone Command ship was attacking Destiny, Chloe asked Eli to let her help and she escaped off into the ship. (SGU: "Resurgence") After the Command ship was destroyed and another was found to be on its way, a drone was recovered and Eli and Rush worked on finding a way to disable the new drones. Eli found the recognition software and they worked on activating the drones to attack the new ones, allowing Destiny to escape. (SGU: "Deliverance")

Eli managed to finish a dialing program he and Ginn had worked on to dial Earth when Destiny recharged in a star and went back to Earth to run his program by scientists there. Waiting for a chance to dial, Eli asked whether or not everyone would still want to hang out once they got back to Earth. An alternate timeline version of Rush came to Destiny from his Destiny after the plan to dial Earth killed everyone in the wormhole and sent the ship back in time. Eli blamed himself for what happened. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") When the consciousness of Ginn appeared in Chloe when she used the stones, Eli was surprised but when she kissed him he stopped her as she was in Chloe's body. Dr. Perry's consciousness also appeared so a plan was developed to download them into the computer. Ginn later appeared to Eli using the ships neural link. (SGU: "Hope")

Eli suggested to Ginn that he transfer his consciousness to the ships computer so they could be together but she said it was too dangerous. When Rush transferred his consciousness to the ships computer, Eli worked on trying to get him out. Ginn was able to appear for a moment to tell Eli that Perry had inadvertently trapped him inside. He realized the only way to save Rush was to quarantine Perry and Ginn. Once free, Eli was angered he had to quarantine Ginn to save Rush. (SGU: "Seizure") When Rush didn't want to examine some stasis pods, he and Brody went anyway and one of them was inadvertently activated and Brody was trapped in stasis. Eli had to bring Chloe to help and they eventually got Brody free. (SGU: "The Hunt")

After the expedition met descendants of an alternate timeline version of the expedition, Eli went with another team to meet them. While helping bring supplies to Destiny, drones attacked and destroyed the Stargate. Eli worked on activating the subspace transmitter but could do nothing more, however Scott realized they could send a Morse code signal by turning it on and off. (SGU: "Common Descent") Taking the people to Novus, Eli joined the team to go down to examine an archive and learned more about what happened to the people. When TJ learned that she was going to die from ALS and that the People of Novus had developed a cure, Eli examined what data had been transferred to Destiny but said it wasn't in there. He assured TJ that they would find a way to help her. (SGU: "Epilogue")

When the drones were found waiting for Destiny at stars it used to recharge, Eli came up with the plan to recharge in a Blue super giant. He and Rush were to remain aboard to manually control Destiny while everyone else went to a planet to be safe. Park remained to gather more of their plants and Eli helped her until he was called away. When Park was locked in the garden, Eli tried to get her out but couldn't. Rush convinced her to remain there so Eli would concentrate on the recharge. He later asked Rush is he had thought that Destiny had locked the compartment because it knew it wouldn't remain intact inside the star. After the recharge, Eli went to collect Park who had been exposed to UV radiation and was blinded. (SGU: "Blockade")

With the drones now blockading planets with Stargate, Eli came up with a plan to put everyone in stasis and have Destiny continue onto the next galaxy. Eli used the communication stones to go back to Earth and she his mother. She told him not to worry and that she was happy he was living his life. She asked him if he was happy and he said that despite everything that he was. Returning to the ship, he had to work to repair the last set of pods and they had to collect supplies to do so. Park came up with the idea of using a shuttle to send out a signal to attract a Command ship away from the materials they needed and Eli said they could overload it and destroy the Command ship. The plan worked and they managed to bring the pods online. He joined others to eat the last of the fresh food on board but soon found that one of the pods wasn't activating. When Young said he would remain out, Eli volunteered to stay out instead to fix the pod, stating that he was smarter than Rush and could do it. Everyone else went into stasis and Eli went to the observation deck to momentarily watch Destiny before getting to work. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Eli joined a team to go to a planet to collect food. They began falling ill and quarantined on the planet. During the night they were attacked by creatures and several people were killed. The Stargate began malfunctioning and Rush said it was too dangerous to use it. Greer trained Eli in firing a gun and when night approached again, he helped defend the area but they were overwhelmed. He followed Rush to the Stargate and watched him leave before he was killed. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Eli went over footage from a Kino found on a planet that showed them getting sick and being attacked. When people on the ship fell ill, a team was sent to the planet to find the creatures as their venom had cured the alternate Scott. Chloe fell ill and Eli told her that he loved her before she died. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Rush asked for volunteers to remain on Destiny to finish its mission. After several people joined him, Eli reluctantly joined as well. When it appeared that Destiny was going to be destroyed he and the others went through as well. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Ending up 2,000 years in the past, they settled on Novus. Eli continued to use Kinos to record things. He began a relationship with Barnes and they had at least one son and later a grandson. He wrote dozens of books on math and science. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")