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Everett Young
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Louis Ferreira, Kyle Horton, Adam Thomas

Colonel Everett Young is a male Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force, the commander of Icarus Base and the commander of the Destiny expedition.


Icarus Base

He had difficulties with his wife and when he accepted a position of command at Icarus Base for a year, she was upset. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") During the position, he had a brief sexual relationship with Tamara Johansen. (SGU: "Life") Six months later he met with Senator Alan Armstrong, Chloe Armstrong and Eli Wallace when they came to the base. During a test of dialing the Ninth Chevron that failed, Young had it shut down as drawing power from the planets core was dangerous. He later invited Eli to a dinner with the senior officers. During dinner the base came under attack and Young helped lead the defense of the facility. He released Ronald Greer from the detention wing, telling him the charges against him had been dropped and to take out his anger on the enemies. He ordered Earth dialed to evacuate the personnel but soon learned that Nicholas Rush had instead dialed the Ninth Chevron. Young ordered Matthew Scott to lead the people through with as many Destiny expedition supplies as they could. After getting the last of the people through, Young searched through the supplies still remaining and found the Tau'ri Long-range communication device, putting it in his bag before he ran for the Stargate, only to be thrown through as the planet exploded. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Young was thrown through so hard and struck his head on landing, leading to a concussion and neuropraxia. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") Young soon began to feel and be able to move his legs. When the air on Destiny was thinning out and part of it was being sucked out of a damaged shuttle, Young said he would go in and seal the shuttle, killing himself, but both Matthew Scott and Tamara Johansen refused to let him. Senator Alan Armstrong, who had also been badly injured coming aboard, took it upon himself to seal the shuttle and died. Young ordered the Stargate dialed to Earth but Rush said they didn't have enough power for that. The ship dropped out of FTL and the Stargate dialed itself instead, connecting to a planet where supplies to fix the life support could be found. (SGU: "Air, Part 2") Young went to go and see how Chloe Armstrong was doing and was berated by Lt. Vanessa James for not asking how she was doing as well. Young took Chloe to use the Tau'ri Long-range communication device to visit her mother while he spoke with Jack O'Neill. Returning to his body, he learned that TJ had to drug it as Colonel David Telford, who he had swapped with, was not considering Young's injuries as he moved around. The team returned with Lime which was used to replenish the life support. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Rush told Young to stop people from using power as their levels were running low. He sent Dr. Dale Volker to help Rush with the problem and when Volker returned a few minutes later and said that Rush had thrown him out, Young went to take him back when the ship lost power. As Rush ranted about being right, Young recognized his exhaustion and called for TJ before Rush collapsed. Young swapped bodies with Telford back on Earth and informed O'Neill of their situation before he went to see Emily. He apologized for his past actions and said he wanted nothing more than to get back to her. Returning to the ship he learned that Telford had wanted Scott to report that he needed to be replaced as commander. The ship performed an aerobraking maneuver around a gas giant but they found it was now on a collision course with a star. (SGU: "Darkness") Young chose Scott, a pilot, and TJ, a medic to take up two spots on the shuttle and held a lottery to determine who would also get aboard to escape. Rush had Young take his name out of the lottery, stating that Destiny was his destiny. After the shuttle departed, Young told Ronald Greer that he had enjoyed how Greer had hit Telford back on Icarus Base and said he was a good man. When Destiny instead used the star to recharge, Rush came up with an idea to get the shuttle back in time before Destiny jumped to FTL. Young commended Rush on being right about the power and for taking his name out of the lottery, before asking if Rush had known all along what was going to happen. (SGU: "Light")

With water supplies running low, Destiny dropped out in range of a frozen planet and Young went with Scott to the planet to harvest ice. He left TJ in charge of the ship and was later told that some alien organisms aboard the ship had attacked Corporal Gorman. An earthquake caused Scott to fall into a crevasse and become wedged, with his suit being damaged and losing pressure. Young tried to get him out but couldn't and was going to leave when another tremor shifted him loose and Young was able to pull him up and get back to the Stargate. (SGU: "Water") When a plan was put forward to dial Earth while Destiny recharged in a star, Young wanted to take it up with everyone on board first. He was overruled and Telford swapped bodies with him to enact the plan. On Earth he went to see Emily and told her that she was the only thing that was keeping him together. The two had sex and half way through, Young briefly transferred back to his own body. Rush created a fake scenario to make it appear that the plan was failing to get Telford and his scientists to leave and Young returned to his body. He later asked Eli to go over the experiment data to see if Rush was lying about it not being able to work. (SGU: "Earth")

After a Neural interface chair was found, Young forbid Rush from getting someone to try it until it was fully understood. Scott came to Young to tell him he had experienced a memory from Telford, who he had earlier swapped with that had Emily in it. Rush revealed that he had learned of a planet in their path, a year away, that could be used to dial back to Earth. Young went back to Earth to find Telford in his house and accused him of trying to sleep with her to get back at him. When Emily said that not all men were like he and that she had been told that he was still sleeping with TJ, he attacked Telford but the stones disconnected right before. He was informed that Rush had lied about the planet and he confronted him about giving false hope. He returned to Earth where he followed and attacked Telford. (SGU: "Life") When Sgt. Spencer was found dead, Young ordered a search for the weapon which they found in his quarters. He stepped down while a hearing was held and he asked Chloe to represent him in the proceedings. With little evidence either way, Young relinquished command to Wray. Scott and Eli later revealed they had found Kino footage of Spencer killing himself and Eli revealed the Kino also showed Rush removing the weapon. When Rush wanted to go offworld to examine a spaceship, Young went with him. Alone, he confronted Rush who said he knew there wouldn't be enough evidence against Young but enough to have him replaced. Young attacked Rush, who fought back, but Young beat him down and left him on the planet. He told everyone on the ship that a landslide had killed Rush. (SGU: "Justice")

Young felt regret for what he had done but didn't reveal to anyone what had happened. He went to use the communication stones and found himself in an alien body on an alien spaceship. Returned to his own body he stopped others from using the stones and soon an alien spaceship arrived at Destiny's location. He had Scott and Greer fly the shuttle when the ship launched fighters and wanted the main weapon brought online. After learning that one of the fighters had taken Chloe captive, he called off the attack. He used the stones again to go aboard the ship to try to find her. He instead found Rush. Freeing Rush from a holding tank, Rush used a neural interface device on the alien and discovered it was Young. With the ship again under attack, Young ordered it fired on, knowing it would kill Rush and Chloe. Luckily Rush freed Chloe and the two escaped. (SGU: "Space") When an alien ship was found on Destiny's hull, Young went with Scott to destroy it but on their return the shuttle couldn't dock with Destiny and they would be destroyed when the ship jumped to FTL. They learned that Rush and many of the civilians had taken control over the ship. When they got aboard, Young and Greer used the space suits to get into the locked down area of the ship and take it back. Young confronted Rush and Eli revealed Rush had a transmitter implanted in him that the aliens were tracking. Instead of doing what Rush expected, Young had TJ surgically remove it. He told the civilians that they were free and could go back to their quarters, stating that it was over. (SGU: "Divided")

When Destiny needed a month to readjust its course around a star, a team went to a nearby planet to gather supplies. When people on the planet wanted to remain, Young took the partially repaired shuttle down to state that he would leave the shuttle for them to use provided all military personnel return to the ship. He had to convince Scott and TJ to leave, with Scott wanting to remain to protect those that wanted to stay. (SGU: "Faith") When Rush sat in the neural interface chair, Young initially wanted him pulled out but decided to let him remain as they needed to stop Destiny from jumping into FTL because a team was trapped offworld. (SGU: "Human") He asked TJ to check on Lt. James after her rescue team was unable to get to the trapped team, and he later asked TJ is James was aware he knew about her and Scott while on Icarus Base. When Destiny dropped out of FTL he sent a team to use the Stargates to get back to the lost team. TJ told Young that she was pregnant and it was his and he told her that they would make it work. (SGU: "Lost")

When Destiny's engines were sabotaged and it dropped out of FTL, they needed to be repaired. TJ wanted to join a team to go to the only planet in range to see if they could survive there if the ship couldn't be repaired and he initially didn't want her to take the risk but relented. Needing to bypass the damaged engines and with aliens beginning an attack, Young was going to sit in the neural interface chair to do it but was stopped by James who said that Franklin mentioned the chair and she believed he wanted to do it. Franklin bypassed the damage and the ship jumped away but Young entered the chair room to find that Franklin had disappeared. (SGU: "Sabotage") When people began hallucinating on the ship, a Tick-like creature was found on them. Greer radioed that Rush and Wray were taking over the ship but didn't respond to Young's command, instead hallucinating that Young gave him permission to use deadly force. Young sent soldiers to stop him. (SGU: "Pain")

Lucian Alliance invasion

When Nicholas Rush revealed he experienced memories from Colonel David Telford meeting with the Lucian Alliance, he went back to Earth to try to find out if it was true. Young returned and had Rush followed and after Rush was captured, he returned to the ship to interrogate Telford. He tried to convince Telford that he wasn't a bad person but had been brainwashed. Telford denied it all but soon revealed he was working with the Alliance. (SGU: "Subversion") Young locked Telford in a room and vented the atmosphere, killing Telford in Rush's body but he soon revived him, freeing him from the brainwashing and he revealed the Alliance had a way to dial into Destiny. When the Alliance arrived, they had Telford's body with Rush in it with them so Young hesitated to vent the air immediately. The Alliance took control over part of the ship. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1")

A deal was made for medical supplies but power in the ship went out and it caused a stand off. Commander Kiva killed Rivers and when Rush said it was bound to be someone killed, Young tried to attack him. They discovered that a Binary pulsar was affecting the ship and they needed to modify the shields to jump to FTL. Telford convinced Young to give up control of the ship and he would be able to transfer it back later, so a deal was made to save the ship. After Kiva was shot, Dannic took control and rounded up the military personnel to execute them. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2") Varro convinced Dannic not to kill them but to send them off the ship. When Young heard that Tamara Johansen had been shot, he attacked Dannic but was pulled off. Sent to a barren planet they took shelter in caves when Varro and others showed up and he told Young that Dannic had sent them away for standing up for the Destiny expedition against him. They soon returned to the ship after control had been taken back and Young comforted TJ who had lost their baby. (SGU: "Intervention")

Back to work

Young wanted to get information from the Lucian Alliance prisoners and then leave them on a planet but Camile Wray said it would be beneficial to keeping them aboard. When the prisoners rioted, Young went to help and almost choked one of them to death. A team sent to a planet in a shuttle crashed and Sgt. Hunter Riley was trapped and severely injured. Young went to the planet and Riley asked him to end his pain, so he placed his hand over Riley's mouth and nose and suffocated him. (SGU: "Aftermath") When Destiny docked with a Seed ship, Young didn't want Rush going over with the team. Colonel David Telford asked Young to keep him in the loop regarding things on the ship and he later allowed Telford to go aboard with reinforcements after aliens were found on the ship. The aliens began siphoning energy from Destiny and Young ordered everyone back on the ship. The two ships disconnected but Telford was still aboard the Seed ship, and he radioed Young to look after everyone before Destiny jumped away. (SGU: "Awakening")

When Chloe Armstrong began having blackouts and acting strangely, Young ordered her watched and later Rush claimed that Chloe may have been altered by the aliens that took her and she may have done something to the ship causing the FTL engines to drop them out so much. He said the Neural interface chair could be used to cure her and Young asked her if she wanted to try and she agreed. (SGU: "Pathogen") When Matthew Scott was infected by an organism offworld, Young wouldn't allow him back on board but provided extra personnel and supplies to help fend off the organism while Scott was treated. When Chloe was found to be immune due to what had happened to her, her blood was used to cure him and Young had the pair quarantined once back on board. (SGU: "Cloverdale")

Young returned to Earth and was told by Emily Young that she wanted a divorce. Dealing with this and having to end Riley's life, Young began to suffer and question his command. He began to dream about Destiny being attacked but no matter what he did the ship was destroyed. Drinking a lot of Brody's alcohol, Tamara Johansen told him about how she believed that their baby had been taken by the aliens who created the planet some of the expedition stayed on but he didn't believe her. Young gave up and soon after Destiny dropped out of FTL and shut down as well. Scott came to see him, telling him that his dreams had been Destiny testing him and as he had given up so had Destiny. Young didn't want to listen and told Scott how he had killed Riley. Scott told him that he was a good commander as he hadn't stopped caring and that it wasn't going to stop hurting but he had to live with it. Young made the choice to continue his command and Destiny almost immediately jumped back into FTL. (SGU: "Trial and Error")

Destiny dropped out near a derelict alien spaceship and Rush wanted to go over so Young accompanied him. They used the Ancient Space suits to get over and Rush brought the life support online but accidentally activated its engines and the ship began moving away. Rush had Dr. Amanda Perry brought on board to help get Destiny to catch up to them. Young went to go check more of the ship to see if there were any escape pods or other ships and when he came back he overheard radio from Destiny where they had found that Rush had accessed the bridge and gained control of the ship. He attacked Rush, blaming him for Riley's death. Rush told Young about Destiny's mission and asked him to work with him on finishing it, promising not to keep anymore secrets. Destiny caught up to the ship but struck it, causing it to rotate and Rush and Young had to jump back. Rush made it safely but Young came in at the wrong angle and almost floated off but was caught by Rush. (SGU: "The Greater Good")

After Simeon killed several people and escaped, Young had teams sent after him. He went to see Varro and blamed him for not telling them how bad Simeon really was. When Eli wanted to go after Simeon himself as he had killed Ginn, Young told him that killing someone even if they deserved it would change him and convinced Eli to remain aboard. (SGU: "Malice") When the people who had stayed behind in the last galaxy reappeared in the shuttle near Destiny, Young had them quarantined but nothing was found so they were allowed back in the ship. When one of them died in a strange manner, Young demanded answers from Dr. Robert Caine but he, like the others, had no memory of what had happened or he would be putting them off at the next planet. It was discovered they had died on the planet but had been restored however they were now dying all over again. (SGU: "Visitation")

Investigating an energy signature, Destiny came under attack from automated drones. They were saved when the Seed ship with Telford aboard arrived and led them through a star to drive off the drones. Telford explained that the aliens had been fighting the drones and wanted help in taking out a Command ship. A plan was developed for the Seed ship to take Destiny to a safe location for repairs before going to the Command ship and Young felt that they could take part in it as the Seed ship could be the key to dialing back to Earth. The Ursini instead took Destiny straight to the Command ship to begin to attack. (SGU: "Resurgence") Chloe contacted the aliens who had taken her to get help against the Command ship and they managed to destroy it but were damaged in the process. When the aliens prevented a shuttle with one of the drones aboard from coming back, a deal was made to give them Chloe so they could undo what changes they made to her, as well as collect the information she was gathering. Another Command ship arrived and Destiny barely made it away. (SGU: "Deliverance")

When Eli came up with a way to dial Earth as Destiny recharges, Rush said he was going to remain and wanted to ask for volunteers. Young decided that he had to remain as well and asked Rush for a minimum number of people needed. A shuttle was detected on approach and had an alternate Rush aboard who had traveled back in time. He told them that the plan didn't work and everyone died in the wormhole and the ship was sent back in time. A plan was developed to board the alternate Destiny to gather supplies and spare parts. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") He gave a tour of Destiny to Senator Michaels and Dr. Andrew Covel who were there to assess the possibility of trying to establish another base to dial Destiny. (SGU: "Alliances")

Ginn and Perry's consciousnesses began surfacing in Chloe when she used the stones and Rush came up with using the neural interface chair to download them into the ships computer, much to Young's annoyance in bringing up the chair again. When Volker required a Kidney transplant, Young told TJ that she was the only one who could do it as they couldn't use the stones. (SGU: "Hope") Young took part in a mission on Langara by swapping bodies with Administrator Halperin and posing as him to allow teams to attempt to dial the Ninth Chevron. When Ambassador Ovirda arrived with troops, Meredith Rodney McKay said that no matter what happened, the mission was a failure and Young stood down. (SGU: "Seizure") After TJ and Corporal Reynolds were captured by a creature, Young joined the rescue team and later allowed the Alliance personnel to help. They were attacked by the creature and Young was injured and Varro told him to go back to the ship and promised to rescue TJ. After the pair was found, Young went to go find Varro in his quarters and found TJ there as well. (SGU: "The Hunt")

After meeting the descendants of an alternate timeline version of the expedition, they helped provide supplies to Destiny but when it came under attack from drones, Young had no choice but to order them to jump to FTL. With no way to know if anyone was still alive, Young said they couldn't go back but after detecting a signal from the Stargate there, Young realized it was a Morse code signal calling them back. He agreed to help take the people back to their homeworld, Novus. (SGU: "Common Descent") They found the planet abandoned and went down to gather supplies. When TJ discovered that her alternate self had died of ALS and so would she, he tried to comfort her. When an earthquake damaged the complex they were in and they had to climb out, Varro fell to the bottom. Young went down to attach a rope to save his life. (SGU: "Epilogue")

When the drones began blockading stars Destiny recharged in, a plan was made to evacuate most of the crew and recharge in a different type of star. When on a planet, they began searching for supplies and Young found some clothing. He arrived back at the other teams to help them take down a drone. (SGU: "Blockade") The drones began blockading all the planets with Stargates. They managed to destroy a Command ship and get to a planet but didn't get many supplies. Eli came up with a plan to put everyone in stasis and escape the drones by going to the next galaxy. Young spoke with Telford on Earth who told him that they would be waiting for them. Back on the ship he joined others to eat the last of the fresh food on board. When one of the pods wasn't working, Young volunteered to stay out but Eli said he would do it as he would be able to fix the pod. Young told Eli he was a good man before he entered stasis. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, they learned that previous timeline versions of themselves were infected and they were as well, after finding a Kino on a planet. He led a team to the planet to find some creatures as their venom could cure them. They were attacked and he was killed. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Young chose to remain on Destiny with Rush and they asked for volunteers to remain with them. When Earth was dialed and the others went through, it looked like Destiny was going to be destroyed so Young and the others went through as well. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Ending up travelling back in time 2,000 years, they settled on Novus and Young continued to lead them and was later elected as leader. He began a relationship with TJ and they had two children - Steven and Sara. TJ developed ALS and died a few years later. Young made a speech about sticking together when a group of people wanted to leave and start their own settlement, but they did anyway. He died an old man, apologizing to Chloe for not getting them home, but Chloe told him that there were home. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")