Evolution, Part 1

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Evolution, Part 1 is the eleventh episode of Season 7 of Stargate SG-1.


Anubis begins using a new super soldier to take out minor Goa'ud and absorb their forces into his own. Examining one of these soldiers reveal Anubis used an Ancient device to create them and Jackson and Dr. Lee head to Honduras to find the original device.




Anubis, Ba'al, Chino, Jose, Nicholas Ballard, Simón, Telchak, Tilgath


Ancient, Goa'uld, Jaffa, Kull Warrior, Tau'ri, Tok'ra


Earth, Planet 1 (Evolution, Part 1), Planet 2 (Evolution, Part 1), Tartarus


900 B.C., Addiction, Ancient Healing device, Ancient language, Archaeology, Ascension, Ashrak, Beer, Blood, Brain, Brainwashing, C-4, Claymore, Death glider, First Prime, Force field, Frankenstein, Goa'uld language, Heart, Heart attack, Hologram, Honduras, Host, Kevlar, Kull armor, Kull Energy weapon, Lung, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mayan, Memory recall device, Nicaragua, Oxygen, Pyramid, Ring Transporter, Sarcophagus, SG-3, SG-12, SGC Archaeology lab, SGC Astrophysics lab, SGC Briefing room, SGC Commander's office, SGC Gateroom, Staff weapon, Stargate, System Lord, Tegucigalpa, Tel'tak, Tok'ra Force field trap, Tranquilizer, Trinium, United States Department of State, Washington, D.C., Zat'nik'tel


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