Evolution, Part 2

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Evolution, Part 2 is the twelfth episode of Season 7 of Stargate SG-1.


O'Neill head to rescue Jackson and Lee who have been captured by rebel forces in Honduras as Carter and Teal'c head to Anubis' hidden base to learn more about the super soldiers. The rebel leader activates the Ancient device which reanimates a recently killed man.




Cindy, Egeria, Goa'uld queen (Evolution, Part 2), Jonas Quinn, Hilary, Telchak, Woods


Goa'uld, Jaffa, Kull Warrior, Langaran, Tau'ri, Tok'ra


Earth, Pangar, Planet 2 (Evolution, Part 1), Tartarus


AK-47, Ancient Healing device, Archaeology, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Beer, Brain, C-130, C-4, Cajon River, Central Intelligence Agency, Computer, Control crystal, Cuba, Evil Dead, Football, Force field, Genetic memory, Global Positioning System, Goa'uld Mind probe, Goa'uld queen, Hand device, Honduras, Internet, Kull armor, Kull Energy weapon, Mayan, Minnesota, Moon, Nicaragua, Ocotal, Peterson Air Force Base, President of the United States, Ring Transporter, Russia, Sarcophagus, Sensor, SGC Astrophysics lab, SGC Briefing room, SGC Commander's office, SGC Gateroom, Stargate, Tel'tak, Tok'ra Communication device, United States Department of State, Zat'nik'tel


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