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The Goa'uld language is the language used by the Goa'uld and the Jaffa.


Linear A is an obscure form of the Goa'uld language. (SG1: "Brief Candle") One dialect of the language is similar to Latin. (SG1: "Legacy") There are at least 3 spoken dialects. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1")


Phrase Meaning Source
Joma secu challenge of leadership (SG1: "The Warrior")
Kel shak lo ritual battle (SG1: "Babylon")
tek ma te greeting of respect (SG1: "The Warrior")
tek ma tek friends well met (SG1: "The Warrior")


Word Meaning Source
a'kel (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")
a'la (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
Al'kesh mid-range bomber (SG1: "Exodus")
alla (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
arik (SG1: "Fair Game", "Allegiance")
aseemu (SG1: "Fair Game")
ashma (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
Ashrak hunter (SG1: "In the Line of Duty")
ata (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
atuhara (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
avidan the gods are just (SG1: "Icon")
Bashaak training (SG1: "Family")
benna (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
cal (SG1: "The Warrior")
chappa'ai Stargate (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Hathor")
che (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
chel (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "The Tok'ra, Part 2")
chel'ets (SG1: "Into the Fire")
chok (SG1: "Seth")
chula (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
croonaka (SG1: "Fair Game")
daru (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
delmac Crystal (SG1: "Deadman's Switch")
gel'kral'kree'nor (SG1: "Icon")
go'tak (SG1: "Fair Game")
gonach (SG1: "Fair Game")
ha (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Enemies")
ha'taaka (SG1: "Family")
Ha'tak mothership (SG1: "Thor's Chariot")
hak'tyl liberation (SG1: "Birthright")
hako (SG1: "The Curse")
hal (SG1: "The Warrior")
harak (SG1: "Last Stand")
hashack (SG1: "Bloodlines")
hassa (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
hok advanced (SG1: "Rite of Passage")
hol (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
holka (SG1: "Fair Game")
how'akek (SG1: "Enemies")
ja (SG1: "Enemies")
ja'do (SG1: "Enemies")
jal'na (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")
joma (SG1: "The Warrior")
ka (SG1: "Orpheus")
kal (SG1: "The Enemy Within", "Tangent", "Orpheus")
kal'ma child (SG1: "Crossroads")
kal mah sanctuary (SG1: "Serpent's Song")
kalach one's soul (SG1: "In the Line of Duty", "The Serpent's Venom", "The Warrior")
keela (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
keena (SG1: "Fair Game")
keest'ra (SG1: "The Nox")
kek death, weakness (SG1: "Abyss", "Orpheus")
kek'shal (SG1: "Threshold")
kel (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Family", "Secrets", "Learning Curve", "Rules of Engagement", "Crossroads", "Summit", "Babylon")
kel'noc/kel'nok (SG1: "Into the Fire", "Point of View")
kel'pak (SG1: "Threshold")
kel'shak (SG1: "Point of View")
kel'tesh battle tactic (SG1: "Icon")
kelmac (SG1: "Out of Mind")
kla (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
klavel (SG1: "Enemies")
komo (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
komah (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
koracca (SG1: "Fair Game")
kornak (SG1: "Fair Game")
kol (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Point of View")
kor (SG1: "Last Stand")
kra (SG1: "The Curse")
kree attention, listen up, concentrate, yoo-hoo (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Point of View")
krel (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
kresh'ta outcast (SG1: "Bloodlines")
kuna (SG1: "Enemies")
la (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
lan (SG1: "Show and Tell", "Point of View")
lazla choose (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
lek (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Birthright")
lo (SG1: "Tangent", "The Serpent's Venom")
lo'a'sac fish (SG1: "Icon")
lo'tak (SG1: "Maternal Instinct")
Lo'taur highest ranking human slave (SG1: "Summit")
lok (SG1: "Into the Fire", "Moebius, Part 1")
lokeem (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
lon (SG1: "Show and Tell", "Orpheus")
lor (SG1: "Last Stand")
m'al (SG1: "Threshold")
ma'tal (SG1: "Out of Mind")
mah (SG1: "The Warrior")
mak (SG1: "Crossroads", "Tangent", "Enemies")
mak'tel'a (SG1: "Out of Mind")
makka (SG1: "Into the Fire")
makor (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
mal (SG1: "The Warrior", "Allegiance")
mar (SG1: "Family")
matte (SG1: "Bloodlines")
mattet (SG1: "The Warrior")
mek (SG1: "The Warrior")
mel (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "The Nox", "Learning Curve", "Point of View", "Crossroads", "Last Stand")
met (SG1: "The Warrior")
meta (SG1: "Tangent")
mikta ass, butt (SG1: "Deadman's Switch")
monak (SG1: "Tangent")
mok (SG1: "Tangent")
mol (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "The Nox")
na-nay (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
nak (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 2")
nek (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
nel (SG1: "Family", "Birthright")
nem'ron (SG1: "Birthright")
nemeth (SG1: "The Enemy Within", "Bloodlines", "Allegiance")
niss (SG1: "The Nox")
nistra (SG1: "Summit")
no (SG1: "Point of View")
no'tar (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")
nok/noc (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Hathor", "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Point of View", "The Serpent's Venom", "Sacrifices")
obi (SG1: "Bloodlines")
ona (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom", "Enemies", "Summit")
onak (SG1: "Fair Game", "The Serpent's Venom", "Summit")
ona'ka (SG1: "Enemies")
ona'kra (SG1: "Enemies")
onobi (SG1: "Show and Tell")
oroc (SG1: "Enemies")
peltac bridge/control room (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
pikta (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
prim'ta Symbiote/Prim'ta ritual (SG1: "Bloodlines", "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
ra (SG1: "Family")
rak (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom", "Enemies")
ram (SG1: "Show and Tell")
re/ree (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Moebius, Part 1")
rel (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
remoc (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
re'nuk'tok (SG1: "Pretense")
rin (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
rin'kal'noc strategy (SG1: "Icon")
ring'tel (SG1: "Hathor")
roc'kree'no (SG1: "Out of Mind")
roconnai (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
rok (SG1: "Enemies")
satak (SG1: "Tangent")
secu (SG1: "The Warrior")
sha (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Last Stand")
sha'mel (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
shak (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Secrets", "Into the Fire", "Summit")
shaka/shakka (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "The Nox", "Fair Game")
shal (SG1: "Crossroads", "Tangent", "The Warrior", "Abyss", "Babylon")
shal'kek (SG1: "Birthright")
shal'met (SG1: "Threshold")
shal'ta (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")
shal'tak (SG1: "The Nox")
sharran (SG1: "Threshold")
shek'mal (SG1: "Abyss")
shel (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom", "Enemies")
shel-na (SG1: "Sacrifices")
shen (SG1: "Babylon")
shin'tel (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
Shimroa honeymoon (SG1: "Sacrifices")
shol'va traitor (SG1: "Bloodlines")
shom (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")
shree (SG1: "Bloodlines", "Tangent", "The Curse")
si'kree (SG1: "Threshold")
simka (SG1: "Sacrifices")
slel (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
spree (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
t'ko (SG1: "Family")
ta (SG1: "The Nox", "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
ta'k/tak (SG1: "The Nox", "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Show and Tell", "Tangent")
tai (SG1: "Crossroads", "The Warrior")
tak (SG1: "Allegiance")
taka (SG1: "Show and Tell")
tal (SG1: "Tangent", "Moebius, Part 1")
tal'ac uninhabitable, dead world (SG1: "Message in a Bottle")
tal'pak'rye falling star (SG1: "A Hundred Days")
tal (SG1: "The Nox", "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "The Tok'ra, Part 2", "Into the Fire")
taluk (SG1: "Crossroads")
tan (SG1: "Bloodlines")
tar Human (slang for Tau'ri) (SG1: "Rite of Passage")
te (SG1: "Allegiance")
tee (SG1: "Point of View")
tek (SG1: "Bloodlines", "Tangent", "The Warrior")
tel (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Family", "Point of View")
tel-ko-nak (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
terak (SG1: "The Curse")
tiak (SG1: "The Warrior", "Allegiance")
tim (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
to'na (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")
tok against (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1", "Point of View")
tol (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")
tokeem (SG1: "Family")
tonik (SG1: "Point of View", "Orpheus")
trah (SG1: "The Nox")
tre-ac (SG1: "Allegiance")
treena (SG1: "Fair Game")
trey (SG1: "Point of View", "Orpheus")
vak (SG1: "Rules of Engagement", "Orpheus")
vash'nel (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")
vurok (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")
wan (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
we (SG1: "Enemies")
ya (SG1: "Children of the Gods")
zoya (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1")