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Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy—including planets, stars, galaxies, and even light—are attracted to one another.


Gravity is usually determined by the mass of an object so the greater the mass, the greater the gravitational forces. (SG1: "Fail Safe") Subspace can be affected by gravity. (SG1: "Memento")


To try to track down the Touchstone, Samantha Carter used gravitational emissions to triangulate its location to Nevada. (SG1: "Touchstone") When Stargate Command dialed P3W-451, which was being sucked into a Black hole, the gravitational effects of the black hole translated through the Stargate, pulling things into it. {{Cite|SG1|A Matter of Time} A gravity wave from a collapsing star caused the energy buffer of the Prometheus' hyperdrive to overload and caused irreparable damage. (SG1: "Memento")