Hive Queen (Allies)

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Hive Queen (Allies)
Hive Queen (Allies).jpg

Wraith queen






Allies, No Man's Land

Portrayed by

Andee Frizzell

Hive Queen was a Wraith queen.


She and her Hive ship found Michael Kenmore and after learning what had happened to him came up with a plan to obtain the location of Earth by pretending to want to work with the Atlantis expedition to use the Iratus bug retrovirus on enemy Hive ships to turn the Wraith inside into food, not telling Michael that the plan was to get to Earth. After arriving at Atlantis, she came down and spoke with Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard stating that they could enact any conditions that they wish. After testing the retrovirus in gas form on a Wraith, she fed on and killed them to try it out. After a test of the gas on an enemy hive resulted in her hive being attacked, she granted the expedition access to Hive information and allowed Meredith Rodney McKay to come aboard to help with repairs. After obtaining the information wanted, she had her hive meet with another Hive ship and they attacked the Daedalus before beginning their journey to Earth. (SGA: "Allies") Michael confronted her about the plan, wanting to know why he wasn't involved and she told him that the stink of him being human may never leave him. When her hive had the gas transported into it, she did not transform but was injured in some capacity. Major Evan Lorne found her and tried to help her up, not knowing that she hadn't transformed, and she tried to attack and feed on him but was shot and killed. {{Cite|ATL|No Man's Land