Hive ship pathogen

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Hive ship pathogen.jpg

The Hive ship pathogen is a pathogen that grows Hive ships.


The pathogen infects a host, creating a separate personality in their brains before causing the host to begin to grow tendrils that spread out. The tendrils consume a variety of materials as they spread and converts it into resources to help it grow. It will seeks out sources of energy to supplement their growth. The host brain helps with decision making and threat determination as the pathogen does not grow its own brain. The tendrils and the other materials it produces is a biopolymer that is similar to a polysaccharide but with organo-metallic compounds mixed in. It eventually forms into a hard, resilient material. (SGA: "The Seed")


Michael Kenmore experimented with this pathogen. The teams that went to M2S-445 were all infected with the pathogen and the one in Jennifer Keller began to grow and spread throughout a building. Dr. Carson Beckett created a Phage that destroyed the pathogen and it destroyed the pathogen before it could grow anymore. (SGA: "The Seed")