Iratus bug retrovirus

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"...a retrovirus that would alter Wraith DNA, essentially stripping out the iratus bug elements of their genetic code and leaving only the human aspects behind."
- Carson Beckett - Instinct

The Iratus bug retrovirus is a retrovirus that removes Iratus bug elements from Wraith and converts them into humans.


The retrovirus removes the Iratus bug elements from a Wraith, but in its early stages has the opposite effect and strips out human elements instead. (SGA: "Instinct") When humans are exposed to the retrovirus it causes them to take on Iratus bug elements. (SGA: "Conversion") The retrovirus can be converted into a aerosol gas. (SGA: "Allies") It causes those exposed to have their memories blocked. (SGA: "No Man's Land", "Misbegotten")


Dr. Carson Beckett created this retrovirus and tested it on some cell cultures in the lab with little success. He brought some samples to Zaddik's planet hoping to test them with help from the Wraith Ellia. She overheard Beckett telling Zaddik about the retrovirus and injected herself with one of the vials. The retrovirus was not ready and had the opposite effect, beginning to strip out human parts and causing her to become animalistic. (SGA: "Instinct") John Sheppard was exposed to the retrovirus when Ellia tried feeding on him. It caused him to become stronger and gain more stamina before starting to mutate him, causing his skin to become dark blue and harder. It started to affect his mind and the anti-viral medication began to lose its effectiveness. A cure was devised to use Iratus bug stem cells to deliver human RNA but the mission to collect some Iratus eggs failed. Sheppard began producing Iratus pheromones and was able to enter the Iratus bug nest and retrieve the eggs needed to create a cure. (SGA: "Conversion")

Beckett managed to create a working retrovirus and it was tested on a Wraith. As a human with no memory of who he was, he was given the name Michael Kenmore but needed daily shots to ensure he didn't transform back. He began to have strange feelings of aggression and hunger and had dreams about the Wraith. He was also faster and stronger than other humans. After learning the truth he escaped and within a short period began to revert back. (SGA: "Michael") Beckett continued to work on the retrovirus and they converted it into a gas. Michael returned to Atlantis with a Hive ship and they wanted to retrovirus to use it on enemy Wraith and convert them into a food source. The gas was tested on a Wraith and the Hive Queen then fed on him. (SGA: "Allies") Some of the gas was used on the Hive later and converted many of the Wraith aboard, with others killing each other as they transformed. (SGA: "No Man's Land") Some of the converted Wraith ater began to regain their memories and worked on escaping. (SGA: "Misbegotten") Jennifer Keller used the original retrovirus on Michael's hybrids to reverse the changes done to them. (SGA: "The Seed")