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Jack O'Neill
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October 20, 1952


Lieutenant General


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Richard Dean Anderson, Kurt Russell, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Ryan Booth

Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill, also known as John O'Neill, is a male Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force and the commander of Homeworld Command.


Early life

O'Neill was born on October 20, 1952 in Chicago. (SG1: "Entity", "The Fifth Man") He was raised in Minnesota. (SG1: "The Fifth Man") Sometime in the 1980's, O'Neill was undertaking an unofficial mission over the borders of Iran and Iraq when his parachute opened to late and he hit the ground, injuring himself. He spent nine days getting himself to safety, wanting to see his wife Sara O'Neill again. (SG1: "Solitudes") He was friends with Charles Kawalsky for many years, the two often playing street hockey with one another. In 1982 he, Kawalsky and Colonel John Michaels took part in Operation East Fly infiltrating East Germany to capture a Russian spy but the mission failed and Michaels was killed. (SG1: "The Gamekeeper") O'Neill served with Frank Cromwell in Iraq where their team was attacked and Cromwell assumed that O'Neill had been killed; he spent four months in an Iraqi prison. (SG1: "A Matter of Time") He served with Burke and Woods and spent time with them with their wives, and during one mission Burke accidentally killed Woods and O'Neill didn't stand up for him during the investigation. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 2") In the early 1990's O'Neill lived in Winter Park, Colorado with his wife and son Charlie O'Neill. Charlie found his father's gun one day and accidentally shot himself, his parents rushed him to hospital but he died from his injuries. O'Neill blamed himself for what happened, withdrawing from his wife and putting a serious strain on their relationship; he contemplated suicide at this time. (SG1: "Cold Lazarus", Stargate)

Project Giza

In 1996 he was approached by two Air Force officers who informed him that he had been reactivated and ordered to report to General W. O. West running Project Giza. His first action was to inform the research team that their work was not to be disclosed to anyone without express permission. After Daniel Jackson figured out how to activate the Stargate, O'Neill was assigned to lead the team through; he went to look at the fossilized remains of a Jackal Guard and Horus Guard telling West that their remains could mean difficulty on the other side. He had been given secret orders to determine if there were any threats on the other side and if so detonate a nuclear bomb to prevent any danger to Earth; O'Neill planned on detonating it anyway to kill himself after he sent the team back home. Once on Abydos, he ordered Jackson to dial the Stargate home but when O'Neill said that he could not without reference, he ordered his men to set up a base camp while he set up the bomb. When Jackson was dragged off by a Mastadge, O'Neill, Kawalsky and Brown went after him and discovered the Abydos Mine and met the Abydonians. They went back to Nagada and when the Abydonians closed up the gates behind them, they took hostages, assuming they were being captured. One of the Abydonians, a young boy called Skaara, gestured for O'Neill to follow him up and showed him an approaching sandstorm as the reason for shutting the gates. (Stargate)

O'Neill shared a cigarette with Skaara, and gave him his lighter to keep, but when Skaara reached for O'Neill's weapon he grabbed it back and yelled at Skaara, saying it was dangerous. Jackson went missing during the night and O'Neill spoke to Skaara and some Abydonians, trying to communicate who they were looking for; Skaara caught on and took Jackson's jacket to let a Mastadge get his scent to track him down. Finding Jackson in some catacombs, they discovered the symbols to get back to Earth but did not have the Point of Origin. They returned to base camp, to find it in shambles and a large ship on top of the pyramid. They entered and were attacked, with O'Neill and Jackson brought before the Goa'uld Ra who had taken the nuclear bomb. O'Neill attacked one of the guards and took his Staff weapon to try to kill Ra but hesitated to shoot when Ra's child slaves got in front of him. He ended up in a prison cell with the surviving members of his team and they were later set to be executed by Jackson, who turned the weapon on Ra and O'Neill and the others escaped with help from the Abydonians. Jackson confronted him about the bomb and he remarked how his son had died and no parent should outlive their child. (Stargate)

A plan was formed to take the shipment of Naquadah meant for Ra and deliver it themselves to take back the bomb before Ra sent it back to Earth. O'Neill fought with Ra's head guard Anubis, knocking him down and activating the Ring Transporter which cut off Anubis' head and transported it to Ra's ship. O'Neill went to disarm the bomb before it detonated but it had been rigged by Ra to be unable to be turned off. Both O'Neill and Jackson came up with the same plan, send the bomb up to Ra's ship which was leaving the planet, where it detonated in orbit, destroying the ship and killing Ra. O'Neill, Kawalsky and Ferretti returned to Earth with Jackson deciding to remain, giving reports that the bomb had detonated on the surface, killing Ra as well as Jackson and the Abydonians. A probe was sent through but was destroyed because Jackson and the Abydonians had buried the Stargate. O'Neill went back into retirement and returned home to find that Sara had left him, but he was able to gain some peace from his experience on Abydos. (Stargate, SG1: "Children of the Gods")

Return through the Stargate

In 1997 the Stargate activated and hostiles came through, killing several and kidnapping another. Major Samuels was sent by Major General George Hammond to bring O'Neill in to confirm his report about Abydos. O'Neill confirmed what he said happened but when Hammond said they had a plan to send a nuclear bomb through just in case, O'Neill told the truth and Hammond had him put in a holding room. Hammond was hesitant to send the bomb because of the number of Abydonians there, so he was going to send a probe but O'Neill remarked that there was another option. They sent a box of tissues through which was eventually sent back empty with a message to send more. O'Neill led a team, including Kawalsky and Ferretti as well as Captain Samantha Carter, back to Abydos, finding them all alive and well. O'Neill was happy to see Skaara again and when he tried to give the lighter back, O'Neill told him that it was a gift and he can keep it. Jackson showed them the cartouche room and explained his theory that the Stargate can go to other planets. The Abydonians and part of O'Neill's team were attacked while they were away, with Skaara and Jackson's wife Sha're being taken. The team returned to Earth with Jackson, Feretti who was injured had seen the symbols the hostiles had used to escape. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

O'Neill took Jackson back to his house and returned the next day where Hammond told them that the President had authorized the formation of nine teams to explore worlds through the Stargate with O'Neill getting command of SG-1, with Carter and Jackson on the team. SG-1 and SG-2, commanded by Kawalsky, went through to the planet that Ferretti had seen the symbols to. SG-1 met some monks who took them to the city but when the Goa'uld Apophis announced his new queen, who had taken Sha're as a host, Jackson tried to get to her and they were all captured. When in prison they found Skaara. O'Neill was grabbed by Teal'c, Apophis' First Prime, who wanted to know what his watch was and where he had got it. When Apophis and other Goa'uld came in to choose hosts for their children, O'Neill noticed Teal'c clearly having a problem with what as happening. After Skaara was chosen, O'Neill tried to stop them but was knocked down. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

Apophis ordered all the other prisoners killed and O'Neill called to Teal'c stating that he could save the people. Teal'c turned his weapon on O'Neill stating that many had said that before, he then turned around and shot down one of the other guards; he tossed his weapon to O'Neill and said that he was the first one he believed could actually do it. The two took down the other guards and the prisoners escaped; Teal'c said that he had no where to go now so O'Neill told him for helping him out he could come with them. While on the way back to the Stargate they were attacked by a Death glider which was shot down by SG-2 who had heard the commotion. O'Neill went after Skaara who was at the Stargate but he had already been taken as a host and used a Hand device to throw O'Neill back. O'Neill and the others defended the Stargate as the escaped prisoners went through to Earth. Once home, O'Neill introduced Hammond to Teal'c and recommended that he join SG-1. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")


When it was discovered that Kawalsky had been infested with a Goa'uld, a surgery was planned to remove it and O'Neill spoke to him before the surgery. The Goa'uld shed a husk which was removed instead of it, allowing it to deceive them and gain control. The Goa'uld tried to escape through the Stargate but was stopped by Teal'c, O'Neill told Teal'c to hold him still as they shut down the Stargate, which destroyed part of Kawalsky's head and the Goa'uld within; Teal'c offered condolences but O'Neill remarked that his friend had died on the operating table (SG1: "The Enemy Within") While on a mission and Carter was kidnapped and sold, O'Neill offered up a 9mm handgun to get her back, not telling the buyer that it would run out of ammo. (SG1: "Emancipation") SG-1 was exposed to a virus that caused them to behave in a primitive fashion, and Carter attempted to aggressively seduce O'Neill and he had to drag her to the infirmary. He later became infected and attacked Jackson and had to be isolated. Dr. Janet Fraiser gave some sedatives to O'Neill which managed to push back the primitive parts of his mind and allow him to speak. Fraiser came up with a treatment and O'Neill volunteered to test it, making a full recovery. (SG1: "The Broca Divide")

On a strange planet, O'Neill touched a crystal and is thrown back and knocked out. An energy from the crystal turns itself into him and returns to Earth to find a way to help O'Neill. The real O'Neill wakes up and returns to Earth where he is locked up before they could determine that he was the real one. When Carter mentions the duplicate looking at pictures of O'Neill's family, he tries to call Sara but doesn't get through. SG-1 are sent to a hospital that had admitted the duplicate. O'Neill speaks to the duplicate who tells him that he attempted to heal O'Neill but couldn't understand the emotional trauma he had received when Charlie died. The duplicate turns into Charlie, a smaller body to conserve energy and prevent its death. He spoke to Sara and the two gained some amount of closure as the duplicate had said things that O'Neill never did. O'Neill took the duplicate back to their planet. (SG1: "Cold Lazarus") SG-1 went to a planet where they encountered Apophis and during their attempt to capture him, O'Neill, Carter and Jackson were all killed by him. They were revived by the Nox whom they wanted to help protect from Apophis but soon discovered that they were more advanced than they appeared and did not need help. (SG1: "The Nox")

O'Neill ate a cake given to him by the Argosian Kynthia and by their customs were married. The two had sex and some of the nanites infecting the Argosians went into O'Neill where they began to rapidly age him. He convinced the Argosians that their god Pelops was a Goa'uld and not a god at all and they toppled a statue of him, inadvertently damaging a device which helped control the nanites; SG-1 used the devices signals to disable the nanites for good and O'Neill eventually reverted back to his original age. (SG1: "Brief Candle") While visiting Cimmeria, Teal'c was targeted by a device and as O'Neill went to help him they were transported into a Labyrinth designed to hold Goa'uld and Jaffa where they encountered a Goa'uld within an Unas. They fought the Unas but it proved incredibly strong, so they lured it to Thor's Hammer, a device deigned to kill Goa'uld and Teal'c held it in place long enough for it to die. They had to destroy the device to get Teal'c out safely. O'Neill told the people to seal up the cave entrance to ensure anything in there couldn't get out. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer")

O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c had their memories altered to make them think that Jackson had been killed but they began exhibiting odd behaviors, O'Neill broke the windshield of Hammond's car; when the truth was discovered they returned for Jackson. (SG1: "Fire and Water") O'Neill came under the influence of the Goa'uld Hathor and she converted him into her first new Jaffa, placing him in a spawning tank to gain a symbiote. He was removed before one got in and the conversion was undone by Hathor's Sarcophagus. O'Neill and Carter went to take Hathor down but she escaped through the Stargate, losing her control over the others on the base. (SG1: "Hathor") When Teal'c was put on trial for a murder he had committed when First Prime, O'Neill helped serve as part of his defense to prove that he was a changed man, before returning to Earth to get permission to go back and free Teal'c by force; the request was denied but during their absence the Goa'uld had shown up and Teal'c helped rescue several of the people proving that he was different and allowed to go free. (SG1: "Cor-ai")

During an attack while retreating through the Stargate, an overload caused the wormhole to jump to the Stargate hidden in Antarctica and O'Neill and Carter were thrown out here; O'Neill ended up with a broken leg and broken rib. Carter, who did not know they were on Earth, attempted to fix the Dial Home Device but to no avail and had to treat O'Neill's injuries, but his condition started to deteriorate quickly. The two were eventually rescued. (SG1: "Solitudes") SG-1 were dupliated by the Altairan Harlan and O'Neill spoke to his duplicate who told him that they could never leave Altair because they needed the supply of energy there to stay alive. (SG1: "Tin Man")

On a mission, Jackson disappeared and search teams had to be called in to locate him. They found him with a staff weapon wound on him and he warned them that the Goa'uld were on their way to Earth; he had experienced an alternate reality where similar events had happened. (SG1: "There But for the Grace of God") O'Neill, the rest of SG-1 and Hammond had to try to convince Senator Robert Kinsey to continue to fund the SGC but Kinsey was unconvinced and the SGC was shut down. (SG1: "Politics") SG-1 went through the Stargate to the coordinates that Jackson had found in the alternate reality and found themselves on an attack ship headed for Earth, commanded by Klorel, the Goa'uld who had taken Skaara as host. O'Neill and Teal'c went to try to get Klorel and save Skaara but were captured. Freed by Bra'tac, they worked on destroying the ship as well as another ship commanded by Apophis, saving Earth from attack. (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "The Serpent's Lair")


After rescuing the Nasyans from a Goa'uld attack, Carter became infested with a symbiote and O'Neill went to see Cassandra who had asked to see him. Cassandra told him that Carter had been infested and he returned to the SGC where he injected her with a sedative that didn't take immediate effect, causing the symbiote to try to use a grenade to get them to allow it through the Stargate. O'Neill was tasked with interrogating the symbiote, which later revealed that it was a Tok'ra named Jolinar. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty") SG-1 were pulled into Virtual reality chairs when on P7J-989 and O'Neill had to relive taking part in Operation East Fly with things happening differently each time. When they learned that it was all virtual reality O'Neill refused to take part. The Keeper pretended to let SG-1 go free but O'Neill caught onto the ruse when the virtual Hammond recommended they go back into the virtual reality and SG-1 were able to escape. (SG1: "The Gamekeeper") When they learned that the Goa'uld had invaded Cimmeria, O'Neill wanted to go there to help the Cimmerians as SG-1 had been responsible for destroy Thor's Hammer and allowing the Goa'uld to take it over. He agreed to surrender to Heru'ur's forces to keep the Cimmerians safe; lukcily the Asgard Thor arrived and removed the Goa'uld presence. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot")

SG-1 brought back an Orb from a P5C-353 but when it started to produce radiation, O'Neill and Teal'c rushed it to the gateroom to send it back when it produced spikes that anchored it to the room. The Orb deliberately put one of the spikes through O'Neill to hold him to the wall and release an organism through him. When it was discovered that the organisms were trying to communicate with them, they allowed it to spread further and grow where it took over O'Neill so it could speak to them. They offered to send it through the Stargate to P4G-881 so that they could all live, the organism returned to the orb and used O'Neill to send it through the Stargate, healing the injuries it had caused to him as it left. (SG1: "Message in a Bottle") O'Neill handled an Ancient Communication stone and his mind became connected to Joe Spencer who also had a stone, beginning to see parts of Joe's life over the years. (SG1: "Citizen Joe") When Rya'c was kidnapped by Apophis to try to get Teal'c to come back to Chulak, O'Neill said that it was obviously a trap but knowing that it was a trap meant they could avoid it. When attempting to free Rya'c he called for the guards but when they later retrieved him, O'Neill was skeptical that Rya'c had overcome the brainwashing done by Apophis so easily. (SG1: "Family")

O'Neill and Carter were awarded the Air Medal for their work in stopping Apophis' attack on Earth and went to Washington, D.C. to be awarded the medal by the President of the United States. He left the reception to visit a bar and was approached by Armin Selig, a reporter who had information on the Stargate Program. O'Neill reported to Hammond who wanted him to try to find out what the reporter knew; after learning what he could, the reporter was hit by a car and killed. O'Neill and Carter were awarded the medals back at the base by Hammond. When they went to join Jackson and Teal'c on Abydos, they found Heru'ur there and O'Neill threw his knife that pierced Heru'ur's hand and disabled his Hand device. (SG1: "Secrets") When Teal'c was stung by an alien insect and it began to alter his DNA, he was taken by Colonel Harry Maybourne but soon afterwards escaped. His mind begun to be altered and he removed his symbiote so that he would did. Trying to keep the symbiote alive, O'Neill gave Carter and Dr. Janet Fraiser the idea that it needed a small electrical current to survive. O'Neill received a phone call from a girl called Ally who told him where to find Teal'c. (SG1: "Bane")

When Carter experienced a memory from Jolinar, O'Neill was hesitant to believe it was real but agreed to go to the planet she saw. When they met the Tok'ra, O'Neill was distrustful, calling them Goa'uld, and had to ask whether or not they were prisoners of the Tok'ra; they were told that until the Tok'ra figured out if they could trust them they couldn't leave. When being taken to meet the Tok'ra High Council, O'Neill followed Cordesh and saw that he had a Goa'uld Long-range visual communication device. When Carter wanted to give her father, Jacob Carter, the chance to become a host to the Tok'ra Selmak to save both of their lives, O'Neill went back to Earth with Carter and escorted Jacob to the Tok'ra. The Goa'uld had launched an attack against the Tok'ra and they were evacuating and O'Neill told Grand Councilor Garshaw that thought that Cordesh was a spy due to the communication device. He later saw another Tok'ra carrying the box that Cordesh kept the communication device in and stopped them, finding that Cordesh had switched hosts. Garshaw thanked O'Neill and said that they would be proud to call him a friend. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1", "The Tok'ra, Part 2")

O'Neill was in the briefing room when the Stargate activated and a Trinium dart was fired through it, which went through the briefing room window and impaled itself into O'Neill's arm. He was put on rest, so Carter took command of SG-1 to go looking for SG-11. When SG-11 were brought back, O'Neill saw them acting strangely and making people disappear, realizing that they were not SG-11. When these aliens said they were going to destroy the SGC to prevent them from mining Trinium on their world, O'Neill convinced them to instead shut down their Stargate. (SG1: "Spirits") When the Touchstone was stolen from Madrona, O'Neill approached Hammond to ask him if anyone had used the Stargate without his permission and then asked that Carter be allowed to examine the dialing computer. SG-1 went to Area 51 to see the second Stargate which had been used and when it was discovered to be a replica, O'Neill was angered when Colonel Maybourne told him to forget about it. They tracked down the second Stargate and the Touchstone, and O'Neill was forced to open fire on the thieves, preventing them from taking the Touchstone but not stopping them from escaping. (SG1: "Touchstone")

He looked into an Ancient Repository of Knowledge and the information stored was uploaded into his mind. He began to replace certain words with Ancient words, wrote out a mathematical formula and built a Power device. He wrote a program for the computer, which added new addresses to the dialing computer, and left behind a timed program that dialed Othala], the Asgard world in the Ida galaxy, allowing O'Neill to get help and have the knowledge removed before it could overpower his mind and kill him. (SG1: "The Fifth Race") When the SGC dialed a planet being sucked into a Black hole, O'Neill knew that SG-10, the team trapped on the planet, couldn't be saved. As the SGC couldn't disconnect the Stargate, the black holes gravitational and time dilation effects began to translate through the Stargate and a plan was devised to destroy the SGC and the Stargate but it was later changed to use a Shaped charge to cause the wormhole to switch to another nearby Stargate; O'Neill and Colonel Frank Cromwell helped position the charge but Cromwell's rope broke and he let go of O'Neill to prevent him from being pulled in as well. (SG1: "A Matter of Time")

After Jackson switched bodies with Ma'chello, SG-1 went to collect the device used and O'Neill and Teal'c ended up switching bodies as well. As Teal'c's body developed an illness, he had to instruct O'Neill in how to achieve Kelno'reem to allow the symbiote to heal his body. In order to get everyone back in their own bodies, the had to switch around and O'Neill ended up in Jackson's body briefly before getting back to his own. (SG1: "Holiday") When SG-1 retrieved an injured Apophis, O'Neill interrogated him but refused to give him another host to save his life. (SG1: "Serpent's Song") When a young boy came through the Stargate to offer a warning about the Reetou Rebels, he said that his Mother said she can only talk to O'Neill, impressed with him, and the boy asked to be called Charlie. O'Neill bonded with the boy and when he collapsed, having been genetically created with a few issues, agreed to allow him to go with the Tok'ra to make him a host to save his life. (SG1: "Show and Tell")

When SG-1 was transported back to 1969 and interrogated, O'Neill said that his name was James T. Kirk before changing it to Luke Skywalker. Being freed by a young Hammond, O'Neill asked him for any money and said that he would pay him back with interest. When they got back to their time, Hammond reminded O'Neill that with interest he owed him over five hundred dollars. (SG1: "1969") O'Neill awoke in a strange facility and was told that it was 2077 and he had been frozen for decades. Using a device to stimulate his memory, they ran through his missions but O'Neill began to suspect something was wrong and escaped, finding himself in a fake SGC in a Goa'uld facility. He found Carte and Jackson but they were captured by Hathor who had O'Neill implanted. An undercover Tok'ra used the cryogenics device to kill the symbiote before it had taken over. O'Neill awoke to free Carter from Hathor and threw her into the cryogenics pit, killing her. (SG1: "Out of Mind", "Into the Fire")


O'Neill went with SG-1 and Jacob Carter to track down the Goa'uld Seth who had been hiding on Earth. After locating him, they were detained by the ATF who were investigating Seth's cult, but O'Neill put in a call to Major General George Hammond who in turn contacted the President of the United States who had O'Neill put in charge of their operation. O'Neill, Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson went into Seth's compound but became affected by Nish'ta and fell under Seth's control. After being freed from Nish'ta's effects, they helped to free the cult members from Seth's control as well and evacuate them. (SG1: "Seth") O'Neill was beamed up to Thor's ship where Thor said that the Asgard were going to negotiate for Earth's inclusion in the Protected Planets Treaty to protect them from the System Lords and they had chosen O'Neill to represent Earth in the negotiations; he accidentally insulting the System Lords by speaking out of turn during the summit. When one of the System Lords, Cronus, was badly injured in an attack but was healed O'Neill made a deal with him to find out who had done it in exchange for him voting for Earth's inclusion without them having to give up their Stargate. (SG1: "Fair Game")

When Jackson began to experience the effects of Schizophrenia and was committed, O'Neill was called in after there was a change in Jackson's behavior. It was discovered that one of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing organisms had affected Jackson but then moved into Teal'c and was killing his symbiote. Carter and Dr. Janet Fraiser began to examine some of the organisms but they escaped containment and affected them and O'Neill. Carter was immune due to having been a host to Jolinar so a cure was developed for the others. (SG1: "Legacy") After learning that the Orbanian girl Merrin, who had nanites in her brain, would end up in an infant-like state after the nanites were harvested, O'Neill tried to convince her to stay on Earth and even took her off the base for her to experience school on Earth. She thanked him for the experience but wanted to return to her people. SG-1 was later called to Orban to learn that her experiences of school, art and fun had been passed to those that received her nanites. (SG1: "Learning Curve")

After an alternate reality versions of Carter and Charles Kawalsky arrived through the Quantum Mirror, O'Neill consoled the alternate Carter who had been married to his alternate self. After it was discovered that remaining in their reality, would result in Carter's death a plan was developed to return to their Earth and contact the Asgard for help in freeing them. O'Neill and Kawalsky went to the power vault to install the Power device needed to dial an 8th Chevron and the alternate Carter made contact with the Asgard, who came to Earth and removed the Goa'uld presence. (SG1: "Point of View") After being captured by the Bounty hunter Aris Boch, SG-1 made a deal with him to help capture a Goa'uld in exchange for their freedom but they soon learned that the Goa'uld was in fact a Tok'ra. O'Neill and the others attempted to capture Boch but he set a trap and caught them instead. Boch had a change of heart after learning more about the Tok'ra and allowed them all to go free. (SG1: "Deadman's Switch") Meeting with Simon's people who had to sacrifice people to a "demon" who was a Goa'ulded Unas, O'Neill offered help in stopping it. When Teal'c was put through trials for possession and killed, O'Neill and the others were set free and O'Neill wanted to leave without helping them. They were all captured by the "demon" but managed to escape and kill the Goa'uld. (SG1: "Demons")

When SG-1 encountered SG-X, O'Neill tried to convince them that their mission was over and that they could go home. He later tried to convince them that Apophis had been killed but they didn't believe him. When the SG-x leader, Rophiapgisy, was injured they took him back to Earth where he realized that they were not sent by Apophis. O'Neill convinced him to eat some food as he recovered and they showed him footage of Apophis' death. With his help they showed the footage to the rest of his men, convincing them to return to their homes. (SG1: "Rules of Engagement") SG-1 and other SG teams went to help free some captured Abydonians and O'Neill manned a Portable turret to defeat the Jaffa forces. (SG1: "Forever in a Day") After meeting the Vyans who all had amnesia, SG-1 discovered that one of the women they met, Ke'ra, was in fact Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds. When Jackson formed a relationship with Ke'ra, O'Neill voiced his concern that if she ever regained her memories Jackson would be the first one to get hurt. (SG1: "Past and Present")

O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 went with Martouf on a rescue mission for Jacob to the hellish prison moon Netu. O'Neill was annoyed that certain information about the mission wasn't immediately told to them by Martouf and said that he hated surprises. After arriving on Netu, they were captured and located Jacob. They attempted an escape but were recaptured, with Apophis revealing himself as the new ruler of Netu after being sent there by Sokar. (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories") When Apophis was interrogating them, O'Neill tried to stop them from taking Carter and was shot by a Staff weapon in the leg. As he was being interrogated, using a Memory recall device and the narcotic Blood of Sokar, he had a vision of Charlie O'Neill who wanted to know information about Earth, the Asgard and the Repository of Knowledge but O'Neill realized it was not real and resisted. SG-1, Martouf and Jacob later managed to escape. (SG1: "The Devil You Know")

He was replaced by an alien duplicate but eventually woke up hanging from a room at the SGC. He got down and he and Major Paul Davis who also woke up, removed a forehead piece from Fraiser, which caused her duplicate to come and investigate. They came across Carter who told them that NID forces were going to assault the base to take it back and O'Neill and Carter disconnected the Stargate to prevent some of the aliens from escaping. (SG1: "Foothold") SG-1 went to Tollana to take part in a Triad to determine whether Skaara or Klorel had rights to Skaara's body, with him and Jackson serving as Skaara's representatives. O'Neill argued that Klorel stole Skaara's body and he was forced to live as a slave. When Carter and Teal'c reported that the Goa'uld representative's Jaffa were tampering with the Tollan Ion cannons but no tampering could be found, he ordered them both to drop it as it could compromise the Triad. When the Triad voted in favor of Skaara, O'Neill was happy to finally free his friend. (SG1: "Pretense")

After returning from a mission SG-1 had no memories of what happened, O'Neill was eating some pie in the commissary when he found the pie to be the best thing he had ever eaten, he gathered all the desserts available on a table and was soon joined by the rest of SG-1. They discovered a device had been implanted in all of their brains and they soon met Urgo, an artificial intelligence shared between the devices. O'Neill found him to be annoying, always wanting them to experience new things, and so they contacted the person who implanted them on the mission they couldn't remember and O'Neill remarked that Urgo was driving them crazy. As Carter and Jackson believed that Urgo was now alive and deserved a chance to live, O'Neill did not agree but did ask that he be given a chance to live; the devices were removed. SG-1 returned from the mission again with no recollection of what happened. (SG1: "Urgo")

Discovering that meteors would hit Edora, SG-1 set about evacuating the Edorans but when Laira's son was not found, O'Neill went with her to find him and became trapped on Edora when a meteor hit the Stargate, apparently destroying it. O'Neill was upset that he was now trapped but eventually developed a relationship with Laira and helped the remaining Edorans. Laira asked him to give her a child. While getting rid of some of O'Neill's things, with his permission, Laira heard a voice through his radio but didn't tell him right away as she knew it meant he might leave. When she told him he went out to where the Stargate was and found Teal'c digging his way to the surface, having only been buried by the meteor. O'Neill asked Laira to come back with him but she said that her place was with her people. (SG1: "A Hundred Days")

O'Neill was asked by the Asgard to try to apprehend who had been stealing technology from them, the Tollan and the Nox and a plan was developed to have O'Neill steal technology from the Tollan and then be forced into retirement after ranting that they needed to take whatever technology they needed to defend Earth. As part of the plan, he revealed to SG-1 that he was always pretending to be who he was but now he was being himself. He was approached by Colonel Harry Maybourne who offered him a job with the Rogue NID gathering technology to defend Earth. He went to Hammond and asked to retire offworld which gave him access to the Stargate to get to the Rogue NID base to take command of the unit there. He discovered that Colonel Makepeace, who had taken command of SG-1 was the mole at the SGC who would deliver stolen technology and when the Asgard arrived at the Rogue NID base to take back the technology, O'Neill dialled Earth and had the group arrested. He apologized to SG-1, revealing it had all be a ploy. (SG1: "Shades of Grey")

When SG-1 found Kheb, O'Neill was annoyed that the Monk there would only speak in Zen Koans rather than give direct answers. He was skeptical when Jackson appeared to have developed the ability to start fire and move objects around just by thinking. He came up with a plan to defend them when Apophis' forces came to the planet but they were instead saved by the ascended being Oma Desala. (SG1: "Maternal Instinct") While examining a Crystal skull, SG-1 were exposed to radiation and Jackson disappeared, when Carter collapsed, O'Neill immediately picked her up and ran back to the Stargate but despite leaving still was affected by the radiation. To try to find Jackson, SG-1 went to see Nicholas Ballard, Jackson's grandfather who had discovered a similar skull on Earth and claimed it had sent him to see Giant aliens. O'Neill had to get permission for Ballard to come to the SGC to see the skull they found and was surprised when Ballard claimed that Jackson was there next to him, having been shifted into a different dimension. (SG1: "Crystal Skull")

O'Neill was planning to go to Minnesota to go Fishing when he was transported up to the Biliskner in orbit of Earth where he came across the Replicators. He met with an injured Thor who told him that the Replicators planned on landing and consuming Earth's raw materials to make more of themselves. O'Neill contacts the SGC to tell them that he plans to destroy the ship with him aboard to stop them. Carter and Teal'c come up instead with a plan to escape aboard a Space Shuttle. Teal'c plants an explosive on the ships Deceleration drive so it will break apart when it enters the atmosphere but when the ship begins moving earlier than expected, they beam the Stargate aboard as a means of escape. Drawn to the energy given off by the transport, they fight off the Replicators long enough for the ship to enter the atmosphere, blow the engines and escape as the ship rips apart and crashes into the ocean. (SG1: "Nemesis")


The three of them spend a week on P3X-234 as the second Stargate was being set up. Once back, O'Neill planned to go Fishing again but was stopped when it was discovered that a Replicator had survived the crash and had taken over a Russian submarine. He, Teal'c and two others enter the submarine to learn that the original Replicator has converted into a "mother" to make more Replicators. They entered the submarine again to take out the original Replicator as it would most likely survive the destruction of the submarine. After taking it out, they become trapped aboard and O'Neill gives the order for the submarine to be destroyed. Luckily he and Teal'c are beamed out in time by Thor. (SG1: "Small Victories")

When SG-1 met Alar's people, O'Neill was willing to enter into negotiations for their technology and was annoyed that Daniel Jackson kept asking questions and was hesitant to believe what they were being told. When Alar told O'Neill that maybe he should return to their world without Teal'c, as he was different to them, O'Neill told Jackson to keep asking questions as he and Teal'c examined their stasis pods and found that all the people stored there were of the same race. They learned that the people were genocidal war and O'Neill and Teal'c helped allow the enemy bombers to attack. As they fled through the Stargate, O'Neill told Alar not to follow them and when he arrived on Earth he had the Iris shut, killing Alar who followed. (SG1: "The Other Side")

O'Neill was the first test subject selected by the Tok'ra Anise and her host Freya to try the Atoniek Armband that increased his strength and speed, with Jackson and Carter joining later. He knocked out Teal'c when the two were Boxing and later accidentally knocked Sergeant Dan Siler down some stairs. The three of them escaped the base to go and eat steaks and ended up in a bar fight. When they learned that the Tok'ra wanted them to go on a mission to destroy Apophis' new battleship, they went without permission but after planting explosives the armbands stopped working and they became stuck. With Carter trapped behind a force field, O'Neill desperately tried to free her and refusing to leave and save his own life, wanting to rather die than lose Carter as he cares for her more than he should. When their explosives went off, the force fields failed and they managed to escape. (SG1: "Upgrades", "Divide and Conquer")

When Teal'c friend Shaun'auc arrived at the SGC asking for help in contacting the Tok'ra as she has communicated with her symbiote and convinced it to turn against the Goa'uld, but O'Neill was among those skeptical of this. After taking her to the Tok'ra and allowing the symbiote to take a host, O'Neill was annoyed that the Tok'ra were not going to share everything they learned. He wanted to speak to Freya instead of Anise, stating that he likes Freya better. (SG1: "Crossroads") During an attempt on the life of Supreme High Councilor Per'sus of the Tok'ra by Major Graham, O'Neill saved Anise/Freya. Graham was revealed to be a Za'tarc, a programmed assissin and Freya and Martouf came to Earth to try to locate anymore before Per'sus came to Earth to sign the Tau'ri-Tok'ra Treaty. After finding another Za'tarc, O'Neill distracted them and saved Freya again. O'Neill and Carter were identified to be Za'tarcs as well and were isolated. Freya came to see O'Neill and kissed him, stating that she was interested in him, but he turned her down. Carter later realized that they both had left out certain feelings they felt for one another during their testing that gave a false positive, and they were retested and cleared. (SG1: "Divide and Conquer")

On a mission, Jackson was stunned by a man named Malikai and O'Neill and Teal'c attempted to restrain him as he activated a nearby machine. O'Neill found himself back in the commissary eating his Froot loops and he and Teal'c realized they were reliving past events. When another loop occurred they returned to Malikai who claimed to have no knowledge but later revealed he did and there was nothing they could do to stop the machine. In order to stop the machine, O'Neill and Teal'c had to work with photographs of the writings around the machine and remember what they translated to. When Jackson mentioned that it was an opportunity as they could do anything without consequences, O'Neill tried pottery, rode a bicycle through the base, he and Teal'c hit golf balls through an active Stargate and he even resigned so he could kiss Carter. Once they had translated the writings, they returned to Malikai and learned that he was trying to use the machine to travel back in time so he could see his wife who had died. O'Neill told him that he had lost his son and despite wanting to see him again he could not relive his death again. Malikai agreed and shut down the machine, ending the time loops. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity")

When it was revealed that the Russians had recovered the Stargate that was aboard the Biliskner, had started their own program but had lost all contact with their facility, SG-1 was called into help. O'Neill was annoyed that they had so much information on them and the SGC. While exploring the facility, O'Neill and Teal'c found Harry Maybourne frozen in the kitchen's freezer. Taking him out, Maybourne started to breathe again and soon stood up but was unresponsive. He vomited up some water that vaporized and entered Teal'c, and Maybourne pulled O'Neill into the freezer telling him that the water was full of life forms that took control and there was nothing that could be done for Teal'c. O'Neill refused and went after Teal'c, luckily the organisms left him after activating the Stargate. (SG1: "Watergate") After Jackson was kidnapped by an Unas, the rest of SG-1 went after him. When they found Hawkins, a member of SG-11, O'Neill asked Dr. Robert Rothman if Hawkins was acting strangely. Teal'c discovered that there were Goa'uld in the waters around them and O'Neill agreed that he should detain them as there was no way to tell if anyone had been taken over. Hawkins was revealed to be a Goa'uld and was killed, but Rothman was also a Goa'uld and tried to kill them, forcing O'Neill to open fire and kill him. (SG1: "The First Ones")

After transporting the Enkarans to a new planet they could survive on, a ship was discovered to be terraforming the planet and O'Neill was annoyed that those aboard were not willing to stop. O'Neill ordered Carter to rig a Naquadah generator to explode in order to destroy the ship. Jackson convinced the ship to stop temporarily and the ship transported the generator up into the atmosphere where it detonated safely. The ship was then used to transport the Enkarans to their lost homeworld. (SG1: "Scorched Earth") When SG-1 discovered a hidden slave labor force on P3R-118, he told their leader, Administrator Calder, that they wouldn't be trading with them so he had SG-1 given Memory stamps and put them to work. O'Neill had dreams that involved his former life and he and the others began to believe that something was wrong. They remembered enough and managed to overpower their captors and O'Neill said that they were going to take the labor force to another planet to live a better life. (SG1: "Beneath the Surface")

When a man called Martin Lloyd claimed to know about the Stargate, SG-1 went to go investigate him and O'Neill spoke to him and was told that Martin realized that he was actually from another planet. O'Neill kept him busy by going with him as he tried to find his spaceship but after finding nothing, O'Neill left. He came to find O'Neill, showing him some "symbols" that was actually a Stargate address. O'Neill went in search of Carter and Jackson but found no trace of them and returned to find Martin had remembered where his ship was. When they found a ship buried in the ground, O'Neill had a trap set for the others that came with him as a means of finding Carter and Jackson. They found them but the others got away. O'Neill and Teal'c accompanied Martin back to his planet through the Stargate but found it had been destroyed and his people wiped out. (SG1: "Point of No Return")

O'Neill joined Teal'c for a test flight of the X-301 when the vessel left the atmosphere and went into space. A device spoke to them in Apophis' voice telling them that they would die in the cold of space as the ship made its way back to Apophis' homeworld. As they didn't have controls to maneouver the ship, O'Neill let those on Earth know that they may be able to use the ships missiles to nudge them enough to slingshot around Jupiter, but it didn't work and damaged the ships power and life support systems. With oxygen running out they drifted until they were rescued when Jacob Carter arrived with Carter and Jackson aboard a Tel'tak. (SG1: "Tangent") When Jackson went to a funeral, the rest of SG-1 was given some time off and O'Neill took Teal'c to go fishing with him at his cabin in Minnesota. The pond at the cabin had no fish but O'Neill told Teal'c that it was the act of fishing that was enjoyable. (SG1: "The Curse")

When the Tok'ra let SG-1 know about a mission to stop an alliance between Apophis and Heru'ur, O'Neill got annoyed at Jacob, wanting to know all the details before they left rather than be told along the way. When Jacob was needed elsewhere, O'Neill took over piloting the cargo ship and avoiding the mines around them. When they learned that Teal'c had been captured by Heru'ur and he was going to give Teal'c to Apophis as a gift, O'Neill wanted to try to rescue him but they failed in their attempt; luckily Teal'c was rescued by another Jaffa. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom") When Hammond revealed to O'Neill that he had been blackmailed into retiring, O'Neill went to see Maybourne in prison and had to get authorization from the President to have Maybourne released so they could find the people who blackmailed Hammond. The two of them ended up at Senator Robert Kinsey's house where O'Neill pulled a gun on Kinsey. They got information and used it to get Kinsey to have Hammond reinstated. Maybourne escaped afterwards and called O'Neill. (SG1: "Chain Reaction")

A note came through the Stargate in O'Neill's handwriting with O'Neill's signature warning them not to go to P4C-970. (SG1: "2010") When Shifu became energy and made his way to the Stargate, O'Neill told Hammond to recommended all personnel get out of his way and put down their weapons. (SG1: "Absolute Power") O'Neill went to find Jackson who didn't turn up at the base and found him hanging off of his balcony, about to jump. It was discovered that Jackson had been exposed to something and SG-1 went to find out what, becoming similarly affected by the Light matrix hologram. When Jackson began to get worse due to the addiction caused by the hologram, O'Neill took him back to it. Luckily they were able to turn down the device to cure themselves. (SG1: "The Light") O'Neill and Teal'c were sent to M4C-862 to provide security and butted heads with the head researcher Dr. Hamilton. He and Teal'c discovered some energy creatures and when the creatures began attacking, a plan was developed to shoot O'Neill with a zat, altering the electrical field of his body to repel the creatures long enough for him to dial the Stargate and repel the creatures from a larger area. (SG1: "Prodigy")

When an Entity invaded the SGC and built a memory mainframe to survive, O'Neill wanted to destroy it immediately. After the Entity took control of Carter's body and explained that it came to attack them as they attacked its kind by sending a MALP that used radio signals which harmed them; O'Neill threatened to send more MALPs unless it left Carter. If transferred Carter's mind into the memory mainframe so when O'Neill was forced to shoot it twice with a zat, Carter survived and was able to be transferred back into her body. (SG1: "Entity") SG-1 went back to Juna to rescue their synthetic doubles who had been captured by Cronus there. O'Neill ended up in a debate with his duplicate and the two briefly fought one another. O'Neill went with Carter and Teal'c aboard Cronus' Ha'tak to rescue the others. When Cronus had been killed, O'Neill returned to his duplicate who had been injured and died. (SG1: "Double Jeopardy")

O'Neill was against allowing the Tok'ra to use the newly captured Ha'tak to move to another planet. When Tanith escaped, he joined Teal'c in searching for him on Vorash but came up with nothing. He listen to Carter and Jacob's plan to cause Vorash's Star to go supernova in order to take out Apophis' fleet that was about to arrive, finding it to be very ambitious. When an Al'kesh attacked them and headed for Vorash to pick up Tanith, O'Neill and Teal'c went after it in a death glider. They shot it down but were caught in the blast and crashed. When they got back to where the Tok'ra base was, Teal'c was shot in the back and killed by some of Apophis' Jaffa. O'Neill took them out but Tanith escaped with Teal'c's body using the Ring Transporter. O'Neill rejoined the others in orbit as the star went supernova and they entered hyperspace. The explosion threw them over 4 million light years to another galaxy. Apophis' Mothership was similarly affected and arrived shortly after them. (SG1: "Exodus")

He was a little annoyed that Selmak claimed to be the commander of the ship. Another spaceship distracted Apophis and SG-1 and Jacob fled, but when they came back they found Apophis' ship abandoned. They boarded it and found it to be overrun by Replicators. After escaping they detected a cargo ship and their calls were answered by Teal'c, who had been revived by Apophis. When they boarded, Apophis was with them and Teal'c was with him. They figured he had been brainwashed. When the Replicators boarded this ship as well and altered the engines to get back to the Milky Way much faster, O'Neill and Carter went to capture Teal'c to bring him along and O'Neill had to shoot him to stop him. They destroyed the ships sublight engines control crystals so it crashed into Delmak when it arrived, destroying the Replicators. (SG1: "Enemies")


In order to undo the brainwashing Apophis had done to Teal'c, Bra'tac removed Teal'c's symbiote to put him through the Rite of M'al Sharran to force him to overcome the brainwashing himeslf. Bra'tac told them to speak to him and challenge his beliefes. O'Neill said that Teal'c's claim that he had never left Apophis' service was false as he had done so much against Apophis and the Goa'uld to be effective in such a manner. The rite ended up succeeding and Teal'c rejoined SG-1. (SG1: "Threshold") When Carter claimed an alien visited her in her house but no evidence was found, O'Neill and Teal'c went to see her. Carter asked O'Neill that if the alien reappears, should she get as much information as possible and O'Neill agreed. When the alien was proven, O'Neill went to Carter's house and recommended she be sent in to bring the alien out. When the lost contact with Carter, O'Neill went in with the team and saw a mini Stargate had been constructed in her basement. (SG1: "Ascension")

SG-1 was affected by the Reole Kaiael and they believed he was a new member of the team. He and O'Neill became trapped offworld and O'Neill laid down some defenses for them. Eventually the Reole told O'Neill who he really was but O'Neill still wanted to help him escape the Jaffa chasing him. (SG1: "The Fifth Man") After SG-1 accidentally caused plutonium to be introduced to K'Tau's star, O'Neill spoke to the Asgard High Council to get them to help, but they were unable to due to the Protected Planets Treaty prohibiting them from assisting. When the SGC built a Rocket to fix the problem themselves and one of the People of K'Tau, Malchus, had the rocket destroyed, killing two people, O'Neill attacked him and threatened to shoot him. (SG1: "Red Sky") When Cassandra was dying because of Nirrti's retrovirus, O'Neill and Hammond tried to make a deal with Nirrti to save Cassandra's life. When Nirrti saved her, O'Neill took her to the Stargate to release her. (SG1: "Rite of Passage")

When the Unas Chaka was captured, SG-1 went to rescue him and he and Jackson attempted to free him but were captured themselves. When Chaka wouldn't leave without the other Unas, O'Neill didn't want to have to kill anyone to free them. O'Neill told Jackson that a lot of people would probably have to die before they allowed a single Unas to go free. They were rescued by the rest of SG-1 and returned to Earth, with Chaka remaining to help the other Unas. (SG1: "Beast of Burden") O'Neill was against a Russian team joining SG-1 to look for another missing Russian team and argued with Colonel Zukhov about who was in command. When the two teams became trapped and it was discovered that a trapped Goa'uld had escaped, both O'Neill and Zukhov assumed the other was the Goa'uld. They were attacked by the Goa'uld soon and Zukhov used a grenade to take the Goa'uld down, killing himself in the process. O'Neill rejoined the others and escaped just as the Goa'uld swore revenge on him. SG-1 had set some explosives that killed the Goa'uld. (SG1: "The Tomb")

When the Tollan were willing to trade their technology, O'Neill and Jackson went to speak to High Chancellor Travell. After a potential conspiracy was discovered, O'Neill and Teal'c discovered a number of weapons that the Tollan were creating. They ran into Narim and used his health implant to lure Tollan forces to them so Narim could destroy the weapons. As the Goa'uld began attacking Tollana, SG-1 escaped. (SG1: "Between Two Fires") O'Neill was initially happy having met the Aschen but began to have misgivings about them. He returned with Carter and ambassador Joe Faxon for the negotiations. He went to see the President of the United States but was stopped by Senator Robert Kinsey who had him sent back to the SGC. The Aschen were revealed to have sterilized another civilization to take over their world. (SG1: "2001")

After Carter disappeared, O'Neill went to her last location and got information that she had been kidnapped. He had Jackson leave a message for Harry Maybourne and the two met with Maybourne telling him about User 4574. O'Neill went to see Colonel Frank Simmons who told him that Maybourne had received $3 million in one of his accounts. He tracked down Maybourne and asked what the money was for, to which he told O'Neill he had helped the Russians sell a Goa'uld symbiote to Adrian Conrad. They broke into Dr. Neil Brooks' office and learned that Conrad was dying and his only chance was the healing abilities of the symbiote. When they tracked down Conrad they found Carter and O'Neill told Maybourne to stay put. He found the Goa'uld, who was now in Conrad, but was shot in the back and the Goa'uld escaped. O'Neill assumed that Maybourne was the one who had shot him. (SG1: "Desperate Measures")

When Martin Lloyd began creating Wormhole X-Treme! a show with a team that visited other planets through the "star portal" and his ship was detected heading towards Earth, O'Neill went to the set to speak to Martin but he had no idea who he was. It was discovered that Martin had drugged himself to forget what had happened to his planet. The two were captured by Peter Tanner who gave a solution to Martin to unblock his memories and they were later rescued by Teal'c. They went in search of the Mobile computer device that could control the ship and after finding it they were approached by Tanner and his men. Tanner convinced O'Neill to let him and his men go as Earth was not their home. (SG1: "Wormhole X-Treme!") SG-1 took part in a training exercise with new SGC recruits. O'Neill led them on a fake foothold situation at the SGC but they came back as he was releasing a captured guard and Carter improvised and claimed that O'Neill was being controlled, before shooting him with an Intar. (SG1: "Proving Ground")

After Teal'c became trapped in the Stargate, O'Neill was approached by Maybourne, and O'Neill wanted to hurt him but Maybourne told him he wasn't the one who shot him. He and Maybourne tracked down Simmons activities and found the escape Goa'uld, learning how to save Teal'c. (SG1: "48 Hours") SG-1 went to Revanna while Jackson went on an undercover mission to take down the System Lords. The Goa'uld attacked Revanna and SG-1 rescued the injured Lt. Elliot, who became a host to Lantash. (SG1: "Summit") Unable to save them, Lantash told them to leave them with the Symbiote poison and he would take out the attacking Jaffa; O'Neill asked what Elliot thought about sacrificing himself, still not trusting the Tok'ra. (SG1: "Last Stand")

When an asteroid was detected heading for Earth, SG-1 went to deliver a Naquadah bomb to destroy it. He and Teal'c wore Spacesuits to deliver it and returned to the ship to find Carter and Jackson gone and the hull breached. O'Neill found them surviving inside of escape pods and he and Teal'c repaired the hull. After discovering the asteroid had a core of Naquadah and any detonation this close to Earth would destroy it anyway, he and Teal'c went to disarm it but it had been damaged in a cave in and wouldn't accept the disarm code. He had to disarm the bomb manually but found that all the wires inside were the same color and was advised that he just had to cut them randomly, luckily he disarmed the bomb in time. (SG1: "Fail Safe")

He was not convinced that Kytano was the salvation of the Jaffa and found Kytano's ideals to be counter to his own, including wanting his men to strike for victory with no regard for their own lives. When SG-1 accompanied Kytano on a mission, he found Kytano's actions in walking into the battlefield to convince enemy Jaffa to surrender and join him to be insane. After witnessing Kytano send a young Jaffa on a suicide mission and then convince Teal'c to go on a mission to take out Yu, O'Neill said he wouldn't recommend an alliance as long as Kytano was in charge. When Teal'c returned and challenege Kytano for leadership, O'Neill wanted to help him but Bra'tac told him not to as it would forfeit Teal'c's challenge. (SG1: "The Warrior")

When the android Reese was discovered, O'Neill went back to the planet she was found on and was shown some Replicator blocks they had found there, indicating what had happened to everyone else. When she exhibited erratic behavior, O'Neill said that she may have been broken or not made correct in the first place. When she began making Replicators O'Neill wanted to shut her down and when her Replicators began to take over the base, he wanted to take her out but was convinced to allow Jackson to try to talk her down. As the Replicators began to overrun them, O'Neill shot and killed Reese. (SG1: "Menace") When the Sentinel on Latona didn't defend the Latonans from the Goa'uld, O'Neill went to see Colonel Sean Grieves, a former Rogue NID member, in prison and made a deal for his help in fixing the Sentinel that he and Lt. Kershaw had apparently damaged. O'Neill met Marul, the leader of the Latonans and tried to convince him to evacuate as many of his people that they could. (SG1: "The Sentinel")

After Jackson was exposed to excessive radiation and was going to die, O'Neill wanted to go to retrieve a Sarcophagus to save his life. Jacob Carter arrived to help and used a Goa'uld Healing device to try to save Jackson only for O'Neill to communicate with Jackson, who was being ascended by Oma Desala, who asked O'Neill to get Jacob to stop. They all watched as Jackson ascended. (SG1: "Meridian") O'Neill had a difficult time with Jackson being gone, wanting to just continue to work. He, Carter and Teal'c learned that Thor had been killed and were asked to go and rescue an Asgard scientist. After arriving they learned that Thor was alive but had been captured by the Goa'uld and he and Teal'c went aboard Osiris' Ha'tak to rescue him. They were captured but managed to disable the shields to allow them to be rescued. While leaving the SGC, O'Neill felt a strange breeze come down through the hallway and knew it was Jackson. (SG1: "Revelations")


O'Neill had a difficult time finding a replacement for Daniel Jackson, with SG-1 going through nine different candidates. SG-1 went to see the X-302 and O'Neill was concerned that they would ask him to test fly it, after the problems with the X-301. When Teal'c suggested Jonas Quinn to join SG-1, O'Neill was against it. When the Stargate activated but nothing came through, it was discovered it was building up energy and would soon explode. O'Neill and Samantha Carter boarded the X-302 to use its Hyperdrive to get to Abydos in order to contact the Asgard for help; however the X-302's hyperdrive aborted due to instability. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 1") A plan was developed to strap the Stargate to the X-302 and take it out into space where it could safely detonate and O'Neill piloted it alone. The Stargate was too heavy and the X-302 didn't have the power to get it into orbit so O'Neill suggested using the hyperdrive as it would take the Stargate anywhere else. A one second window was opened and O'Neill ejected from the vessel before it jumped. When they learned that the weapon used against their Stargate was destroyed, the second Stargate was installed at the SGC and Hammond informed O'Neill that the Russians wanted one of their own on SG-1 but O'Neill chose Jonas to fill the position. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 2")

When a Ha'tak arrived in orbit of Earth, SG-1 went to investigate and found it abandoned. O'Neill went with Dr. Friesen to examine the hyperdrive and Friesen suggested checking out the shield generators but O'Neill disagreed. He helped blast open a door on the ship to access the computer core and when Friesen didn't respond, he went to locate him and discovered he had been killed. Three Jaffa hidden on the ship directed it to crash into the Pacific Ocean. O'Neill and Carter became trapped in a flooding hallway and almost drown before the computer mysteriously released them. They discovered that Thor's consciousness was in the computer and a plan was developed to download him. When he, Carter and Teal'c became trapped, the headed for the Death glider bay to escape and Jonas rerouted controls so they could escape and joined them. (SG1: "Descent") SG-1 went to the White Rock Research Station in Antarctica when a body had been found in the ice and it was discovered that they were an Ancient and their body revived itself once unfrozen. When one of the researchers, Dr. Norm Woods, was lost, O'Neill and Teal'c went out to find him. The Ancient infected them all with the Ancient plague and used her healing ability to cure everyone but O'Neill before she collapsed. With no other option, O'Neill agreed to become a host to the Tok'ra Kanan to sruvive. (SG1: "Frozen")

Kanan was changed from blending with O'Neill and went off to rescue Ba'al's Lo'taur who had helped him on a mission but was struck by a Staff weapon and left O'Neill to avoid capture. Ba'al tortured O'Neill, wanting to know why the Tok'ra had come here and what his mission was. He tortured and killed O'Neill over and over, reviving him in the Sarcophagus each time. Daniel Jackson came to O'Neill offering to help him ascend to escape but O'Neill wanted Jackson to help him escape using his abilities to which Jackson refused. Jackson communicated with SG-1 to get them to work on a plan to give O'Neill a chance to escape; Yu began attacking Ba'al's outpost which gave O'Neill the chance to flee. He helped Ba'al's Lo'taur escape as well. Recovering at the SGC, Jackson came to see O'Neill again and to say goodbye. (SG1: "Abyss") When Kelowna contacted the SGC looking to re-establish diplomatic relations, O'Neill asked if Hammond told them off for trying to frame Jackson. He was against helping the Kelownans and engaging in diplomacy with them but led SG-1 to Langara to take part in talks. After learning of a resistance on Kelowna, O'Neill wanted to set up a meeting with them, but later learned that they never existed in the first place. (SG1: "Shadow Play")

When SG-1 received word that they would be captured by Jaffa in order to make contact with the Tok'ra Khonsu, they allowed themselves to be captured but shortly after discovered that Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs had come to rescue them. O'Neill was annoyed that they had jeopardized the mission and asked Dol'ok, a free Jaffa, to hide them away until after their mission was complete. They learned that Khonsu had been exposed and killed but were freed by Felger and Coombs who came after them again once they realized something was wrong. (SG1: "The Other Guys") He was at the Alpha Site when Tok'ra evacuated there after an attack. When a Tok'ra was killed, O'Neill had a suspect tested with a Za'tarc Detector and then locked up when it showed he was lying. After the suspect was killed, the Tok'ra and Jaffa almost turned against one another until it was discovered that a cloaked Ashrak was responsible. (SG1: "Allegiance") After meeting the Pangarans and being offered their miracle drug, Tretonin in exchange for Stargate addresses to Goa'uld worlds, O'Neill told them that such places were not safe to go. After learning that there was something about Tretonin that was being kept from them, he had Teal'c and Jonas try to find it out. When they discovered that the Pangarans were raising Goa'uld, O'Neill wanted to know why and they revealed that the symbiotes were used to make Tretonin. (SG1: "Cure")

When hijackers took control of the Prometheus, O'Neill and Teal'c took a death glider aboard and rescued Carter from the hijackers. When they were attacked by a Goa'uld who had taken Frank Simmons as a host, O'Neill opened an airlock and sucked him out into space. After taking back control of the ship, they found themselves lost in space but were found by Thor who asked for their help in stopping the Replicators by trapping them using a Asgard Time dilation device. (SG1: "Prometheus") O'Neill contacted Hammond to get authorization to use the Prometheus in the mission and suggested naming the ship Enterprise but his suggestion was shot down. When they arrived on the Asgard world Hala they discovered that the Replicators had created Human-form Replicators who read SG-1's minds. First entered O'Neill's mind and brought up the memory of Charlie's death and said showing him the memory would be punishment should be try to hide something from First. After Carter convinced Fifth to help them, O'Neill secretly communicated to her to set the timer for the time dilation device to a shorter period than he said out loud intending to trap Fifth with the others. The plan worked and the Replicators became trapped. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection")

Jonas saw some strange creatures but no one else could see them. O'Neill was heading out for a vacation when he saw one of the creatures and shot at it. He reported it to Hammond and then had to help coordinate the quarantine of Colorado Springs to stop the spread of these creatures. It was discovered that the ability to see the creatures was passed through touch. He tracked down a man he had been in contact with and convinced him to come with him and keep what he saw a secret. (SG1: "Sight Unseen") Finally able to go on a fishing vacation O'Neill returned to the SGC and was arrested for the attempted murder of Senator Robert Kinsey. After the true assassin was discovered, Kinsey had O'Neill brought to the press and exonerated and had O'Neill shake his hand on camera, telling him discreetly that he just help him win the election. (SG1: "Smoke and Mirrors")

Maybourne approached O'Neill about a cache of advanced weapons and convinced O'Neill to take him along as there was a combination needed to get to them. He pretended his code didn't work and stunned O'Neill and Carter before activating the Furling Transporter, O'Neill tackled Maybourne and the two were transported to a nearby moon. Finding the utopia that Maybourne expected a ruin filled with skeletons the two had no choice but to settle in. Maybourne began to act strangely and disappeared one day. O'Neill found the body of a Goa'uld and discovered that the plant the two had been eating was messing with their minds, putting it together that the Goa'uld was responsible. He took down Maybourne who attempted to kill him and they were rescued by the Tok'ra, with O'Neill offering to ask the Tok'ra to find Maybourne a nice place to retire. (SG1: "Paradise Lost")

When O'Neill learned that Nirrti was conducting experiments on people again, he was resolved to kill her to stop her. His mind was read by Eggar who revealed that he intended to kill Nirrti but when he found Nirrti she was holding Carter hostage and he had to surrender. He convinced Eggar to read Nirrti's mind and he revealed the truth of what she was going to his people and they killed her. (SG1: "Metamorphosis") After Kinsey attempted to gain control of the Stargate by convincing ambassadors from Great Britain, France and China to demand it be given to the NID, O'Neill told Thor he should send Kinsey to a far away planet. (SG1: "Disclosure") While helping some people repair their ship, SG-1 was attacked by aliens and O'Neill went with Teal'c and one of the people to find the aliens. After finding one of them, they learned that the people were in fact prisoners and the ship belonged to the aliens, so they helped to capture them. (SG1: "Forsaken")

After Teal'c failed to come back from a meeting with rebel Jaffa leaders, the rest of SG-1 went to locate him, finding him and Bra'tac the only survivors of an ambush. (SG1: "The Changeling") As SG-1 was helping take part in training scenarios for the crew of the Prometheus, O'Neill was annoyed he and the rest of SG-1 weren't assigned to the bridge. After a hyperdrive failure and an overload they ejected the reactor module which detonated in orbit of a planet who launched two missiles at the Prometheus, believing themselves to be under attack. O'Neill talked them down over the radio. He and SG-1 met with their leader and asked for help in locating their Stargate so they could get supplies to fix the Prometheus. (SG1: "Memento") As Jonas began to have visions of future events, O'Neill and Teal'c went to P4S-237 to help liberate them from the Goa'uld Mot. They were captured by Mot who wanted to know their IDCs. After being set free, O'Neill and the others were ambushed at the Stargate but managed to fight them off. (SG1: "Prophecy")

While in an elevator, Jackson appeared to O'Neill to tell him that Anubis was going to Abydos to find the Eye of Ra. O'Neill was initially unsure that he was seeing Jackson. SG-1 went to Abydos and O'Neill spoke with Skaara who told him that he was engaged and asked O'Neill to stand beside him during the ceremony. When Anubis' forces attacked, O'Neill helped defend the pyramid but they were overwhelmed and retreated underground. O'Neill strapped C-4 to Eye and threatened to destroy it when Herak, Anubis' First Prime arrived. They watched as Skaara, who had been fatally injured, ascend and when Jackson came back, O'Neill thanked him for helping Skaara, but Jackson said that Oma Desala must have done it. Jackson made a deal with Anubis to give him the Eye in exchange for SG-1 going free and the Abydonians being left alone. O'Neill was unsure but gave the Eye to Herak who retreated with his men. As they were leaving Abydos, O'Neill felt an attack. After repeatedly dialing Abydos they eventually got a lock and returned to find everything fine. Skaara approached them and told them that everyone had been killed and Abydos was destroyed but they had all been ascended. (SG1: "Full Circle")


SG-1 found Daniel Jackson, back in human form and with no memories of who he was and O'Neill helped convince him to come back to Earth. A plan was developed to draw Anubis to Vis Uban in order to destroy his new weapon, O'Neill piloted an F-302 with Samantha Carter to destroy the ventilation shaft of the weapons power core. The mission succeeded by Anubis left. (SG1: "Fallen") Anubis went to Langara and SG-1 went to help. O'Neill communicated with Jackson, aboard Anubis' Mothership and recommended that the Kelownans tell Tirania and the Andari Federation about the Stargate to try to get them to help fight. He returned to Earth to get some reinforcements but could only bring two SG teams. Commander Hale revealed he had made a deal with Anubis and they were all captured but Hale was betrayed. The System Lords arrived to attack Anubis and the distraction allowed SG-1 to overpower the Jaffa. Anubis' ship was destroyed and Jonas Quinn was welcomed back by his people, and O'Neill told Jonas before he left that he had earned his position on SG-1. (SG1: "Homecoming")

O'Neill was abducted by the Asgard Loki who replaced him with a clone while he studied the original. After a week the original was transferred back and he awoke in his bedroom with the rest of SG-1 around him. Still half asleep, he was beamed up to Loki's Spaceship where he learned that he had been cloned. He was a little annoyed that his clone, who had not aged past 15 years of age, would say the same things when he said them. When Thor arrived, O'Neill asked that he try to save the clones life which Thor managed to do. O'Neill dropped off his clone at Mountain Springs High School as he was going to redo his life. (SG1: "Fragile Balance") When Teal'c was questioning his strength and his abilities, O'Neill didn't push, wanting to instead give him time. When they went on a mission to rescue Bra'tac and Rya'c, O'Neill had to stand by as Teal'c was beaten as rushing in would cause fatalities among the SG teams with him. He came up with a plan of destroying a Ha'tak being constructed nearby to cause a distraction and they liberated the prison camp. O'Neill informed Teal'c that he had his "mojo" back. (SG1: "Orpheus")

After finding a dome filled with people on a toxic world, O'Neill temporarily traded his Hazmat suit to a boy called Nevin in exchange for showing them his village. He and Teal'c stayed with Nevin and his father that night. He and Teal'c discovered bodies of the people outside the dome, having walked out there to die. When they returned the people tried to get them to wear nodes for the Link, a neural interface, so the Link could control them. The people's memories were altered using the Link to stop them an SG-1 helped relocate the people to another world. (SG1: "Revisions") SG-1 found a crash spaceship and while exploring it they were rendered unconscious. O'Neill woke up at the SGC and learned that Jackson had several consciousnesses of the people aboard the ship in his mind. He watched as Fraiser talked to these consciousnesses to try to learn how to get them out. (SG1: "Lifeboat") SG-1 went to P3X-403 to help locate a missing person and were attacked by Unas with O'Neill being injured and taken back to the SGC. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")

SG-1 went to Hebridan and while Carter took part in the Loop of Kon Garat, O'Neill and Jackson met with Miles Hagan to help them get a Stargate to their world. When Teal'c went missing investigating sabotage to ships in the Loop, O'Neill and Jackson went to find him and spoke to Hagan again who took them inside to find him. (SG1: "Space Race") He went with Teal'c to P3C-249 to meet with rebel Jaffa and were attacked by Goa'uld forces after the Stargate stopped working. They commandeered an Al'kesh and took it to P5S-117 to rescue Carter and Dr. Jay Felger. (SG1: "Avenger 2.0") After they met the Hak'tyl resistance, O'Neill and Carter returned to Earth with volunteers to be put on Tretonin. (SG1: "Birthright")

O'Neill went with others to try to capture a Kull Warrior but it resisted all of their attacks. He and the others were captured by Ramius' forces and when Ramius came to see them, O'Neill tried to convince Ramius that they weren't there to go after him but Ramius didn't believe him. He tried to convince a Jaffa Guard to help them but he also refused until they heard noises of battle and he went to investigate to find Ramius dead and came back to release them, O'Neill told the guard to come with them. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1") After the learned that Jackson and Dr. Bill Lee had been captured in Honduras, O'Neill met up with Burke to try to rescue them but initially didn't want his help but relented in the end. Burke revealed to O'Neill that Woods had betrayed them and that's why he killed him, it wasn't an accident. They heard gunfire and O'Neill rescued Jackson from some rebels who had kidnapped him. O'Neill told Burke that he would recommend that he be transferred somewhere nicer. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 2")

When Carter was on the Prometheus but it had not checked in and was missing, O'Neill was obviously upset and Teal'c told him that when he was lost offworld with Harry Maybourne Carter was similarly upset at the prospect of losing him. After the Prometheus was found O'Neill told Carter that they were planning a little party for her. (SG1: "Grace") When the Langarans were arguing over potentially having to leave their world, O'Neill no longer wanted to take part in the talks and later told them that the SGC had changed their mind about helping them be relocated due to their squabbling. (SG1: "Fallout") Carter told O'Neill that she was dating someone and he said he was happy for her. When it was found that Osiris was coming to Jackson at night to control his dreams, O'Neill and Teal'c set up positions inside Jackson's house to capture them. (SG1: "Chimera")

After the Alpha Site was attacked and Carter was missing, the rest of SG-1 went to find her. He and Teal'c tracked her down as she was being followed by a Kull Warrior. O'Neill was given the Kull disruptor and used a power cell held by Carter to kill the Kull. (SG1: "Death Knell") When a documentary crew came to the SGC, O'Neill avoided them. When SG-13 was attacked offworld, SG-1 went to help. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 1") During the rescue O'Neill was hit by a Staff weapon blast and was injured, but made a full recovery. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 2") O'Neill continued to recover from his injury and took some time off. (SG1: "Resurrection")

Ancient knowledge

After finding another Repository of Knowledge, SG-1 went to find a way to extract it but they came under attack from Anubis and O'Neill decided that the only way to find the Lost City was to use the repository and take the Ancient knowledge into his mind again. He took the weekend to do some personal things when Samantha Carter arrived at his house to talk and they were joined by Daniel Jackson and Teal'c and they had some beers and talked. Major General George Hammond joined them and informed them that he had been relieved of command of the SGC and was being transferred. They met their new commander, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and O'Neill asked her if she would let them go if he discovered the location of the Lost City. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1") O'Neill began doing and saying strange things, including writing Ancient words in a crossword which helped them find a potential location of the Lost City. O'Neill began collecting items for their mission there and during the journey aboard a |Tel'tak he modified the hyperdrive to increase its speed. When they arrived at the planet, they found a small outpost and O'Neill used a Control chair there to show them that the Lost City was on Earth and was called "Atlantis" He removed a Zero Point Module from the outpost and they returned to the ship to find that Bra'tac had been stabbed by Ronan, the ships pilot, and O'Neill healed his wound, having somehow gained the Ancient Healing ability. As they returned to Earth, he modified the Ring Transporter to bore a hole into the ice of Antarctica. They found another Antarctic outpost where O'Neill installed the ZPM and used the control chair to fire Drone weapons up and destroy Anubis' fleet in orbit. The knowledge in his mind began to kill him and he instructed them to place him in a nearby stasis pod. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 2")

O'Neill remained in the stasis pod as they could not contact the Asgard for help. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1") After contacting Thor, he came to Earth and transported O'Neill onto his ship and interfaced his mind with the ships computer. O'Neill read the ships logs and knew that he could help stop the escaped Replicators and began working on a weapon to use against them. He managed to complete it before his body almost died and Thor removed the Ancient knowledge from his mind. When Thor brought a Human-form Replicator aboard to try to access communication data, it woke up and attacked and O'Neill used the weapon to destroy it. With Carter captured by Fifth, the rest of SG-1 went to find her and were approached by Fifth who said he would kill Carter if they harmed any more Replicators. They continued to go after him and found Carter had been left behind. Dr. Weir left for another position and she said that The Pentagon had recommended to the President that O'Neill be promoted and take command of the SGC. He discussed it with the rest of SG-1 and decided that he would take the position. His first decision was to promote Carter to Lieutenant Colonel. (SG1: "New Order, Part 2")


He came to Antarctica to visit the Antarctic outpost and was flown there by Major John Sheppard. When a Drone was launched and could seek a target on its own, Sheppard manage to evade it and land just as the drone was disabled. O'Neill was informed that the location of Atlantis was discovered but initially refused to allow them to use the Zero Point Module to allow them to reach it as it was needed at the outpost but he was later convinced. It was discovered that Sheppard had the Ancient Technology Activation gene and Weir asked O'Neill to speak to him about joining the Atlantis expedition. O'Neill asked Sheppard why he became a pilot and Sheppard said that anyone who didn't want to fly was crazy and O'Neill replied that choosing to not go through the Stargate was just as crazy. He oversaw the expedition leave through the Stargate and after the last person left, he sent through a bottle of champagne. (SGA: "Rising")

A Russian officer arrived at the SGC and asked to be placed on SG-1 but O'Neill refused. The officer collapsed and it was found he had a strange infection so O'Neill stopped Jackson and SG-11 from going on a mission which caused Jackson to take a hostage and shoot two guards before he was stopped. When he woke he revealed that he had been controlled by Anubis who had survived the destruction of his fleet but no longer had his force field to contain him. O'Neill locked down the SGC but was soon ordered to return to normal operations after no incidents. Instead he announced that they would be entering an indefinite lockdown which caused Anubis to attempt to get through the Stargate. Anubis took control of O'Neill and almost made it through the Stargate but was stopped by the Russian officer who forced Anubis to take him instead. (SG1: "Lockdown")

O'Neill began writing a resignation letter, feeling that he was not good at being the commander. He was contacted by George Hammond who told him that the President was sending someone as his new assistant to check on him. He sent SG-1 to find one of Anubis' old bases with SG-3 but after SG-1 went missing, he sent more teams to locate them but they could not. Ba'al contacted him and told him he had captured SG-1 and offered to exchange them for Camulus. He had Camulus brought to the SGC and was told where to find a ZPM. It was later discovered that the ZPM had been tainted and would explode when used so he made a deal with Camulus to send him with the ZPM to Ba'al in exchange for SG-1, hoping Ba'al would blow himself up. SG-1 contacted the SGC wanting to come through but O'Neill wouldn't let them until he learned that they had never been caught by Ba'al but had been trapped in Anubis' base. The President came to the SGC for a ceremony to officially endorse O'Neill. He finished his resignation letter but ended it with "Never mind." (SG1: "Zero Hour")

When Jackson went missing on Tegalus when they entered a civil war, O'Neill met the new Commander of the Rand Protectorate, Soren, who wanted weapons technology in exchange for allowing them to look for Jackson. After Jackson made contact, O'Neill authorized sending SG teams to help Rand loyalist and Jackson take down Soren. (SG1: "Icon") He oversaw Teal'c test a Virtual reality chair and asked the team to try to make it more difficult after Teal'c said it was unrealistic. When Teal'c became trapped in the simulation, O'Neill mentioned that it was a shame they couldn't hook up a joystick to give him some help which gave Carter and the team the idea to introduce someone else to help - O'Neill, Carter and Jackson volunteered at once. (SG1: "Avatar") When Teal'c, who had moved off base, was involved in an altercation, O'Neill sent Jackson to talk to him about it. He later learned that Teal'c's neighbor's boyfriend had been killed and Teal'c was implicated. He noticed that Carter was off and went to talk to her and she revealed that Pete Shanahan had asked her to marry him. (SG1: "Affinity")

He sent Carter and Jackson to talk to Alec Colson and convince him not to reveal information about aliens to the world. He contacted Thor after Colson revealed an Asgard to the press and Thor came to investigate. O'Neill and Thor went to the White House to meet the President and O'Neill suggesting presenting a hyperdrive for the Prometheus as a gift to the President. (SG1: "Covenant") After the Hak'tyl resistance had to abandon Hak'tyl, O'Neill allowed them to come to the SGC while a new planet was found for them. He was apprehensive about allowing a marriage to take place at the SGC between Rya'c and Kar'yn and later refused for them to have a goat to sacrifice. He authorized using missiles to attack Moloc and his forces when Teal'c and Ishta were trapped. (SG1: "Sacrifices") After the Stargate disappeared, O'Neill had to inform the President and tasked Carter and Jackson with finding out who had taken it. He authorized Jackson to go aboard a cloaked Al'kesh that The Trust was using to help the Prometheus locate it but he was hestitant to order it to open fire as it risked Jackson and Carter's lives. (SG1: "Endgame")

When a Replicator version of Carter contacted them, O'Neill had her sent to the Alpha Site and later told Teal'c that if it came down to it, destroy her before it got too late. (SG1: "Gemini") Major General George Hammond came to the SGC to recruit Jackson to come with him to Atlantis and also took his old office chair with him, telling O'Neill he could request another. (SG1: "Prometheus Unbound") He came to the planet where Harry Maybourne had settled to fly a ship that SG-1 had found that required the ATA gene. When they were approached by people who didn't want them to take Maybourne and pointed weapons at them, O'Neill convinced them to stand down and then remarked how much he missed going offworld. They managed to reactivate the ship and O'Neill piloted it into orbit and destroyed Ares' Ha'tak. (SG1: "It's Good To Be King")

O'Neill returned home to find Robert Kinsey in his house who told him that The Trust had contacted him and he wanted O'Neill's help to take them down. After Kinsey was taken by them, Colonel Chekov came to the SGC about rising tensions between their countries, telling O'Neill that his government believed the Goa'uld to have taken control of the US as they had captured Kinsey who was now a Goa'uld. After discovering that General Miroslav Kiselev, the Russian defense minister was in fact a Goa'uld, Chekov arranged a phone call with President Mikailhov where O'Neill provided him with the information on Kiselev and helped to ease tensions. (SG1: "Full Alert") O'Neill came home to find a man in his house with a gun who told O'Neill that he had ruined his life. He told O'Neill information that he had seen in visions about SG-1 and he was brought to the SGC where it was discovered that he had the ATA gene and had been connected to O'Neill's mind with an Ancient Communication stone. O'Neill then revealed he had been seeing parts of this man's life but just never mentioned it. (SG1: "Citizen Joe")

Jacob came to see him, telling him that the Replicators had began attacking the Goa'uld. Teal'c and Bra'tac came to him to talk about them leading the rebel Jaffa to capture Dakara, which would prove to many Jaffa that the Goa'uld were not gods. When Ba'al contacted him asking for help in stopping the Replicators, O'Neill refused and stopped Jacob from telling Ba'al to fall back rather than fight the Replicators head on as it would put Teal'c and Bra'tac in danger. Ba'al contacted him again to reveal that Anubis was back and there was a weapon on Dakara that could be used to destroy all life. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 1") Carter found and examined the weapon, noting it might be able to destroy the Replicators so he authorized her to find out. The Replicators invaded the SGC and O'Neill ordered an evacuation of the base. Some personnel became trapped so O'Neill and Colonel Reynolds went to rescue them. They decided to escape using the Stargate when a wave of energy from the weapon on Dakara came through the Stargate and destroyed the Replicators. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 2")

O'Neill began a relationship with Kerry Johnson, keeping it a secret from everyone else. After Jackson hadn't returned and was believed dead, O'Neill refused to think like that and stated that he would be walking through the door any day now. He wanted the weapon on Dakara destroyed so it could not be used against them but the Jaffa High Council wanted to keep it. While spending time with Johnson, Carter arrived at O'Neill's house and was about to reveal her feelings for him when Johnson came out. Johnson ended things with O'Neill, telling him that if the Air Force is the only thing keeping him from Carter he should retire. When Anubis was gaining control of the weapon and dialed into Earth, O'Neill ordered the base destroyed to try to destroy the Stargate but the auto-destruct stopped before it went off. The Stargate shut down and Anubis' forces were defeated and O'Neill thought it had something to do with Jackson. A voice came from the other room, which was revealed to be Jackson who had been sent back to human form. O'Neill took SG-1 to his cabin for some fishing. (SG1: "Threads")

Homeworld Command

He was promoted to Major General and took command of Homeworld Command, choosing Hank Landry to succeed him as commander of the SGC. He approved Cameron Mitchell's request to join SG-1, not telling him that the rest of the team had left. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1") He asked Dr. Carolyn Lam, Landry's daughter, to become the chief medical officer at the SGC, not telling her that she would be working for her father. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2") He came to the SGC to see Jackson after being briefed about the Ori and later took Mitchell to pilot an F-302. (SG1: "Origin") He said he would support Landry and the continued funding of the SGC to the President. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind") He had Carter sent to the SGC with a Gate buster but told Landry that she was not coming, wanting to hear Landry's surprise when she showed up. (SG1: "Beachhead") He was on a break in Malibu and stopped by the SGC on his way back to Washington. He joined SG-1 on a mission through the Stargate for a celebration for Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate. (SG1: "200")

O'Neill went to Atlantis with Richard Woolsey to talk to Captain Helia, a Lantean, after she and crew took control of the city. He told her that they wanted to remain on the city but she wanted her people to be alone for a while. Woolsey remained behind as a representative and O'Neill later returned to help him. When the Asurans came to the city, the Lanteans were sure they wouldn't attack as they were programmed not to, but they did anyway and killed all the Lanteans. O'Neill and Woolsey escaped into a damaged area of the city and O'Neill went off to perform some reconaissance. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1") When Sheppard's team, Elizabeth Weir and Carson Beckett came to rescue them, O'Neill had to swim into a flooded section to hold down a manual control to allow them into the city. Returning to Woolsey, they were captured and the Asurans entered their mind, with O'Neill able to resist. John Sheppard and Meredith Rodney McKay came to rescue them but could not, and O'Neill believed that McKay had failed to get them out of the cell on purpose as he was explaining their plan. The Asurans entered their minds again, learning what McKay had told them but it was a ploy to misdirect the Asurans and they were all destroyed. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2")

When Jackson was converted into a Prior, O'Neill came to the SGC and then spoke to Jackson himself, not truly believing that Jackson was still on their side. When the IOA recommended that Jackson be terminated, O'Neill said it would happen over his dead body. When SG-1 suggested enacting Jackson's plan to use the Sangraal and send it through the Supergate himself, O'Neill authorized the mission. Woolsey was beamed into the SGC to which O'Neill remarked that he thought they couldn't do that anymore only to be beamed up to the Odyssey where Jackson had commandeered the vessel. Taken to the Supergate, Jackson convinced O'Neill to go with his plan and he contacted the Daedalus to order them to destroy the Stargate in Pegasus connected to the Supergate. Jackson was on their side and the plan worked but hours later more Ori Warships began arriving through the Supergate. (SG1: "The Shroud") He authorized using the Horizon weapon against the Asuran fleet and when Weir contacted him to try to convince him to call the mission off, he refused. (SGA: "First Strike") When a Hive ship was heading to Earth, O'Neill recalled Sheppard from Atlantis to man the control chair. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

He was promoted to Lieutenant General. When Eli Wallace solved a math puzzle embedded in a game, O'Neill and Nicholas Rush went to recruit him. When Eli was given a Non-disclosure agreement to sign, he asked what would happen if he didn't sign and O'Neill remarked they would beam him up to their spaceship. After Eli didn't sign immediately, O'Neill did have him beamed up the George Hammond. A few days later he was contacted by Carter aboard the Hammond as Icarus Base had been attacked by the Lucian Alliance and she asked how many people had come through the Stargate, but he said that no one had. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") Rush made contact using the Tau'ri Long-range communication device and informed O'Neill that they were aboard the Ancient ship Destiny. O'Neill yelled at Rush for dialing the Ninth Chevron instead of Earth and stranded those personnel that went through. (SGU: "Air, Part 2") When Everett Young and Chloe Armstrong connected through the Communication stones, O'Neill offered his condolensces to Chloe for the death of her father. He told Young to fix the ship and get supplies and Young said it was likely that those aboard would need to use the stones to say goodbye to their families. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Young returned not long later to inform O'Neill that Destiny had lost all power and they probably wouldn't survive much longer. (SGU: "Darkness") He led a briefing for Young on a plan to dial Earth while Destiny recharged in a star. He was annoyed that Young wanted to present the plan to everyone on board first. He later gave Colonel David Telford command of Destiny to enact the plan but said that he didn't like doing that. When the plan failed but the ship survived, Young reported to O'Neill who said that they would continue to allow people aboard to visit Earth. (SGU: "Earth") Young came to Earth to inform O'Neill that Rush was trying to see if Telford was a spy for the Lucian Alliance. After Rush was taken by the Alliance, Jackson said they should shut down the stones to save Rush and Young said he needed to figure out what Telford knew. O'Neill swapped bodies with Corporal Marsden on the ship to see Telford,, later telling Young to do what he needed to do to get the information. (SGU: "Subversion") When a location of an Alliance base that was being used to dial into Destiny was found, O'Neill sent Carter and the Hammond to gain control of it. Carter returned later to report the planet had been destroyed. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1") He briefed the President and the IOA on a potential alliance between the Lucian Alliance and the Langarans. (SGU: "Seizure")


Morality and Ethics

Skills and Abilities


Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality visited by Daniel Jackson, O'Neill was a General and commander of the SGA. He and Samantha Carter were engaged. After getting the symbols for Chulak from Jackson, he sent a nuclear bomb through the Stargate as retribution against the Goa'uld and Jaffa attacking Earth. He was convinced by Jackson to show the footage he had of his SG-1 to their realities Teal'c to try to get him to help them or buy some time for Jackson to get back to his reality. Teal'c may have believed him but they had already heard about the bomb sent to Chulak so he shot and killed O'Neill. (SG1: "There But for the Grace of God")
  • In an alternate reality, O'Neill married Dr. Samantha Carter and was killed at the SGC when Apophis' forces attacked Earth. (SG1: "Point of View")
  • In an alternate reality, O'Neill was still commander of the SGC in 2006. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, SG-1 met the Aschen and eventually O'Neill began to voice his opposition to forming an alliance with them but no one else sided with him. He retired and went to live at his cabin. In 2010 he was approached by Carter who informed him that he had been right all along. He refused to help but changed his mind and went to the SGC to get the gear they needed. During their attempt to get to the Stargate to send a note back in time, O'Neill was killed. (SG1: "2010")
  • In an alternate timeline, he went with SG-1 back in time to 3000 B.C. using the Time Jumper to steal a ZPM from Ra. After obtaining it, the Time Jumper was found and they were forced to stay. Unwilling to remain under Ra's rule, they helped form a rebellion but were exposed and he was executed. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")
  • In an alternate timeline, he had retired and lived on a boat. The Air Force tried to get him to come back but he refused, and again refused when Jackson and Carter came and told him about the Video camera that had footage of them from an alternate timeline. When he learned that Kawalsky was going on the mission through the Stargate, he joined. He flew the Time Jumper through the Stargate to Chulak to find Teal'c but they were captured by Apophis. Teal'c freed them, when they showed him the footage and they escaped back to the Jumper. They traveled back in time to 2995 B.C. and met with Jackson, the only survivor from the other team. He expressed his interest in Carter but she turned him down. He and Carter became stuck in the Jumper when Ra's Jaffa found them. Carter kissed him, which confused him but she said she wanted to get to know him before she acted. They were rescued when the rebellion began and remained in Ancient Egypt until their death. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")