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Janet Fraiser
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Dr. Janet Fraiser was a female Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force and a member of Stargate Command.


Early life

Fraiser was married to a man who did not want her to join the Air Force and the two eventually divorced. (SG1: "Hathor") Fraiser has acute rhinitis caused by allergies so she takes strong antihistamines everyday. (SG1: "The Broca Divide")


She joined the SGC a short while after its founding and had to examine members of SG-3 who had begun exhibiting aggressive behaviour finding a virus had infected them and several other personnel. She taught Daniel Jackson and Teal'c how to draw blood so they could get a sample from the people on P3X-797 who were not affected by the virus, finding that they had very little histamine in them so devised a treatment using anithistamines and cured the personnel and the people on the planet. (SG1: "The Broca Divide") After Jack O'Neill came back to Earth, despite having returned several hours earlier, Fraiser gave him an MRI and a DNA screen to determine who he was, noting that he was O'Neill. (SG1: "Cold Lazarus")

She examined a blood sample from O'Neill finding strange objects in it and with Samantha Carter discovered that they were nanites, but after the nanites attempted to escape containment, Fraiser and Carter were ordered to destroy all the samples. (SG1: "Brief Candle") Fraiser ran some tests on Teal'c testing out drugs that could help him live without a symbiote but they failed and they had to put the symbiote back. (SG1: "Bloodlines") When SG-1 saw Jackson die, she had the team put on leave to deal with any psychological issues that arose because of it; she attended the wake for Jackson at O'Neill's house. She became concerned when SG-1 exhibited strange behaviors such as believing that Jackson was still alive and Carter was put through hypnosis which determined that their memories of Jackson's death were false. (SG1: "Fire and Water")

When the Goa'uld Hathor began to influence the men on the base, Fraiser noticed their behavior. She joined with Carter and several other female personnel to take down Hathor but were captured. Fraiser realized that whatever chemical Hathor was using was making the male personnel libidinous and they seduced the guards into coming into the cell where they took them down and escaped. She examined O'Neill, who had been converted into a Jaffa, putting her hand into his pouch to determine if a symbiote had entered. They took him to the Hathor's Sarcophagus to heal him and were attacked by guards with Fraiser being shot in the shoulder. She took Teal'c to the infirmary to treat him and herself. With Hathor defeated, Fraiser and Carter were put up by Major General George Hammond for Commendation Medals. (SG1: "Hathor")

After SG-7 and the Hankans were found all dead, Fraiser led the medical team to examine the dead; Fraiser found that the one survivor, Cassandra, had Naquadah in her blood. When Cassandra collapsed, Fraiser ran the team to revive her, discovering a strange sound coming from her chest and did an X-ray to find a strange device growing in her chest. She joined Dr. Warner to examine the device, which stopped her heart when they got close to it. The device was eventually absorbed into Cassandra's body as it never detonated, she stayed on Earth and was adopted by Fraiser. (SG1: "Singularity") SG-1 returned from a mission and Fraiser was unable to a heartbeat from O'Neill and when she went to draw blood a strange grey liquid came out, so she activated the security alarm and informed Hammond that they were not SG-1. (SG1: "Tin Man")


Fraiser checked Carter out after returning from a rescue mission and examined an abrasion on the back of her throat, she asked Carter if she would stop by to see Cassandra. She later called O'Neill when Cassandra wouldn't speak to her and said she only speak to O'Neill; Cassandra revealed that Carter had been taken over by a Goa'uld. Fraiser gave O'Neill a sedative to use on the Goa'uld. Fraiser later said that if a Goa'uld can enter a person through the mouth they would have to give all returning personnel an MRI or an ultrasound. She was on duty at the U.S.A.F. Academy Hospital when she discovered that one of the injured Nasyans they had rescued had switched places with a doctor. When an Ashrak attempted to kill Carter, Fraiser ran a team to save her life but as the symbiote in her was dying it was taking Carter with it. The symbiote gave up its life to prevent Carter from dying. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty")

When Jackson became addicted to the effects of a sarcophagus, Fraiser examined him and found that all of his systems weren't functioning correctly. He was detained and Fraiser monitored him as he went through withdrawal. He escaped whe Fraiser attempted to give him a sedative. (SG1: "Need") An Orb anchored itself in the gateroom and pinned O'Neill to a wall, releasing an organism that metabolized many different materials. Fraiser treated O'Neill, along with others on the base, with antibiotics to prevent the spread of the organism. She couldn't treat Lt. Graham Simmons due to him being allergic to the only antibiotic that worked against the organism and relayed a message from him to Carter that he wanted her to stop by next time she was near. (SG1: "Message in a Bottle") She examined Rya'c after he was rescued from Apophis finding nothing out of the ordinary but was then informed that Rya'c had regained two teeth that had been knocked out; Fraiser found that they contained organisms that when combined when the teeth were broken would create a deadly pathogen. (SG1: "Family")

When Teal'c was stung by an alien insect Fraiser examined the wound and then ran some blood tests, finding a large amount of alien DNA mixed in. She worked with Dr. Timothy Harlow who found that Teal'c original blood sample now had none of Teal'c's DNA in it now. When Colonel Harry Maybourne was taking Teal'c away, Fraiser protested and stated that he was not well enough to be moved. Teal'c escaped and removed him symbiote so that he would die before he changed and Fraiser looked after the symbiote but it began to die. O'Neill gave her and Carter the idea that the symbiote needed a small electrical charge to live and they linked together several batteries and fed the power into the tank, saving the symbiote. When Teal'c was recovered, Fraiser had to reopen his symbiote pouch as it had started to close and returned the symbiote, giving Teal'c an RNA inhibitor that helped cure him. (SG1: "Bane")

After O'Neill had the Ancient Repository of Knowledge uploaded into his mind, Fraiser discovered that O'Neill's brain was operating at over 90% of its functional capacity and grew worried that his brain would shut down as more Ancient knowledge was unfolded. (SG1: "The Fifth Race") Fraiser was on her way to the infirmary during an emergency and found someone cutting into the base through an emergency access tunnel, who demanded to see her dog tags and identified himself as Colonel [[Frank Cromwell] who had been sent in to determine if the base had been taken over; he followed Fraiser to the infirmary and they ran into O'Neill. (SG1: "A Matter of Time") She looked over the dying Ma'chello who woke up and told her that he was in fact Jackson who Ma'chello had switched bodies with. She had to do everything possible to keep Ma'chello's body alive so Jackson could swap back. (SG1: "Holiday")

An injured and tortured Apophis was brought to Fraiser who examined him and found that the symbiote was too badly damaged for her to do anything. When Martouf noticed Fraiser treating Apophis, he noted that Apophis was her enemy, Fraiser countered back that she was his patient. (SG1: "Serpent's Song") She led a medical team to PJ2-445 to treat some aliens that had started to collapse after SG-1 arrived, not being able to determine what was wrong and recommend taking one of the aliens back to Earth for further tests. When the alien reacted strangely to an ultrasound she had an MRI performed instead, finding two strange organs in the alien. (SG1: "One False Step") Fraiser checked Charlie when he arrived at the SGC, searching him for potential Goa'uld threats, finding none, and later noting how many of his organs weren't functioning correctly. (SG1: "Show and Tell") When Teal'c was recovered offworld barely alive, Fraiser spent a three weeks treating him. (SG1: "Out of Mind")


Fraiser examined an injured Cronus, finding that the injuries to the symbiote were severe and could not be healed without outside intervention but there was nothing that she could do. (SG1: "Fair Game") Fraiser examined the dead bodies of the Linvris finding that the symbiotes died before their hosts but could not determine what they died from. When Jackson began to experience the effects of Schizophrenia, she said that it the symptoms got worse, he would have to be committed. Teal'c fell ill and his symbiote began to die and it was discovered that one of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing organisms that had affected Jackson had went to Teal'c. She and Carter examined some of these organisms but they escaped and affected them and O'Neill. When it was revealed that Carter had an immunity due to Jolinar, Fraiser managed to talk her through a procedure to prepare some of her blood to be compatible with the others to cure them. The same cure was used on Teal'c. (SG1: "Legacy")

She gave a medical examination to Merrin, later finding that she had millions of nanites in her brain, which she assured them was normal and they would be later removed and shared among her people. When it was discovered that their removal essentially erases their memories Fraiser theorized that the nanites took up synapses in the brain and when they are removed her people would become infant like. (SG1: "Learning Curve") she examined alternate reality versions of Carter and Charles Kawalsky. When the alternate Carter began to experience Entropic cascade failure, Fraiser was told that there was nothing she could do as the problem wasn't medical. (SG1: "Point of View")

She examined Rophiapgisy when he was brought back to Earth, he had no internal injuries but wouldn't eat or talk, except to call her 'shol'va'. (SG1: "Rules of Engagement") Fraiser came to Vyus to examine some of the Vyans to try to determine what was causing their amnesia. She recommended taking some Vyans back to Earth to make the process quicker, discovering a chemical on their brains that was blocking their synapses and their memories. They were unable to find a solution so had to bring in Ke'ra, one of the Vyans who they had discovered was in fact Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds. With her help they found a chemical to dissolve the residue on their brains. (SG1: "Past and Present")

When SG-6 returned to the SGC they were taken to the infirmary where Fraiser and the others were captured by aliens posing as SG-6. Fraiser was duplicated by another one of the aliens. (SG1: "Foothold") When SG-1 returned from a mission with no memory of what happened, Fraiser examined them but couldn't initially find anything wrong. She eventually noticed a small dot on each of their X-rays in the same location and performed a more extensive scan to find small devices implanted into their brains. The team later revealed that they could see and hear someone named Urgo who was apparently coming from the devices in their brains, and Fraiser had to stop Teal'c from trying to use a Defibrillator on himself at Urgo's suggestion. Fraiser told Hammond that there was most likely no way to remove the devices without causing brain damage. After Carter used an EMP to disable the devices, Fraiser noticed them all signing Row, Row, Row Your Boat simultaneously from different rooms, revealing that it didn't work. (SG1: "Urgo")

She looked after the Edoran refugees that came to Earth. When Carter was working on a plan to rescue O'Neill who had become trapped on Edora, Fraiser asked Carter if she missed him and then when she replied yes, Fraiser asked her if it was a problem, appearing to become aware of a potential relationship forming between the two. (SG1: "A Hundred Days") Fraiser gave O'Neill an examination when Hammond sent him down the infirmary but found nothing wrong with him. (SG1: "Shades of Grey") She looked after an injured Teal'c and Nyan when they came back to Earth. (SG1: "New Ground") When Bra'tac brought his injured apprentice Moac to Earth, Fraiser operated on him but there was nothing that could be done to save him. (SG1: "Maternal Instinct") She looked after O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c when they returned after being exposed to radiation and later when they were talking about the Crystal skull that caused the radiation, she mentioned looking up Nicholas Ballard, Jackson's grandfather who had found a similar skull on Earth, was in a psychiatric hospital. (SG1: "Crystal Skull")


Fraiser examined Jackson after he had his Appendix removed, having his rest for another week before leaving the infirmary. (SG1: "Nemesis") She later told him he needed another week of rest before returning to duty. When Replicators took over a submarine, she went with the team to the harbor the submarine was in and later examined a wound on Teal'c and found a single Replicator block embedded in him. (SG1: "Small Victories") When SG-1, minus Teal'c, tested the Atoniek Armbands, Fraiser grew concerned about them as they were acting strange and their vitals were off. She said that they had a virus and recommended that the armbands be removed and tests be run; the armbands however were unable to be removed short of surgically removing their arms. When SG-1 left for an unauthorized mission, Fraiser went over the results from Anise's biosensors and the two determine that the armbands would soon fail as SG-1 became immune to the virus. (SG1: "Upgrades")

When the Jaffa Shaun'auc came to the SGC and collapsed, Fraiser examined her and found that her symbiote was mature and needed to be replaced if she was to live. (SG1: "Crossroads") She did an autopsy on the remains of Major Graham after he tried to kill some Tok'ra and then killed himself, finding nothing that would explain his behavior. Graham was revealed to be a Za'tarc, a programmed assassin and O'Neill and Carter were identified as Za'tarcs as well. Fraiser recommended they sedate the two to prevent them from trying to kill themselves when they were unable to complete their missions. While sedating Carter, she stops Fraiser and reveals that they hid certain information that falsely identified them. (SG1: "Divide and Conquer") During a time loop, Fraiser examined O'Neill and Teal'c over and over when they revealed they had time traveled. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity") When SG-1 was missing on P3R-118, Hammond mentioned sending SG-2 to perform an undercover search for them and Fraiser volunteered to join the mission. (SG1: "Beneath the Surface")

Fraiser examined the results done on Martin Lloyd's medication that showed an unknown chemical in them and she reported to Hammond. (SG1: "Point of No Return") Fraiser removed Isis from the Isis jar, finding them to be dead and performed an autopsy, remarking that the symbiote was perfectly preserved. She and Carter examined the Isis jar, finding that it was an advanced contained to keep a symbiote alive indefinitely. She joined Carter and Jackson to travel to Egypt to find Dr. Steven Rayner who was believed to be the new host to Osiris. They entered the Temple of Osiris and found Rayner badly injured and Fraiser went to examine him. They were attacked by Osiris who was in another host and Fraiser and Carter were knocked out. They regain consciousness and Fraiser continued to treat Rayner. (SG1: "The Curse") she examined the Harcesis Shifu when he was brought to the SGC and found inactive nanites in his blood, responsible for him aging so fast. (SG1: "Absolute Power")

When Jackson began to suffer from sudden depression she examined him and found that SG-5 was suffering from the same. When O'Neill began to suffer the same, Fraiser had him examined and when Jackson began to die, Fraiser recommend he be taken back to P4X-347 where they were exposed to save his life. (SG1: "The Light") When the control room computers overloaded and exploded, Fraiser looked after the injuries that Carter and Walter Harriman received. She also ordered that everyone in the control room at the time be examined as well. When she saw the signals they had received before the computers overloaded she remarked that they appeared to be like high amplitude tracings of an Electroencephalogram. When Carter became injured after interfacing with a memory mainframe device that a digital entity had built at the SGC, Fraiser discovered that the entity appeared to be in Carter's body and that there might not be a way to get it out. When the Entity regained consciousness, Fraiser explained how to use a speech synthesizer so the Entity could communicate. After the Entity was killed and Carter's mind was discovered in the memory mainframe, Fraiser provided a conduit for her mind to return to her body. (SG1: "Entity")


Fraiser was against the Rite of M'al Sharran being done as it was a danger for Teal'c, who had been brainwashed by Apophis. She intended to take it up with Major General George Hammond but Bra'tac asked her if she counted herself a friend of Teal'c and if she did then she should stay to help him if it was needed. She kept Junior alive but was still concerned about what was happening to Teal'c. As Teal'c was dying she was able to transfer the symbiote back and resuscitate Teal'c. The rite worked and Teal'c overcame the brainwashing. (SG1: "Threshold") When Carter, Jackson and Teal'c claimed there to be a fifth member of SG-1 that no one else remembered, Fraiser found a strange chemical that when exposed to it caused her to remember this fifth man as well. She ran some test to determine what was causing it and reported to Hammond, pleading that SG-1 were fine and could go to rescue O'Neill. (SG1: "The Fifth Man")

On Cassandra's birthday, she collapsed and developed a fever and Fraiser discovered a retrovirus in her blood. It was discovered that Nirrti had been experimenting on the Hankans to accelerate their evolution and that without intervention Cassandra would die. Cassandra developed a form of telekinesis and began to believe that it was a good thing that was happening to her. After Nirrti was captured having infiltrated the SGC, Fraiser pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her if she didn't help Cassandra. A deal was made and Cassandra was saved. (SG1: "Rite of Passage") She examined a report on Adrian Conrad and found that he had Berchart's syndrome. (SG1: "Desperate Measures") She ran some tests on vitamins taken by Martin Lloyd and found they contained the same chemicals given to him before to block his memories. (SG1: "Wormhole X-Treme!")

When an asteroid was detected heading for Earth, she was on the last team to go through the Stargate and noticed that Hammond's name wasn't on the list. She went to see him, telling him that he was more than qualified to join them but he didn't want to go. (SG1: "Fail Safe") She went to see Carter who showed her that the android Reese had some sort of nanites in her for repairs. She later looked after an injury Jackson got to his head when Reese threw him into a bookshelf. (SG1: "Menace") When Jackson was exposed to a fatal dose of radiation, Fraiser helped treat him and told Carter that she knew what Jackson would have to go through and it would be better if she helped him die to prevent him from going through it. When Jackson died, she witnessed him ascend. (SG1: "Meridian")


She ran some tests on Jonas Quinn, finding that he was able to learn much quicker than the average human. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 1") She came with SG-1 to the White Rock Research Station in Antarctica after a body was found in the ice and Fraiser was amazed to learn that the person may be evidence that humans evolved much earlier than expected. When they started to unfreeze the body, they found a young woman inside and Fraiser discovered she had a cortical response and they began to get her out of the ice; the woman began to revive on her own. She examined EEG readings from the woman and found them matching readings from Cassandra when she developed Telekinesis and from Jack O'Neill when the Repository of Knowledge was rewriting his brain and theorized the woman was an Ancient. The woman exposed them all to the Ancient plague and when one of the scientists was injured by the extreme cold Fraiser worked to save his life, only for the woman to use her healing ability to heal his injuries. The woman cure the others of the plague but collapsed before curing O'Neill and Fraiser worked to save him but she could do nothing. The Tok'ra offered a symbiote to save him. (SG1: "Frozen")

When O'Neill and Kanan, the Tok'ra he blended with, went missing, Fraiser said that there was no way that O'Neill would have been able to control Kanan. (SG1: "Abyss") She examined the injured Dr. Kieran finding that he had schizophrenia and theorized that it was due to his exposure to radiation working on the Naquadria bomb. (SG1: "Shadow Play") Fraiser was at the Alpha Site when injured Tok'ra began to arrive. She later examined the dead body of Ocker, finding that he had been stabbed in the neck, which killed both host and symbiote. She examined the body of Artok, finding he had been killed with a knife. (SG1: "Allegiance") She examined a sample of Tretonin discovering that while it protected from all disease it essentially replaced the immune system and that stopping taking the drug would eventually result in death for those taking it. She reported what she learned to O'Neill through a MALP. (SG1: "Cure")

When Jonas saw some creatures that no one else could see, she examined him and found no issues from his exposure to Naquadria radiation. When others began seeing them and it spread to outside the base she remarked how much damage seeing them could cause everyday people in their daily activities. When a solution was found, she recommended disseminating it with a placebo pill. (SG1: "Sight Unseen") She went over the autopsy report on Dr. Brent Langham and revealed that the body recovered was not him due to no presence of his prescription drugs in the body. She later said they could search for new prescriptions for the same drugs he needed to try to locate him. (SG1: "Smoke and Mirrors") She examined Alebran when he was brought to the SGC and could do nothing when he started seizing and his body turned into a liquid. (SG1: "Metamorphosis")

She looked after Teal'c and Bra'tac, keeping them alive by switching Teal'c's symbiote between them, as Teal'c had done for three days but the strain proved to be too much. Jacob Carter arrived with Tretonin but Fraiser said it was designed for a human immune system however Jacob told her the Tok'ra had modified it to work with Jaffa. (SG1: "The Changeling") When Jonas collapsed, she examined him and later found a small spot on it MRI. She was confused as it didn't appear to be made of cancer cells and had grown 50% in size in a few hours; she recommended surgery to remove it. After Carter was injured in an explosion, Fraiser worked to save her life. When Jonas didn't want to surgery to happen as he had developed Precognition from the tumor, Fraiser was concerned. Ultimately the surgery went ahead and she worked with Dr. Sandy Van Densen to remove it and Jonas recovered. (SG1: "Prophecy")


She examined Daniel Jackson when he became human again, finding he was in perfect health before handing him his glasses. (SG1: "Fallen") When a teenager came to the SGC claiming to be Jack O'Neill she examined his DNA and found it was a match. She discovered that his cells were breaking down and he would eventually die. She worked with Selmak who discovered that the teenager was in fact a clone of O'Neill. (SG1: "Fragile Balance") Teal'c was shot through his empty symbiote pouch and it caused damage to his Spine and Fraiser got to work on saving his life. She talked to Teal'c and told him that he was very lucky but would need to go through a longer recovery phase than what he was used to as he was now on Tretonin. After some time Teal'c passed all physical tests and Fraiser cleared him for duty but he said he was not ready. She asked O'Neill to talk to Teal'c. (SG1: "Orpheus")

When Jackson had numerous consciousnesses put into his mind, Fraiser spoke to some of them to try to learn why it had happened. She spoke to Martice, a Sovereign of Talthus who was mostly unhelpful but then spoke to Tryan, an engineer, who told her about the stasis pods they used and figured out that the only way he could have ended up in Jackson's body was if his original body was dead. She then spoke to Keenin, a young boy before Martice took control again. Fraiser told him that he didn't belong in Jackson's body and she intended to remove him. The person who put the consciousnesses into Jackson helped them transfer them into himself and Fraiser oversaw it, noting that it appeared that Jackson's mind had protected itself during the ordeal. (SG1: "Lifeboat") She oversaw administering Tretonin to volunteers from the Hak'tyl resistance and had to increase the dose on Mala as it wasn't working. Fraiser decided to put back her symbiote but it caused a reaction and she died. (SG1: "Birthright")

When a massive earthquake hit Kelowna, Fraiser went to help with the injured. (SG1: "Fallout") When a documentary film crew was at the SGC, she gave an interview. Emmett Bregman, the documentarian spoke with her afterwards and the two went and had a meal together. She asked him if he was flirting with her and he said that he was. She told him about Cassandra but was called away on a rescue mission. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 2") She went with other SG teams to P3X-666 where SG-13 had been attacked. She and Jackson found Senior Airman Simon Wells who had been shot in the back with a Staff weapon. Fraiser managed to keep him alive and began treating him but she was then shot by a staff weapon and was killed. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 2")

Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality, she was not killed and remained in her position. In 2006 she joined SG-1 to go on a mission to try to find a cure for the Prior plague spreading across Earth. She ended up in another reality but a plan was developed to send her back and she was given samples of the cure for the plague. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline in the year 2010, Fraiser discovered that Carter was unable to have children and later learned that the Aschen had been sterilizing the Tau'ri. She helped SG-1 with their plan to send a note back in time to prevent them from ever meeting the Aschen and went to Chulak to give information to Teal'c for his part of the plan. (SG1: "2010")