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Jared Kane
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Rand Protectorate


Icon, Ethon

Portrayed by

Matthew Bennett

Jared Kane is a male Tegalan and a Senator for the Rand Protectorate.


He was married to Leda Kane and after he gained his position of chief aide he began to become distant with her. In 2004 he met SG-1 with Commander Gareth. Several weeks later he met with Daniel Jackson and told him that Soren and his rebel forces had gained control of areas of the Rand Protectorate. When Soren's forces began taking the capital, he went to take Jackson back to the Stargate but they were attacked and Kane was shot in the leg. He and Jackson had to head outside, where a bomb knocked them out. They were found by Rand forces and he had them take Jackson to Leda in the country while he and his men continued to fight and gather intelligence. Leda came to talk to him to convince him to work with Jackson to stop Soren and he agreed to take the chance. They assaulted the bunker that Soren had taken as SG teams attacked from within. When Soren came out to confront them, Kane shot him dead. He told Jackson that it was over and he accepted their help in rebuilding their world. (SG1: "Icon")

He became a Senator for his government. When a Prior came to Tegalus, who offered them plans to build an Ori Satellite weapon to destroy the Caledonian Federation. When a Prior plague swept across the planet, he watched Leda die rather than submit to Origin. He stole some of the plans for the satellite and went to the Stargate, contacting Earth for help. He went to Stargate Command and told them what had happened, asking them to help destroy the satellite. Jackson convinced him to try the diplomatic route but he and Jackson were arrested when they returned. He tried to convince Commander Goran Pernaux that the Ori could not be trusted. When Jackson brokered a treaty but President Nadal ordered the Caledonians attacked anyway, Pernaux shot and killed the President and Kane reminded the soldiers that Pernaux was next in command and that Nadal had violated the treaty. (SG1: "Ethon")