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Jennifer Keller
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Jewel Staite

Dr. Jennifer Keller is a female Tau'ri and a member of the Atlantis expedition.


Early life

She grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with her father and mother. (SGA: "Missing") She skipped three grades, graduating high school at 15 and achieving her bachelor's degree before 18. (SGA: "Quarantine") A few years before 2007 her mother died. (SGA: "Missing") In medical school she confided in her biology partner that the movie Alien had caused a bad nightmare so the partner hid a live snake inside a cadaver Keller was working on. (SGA: "Doppelganger")

Head of Medicine

She worked under Dr. Carson Beckett and when he died, she was appointed as acting head of medicine. She was anxious about the position and after a few weeks approached Elizabeth Weir to ask when she would be replaced. When an Asuran Stargate satellite damaged the control tower, she came with her medical team to treat those injured and had to take Weir back to the infirmary. (SGA: "First Strike") She saved Weir's life but after their efforts failed to stop her brain swelling, Keller had to perform decompressive craniectomy. When she noticed that Weir still had the Asuran nanites in her, Keller went to see Meredith Rodney McKay hoping to be able to use them to repair Weir's injuries. John Sheppard forbid it happening but they did it anyway and Weir made a recovery. (SGA: "Adrift")

She examine Sheppard after he was harmed by a crystal but found nothing wrong with him. Teyla Emmagan came to see her about getting some sleep and she gave her some Ambien. When she went to sleep that night she had a horrific dream where an alien bug erupted out of Teyla's stomach and Sheppard found it to be very cool. While going to get some Ambien for herself, Sheppard and Ronon entered the infirmary with Ronon having obtained an injury when the two were sparring, so she stitched him up. He fell asleep but woke suddenly as she was working. The next day she, Teyla and Ronon discussed how they all had dreams with Sheppard being in them. She went to inform Samantha Carter of what they had experienced. It was discovered that the crystal had released an entity that was moving between them. She was called to Dr. Kate Heightmeyer's quarters by Teyla and Keller found that she was dead. When the entity entered McKay, Sheppard entered his mind to help him fight it and Keller oversaw the procedure. When McKay went into cardiac arrest, Keller managed to revive him. She later used a Defibrillator on Sheppard as it harmed the entity and allowed him to force it out of his body. (SGA: "Doppelganger") She began getting patients complaining of headaches and dizziness that began to spread and patients began to lose their memories. Keller eventually became infected and lost her memory, being locked up in the mess hall with others. When McKay was brought in, he convinced the others to rush the guard to try to escape but during the attempt she was stunned. She along with everyone else was later cured and recovered their memories. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")

She went with Teyla to New Athos to perform check ups and take part in a Tendol feast. After arriving they found the village abandoned and were soon chased by Bola Kai. Keller sprained her ankle and was unable to move fast. After finding a prisoner, Nabel Golan, held by the Bola Kai with an injury, Keller treated him and he said he was a Genii spy who survived the culling of the Athosians before the Bola Kai showed up. She and Teyla were captured but Keller gave a fake address when questioned. Rescued by Nabel, he held a gun to them, revealing he wasn't Genii and wanted to know the address to Atlantis. Teyla tried to take him down but she was knocked out and Keller got Nabel's gun. He didn't believe she would kill him as she was a healer, and she agreed before shooting him in the leg. They were rescued by Sheppard's team but Nabel escaped. She discovered that Teyla was pregnant. (SGA: "Missing")Keller went to Vedeena to examine Davos, to find him to be afflicted by cancer and bringing him back to Atlantis for treatment. Davos had the ability to view visions of the future and Keller discovered his brain had higher than normal synaptic activity. She found that there was nothing she could do to save his life and he soon died. (SGA: "The Seer")


She examined Teyla after she had connected her mind to a Wraith queen and found her and the baby to be fine. (SGA: "Spoils of War") Ronon came in with an injury and while she was patching him up, the doors closed as the city went into a lockdown. With no contact over the radio, Keller assumed it was due to an outbreak and asked Ronon to help her set up for patients. When Ronon tried to pry open a door and tore his stitches, Keller treated him again. Ronon came up with an idea to blow the door open and Keller figured they could use an Oxygen tank and she carefully scored the top of one. The plan didn't work so the two just decided to wait. He told her about Melena and she revealed that skipping grades and graduating early made her feel like she didn't fit in anywhere. The two almost kissed before the power went off and the doors opened. (SGA: "Quarantine") She went with Sheppard and McKay to M5V-801 and found the air quality in the area of a settlement dangerous. She returned with Carter and McKay and they ended up falling into an abandoned Genii mine. After they attempted to stack crates to get out, Keller remember a bar bet to get free Beer which included sliding together knives and they used this concept to create a bridge up high to get out but Carter fell and broke her leg. When the facility they were in began to collapse, Keller fell out a door but grabbed a rope to prevent herself falling. She spied day light in a nearby tunnel and swung over. The others came over and they managed to get out. Back on Atlantis Keller reminded McKay he owed her a beer and he said he never agreed to the bet; Keller asked him if he wanted to get a drink or not and McKay caught on what she was asking. (SGA: "Trio")

She began examining a plague affecting other planets and figured that it killed about 30% of the populations afflicted. She later identified it as the Hoffan drug. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") When Carson Beckett was found alive, she examined him and discovered he was a clone. After one of Michael Kenmore's mercenaries was captured, she was shocked to see it was Nabel Golan. Beckett collapsed and she found that his genetic structure was unstable. She and Beckett worked to recreate the drug that Michael had been giving him to keep him alive but they hit a wall. Soon Beckett had no choice but to be put into stasis and Keller told him she would continue to work on a cure. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2") Keller joined a rescue team on M2S-445 and treated Lorne when he was pulled out of the rubble. After boarding the Daedalus she treated Sheppard and when he wanted her to just patch him up, she refused but he managed to convince her to allow him to leave to rescue Teyla. Later back on Atlantis, she performed surgery on Sheppard to fix his injuries. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")

Keller came up with a way to recreate the serum used by Michael on Beckett and they brought him out of stasis to use it and Beckett began to recover. She was infected by a Hive ship pathogen that began to cause her to grow tendrils out of her body. When she awoke, McKay came to see her and told her that they were going to do everything they could. Keller began to hear voices in her head, as the pathogen created an alternate personality in her mind. The personality appeared to take complete control of her mind, but after Beckett created a Phage to cure her, she completely recovered and regained control of her mind. (SGA: "The Seed") When Tyre was brought to Atlantis, she oversaw his withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme. She later oversaw the same for Ronon after he had been found. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

When McKay became infected with the Second Childhood parasite, he and Keller began recording him to track the progress and after a few days he admitted to her that he loved her and had for some time. Keller continued to work on trying to stop the parasite to no luck. When Ronon wanted to take McKay to the Shrine of Talus to give him a chance to say goodbye to them, Keller refused to allow him to leave. Jeannie Miller came to Atlantis and when told about the Shrine, she wanted him taken there. Keller went along and once there she was surprised when McKay returned to normal. She found a strange radiation in the area and tested it out by moving McKay away. Realizing that the radiation caused the parasite to retract, Keller had to perform surgery but once she made a hole, the parasite began to leave as it wanted to get away from the radiation. McKay made a complete recovery. (SGA: "The Shrine")

Keller came up with a gene therapy that in tests removed the Wraith's need to feed on humans. She went with Sheppard's team to present the idea to Todd. He said they needed to convince the Primary, the leader of his alliance and needed a Wraith queen to present it, suggesting Teyla be disguised as a Wraith to accomplish it. Keller performed some form of surgery to allow Teyla to appear as a queen and later reversed the procedure. (SGA: "The Queen") Keller began taking some sparring lessons from Ronon. She went on a medical check up to M33-985 when she was stunned and kidnapped from the village. She awoke to learn that a Runner had taken her. She offered to remove his tracking device but after scanning him found it was fused to his Spine. He took her to a cave where an injured girl named Celise was. He told her that he had rescued her after a culling and had been going to planets to try to find someone to heal her injured leg. When Wraith showed up, Kiryk defeated some of them but was soon knocked out and one of the Wraith went after Celise; Keller stabbed the Wraith with a sword, killing it. Keller used a Defibrillator to disable his tracking device. When McKay and Ronon found them, she stopped Ronon and Kiryk from fighting and explained what had happened. Kirky went through the Stargate to draw the Wraith away. (SGA: "Tracker")

She went aboard the Daedalus to show her gene therapy research to Todd. Ronon came with her, stating that he didn't trust Todd. When Todd remarked that he was not sure what the Wraith would do if they didn't need to feed on humans, Keller felt some pity for him. Ronon came to her later and said that the Wraith were taking over the ship. (SGA: "First Contact") They went to the engineering room and Ronon began destroy control crystals. When Todd came over the PA and said that whoever had sabotaged the ship needed to hand themselves in or else he would kill the crew, Keller wanted to go but Ronon stopped her. When he turned around she ran off anyway. She was brought before Todd who sent her to be locked up and was rescued by Ronon. They released the rest of the crew and took back the ship. Keller told Ronon that she was interested in someone else and Ronon replied that he wasn't interested in her in that way, which she initially believed. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

She ran a scan on Woolsey who told her that he had been experiencing some visual and auditory symptoms and she gave him some medication. (SGA: "Remnants") McKay asked her to come to a presentation he was invited to on Earth and she agreed. She tried to get him to be humble and enjoy his time but he was annoyed at how his old rival Malcolm Tunney was doing. During the presentation, McKay stood up and claimed that Tunney had stolen his work. He and Keller went to Tunney's office and were later accused of sabotage when Tunney's Heat sink couldn't be shut down and the temperature in the building kept falling. With people trapped inside, Keller convinced Terrence Kramer to try to contact the military for help and she went to try to use a cell phone but became stuck in a corridor filling with freezing water. McKay came to save her and performed CPR on her. She told him that she loved him and had for some time, mirroring what he had said to her. (SGA: "Brain Storm")

Todd's Hive ship arrived in orbit with the crew in stasis after the gene therapy had caused a virulent cancer-like disease among them. Keller went aboard to examine the evidence and later when Todd was revived, worked with him on trying to find a cure. (SGA: "Infection") One day Keller found herself somewhere else and was soon found by people and put in jail. She was in another person's body and was sentence to execution for her crimes and they didn't believe that she was someone else. She was rescued by two men who worked with the woman she switched bodies with and soon her own body arrived, with the woman in it. Keller managed to run off but was captured by one of the men who was going to shoot her when she switched back to her own body. She found that she had been shot but Beckett had removed the bullet. (SGA: "Identity")


A Hive ship was on its way to Earth and Atlantis was going to help with the defense. Richard Woolsey informed Keller that they were going to jump into a combat situation and her team needed to be ready to deal with injuries. He told her that if the Wormhole drive failed to get them to Earth it would most likely vaporize the city. After destroying the Hive, Atlantis was forced to land on Earth. Keller joined others on a balcony overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. When she noticed McKay looking pensive, she asked if he was ok. He replied he was alive, then remarked that he had her so what else could he need. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

Alternate Realities

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Keller had to deal with treating people on many worlds who were exposed to the Hoffan drug. After Richard Woolsey became leader of the Atlantis expedition and pulled back all relief efforts, Keller resigned from her position. On the return trip to Earth with McKay, they became close and were a couple once home. She began her own practice on Earth but after a year she began to fall ill due to so much exposure to the Hoffan drug. She was treated at Stargate Command but there was nothing that could be done. When McKay came up with a plan to change the past to stop Michael Kenmore, Keller told him not to spend his life trying to change the past. She eventually died. (SGA: "The Last Man")