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John Sheppard
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Joe Flanigan

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard is a male Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force, a member of the Atlantis expedition and the commander of his own team.


Early life

He began playing Golf when he was six. (SGA: "Sunday") He had a strained relationship with his father and couldn't wait to get away from him. (SGA: "Outcast") He married to Nancy at some point but it didn't last. (SGA: "Sunday", "Outcast") He trained to fly Apaches, Blackhawks, Cobras and Osprey. He served in Afghanistan where he disobeyed orders to save three people's lives. (SGA: "Rising") While in Afghanistan he was approached by an Afghani warlord who wanted to practice his English on Sheppard. While serving with Dex and Mitch, they were killed outside Kabul. (SGA: "Home") He had his wisdom teeth removed at some point and considered the week he was on Codeine after the procedure as one of the best weeks of his life. (SGA: "Conversion") While in Afghanistan he flew to rescue his friend Captain Holland but wasn't able to get him out alive. (SGA: "Phantoms")


In 2004 he had been assigned to McMurdo Station in Antarctica, the one continent he had never set foot on. He was flying Brigadier General Jack O'Neill from McMurdo to the Antarctic outpost when they were targeting by a Drone and Sheppard managed to evade it and cause it crash into the snow. He landed the Helicopter and the drone came out of the snow but deactivated before it hit them. Arriving at the outpost he found that Dr. Carson Beckett had accidentally fired the drone and he apologized to which Sheppard accepted. Beckett told him about the Ancients, the Stargate and the Ancient Technology Activation gene. Sheppard at in the Control chair asking what was the chance he had the gene and was surprised when the chair activated. Elizabeth Weir asked him to join the Atlantis expedition and Sheppard said that he would think about it. O'Neill asked him why he wanted to be a pilot and Sheppard responded that anyone who didn't want to fly was crazy and O'Neill replied that anyone who didn't want to go through the Stargate was equally as crazy. Sheppard decided to join the expedition. (SGA: "Rising")

They left for Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy which was underwater and protected by a powerful shield but power levels were dropping. Weir had Sheppard join Colonel Marshall Sumner's team to go offworld and look for a safe place to evacuate to. They went to Athos where Sheppard met Jinto and Wex, two young Athosians and Halling, Jinto's father. They were taken to meet Teyla Emmagan, their leader and Sheppard told her a few things about himself so they could get to know one another. The next day she took Sheppard to a cave where their were drawings about the Wraith and their cullings. The Wraith arrived and attacked and Sumner and others were taken. Sheppard brought the surviving Athosians to Atlantis as the shield failed. Luckily the city rose to the surface and survived. Weir refused to let Sheppard go after those that were taken as it was potentially a suicide mission. After finding the planet where they were taken, Meredith Rodney McKay took Sheppard to see the Puddle Jumpers and he told Weir that it would provide them with an advantage in the rescue. (SGA: "Rising")

He led a team to the planet and he and Aiden Ford entered a Hive ship on the surface, finding the prisoners but not Sumner. He tracked down Sumner who was being fed on by a Wraith and Sheppard was forced to shoot Sumner through the heart to end his suffering. He was captured and interrogated before being saved by Ford. He impaled the Wraith and killed it, inadvertently waking all the other Wraith. They got back to the Puddle Jumper and Sheppard flew them to the Spacegate, drawing away some Darts and destroying others to clear the way. They made it back to Atlantis and reunited the Athosians. Teyla thanked Sheppard and said that he had proven himself a true friend and Weir asked him to begin to consider who would be on his team. (SGA: "Rising")


When McKay was testing a Lantean Personal shield, Sheppard shot him in the leg and pushed him off a balcony. He was telling a scary story to the Athosian children, actually the plot of a movie. Halling came to him that night after Jinto had gone missing and they started a search for him. The Athosians began seeing 'shadows' and Sheppard came across an energy entity responsible for power losses in the city. They eventually found Jinto and discovered he had accidentally released the entity. Sheppard was to activate a containment vessel to trap the entity but it took one look and retreated. (SGA: "Hide and Seek") While gathering intelligence on the Wraith, Sheppard had an Iratus bug attach to his neck and begin to paralyze him. A Wraith came across him but did nothing as he knew the Iratus would kill him. After their Jumper became stuck in the Stargate and Sheppard knew that he wouldn't last too much longer, they used a defibrillator to stop Sheppard's heart and cause the Iratus to detach. After being unable to resuscitate Sheppard they sent him through the Stargate to keep him alive for a little longer. Beckett managed to restart his heart when they got to Atlantis. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes")

When Sheppard's team began running into the Wraith on most of their missions, Weir suspected that there was a spy on Atlantis and when Weir had Teyla excluded from a briefing Sheppard was annoyed as he trusted Teyla. When they discovered a door in the Jumper bay that allowed access outside, Sheppard and Ford took a Jumper to look around the planet and discovered the Lantea mainland. While on another mission they were again attacked by the Wraith and Sheppard was struck by fire and stunned. He was annoyed at Sgt. Bates who believed that Teyla was a Wraith spy. It was discovered that Teyla's necklace, that Sheppard had found in the cave on Athos, was a hidden Wraith Transmitter so it was used to lay an ambush for the Wraith and they captured one alive. Sheppard went to go and see the Wraith to inform him that they would be unable to provide him with food. (SGA: "Suspicion")

After meeting the People of M7G-677 who performed ritual suicide at before age 25, Sheppard spoke to Keras, their eldest, and tried to convince him that there was another way. When others wanted Sheppard's team to leave, a crossbow was fired at Sheppard but Keras stepped in front of him and took the arrow but survived. They convinced the people that the Wraith were leaving them alone because of an electromagnetic field. (SGA: "Childhood's End") When the Hoffans developed a drug that stopped them being fed on by the Wraith but killed 50% of the people inoculated with it, Sheppard confronted Chancellor Druhin but he was convinced it was their best way to resist the Wraith. (SGA: "Poisoning the Well") Sheppard's team met the Genii and Sheppard and McKay discovered they lived above a massive, underground city and their life on the surface was a facade. They made a deal to help them gather intelligence from a Hive ship but Sheppard didn't fully trust them so he had two cloaked Jumper's waiting for when the Genii betrayed them. (SGA: "Underground")

A planet was discovered which offered a return to Earth and Weir and Sheppard's team went through. Sheppard went shopping with Teyla but began to feel that things were off, once a home he had dreamed of showed up and Dex and Mitch arrived, he realized the world was fake. Hammond revealed the world was created by the Mist on the planet they had been on as using the Stargate harmed them. They convinced the Mist to release them as they would leave and not come back. (SGA: "Home")

He was taking Teyla to the mainland when they discovered a massive Hurricane heading for the mainland and Atlantis. The storm would destroy almost everything in its path including the city so Sheppard and Ford went to Manaria to speak with Smeadon about allowing the expedition to evacuate there for a day. Smeadon wanted to know what he got out of it and Sheppard made it clear they would owe them a favor and that it would be better for them to be friends. He remained on Atlantis to help with the plan to save the city and went to grounding station four to disable it. When he learned that a Genii strike force had invaded the city, he contacted Ford, Teyla and Beckett still on the mainland but told them to stay where they were. He took the C-4 that the Genii were after, hiding it before being contacted by Commander Acastus Kolya who said that he would kill Weir and McKay if he didn't disabled Grounding station three. He was ambushed by two Genii soldiers and killed them. (SGA: "The Storm")

When Kolya said that he had killed Weir, Sheppard went after Kolya's men. He killed several and then started disabling the Naquadah generators that powered the city. He entered the control room, knocking out Ladon Radim and activating the Stargate shield as more Genii soldiers arrived, killing most of them. Kolya contacted Sheppard and told him that Weir was alive but he would kill her and McKay if he didn't reactivate the generators and then he would leave Atlantis and let it be destroyed. He went to reactive a generator but was stopped by some soldiers. He was saved by Ford, Teyla and Beckett and he took Ford to try to rescue Weir and McKay. They opened fire on the Genii soldiers and rescued McKay but Kolya took Weir as a hostage. Sheppard shot Kolya in the shoulder, forcing him to let go of Weir and fall through the Stargate. (SGA: "The Eye")


He went with McKay, Dr. Brendan Gall and Abrams to examine a Lagrangian Point satellite in the Lantean System and discovered a crashed Cruiser on a nearby planet. They detected no lifesigns so they went in to investigate but a lone Wraith was still aboard and it attacked and killed Abrams and almost killed Gall. Sheppard went to head off the Wraith before it got to the Puddle Jumper. He fired on the Wraith but it healed and shot back, injuring Sheppard. After the Wraith survived an explosion and more shots, Sheppard placed an Energy bar on the Wraith so it attracted some Space bugs and made his life sign more detectable, allowing another Jumper to target him and take him out. (SGA: "The Defiant One")

When a research team was infected by a nanovirus, Sheppard ordered Bates to unlock the door to let him out in violation of Weir's quarantine orders. He and Teyla went to stop Dr. Peterson from coming back to the general population and when he tried to run, Sheppard shot at him, before he transported into the mess hall, infecting everyone there. McKay talked him through using a Electromagnetic pulse generator to disable the virus but it didn't work, so Sheppard detonated a Naquadah generator in orbit in order to cause an EMP and stop the virus. He spoke with Weir who told him that he can't ever counteract her orders again. (SGA: "Hot Zone")

The team were saved from the Wraith by an energy force above a planet, they landed and met the people. After being introduced to Chaya Sar, a Priestess, Sheppard became smitten and invited her back to Atlantis and try to convince her to allow refugees displaced by the Wraith to come to their world. Sheppard gave her a tour of the city and later planned a late night picnic for them, claiming that it was ambassadorial. Chaya said that she enjoyed spending time with him and the two shared a kiss. When McKay confronted him about him being close to Chaya and how she was hiding something, he got angry at McKay. It was revealed that Chaya was an ascended being and she had a vision of the Wraith attacking her world. She returned and Sheppard followed, helping take out some of the Wraith. He landed and met with her again and she explained that she was not allowed to let anyone else live on the planet. He said he could come back to visit her and they performed a Sharing together. (SGA: "Sanctuary")

While exploring the city, Sheppard, Teyla and Ford came across someone in stasis who was later revealed to be Weir from an Alternate Timeline. (SGA: "Before I Sleep") While looking for a ZPM, Sheppard's team was captured by Commander Kolya and Sheppard, Ford and Teyla laid a trap, defeating Kolya and his men. Sheppard allowed Kolya to live, promising to kill him if he ever came after them again. (SGA: "The Brotherhood") He went with Teyla to observe the Hive ships that were headed for Atlantis and after Teyla promised some people she knew that they would be rescued if the Wraith arrived, he said he couldn't make that promise. He later told Teyla that making difficult decisions is what he was trained to do. (SGA: "Letters From Pegasus") When Teyla was having nightmares, Sheppard asked Dr. Kate Heightmeyer to talk to her about them. After it was learned that Teyla was able to enter the minds of Wraith because of her having some Wraith DNA, Sheppard said that they could use it to gather information. (SGA: "The Gift")

He worked on creating a list of planet as possible Alpha Site and when Bates suggested not taking Teyla with them as she may give away its location, he shut Bates down. When Bates confronted Teyla and she hit him, he stopped them, sending Bates away and chastizing Teyla. After Bates was attacked and beaten, he and Ford went to ask Teyla if she had anything to do with it. They learned that a Wraith was in the city and attacked Bates, they went after it and Sheppard was almost fed on. He interrogated the Wraith and after it harmed Teyla when she tried to enter his mind, Sheppard shot the Wraith. He shot and killed the Wraith after realizing it would not give up any information. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")

A military team led by Colonel Dillon Everett arrived from Earth to help defend the city and he ordered Sheppard to contact the Alpha Site to recall any personnel who wanted to fight but Weir asked him not to until she spoke with Everett. Sheppard let Everett know that shutting Weir out would alienate the people who trusted her, including him. After briefing Weir, Everett told Sheppard that he didn't want to ever have to give him an order twice again. He worked on training Everett's men on piloting the Puddle Jumpers and deploying Nuclear bombs in orbit. Everett had Sheppard show him how the Lanteans lost to the Wraith and then told him that he was friends with Colonel Marshall Sumner and didn't believe that Sheppard had done everything to save him. Sheppard used the Control chair to fire some Drones to defend the city, but there were few Drones left. Sheppard came up with the idea of remotely piloting the Jumpers to the Hive ships with Nuclear bombs aboard to destroy them, stating that they could obtain bombs from the Genii. When the plan failed because the chair was without power, Sheppard went to pilot a Jumper himself. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 2")

He was rescued before the bomb went off when the Daedalus arrived. He recommended that they beam over a nuclear bomb to the remaining Hive ship in order to destroy it. He returned to Atlantis and met with Everett who had been fed on by a Wraith and Everett told him he now understood why Sheppard had killed Sumner. He had Zelenka scan in the ocean outside for any life signs and found Ford out there, attached to a Wraith who had died while feeding on Ford. He went with the Daedalus to attack Hive ships that were coming to Atlantis but the Wraith soon developed a counter to the beaming technology and they had to flee. He came up with the idea to cloak the city in order to trick the Wraith into thinking they had destroyed the city. When Ford escaped, having been changed by the Wraith enzyme he had been exposed to, Sheppard went to try to find him but when he shot at Ford with a Wraith stunner it had no effect. Ford boarded a Jumper and escaped. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 3")

Sheppard returned to Earth with other senior staff where he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. He spoke with Lara, Ford's cousin, promising that he wouldn't give up on finding him. On the returning trip aboard the Daedalus, the ship was overtaken by a Wraith Computer virus and activated the long-range communications array. Sheppard took an F-302 to destroy the array and the virus then took control of the F-302 so he had to be beamed out. He and McKay later removed memory modules from the other F-302's and had to taken refuge in one when the virus opened the bay door. The virus was purged but came back and Sheppard realized it was still aboard the F-302 he was beamed out so he and McKay took their F-302 out and he destroyed it. (SGA: "The Intruder") While out searching for Ford, he and Teyla were captured by Ronon Dex, a Runner who had a Wraith Tracking device in him. They convinced Ronon to let them help and Sheppard went to bring Beckett back to remove the device. He went after Ford and tried to stop him but he escaped again. (SGA: "Runner")

When McKay and Lt. Laura Cadman were taken aboard a Dart, Sheppard gave the order to shoot it down so it could not report back to its hive ship. He brought Zelenka to help get them out but they could only remove McKay. He was considering having Ronon join his team and had him tested to see how he worked. (SGA: "Duet") Sheppard was piloting a Jumper when it was shot down by some prisoners and they were captured. He was a little surprised that Ronon followed one of his orders, perhaps expecting him to be unwilling to follow. When the Wraith arrived to cull the prisoners, Sheppard had another planet dialed for the prisoners to escape to. (SGA: "Condemned") After finding an Ancient power source and a scientist died following their tests, McKay convinced Sheppard to recommend to Weir that they continue, asking Sheppard to trust him. When their test went bad, Sheppard convinced McKay to leave rather than try to fix it. McKay later asked if he could have the opportunity to earn back Sheppard's trust. (SGA: "Trinity")

Sheppard and his team offered to hunt down The Daimos, a Wraith plaguing a village and instead came across a young Wraith female, Ellia, being raised by a man who claimed she does not feed on people. Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla went to hunt down The Daimos but were unable to locate him. Ellia took Beckett's Iratus bug retrovirus which had the opposite effect, stripping human elements from her and turning her into an animalistic creature. Sheppard went after her and she briefly fed on his arm before she was killed. (SGA: "Instinct") The retrovirus was introduced to Sheppard and it began to mutate him, first giving him increased stamina and speed before starting to convert his DNA into a creature similar to Ellia. As his mind began to go he escaped but was captured again. In order to cure him, Iratus bug eggs were needed and he was the only one capable of retrieving them without harm due to the mutation. A viral inhibitor was given to him to make him lucid enough and he managed to collect the eggs. A cure was developed and his body returned to normal. (SGA: "Conversion") When the Aurora, a Lantean warship was discovered with the crew in stasis and inside a Virtual reality, Sheppard went in to talk to them but they were unaware they were in a virtual reality. When told that a Wraith was also in the reality, Sheppard realized it was the First Officer and confronted her, revealing her true nature and getting the Captain to give him the self-destruct codes to destroy the ship and the incoming Wraith Cruisers. (SGA: "Aurora")

Sheppard's team was captured by Ford who revealed he was leading men who were also using the enzyme. The rest of the team was drugged with the enzyme except for Sheppard who Ford left out so he could report back that it was safe to use. Sheppard had the rest of the team play along until they could escape and he and Teyla went with Kanayo on a mission where they learned that Ford intended to destroy a Hive ship. Sheppard told Ford that he had spoken to his family back on Earth and they wanted to see him again. Sheppard flew a Dart to bring the others aboard the Hive ship but they were found and captured. Sheppard was brought before the Hive Queen. (SGA: "The Lost Boys") After they managed to escape and were recaptured while trying to help some trapped humans, Sheppard was imprisoned with Neera who he began to suspect was a spy for the Wraith. When brought to the queen again, he revealed what he knew about Neera and claimed to be working for a rival hive. He was rescued by Ford and he got Teyla and Ronon free before attacking another Hive ship, causing the two hives to attack and destroy one another. (SGA: "The Hive")


Finding a strange portal, Sheppard enters but finds himself trapped on the other side. After waiting for days for rescue he heads out to help rescue a man from The Beast, only to be injured and knocked out. He awakens in a village and was healed by people who are meditating to reach ascension. He becomes close with a woman named Teer and he again fights The Beast to defend the village, remarking how the others ran away to leave him to fight alone. After six months living there, he learns that the others have come to rescue them and goes to rescue them from The Beast. Teer and the others realize The Beast is a creature of their own fears and stand up to and destroy it. As they begin ascending, Teer asks Sheppard to join them but he says he's not ready yet. (SGA: "Epiphany") When it is learned that The Trust has planted a bomb on Atlantis, Sheppard runs a search for any potential explosive devices. After it is discovered that a Goa'uld has taken Colonel Steven Caldwell as a host, Sheppard uses a Taser to take him down and allow Caldwell to regain control and relay information about the bomb. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

When McKay was trapped aboard Jumper Six as it sunk into the ocean on Lantea, Sheppard worked on a plan to rescue him combing a magnetic grapple to a cable to pull the Jumper closer to the surface to get McKay out. He also realized that they could convert a Jumper's cloak into a shield to protect it as they went after McKay. Detecting a creature, Sheppard realized it was circling something and they went to investigate, finding the Jumper and rescuing McKay. (SGA: "Grace Under Pressure") After finding the Tower, another City-ship like Atlantis, with a royal family ruling from it, Sheppard is taken to meet the Lord Protector where he learns that the royal family has the ATA gene and control a supply of drones. He is approached at night by Mara, the Lord Protector's daughter who reveals that her father said that if she marries Sheppard, the throne will fall to her as with Sheppard she would produce offspring with a stronger ATA gene. When the Lord Protector falls ill, he brings in Beckett who finds out that he is being poisoned and Sheppard suspects Tavius, the Lord Protector's son. He gives the Gene therapy to Otho, the chamberlain, who takes it himself and takes the throne, having been the one to poison the Lord Protector. After the Tower's ZPM is depleted, Otho attacks Sheppard who disarms him but cuts him with his own knife, which was poisoned and he dies. (SGA: "The Tower")

Weir has the mind of Phoebus imprinted on her who asks that Sheppard allow her husband, Thalan, to be imprinted on him so that they could say goodbye and Sheppard agrees. The two are actually enemies and begin to hunt one another across Atlantis. Sheppard is unable to take control of his body but eventually Thalan's mind fades away and he regained control, using a Wraith Stun pistol to stun Phoebus and stop her. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye") When Ladon Radim contacts Atlantis wanting to trade a ZPM for military supplies to stop Cowen from his plan of galactic conquest, Sheppard and McKay go to inform Cowen. Sheppard leads a team to track down Ladon and take the ZPM but they are gassed and captured, with Ladon revealing he is working for Cowen who wants to trade their lives to Atlantis for Jumpers. Ladon instead frees them and uses a Nuclear bomb to kill Cowen and his elite guard and position himself as leader of the Genii. (SGA: "Coup D'etat")

After converting Michael Kenmore, a Wraith, into a human, Sheppard kept an eye on him and when he got into a fight with Ronon he had to help separate them. After Michael learned who he was and was taken to the Alpha Site, he escaped and took Teyla hostage so he and Ronon went after them. They were able to find Teyla but Michael was taken by other Wraith. (SGA: "Michael") Meeting with the Taranians, Sheppard showed an interest in the scientist Norina. He and the others were shown the Orion, a Lantean warship, and soon learned that the planet was going to become uninhabitable when a supervolcano was going to erupt. During the evacuation the Stargate was destroyed by lava and Sheppard had McKay get to work to fix the ship so they could rescue the survivors. (SGA: "Inferno")

When a Hive ship was approaching Atlantis, Sheppard commanded the Orion in the event they had to defend the city. The Hive had Michael aboard and they wanted to use the retrovirus on enemy Wraith to turn them into a food source and Sheppard was all for the plan. After the Wraith betrayed them and took the location of Earth, Sheppard flew an F-302 to attack and attached the ship to the Hive before it jumped into hyperspace. (SGA: "Allies") He managed to make contact with Michael, who said he didn't know of the plan to go to Earth and helped Sheppard with information on what part of the Hive to attack when they dropped out of hyperspace. He took out the Hive's hyperdrive but his F-302 was damaged and he was captured. Michael freed him and they located McKay and Ronon aboard, escaping on a Transport ship when the Daedalus and Orion arrived to attack. They beamed over the retrovirus gas and converted the Hive's Wraith. (SGA: "No Man's Land")

The converted Wraith were settled and with no memory, told they were survivors of a plague and being treated. Sheppard had a nuclear bomb hidden nearby as a failsafe and left a security team behind to look after Dr. Beckett. When a Hive ship was detected heading towards the planet, Sheppard took his team to rescue Beckett and the security force and then detonate the bomb but the converted Wraith disabled the bomb. Sheppard had McKay fire on the camp from orbit to destroy it. (SGA: "Misbegotten") When SG-1 came to Atlantis, Sheppard gave Cameron Mitchell a Lemon to use to threaten McKay with impending death to get him to perform "miracles". (SG1: "The Pegasus Project") Sheppard got a Cold and when everyone else on Atlantis became enamored with a man named Lucius Lavin, he appeared to be the only one not affected. He had to kidnap Beckett and get him to analyze a liquid that Lucius drank before he was found by the others. Beckett came up with a serum that counter Lucius' effect and Sheppard kidnapped Lucius while Beckett inoculated the city. (SGA: "Irresistible")

When Ronon was captured and offered up to the Wraith, Sheppard refused to not do anything and demanded that Caldwell take his team to Sateda, Ronon's homeworld where the Wraith had taken him. Once there, Ronon refused to leave until he defeated the Wraith commander that had taken him and threatened to kill Sheppard if he killed the commander first. (SGA: "Sateda") After meeting the Asurans, Sheppard's mind was entered and he was put into a a simulation where he and the others escaped, revealing that they were from Atlantis. (SGA: "Progeny") After Weir was infected with Asuran nanites who began to try to take control of her body, Sheppard continued to speak to her when she was in a coma to try to get her to fight. After an Electromagnetic pulse was used to try to kill them but didn't affect newer ones, Sheppard realized that the signals indicating that Weir was dreaming was the nanites trying to get Weir to give up so they could gain control. He entered the quarantine area and took her hand, telling her that she had to fight and she was able to overpower the nanites and regain control. (SGA: "The Real World")

Going to investigate a signal sent by the Genii, Sheppard's team came under fire and as they were retreating Sheppard was captured by Acastus Kolya. While imprisoned Sheppard met someone in the cell next to him who said that they had been there for years and there was no escape. Sheppard was brought in front of a camera and Kolya contacted Atlantis, demanding Ladon Radim in exchange for Sheppard. When Weir refused, Kolya brought out a starving Wraith that was allowed to feed on Sheppard for a few seconds. Returning to his cell, he saw the person next to him, who was the Wraith that had fed on him. After the Wraith was allowed to feed again, Sheppard spoke to him to try to get him to escape with Sheppard, saying that the other option was death. Once again allowed to feed, the Wraith told Sheppard that he would help in their escape. Managing to take down the guards and get outside, they were cut off from the Stargate. Sheppard awoke in the morning only for the Wraith to feed on him again, leaving him barely alive. The Wraith returned once they had taken out some guards and fed, and then returned all the life that it had taken from Sheppard as he had helped the Wraith escape. A rescue team arrived and Sheppard stunned the Wraith, taking him to another planet and letting him go free. (SGA: "Common Ground")

Sheppard met Jeannie Miller, McKay's sister and he introduced her to Teyla and Ronon and she told them some stories from when McKay was younger. When an alternate reality McKay arrived on Atlantis, Sheppard enjoyed his company and the two played some Golf together. He later remarked that he found this different McKay creepy. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller") While searching for Leonard's team who had gone missing, Sheppard became affected by a Wraith Mind manipulator and began the hallucinate that he was back in Afghanistan. He hallucinated that the injured Teyla was the injured Captain Holland and fought the Taliban, who was actually Ronon. When he came across McKay he shot him before being taken by Teyla to the mind manipulator and disabling it. (SGA: "Phantoms")

He took the first trip through the McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge and on the return trip went aboard the Daedalus as another ship was detected passing by. The ship was full of Lanteans who they transported back to Atlantis. The commander, Helia, took control of the city and asked the expedition to leave. When back on Earth Sheppard took command of SG-4 but missed working with his team. When the Asurans took control of Atlantis, they came up with a plan to take back the city before it was destroyed by the Daedalus. Without authorization they went back to the Pegasus galaxy. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1") They dropped a bomb off in the control tower to blind the sensors while they retrieved Niam's body. After getting back into the city Niam woke up and had to be destroyed so a new plan was developed to interface the Anti-Replicator guns with the shield emitters to wipe out the Asurans all at once. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2")


Sheppard took McKay on a Puddle Jumper under the ocean to observe some Flagisallus, only to be affected by the frequency they were making and when McKay passed out, Sheppard had to quickly get them out of the water. The Flagisallus were coming to seek refuge under Atlantis' shield and they discovered that a Coronal mass ejection was going to render Lantea uninhabitable. Sheppard came up with the idea of installing the ZPM on the Daedalus and take it closer to the star and divert the ejection. (SGA: "Echoes") Going offworld to meet a "hero" who saved a village, Sheppard's team find Lucius Lavin. After Beckett confirms that Lucius is not using his herb to make the people like him, they go to leave to be cornered by bandits and then saved by Lucius, who was using a Lantean Personal shield. The team learn that Lucius faked the attack but the people do not believe them. Acastus Kolya and his men arrive to look for Sheppard and after evading them, he joins with Lucius to work on a plan to save his team and the people. Sheppard wears the personal shield but after it saves him it fails, luckily Lucius convinced the people to stand up against the Genii. Sheppard and Kolya face off and Sheppard is faster at drawing and firing, killing Kolya. (SGA: "Irresponsible")

When McKay accidentally uses a device that alters his DNA and begins rapidly evolving him, it is discovered that he either needs to ascend or he will die. Weir asks Sheppard to try to help him as he spent months with people who were working towards ascension. McKay grew annoyed at the process but when he started to die, he gave it another go but luckily he came up with a solution to put his DNA back. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney") Sheppard and McKay discover that the "game" they were playing was in fact a Lantean social experiment and they were directing real people. Sheppard met with his "guy", Baden, and tried to get him and Nola, the leader of McKay's country to talk. They took them to Atlantis to show them what had happened. When the two countries they controlled began to go to war, Sheppard came up with the idea to simulate a war before it escalated, using shots from the Daedalus to fake it and show the people how bad war could go for them. (SGA: "The Game")

Sheppard's team found a space station hidden inside a moon and discovered that some people had placed themselves into storage aboard to survive a Wraith attack. After one of the people killed himself after learning his family didn't survive, he damaged the space station and another man forced Sheppard's team to save the others by putting himself and Teyla into storage. Sheppard piloted their shuttle as the moon broke apart around it and managed to crash land on the planet. (SGA: "The Ark") During a mandatory rest day, Sheppard took Ronon to hit some golf balls and Ronon took them to play a flag capturing-fighting game. They relaxed together when an explosion was heard and it was discovered that a device had caused explosive tumors to form in two scientists. Beckett managed to remove the tumor from the other scientist but it exploded and killed him. Sheppard took part as a pall bearer to transport Beckett's body back to Earth. (SGA: "Sunday")

Sheppard piloted a Jumper underwater to find a Mobile drilling platform. Once aboard Teyla began to sense a Wraith but when she tried to connect with her mind she said she was mistaken. Power was cut off from part of the station and Sheppard couldn't get into contact with Teyla and Ronon. Finding Ronon he said that Teyla had attacked him and when they found her she was unaware of what had happened. A scientist called for help and when Sheppard got there he found a Wraith Queen who tried to get him to fly her to the Stargate. Ronon arrived and the queen was captured but they soon learned she had armed the auto-destruct on her Cruiser so Sheppard and McKay used pressure suits to get over there. Unable to deactivate it a plan was developed to trick the queen into thinking they had repaired her ship so she would disable the auto-destruct. The plan worked and the queen was defeated. (SGA: "Submersion")

Checking in on the Taranians, they found them all dead and a strange creature attacked them. Discovering the DHD disabled, Sheppard took them back to find the missing marines that had come to assist them. They soon learned that Michael was behind it. Sheppard confronted Michael but one of the creatures attacked and he escaped. Sheppard took Michael's Dart and picked up the rest of the team to escape. (SGA: "Vengeance")

The Apollo arrived at Atlantis with information that the Asurans were building a fleet of ships and had brought the Horizon weapon with them to destroy the fleet. Sheppard was in agreement that the ships needed to be dealt with despite Weir being against it. He took a cloaked Jumper into orbit of Asuras to observe the attack and later returned to Atlantis with the data. An Asuran Stargate satellite arrived in orbit and fired on the city and with no options they planned to launch Atlantis and take it to another planet. An asteroid was placed in the satellite's weapon's path and Sheppard manned the Control chair to pilot Atlantis but they didn't have enough power so the shield had to be dropped for it to take up. The weapon broke through and grazed the city, causing it to drop out in space. (SGA: "First Strike")

When the city was to pass through an asteroid belt, Sheppard led others in Jumpers to destroy them and clear a path. Weir had been severely injured in the attack and McKay and Dr. Jennifer Keller came up with the idea of activating the nanites in her to repair the injury but Sheppard wouldn't allow it as it was too much of a risk. McKay did it anyway and Weir made a recovery. With little power left, McKay came up with the idea to go to Asuras and steal one of their ZPMs. (SGA: "Adrift") Sheppard had Teyla remain behind to lead the people to a nearby planet and keep them alive. Arriving at Asuras he and Ronon went into the city, led by Weir who had gained access to the Asuran network. They manage to retrieve the ZPM but remained when McKay discovered a command the Asurans had which directed them to attack the Wraith. He and Ronon went to upload it to the Asuran Central data core. Weir left to find Oberoth to take control of the Asurans and let the others escape. They returned to Atlantis with the new ZPM and Sheppard piloted the city to M35-117 and landed it on the ocean. (SGA: "Lifeline")

When Ronon found old friend he thought were dead and considered leaving Atlantis to join them, Sheppard said he wasn't going to try to convince him but did mention a number of reasons Ronon should stay anyway. The Satedans let them know of a plan for the Wraith to shut off the Asuran command that made them attack Wraith, so they joined them to stop it. The team was captured but later rescued and Ronon remained on the team as his friends had become Wraith worshippers. (SGA: "Reunion") On M3X-387, Sheppard touched a crystal and was thrown backwards. An energy entity used Sheppard's form and spread to others to give them horrific dreams with Sheppard in them. When the entity began to kill, Sheppard entered McKay's dream to help him fight it. He believed he had failed and McKay had died, only to see himself. He fought with the entity but was easily beaten only for McKay to arrive, having entered Sheppard's mind. His body was shocked, which stunned the entity and Sheppard was able to defeat it and force it from his body. (SGA: "Doppelganger")

On his way back from a supply mission, Sheppard was captured and beaten for information. He met Larrin, one of the Travelers who showed him an Aurora-class warship they had discovered and made a deal for his help in them flying it. Sheppard took the opportunity to move the ship forward, sending the others flying back. When he took the ship into hyperspace, Larrin disabled the shields to exposed Sheppard to radiation. He shut down the hyperdrive but managed to send a signal to Atlantis. The Wraith intercepted the signal and attacked, so Sheppard convinced Larrin to let him fight back. He used the control chair to destroy the attacking Cruiser but some Wraith made it aboard. After destroying two of the Wraith, the final one drained the life from Larrin but Sheppard threatened to shoot off its head unless it gave back what it had taken from her and left. Larrin faked being weak and stunned Sheppard. He convinced her to let him go as as an ally he was more valuable. (SGA: "Travelers")

When a mutated strain of Kirsan fever spread on Atlantis and caused memory loss, Sheppard went with Ronon to the mainland on M35-117 to find the Enchuri plant to treat it. After arriving Sheppard began to forget so Ronon stunned him and left him with the Jumper. Sheppard woke up and took a weapon, stopping Ronon when he returned. Ronon convinced him to stand down and they returned to Atlantis to spread the cure. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa") After Teyla and Keller failed to come back on time from New Athos, Sheppard, McKay and Ronon went and had to fight off Bola Kai to rescue the pair. (SGA: "Missing") Atlantis got a message from Todd, the Wraith Sheppard had escaped from Kolya with, who wanted to meet. After meeting with Davos, a man who had visions of the future, they learned they would be ambushed when meeting with Todd so they set their own ambush and brought Todd back to Atlantis. Todd revealed the Asurans were destroying human worlds to fight the Wraith. After Todd's hive ship arrived and was followed by another, Sheppard manned the control chair to destroy them but they instead turned on one another. (SGA: "The Seer")

When Jeannie Miller was kidnapped, Sheppard went with McKay and Ronon back to Earth to help find her. After McKay was kidnapped as well, they worked with Agent Malcolm Barrett to find him. Jeannie was infected with malfunctioning medical nanites and the only one who knew nanite coding well enough was Todd, so Sheppard had him brought to Earth. When Todd collapsed due to being too weak to continue, Sheppard spoke with Henry Wallace, who had kidnapped McKay and Jeannie, and told him that Todd needed to eat to be able to continue and Henry volunteered to be fed on. (SGA: "Miller's Crossing") Atlantis was contacted by a duplicate of Elizabeth Weir and Sheppard's team went to meet her and a duplicate of the team. Sheppard spoke with Weir and said if they got rid of the nanites in her body he didn't see a reason why she and the others couldn't come back to Atlantis. When the Asurans arrived, the duplicate drew them away to allow the others to escape. McKay worked on an Asuran Core drive to track Asuran ships and they found many in the galaxy. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil")

The Daedalus and the Apollo arrived to start taking down Asuran ships and Sheppard went along on the first assault. When the Asurans retreated to Asuras, McKay came up with the idea of causing all of them to be attracted together so they could be destroyed at once. Needing more ships for the attack, Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla took Todd to meet with his alliance. They were stunned when they arrived but later released. They were approached by the Travelers and Sheppard spoke with Larrin, convincing her to join in on the attack. Teyla mentioned having to get checked out by Keller and revealed that she was pregnant. Sheppard was annoyed that she had not told him and put herself at such risk, taking her off active duty. McKay created a nanite being to help with the plan, much to Sheppard's anger. He manned the control chair on their Aurora-class warship during the battle. The Asurans and their planet was destroyed. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")


After receiving a signal from Todd's tracking device that showed his Hive ship was sitting in the middle of space. They wert to investigate and found the crew dead or gone. Sheppard asked Teyla to come aboard to help fly the ship and McKay discovered the ship was headed to a planet with some Wraith facility on it. They went there are rescued Todd who revealed the facility cloned Wraith. They were captured as Todd escaped but were freed by the Queen who Teyla had taken control of. When Teyla, as the queen, asked for help to stop the queen, Sheppard shot her dead. Sheppard had the hive put on a collision course for the facility and destroyed it. (SGA: "Spoils of War") McKay told Sheppard he intended to ask Dr. Katie Brown to marry him and Teyla came to see Sheppard about being taken off the team. The city went into lockdown and as McKay was away from a computer, he couldn't fix it. After discovering the subspace transmitter was active, Sheppard climbed up the control tower several levels to get to the control room. He inadvertently made the city think the quarantine had been broken so it activated the auto-destruct so they had to go down several levels to stop it. (SGA: "Quarantine")

He and McKay went to Harmony's planet where Flora asked them to escort Harmony on a pilgrimage to the Great Temple of Larris. Sheppard sensed an ambush and fell back so when McKay and Harmony were confronted, he shot the Genii mercenaries. He wanted to take Harmony back to the settlement but she refused and during the night she ran off. They managed to find her and she revealed to Sheppard that she liked him and one day she would need a King to rule with. With no choice but to go forward, they found the temple and discovered it was a testing ground for Mini-drones. Sheppard took the Pendant of Larris from Harmony and used it to control the drones and take down the Genii. Harmony was crowned queen and had a painting made that showed McKay protecting her and Sheppard cowering behind. (SGA: "Harmony")

Sheppard received word that his father had died so he returned to Earth, accompanied by Ronon. After running into his brother, Dave Sheppard, and his ex-wife, Nancy, he and Ronon were approached by Ava Dixon who told them that she had worked with Dr. Richard Poole and they had made a human-form Replicator that had escaped. He was annoyed when his brother asked him if he intended to challenge their father's will and told him that their father had regretted how things had ended between them. After the Replicator evaded them, Sheppard contacted Nancy again to get her help in finding out about Poole's activities. After they stopped the Replicator they learned that Ava was also a Replicator and Sheppard recommended she be rewarded for helping them, so instead of being destroyed her consciousness was transferred into a virtual reality. He went to see his brother to try to patch up their relationship. (SGA: "Outcast")

After visiting M5V-801, Sheppard recommended that Carter go there to help with negotiations. (SGA: "Trio") When Teal'c came to Atlantis to coach Ronon for his IOA evaluation, Sheppard found Ronon pointing his gun at Teal'c and suggested they go to the gym to show each other their moves. During their hour-long fight, Sheppard was among those who placed a bet. When it was discovered that the Midway Space Station had been invaded by the Wraith, Sheppard led a team to retake it. With more Wraith arriving, Sheppard had McKay vent the air and he had to take refuge in a spacesuit. They escaped aboard a Jumper when Midway was destroyed, and after a day he sealed himself in the cockpit to avoid everyone else. They were all rescued by the Daedalus. (SGA: "Midway")

He agreed to go to M2S-181 after Teyla has a vision of her child's father but takes them back to Atlantis after not finding anything. He and McKay then head to Hoff to look through the ruins after the Hoffan drug is being released on other planets. After getting a message from Todd, the team goes to meet with him and he implies that Michael Kenmore is behind it. When Teyla is taken while offworld and they receive word of Michael's possibly whereabouts, they got to investigate only to find Carson Beckett back from the dead. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") Beckett is found to be a clone made by Michael but he helps them track down one of Michael's mercenaries who leads them to Michael. Finding the missing Athosians, the team is pinned down and Michael gets away with Teyla. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

Sheppard returned to Atlantis to find it abandoned and hot inside. There was no power and the ocean outside was gone and replaced with a desert. He was contacted by McKay over the radio and told to go to the hologram room where he found a hologram of McKay. He told Sheppard that he had been sent 48,000 years into the future but there was a plan to get him back and change the past. Sheppard learned that Michael had used Teyla's baby to perfect his hybrids and began to take over the galaxy. Sheppard was to be put in stasis to wait until a Solar flare would occur that would send him back in time. He had to go outside to bypass a filled section of the city, walking through an intense sandstorm. After 700-1000 years in stasis he was awoken and made his way back to the Stargate and sent back in time, arriving 12 days after he had left. With Teyla's location in hand, he led a team find her, only to cause an auto-destruct that collapsed a building on them. (SGA: "The Last Man")

He was badly injured in the collapse and wanted Ronon, who was trapped with him, to dig himself out but Ronon refused. When they heard themselves being dug out, Sheppard called to them and figured out they were not from Atlantis. As Michael's hybrids got to them, they were beamed out by the Daedalus. With Michael's Cruiser was nearby, Sheppard wanted to lead a team to rescue Teyla but Keller refused due to his injury. Sheppard convinced her to patch him up so he could go on the mission. They got aboard and found Teyla but he and Ronon had to go to destroy the hyperdrive to prevent Michael from fleeing. Teyla gave birth and on the way out they ran into Kanaan who helped them after seeing his son. They found their Jumper had been stolen so Sheppard took the baby and beamed everyone else into a Dart to escape. Back on Atlantis, Teyla told him that she was naming her child Torren John Emmagan, after her father and him. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")

When Keller begin to become affected by a Hive ship pathogen, it was discovered that everyone that was on M2S-445 was also infected including Sheppard. He volunteered to try the Phage that Beckett created which worked and he was cured. Ronon went to deliver it to Keller but became trapped so Sheppard flew a Jumper into the building she was in and managed to get to her and give her the injection. (SGA: "The Seed") When Ronon was taken by Tyre, the team managed to get his location but instead only found Tyre. After Tyre went through withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme, he wanted to help them find Ronon and Sheppard agreed and let him help. Tyre appeared to betray them but later freed the team and helped them get Ronon and escape. (SGA: "Broken Ties") The team boarded a Daedalus that arrived in orbit and found themselves jumping through alternate realities. Finding Atlantis under attack from an alien spaceship, Sheppard decided to fire on them to help out. This proved the right course as when they passed back through this reality, another Sheppard led a wing of F-302s to help defend the Daedalus from the aliens. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")

After an entity that invaded Atlantis claimed to be Elizabeth Weir, she built herself a nanite body. When the others of Niam's group also came to Atlantis for bodies they made a deal to work on making human bodies for themselves instead. Sheppard asked Woolsey if Weir would be allowed to remain on Atlantis afterwards. When one of them, Koracen, escaped he told Sheppard that a human body was too fragile and he didn't intend to take one. Sheppard fought him but was beaten only for Weir to arrive and disable him. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine") When McKay became infected with a Second Childhood parasite and began losing his memory, he came to see Sheppard in the middle of the night scared and Sheppard took McKay out to drink beers overlooking the ocean. He refused to let McKay say goodbye. Taking McKay to the Shrine of Talus which gave people with the parasite a day to say goodbye, Keller discovered the shrine produced radiation that affected the parasite and Sheppard recommended she perform surgery to get it out. He assisted her in holding McKay still during the procedure. (SGA: "The Shrine")

When one of Michael's lab was found offworld, Sheppard took Beckett to meet up with Teldy's team there. He and Beckett were impressed with the team, which was composed of women. Exploring an abandoned village they meet a man who mentions a curse on the village. They are soon attacked by Michael's experiments and have to go out to find missing team members. The experiments are attracted to sound so they set a trap and Sheppard and Beckett take refuge down a well before explosives go off. (SGA: "Whispers") Teyla went undercover, disguised as a Wraith queen, to help Todd convince his alliance to take a gene therapy to remove their need to feed on humans. When the ship they were on jumped away, Sheppard and the others took a Jumper to a nearby planet and he fired drones at a Hive ship attacking their ship, destroying it. They were captured on the hive but later freed by Todd. (SGA: "The Queen")

Sheppard was left in charge of Atlantis when Woolsey went aboard the Daedalus to meet with Todd. When a ship began approaching Atlantis and passed right through the shield, Sheppard led Teyla and marines to go after the aliens who came into the city. The aliens took McKay and Daniel Jackson and left. Sheppard had Zelenka search for a signal that must have attracted the aliens and track where it was now. Sheppard was going to lead a team to a planet to make contact with the Daedalus when Zelenka reported that the Stargate was building up a charge and was going to explode. Sheppard had Zelenka collapse the city's shield to protect the city from the explosion and had everyone else leave. (SGA: "First Contact") Part of the explosion got through and damaged the control room, with Sheppard and Zelenka barely taking refuge. The Daedalus arrived but Todd had taken control of it and demanded to know where the Attero device was located, which was behind the Stargate exploding. Sheppard had no choice but to tell him as he threatened to feed on the entire crew. Katana Labrea, a Traveler, arrived to find out why Stargates were exploding and she took Sheppard and Zelenka aboard to go after Todd. Sheppard helped pilot the ship in combat against more alien ships. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

While delivering supplies to Beckett offworld, Wraith showed up and wanted the Balarans who had settled on the world and had been affected by the Hoffan drug. Sheppard convinced the people not to give them up but to instead evacuate their world. After McKay and Beckett were taken up to the Hive, they contacted Sheppard after escaping and he had McKay disable the ships weapons. A trap was set for some of the Wraith on the surface to allow them to take down the rest at the Stargate and escape. (SGA: "Outsiders") When the team was kidnapped and put on trial for crimes of the Atlantis expedition, Sheppard defended them to the Coalition of Planets until Woolsey took over their defense. (SGA: "Inquisition") When Michael took over the city and took Teyla, Sheppard planned to fly a Jumper to destroy the Jumper that Michael was using to power his stun field around the gateroom but the Jumper's weapons were offline, so he sent McKay to dial the Stargate to destroy the Jumper instead while he led teams up there. He chased after Michael and they fought on the top of the tower. Michael almost defeated him but Teyla arrived and knocked him off the tower. (SGA: "The Prodigal")

He took Drs Parrish and Kiang to the mainland, paying attention to what Kiang was telling him but not really hearing what she said. He was stunned by someone and awoke to find the scientists camp dishevelled and the Jumper severely damaged. He came across Acastus Kolya who beat Sheppard to obtain his IDC. Kolya cut off Sheppar's right hand to use on the Jumper to get to Atlantis and Sheppard was able to escape. He took down Kolya's men but when Kolya attacked him, Sheppard almost fell off a cliff. Kolya told him to use his hand, to which Sheppard found was back. Kolya told him he was not real but a hallucination caused by a Sekkari Seed carrier to learn more about him to see if he would help them. (SGA: "Remnants") Sheppard took Ronon to to mainland to go camping and surfing. (SGA: "Brain Storm")

When a Hive ship arrived in orbit and they found that it belonged to Todd who had used the gene therapy but it had caused a virulent disease, Sheppard was fine with destroying the Hive ship and closing the case but Woolsey said the IOA wanted to know if the gene therapy was useless. They went back to the ship but the ship had become diseased as well and they became trapped. When Todd said he could let an Iratus bug queen feed on him to restore his Wraith DNA, Sheppard refused to let him take the ship as it wouldn't make it. The ship broke in half and Sheppard convinced Todd to help them survive the crash and he would let him go to try his cure. Sheppard had to convince Woolsey to let Todd go, saying either Todd would die or he would owe them. (SGA: "Infection") After Keller's body was taken over by a woman named Neeva Casol, the team went to a planet to find Neeva's body. After Keller's body was shot, Sheppard convinced the village Magistrate to show them the device which caused the swap. (SGA: "Identity")


Todd contacted Atlantis to inform them that one of his underlings who he tasked with integrating a Zero Point Module to a Hive ship has turned against him. Sheppard's team went aboard the Daedalus to find this Hive and Sheppard told Todd that if he was playing them again, he wouldn't hesitate or wait for authorization, he would kill Todd and be done with him. The team approached the Hive in a cloaked Puddle Jumper but the Hive was able to detect it and opened fire. The Daedalus jumped in to rescue them and was overwhelmed before the Hive suddenly left. They learned that it had intercepted a signal from an alternate reality that had the location of Earth. Sheppard convinced Todd to tell him where he had other ZPMs so they could take Atlantis to stop the Hive. Sheppard was asked by Jack O'Neill to return to Earth to man the Control chair. The Hive arrived early so Sheppard suggested equipping an F-302 with a Nuclear bomb and he would fly it up there to destroy the Hive. When Darts were launched to attack Area 51 where the Control chair had been moved, Sheppard flew an F-302 to defend it but the chair was destroyed. He took his F-302 up and shut down its power to wait for the Hive to get closer. He shot open the dart bay and went aboard, intending to sacrifice himself to destroy the Hive. The rest of his team came aboard using a Stargate and Atlantis arrived to engage the Hive, giving them time to rig the bomb and escape through the Stargate. The Hive was destroyed, Earth was saved but Atlantis was pushed into low orbit and had to land. Sheppard joined some of the others on a balcony to overlook the Golden Gate Bridge. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality, Sheppard was an active member of Mensa on Atlantis and was arrogant about his intelligence. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller")
  • In an alternate reality, he went with his team aboard a Daedalus that arrived in orbit but it jumped into alternate realities. He and the others eventually starved to death aboard. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")
  • In an alternate reality, a Daedalus arrived in orbit and attacked a ship firing on Atlantis, taking out its main weapon. When the Daedalus returned, Sheppard led a wing of F-302s to attack the fighters going after the Daedalus. He spoke over the radio with an alternate version of himself. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")
  • In an alternate reality, Sheppard had a relationship with a field medic in Afghanistan and flew a Helicopter to rescue her when she was trapped, but he was shot down which killed 12 people. He was discharged and the entire event was covered up. He eventually moved to Las Vegas to become a detective but ended up with large gambling debts and a horrible conviction record. He began to investigate a serial killer leaving desilicated corpses around the city. He followed a suspect to a Poker game and when he ran out, Sheppard gave chase and saw the person jump off a roof and then get back up after falling several stories. He was taken to Area 51 where Meredith Rodney McKay told him about the Stargate and the Wraith and how the serial killer was a Wraith. McKay told him he had met an alternate reality version of Sheppard who had saved the Earth several times. Sheppard, taking money he recovered from the Wraith, was leaving Vegas when he put together clues to figure out where the Wraith was. He went out there but was shot through the chest by the Wraith. He fired back, allowing time for aircraft to arrive and destroy the Wraith and his equipment. Sheppard tried to get up but soon fell down and died. (SGA: "Vegas")

Alternate Timelines