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Jonas Quinn
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Jonas Quinn is a male Langaran, a Kelownan, a former member of Stargate Command, a former member of SG-1 and a member of the Joint Ruling Council.


He attended one of Kelowna's most honored educational institution and got degrees in social studies and ancient Kelownan history. (SG1: "Meridian") He was taught by Dr. Kieran who recruited him into the Naquadria project and the two worked side by side since 1996. (SG1: "Shadow Play") He obtained a position as an advisor to the First Minister and oversaw research from an ethical perspective. He met SG-1 when they arrived, and he introduced them to Tomis Lee and showed them the Naquadria bomb project. Daniel Jackson gave him a book that he read in a single night and while showing Jackson a test of the bomb, there was an accident and the bomb's core began to overload. Jackson shot out the glass and entered the lab to disarm the bomb and save Kelowna, being exposed to a fatal dose of radiation in the process. The Kelownan government claimed that Jackson attempted to sabotage their bomb. He met with Jack O'Neill who told him that any weapon of mass destruction wouldn't have the effect they wanted until it was used at least once. Jonas later reported to the government and was shocked at how happy they were at the prospect of such as dangerous weapon and saw the scientists working on the bomb die from their exposure. He stole a supply of Naquadria and brought it to Earth, asking them to give him refuge and one day share shield technology they created with the Naquadria with his people. (SG1: "Meridian")


He spent three months at Stargate Command studying various topics and learning everything he could. He was invited by Samantha Carter to come with SG-1 to Area 51 to see the X-302 as its Hyperdrive was powered by Naquadria. Back at the SGC, Jonas told Carter that he wanted to join SG-1 as he believed he was a good fit and could help continue Daniel Jackson's work, but Carter told him that she didn't see it happening. When the Stargate was building up energy and was going to explode, Jack O'Neill and Carter were going to use the X-302's hyperdrive to get help and Jonas told Major General George Hammond that it wasn't going to work as the Naquadria became more unstable as they attempted to get more energy out of it. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 1") Carter saw Jonas in the gateroom and he asked her how they originally got the Stargate in, to which she told him about the crane in the roof that allowed them to lower it in. Jonas asked if it went the other way which gave Carter the idea to move the Stargate and strap it to the X-302 to take it out into space where it could safely detonate. He approached O'Neill to tell him that he wanted the chance to make a difference and join SG-1. O'Neill later decided that Jonas was probably the best candidate, after being told by Hammond that a Russian was going to be assigned to SG-1. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 2")

When a Ha'tak arrived in orbit of Earth, SG-1 went to investigate. He and Teal'c remained behind. When Jonas questioned why O'Neill would invite him to join SG-1 but not take him on the mission, Teal'c told him that it would take time for O'Neill to gain confidence in his abilities and that he wouldn't have chosen him if he did not believe he would be an effective member. Their ship was boarded by three Jaffa from the Ha'tak who destroyed the systems to allow the Ring Transporter to work and Teal'c took them all down, with Jonas being upset that he didn't help Teal'c. The Ha'tak crashed into the Pacific Ocean and Jonas and Teal'c boarded again using a DSRV. When the others became trapped by flooding and chose to escape using the Death gliders, Jonas swam through a flooded section to reroute power to a control panel in order to allow the others to leave the glider bay without it flooding first. He used a ring transporter to take him down to them and joined them as they escaped the ship. (SG1: "Descent")

SG-1 went to White Rock Research Station in Antarctica after a body was found in the ice and it was discovered that it was an Ancient and she began reviving on her own once thawed out. Jonas attempted to communicate with her, finding that she appeared to be aware of what he was saying but couldn't speak much herself. He showed her a picture of the Stargate but she had no idea what it was. They were all infected with the Ancient plague by the Ancient but she used her healing ability to cure them all, except for O'Neill as she collapsed before she could get to him. As she succumbed to the disease as well she told Jonas she was sorry that she couldn't save O'Neill before she died. O'Neill's only chance was to blend with a Tok'ra. (SG1: "Frozen")

SG-1 went to investigate the town of Steveston, Oregon and Jonas noticed that many of the townspeople were acting strange, appearing to be half asleep. He and Teal'c went to a bar and almost ended up in an altercation with a man who did not remember that night the next day when Jonas went to apologize, claiming that he was in bed that night. When Carter mentioned the shipyards in town being shut down, Jonas remembered seeing tyre tracks near it when they drove by. They went to investigate and found a half-constructed spaceship. Carter discovered that the town had been taken over by cloned symbiotes. He and Teal'c were detained by National Intelligence Department agents only for one of them to reveal themselves to be a Goa'uld and capture them all. Carter, pretending to be one of them, found out their plans and they helped to free the town. (SG1: "Nightwalkers")

When Kelowna contacted the SGC looking to re-establish diplomatic relations, Jonas was apprehensive about seeing people he knew again and Teal'c told him that when he first returned to Chulak after turning against Apophis, he was seen as a traitor but he had done what he did for his people and in time they understood that. Jonas was upset that one of the delegation, his old professor Dr. Kieran didn't speak to him directly. Kieran returned later and spoke to Jonas, telling him that he was part of a resistance that was looking to gain control and stop the Naquadria bomb from being used in war. Jonas went with SG-1 back to Kelowna to meet with First Minister Velis who told Jonas that it was good to see him again. Velis spoke to Jonas in private asking him to keep an eye on Dr. Kieran as they were concerned about him. Kieran revealed that he had smuggled amounts of Naquadria to the resistance which SG-1 could have if they helped them out. After Kieran was found injured it was discovered that he was suffering from schizophrenia and the resistance didn't exist. SG-1 recovered the Naquadria as Jonas attempted to convince Velis not to use the bomb but they felt there was no choice. (SG1: "Shadow Play")

When SG-1 received word that they would be captured by Jaffa in order to make contact with the Tok'ra Khonsu, they allowed themselves to be captured but shortly after discovered that Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs had come to rescue them. They learned that Khonsu had been exposed and killed but were freed by Felger and Coombs who came after them again once they realized something was wrong. (SG1: "The Other Guys") Jonas was working with SG-2 on P36-231 and found several artefacts that they brought back to Earth. When the rest of SG-1 called in from the Alpha Site about a potential saboteur, Jonas wanted to join them but O'Neill wasn't allowing anyone to come to the planet. (SG1: "Allegiance")

After meeting the Pangarans who offered them tretonin, Jonas met Zenna Valk who warned him about something being hidden about the Tretonin. He snuck into her tent and discovered a location where Tretonin was being manufactured and he and Teal'c went to investigate. They discovered a pool of symbiotes inside and when they were discovered Jonas was tackled into the tank. He managed to get out before one of the symbiotes entered him. They learned that the Pangarans were using the symbiotes to create Tretonin but as the Goa'uld queen they had was dying, they would be unable to continue production. Jonas Teal'c and Zenna learned that the queen was Egeria, the mother of the Tok'ra. (SG1: "Cure")

Jonas helped give a tour of the Prometheus to Julia Donovan, a reporter who discovered information on the ship. When the ship was being hijacked he removed a control crystal to prevent the hijackers from taking control but one of the tour participants revealed what he had done to the hijackers as he was working with them; when the hijackers killed, Jonas relented and gave them the correct settings to activate the hyperdrive. When the ship was taken back by SG-1 they found themselves lost in space, but they were luckily found by Thor who wanted their help in stopping the Replicators. (SG1: "Prometheus") SG-1 went to Hala and found that the Replicators had created Human-form Replicators and they entered SG-1's minds and read their memories. Jonas was not entirely for the plan to destroy them, stating that they were an evolution of the Replicators and there should be another option. They eventually went with the original plan and trapped them on the planet. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection")

After returning from a mission, Jonas saw a strange creature in the gateroom but no one else saw it. After a search of the base turned up nothing, Jonas was examined but nothing was found. He saw another creature and assumed that he was suffering like the other scientists on his planet but then others started seeing them as well. He and Carter worked on a device that gave them the ability to see these creatures and managed to find a solution, which they began to spread to others. (SG1: "Sight Unseen") Jonas went with Teal'c to search for a missing Area 51 scientist who stole Mimic devices and Jonas realized that the man they had just spoken to looked exactly like an Airman he saw in the gateroom when he first arrived and that he was the scientist using a mimic device. (SG1: "Smoke and Mirrors")

When O'Neill and Harry Maybourne were transported away on a planet, Jonas tracked down an image of the stone used to activate the transporter that sent they away. (SG1: "Paradise Lost") SG-1 went to stop Nirrti who was experimenting on humans and they were captured. Nirrti began experimenting on them using an Ancient DNA manipulator and when she examined Jonas she found he was much more advanced compared to any other human she had examined. Nirrti attempted to seduce Jonas into working with her, offering to make him powerful and they could rule the galaxy together. Jonas instead said he would use his new powers to destroy her and free his friends. (SG1: "Metamorphosis")

When helping some people repair their ship, they were attacked on one of them, Tanis Reynard, was injured and Jonas took her back to Earth for treatment. He was approached by Hammond who told him that someone had tried to access the computer in the infirmary and Jonas came up with a plan to see if it was Tanis who did it by planting a fake address to a world with lots of treasure. After giving her a tour of the base, she kissed him which he later claimed made him suspicious of her. He went with her back to her ship and he was used as a hostage to get them to the Stargate, secretly communicating with O'Neill to let them go as he entered his IDC code. The planted address was to Earth and the people were arrested. (SG1: "Forsaken") After Teal'c failed to come back from a meeting with rebel Jaffa leaders, the rest of SG-1 went to locate him, finding him and Bra'tac the only survivors of an ambush. (SG1: "The Changeling") When the Prometheus was trapped on another planet, Teal'c and Jonas met a man who helped them locate and then dig up the Stargate. (SG1: "Memento")

Jonas began having visions of future events and it was discovered that a growth was developing in his brain. Jonas thought it was an extension of his ability to notice patterns and that it must have been Nirrti who must have altered his DNA. He had a vision of Carter being rushed to the infirmary with what appeared to be a staff weapon blast on her and he warned SG-1. Carter remained behind but was injured in an accident and events played out exactly as Jonas saw them. After seeing a vision of Jaffa invading the SGC and bringing a bomb which destroyed the base, Jonas collapsed and they wanted to take him into surgery right away but he held off long enough to force another vision of am ambush on the rest of SG-1 which was relayed to them. The surgery was a success and he made a full recovery. (SG1: "Prophecy")

Return to Kelowna

Jonas went with SG-1 to help find the Eye of Ra on Abydos to prevent Anubis from getting it and he helped translate some of the Hieroglyphics in the catacombs. After finding a hidden chamber and the Eye they were trapped but a deal was made with Anubis to give him the Eye in exchange for Abydos being left alone. Jonas took a tablet written in Ancient from the hidden chamber that mentioned a Lost City where advanced weapons could be found. (SG1: "Full Circle") Translating the tablet, Jonas discovered a potential location for the city, Vis Uban, and SG-1 went to investigate. They found Daniel Jackson who was human again but had no memories of who he was. After figuring out that Vis Uban was not the Lost City, Jonas came up with a plan to trick Anubis into making the same mistake he did and coming to Vis Uban. He and Jackson went up onto Anubis' Mothership in order to translater Anubis' Ancient ciphers and discover the location of the weapons core ventilation shaft. (SG1: "Fallen")

After finding the shaft, they were discovered and Jonas was captured. Anubis implanted a Goa'uld Mind probe into his brain and downloaded his memories. (SG1: "Fallen") He showed Jonas that he had taken his ship to Langara and was going to take the Naquadria. Jonas was upset as he joined SG-1 to keep his world safe but instead lead the Goa'uld straight to it. After an explosion caussd a power loss, Jonas was able to jump through the force field of his cell and escape. Reuniting with Jackson they decided to use the Ring Transporter to get off the ship as his people had found a Ring platform during a dig. They appeared in a warehouse and saved SG-1 from attack. Heading back to the Stargate, they were captured and during their escape, Jonas dove in front of Jackson to block a staff blast. He recovered and was invited back to Kelowna to serve as their representative to the Joint Ruling Council. He said his goodbyes to Hammond and SG-1 and asked Jackson to feed his fish for him before returning to Langara. (SG1: "Homecoming")

The Kelownans learned that Naquadria was not natural and was in fact made in a process that converted it from Naquadah. It was discovered that a massive vein of Naquadah was being converted below the surface and the heat and pressure would cause it to detonate and make Langara uninhabitable. He began working with Kianna Cyr and the two began a relationship. He went to Earth to get help in stopping the destruction of his world and Carter came to help. He showed her the Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle and after she examined it she let him know that it used Goa'uld circuitry and they discovered that Kianna was inhabited by a Goa'uld. He and Carter figured that they could not control the vehicle properly to get to the vein so the Goa'uld was brought on board to help. The Goa'uld told Jonas that while the Naquadria was interesting to them they were also interested in Jonas but he rebuffed them. When the vehicle's cutters were damaged and they were far from their target, the Goa'uld volunteered to go and plant the bomb themselves. After planting it the Goa'uld said that they wouldn't make it back, but both Jonas and Carter refused to leave, luckily the Goa'uld made it back in time. The Goa'uld died anyway and Kianna told Jonas that it had sacrificed itself for her and that it was appreciative of them for not letting it die down there. (SG1: "Fallout")