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Kasuf - List of Appearances

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Erick Avari, Daniel Rashid

Kasuf is a male ascended being, a former Abydonian, the leader of his people and the father of Skaara and Sha're.


He worked in the temple of Aset, cleaning throughout the building. In 1939 he saw the Stargate activate and three humans come through. He followed them and saw they fight and win against Serqet. he approached them and tried to speak with them. (SGO: "Episode 4") He took the three to his people where they were tied up. After they escaped and one of them was badly injured, he called for the Wand of Horus to be brought and used to save them. (SGO: "Episode 5") They kept the visitors as prisoners but when they saw the Eye of Ra pendant Catherine Langford had they assumed she had been sent by Ra, Kasuf begged for forgiveness and asked that Nosdevli not be punished for his actions. (SGO: "Episode 6") When he noticed something between Catherine and James Beal he offered them his tent for the night. (SGO: "Episode 7") Aset arrived and asked for someone to fight with Stefan, which Nubai was chosen. During the fight Dr. Wilhelm Brücke killed Nubai and the Abydonians asked Aset to use the Wand to revive him but she instead broke it. They asked for help in getting rid of Brücke who they believed had turned Aset against them. (SGO: "Episode 8") He took Catherine to the caves under Nagada to see the writings down there. (SGO: "Episode 9") When they infiltrated Aset's Temple, Ra arrived and Aset altered Kasuf's memories to he forgot what happened and she sent him to Nagada to lead. (SGO: "Episode 10")

Kasuf was told that others had arrived at the Abydos Mine and he came to greet them. Daniel Jackson gave him a 5th Avenue bar, which Kasuf tried and found to be very tasty. He then invited them back to Nagada and showed them the Eye of Ra they had, after seeing the Eye of Ra pendant that Jackson had. When a Sandstorm approached, Kasuf ordered the main gate closed and tried to calm the visitors down when they attempted to leave and took hostages. When it was revealed the reason why the gate was closed, Lt. Kawalsky apologized for his actions. At a feast, Jackson tried to draw something in the sand and Kasuf became upset sending Jackson off with several women to wash him. He later sent his daughter Sha're to him as well and when he saw Jackson escorting Sha're out he begged for forgiveness that his "gift" was unwanted. Jackson assured him that he was very happy with her to make him feel better. After Nagada was attacked by Ra, Kasuf helped tend to the injured and the dead. A Horus Guard was overseeing their mining operation when he was killed by Jack O'Neill and Kasuf began to pray for forgiveness until Jackson opened the guards helmet and showed Kasuf that was not a god. Realizing the truth, Kasuf organized the Abydonians to attack the Abydos Pyramid and defeat Ra's guards, forcing Ra to flee the planet. (Stargate)

Kasuf was told that Sha're and Skaara were taken by the Goa'uld but that Jackson had returned through the Stargate to find them and would return in a year. At some point before the year was up, Sha're returned pregnant and said that she had returned to him. When the year was up Jackson returned with Teal'c and apologized for not bringing Sha're back but Kasuf took them to see her. When Teal'c aimed his Zat'nik'tel at Sha're, who had been taken by the Goa'uld Amaunet, Kasuf stood between them and offered up his own life instead; Sha're revealed that Amaunet slept while she was pregnant to protect the baby. Jackson and Teal'c told Kasuf to tell Apophis when he returned that an enemy had taken Sha're. When Heru'ur arrived to take Sha're and Apophis' child for himself, one of his Horus Guards interrogated Kasuf to find out where Sha're was only to be rescued by Teal'c. Jackson brought Sha're's baby to him saying that he had to hide the child. After Sha're was taken back over by Amaunet, Jackson told Kasuf that he is not giving up on getting her back and will continue his search. (SG1: "Secrets") He and several other Abydonians, including his grandson, were kidnapped by Amaunet, but he managed to get a message sent to Stargate Command asking for help. He and the others were freed but Shifu was sent away from Amaunet. (SG1: "Forever in a Day") Kasuf saw a sandstorm come from the Stargate and speak the name of his daughter. He contacted SG-1 and took them to the place where he heard his daughters name and they found Shifu, his grandson. (SG1: "Absolute Power") When Anubis was coming to Abydos, Kasuf took the women and children to the Caves of Kaleemah to be safe. He and everyone else was killed when Anubis fired on Abydos and they were all ascended by Oma Desala. (SG1: "Full Circle")