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The Kino webisodes is a 34-episode web series tied to Stargate Universe, directed by Ivon R. Bartok.



Image Webisode Name Webisode No. Airdate
Get Outta Here.jpg "Get Outta Here" 101 October 22, 2009
A Kino spies on Young doing paperwork.
Not the Com Lab.jpg "Not the Com Lab" 102 October 22, 2009
Eli gives a tour of the com lab but ends up in the infirmary.
No Idea.jpg "No Idea" 103 October 22, 2009
Eli gives a tour of a room but he has no clue what it is used for.
The Stargate Room.jpg "The Stargate Room" 104 October 22, 2009
Eli gives a tour of the gateroom.
Eli's Room.jpg "Eli's Room" 105 October 22, 2009
Eli gives a tour of the Kino room where he sleeps.
Don't Encourage Him.jpg "Don't Encourage Him" 106 October 23, 2009
TJ tells Scott and Greer that Eli was caught spying on Lt. James and Greer threatens Eli if he is caught doing such a thing.
Corridor Conversation.jpg "Corridor Conversation" 107 October 23, 2009
Scott and Chloe share a conversation in a corridor.
Marked Hatch.jpg "Marked Hatch" 108 October 26, 2009
Eli finds a sealed hatch and wonders if the other side has been fixed.
Not Supposed To Be In Here.jpg "Not Supposed To Be In Here" 109 October 26, 2009
Eli gives a tour of a shuttle.
Nobody Cares.jpg "Nobody Cares" 110 October 26, 2009
Eli interviews Chloe who feels that she is not important enough to be interviewed.
Kino Race.jpg "Kino Race" 111 November 2, 2009
Eli and Riley race some Kinos.
Covered Kino.jpg "Covered Kino" 112 November 2, 2009
James goes to take a shower but notices a Kino watching her.
Variety (Kino webisode).jpg "Variety" 113 November 2, 2009
Inman works on some synthetic flavors for Becker.
You Okay.jpg "You Okay?" 114 November 9, 2009
Scott comforts Chloe after the failed attempt to dial Earth.
Do I Look Stupid.jpg "Do I Look Stupid?" 115 November 9, 2009
Brody and Riley are put into Ancient space suits.
All Telford's Fault.jpg "All Telford's Fault" 116 November 9, 2009
Brody tells Park that Rush was right and they need to help him.
What's That Light.jpg "What's That Light?" 117 November 14, 2009
Scott and Greer overhear Brody and Park working on the PA system.
New Kind of Crazy.jpg "New Kind of Crazy" 118 November 19, 2009
Eli and Scott explain how they found two Kinos with footage of alternate timeline versions of themselves.
Only Run When Chased.jpg "Only Run When Chased" 119 November 19, 2009
Eli and others trick Scott into leaving so they don't have to workout.
Want Me To Bust Him Up.jpg "Want Me To Bust Him Up?" 120 November 25, 2009
Greer finds Park upset by Rush and offers to beat him up.
The Apple Core.jpg "The Apple Core" 121 December 9, 2009
Eli gives a tour of the control interface room.
Not Just For Posterity.jpg "Not Just For Posterity" 122 December 9, 2009
Park records a video diary.
We Volunteer To Do This.jpg "We Volunteer To Do This" 123 April 16, 2010
Eli interviews Airman Kelly in Chloe's body about using the communication stones.
Wait For It.jpg "Wait For It" 124 April 23, 2010
Brody tries to prank Sgt. Riley back but it backfires on him.
Drop The Sirs.jpg "Drop The Sirs" 125 May 14, 2010
Scott tries to apologize to Greer for leaving him behind on a planet.
Like A Hug.jpg "Like A Hug" 126 May 19, 2010
TJ tells Park that she saw Rush hugging Dr. Perry while she was in Camile's body.
Chloe's Room.jpg "Chloe's Room" 127 August 9, 2010
Eli goes to see Chloe in her room but she isn't there.
Disgusting Habit.jpg "Disgusting Habit" 128 August 9, 2010
Brody and Spencer share a cigarette.
Favorite Meal of All Time.jpg "Favorite Meal of All Time" 129 August 9, 2010
Eli asks various people what their favorite meal is.
Not Being There.jpg "Not Being There" 130 August 9, 2010
Riley talks about missing important family events.
One Long Endless Night.jpg "One Long Endless Night" 131 January 27, 2011
James remarks that being on the ship feels like living one long endless night.
Horrible Accident.jpg "Horrible Accident" 132 January 28, 2011
Riley mocks Eli after he gets a minor injury.
Painful Moments.jpg "Painful Moments" 133 January 31, 2011
Eli asks people about their most traumatic experiences.
All The Stages.jpg "All The Stages" 134 February 1, 2011
James talks through all the stages she has gone through on Destiny.