Lost City, Part 2

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Lost City, Part 2 is the twenty-second episode of Season 7 of Stargate SG-1.


Following a lead on the Lost City, SG-1 heads out to locate it only to discover that it is in fact located on Earth under the ice of Antarctica. Anubis comes to Earth with a fleet of ships to stop them from using the Ancient weapons.




Uma Thurman


Ancient, Goa'uld, Jaffa, Kull Warrior, Tau'ri


Alpha Site 3, Chulak, Earth, Praclarush


Al'kesh, Ancient language, Ancient Stasis pod, Antarctica, Antarctic outpost, Anubis' Mothership (Lost City, Part 2), Canada, China, Control chair, Control crystal, Death glider, Drone, F-302, FA-22, Force field, France, Glyph, Great Britain, Ha'tak, Hazmat suit, Healing ability, Heart, Hologram, Hyperdrive, Inertial dampener, Iris, Kull disruptor, Lava, Meteor, Milky Way, McMurdo Station, Naquadah generator, Nimitz battlegroup, Nuclear bomb, O'Neill's house, Prometheus, Radiation, Red giant, Ring Transporter, Russia, Sensor, SGC Archaeology lab, SGC Commander's office, SGC Commissary, SGC Gateroom, Shield, Solar System, Spruance, Star, Stargate, Taonas, Tel'tak (Lost City, Part 2), White House, Zat'nik'tel, Zero Point Module


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