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Matthew Scott
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Brian J. Smith, Lou Diamond Phillips

First Lieutenant Matthew Scott is a male Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force, a member of Icarus Base and a member of the Destiny expedition.


Early life

Scott was born in 1983. (SGU: "Darkness") Scott's parents died in a car crash when he was four years old; a Priest took him in. (SGU: "Air, Part 3") He later got Annie Balic pregnant but she told him she had an abortion. (SGU: "Life") When he was sixteen the Priest drank himself to death. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Icarus Base

After his SGC training, Scott was assigned to Icarus Base. (SGU: "Air, Part 2") He began a sexual relationship with Lt. Vanessa James. When Eli Wallace was brought to the base, Scott was assigned to him. During a senior officer's dinner, the base came under attack and Scott helped get people to the gateroom. Everett Young ordered him to lead the people through the Stargate as Nicholas Rush had dialed the Ninth Chevron instead of Earth. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Scott found himself on the Ancient ship Destiny and when others followed, he tried to get them to the sides as people were being thrown out on their end. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") He helped organize teams to start to search the ship and he had Lt. Vanessa James on his team, pretending to not know her well. He later tried to apologize to her for that but she told him to speak to her later. As the air on the ship was thinning and part of it was being sucked out of a damaged shuttle, Senator Alan Armstrong sealed himself inside to stop it, killing himself. Scott pulled Chloe Armstrong away from the shuttle and chased after her when she ran off to attack Nicholas Rush. Scott found her later and asked about her father, stating he wanted to know about the man who died to save them. When the ship dropped out of FTL and the Stargate dialed to a planet where they could find supplies to fix the life support, Scott lead the team. (SGU: "Air, Part 2")

The team separated to search a larger area and when Scott learned that some on the other team were going to dial another planet and potentially strand them, he sent Ronald Greer back with Rush while he continued to search. He noticed a cloud of something moving towards him and when he poured some water on the ground, the cloud absorbed it and Scott briefly hallucinated the face of the Priest who raised him. With water supplies running low, Scott wandered the desert before collapsing. He was awoken when a puddle of water formed beneath his face. He noticed the sand around him being different, tested it and found it contained Lime needed for the life support system. He tried to make it back but soon collapsed but was then found by Greer who helped get him up and they made it back to the Stargate. With the life support back online, Scott was visited by Chloe and he told her what happened to his parents and the Priest, telling her that there are some things you don't get over but you do make it through. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

He was sent by Young to check out the other shuttle, make it secure and figure out how to fly it. The ship lost all power and was left to drift through space. Young swapped bodies with Colonel David Telford on Earth who wanted to know how the situation aboard the ship had got so bad and wanted Scott to recommend that Young be replaced but Scott refused. Destiny performed an aerobraking maneuver around a gas giant to slow down but they found the ship was now headed directly into a star. (SGU: "Darkness") Young announced a lottery would be held to determine who would be able to board the shuttle to escape. Scott and Chloe went off and had sex and he remarked that Chloe would probably be given one of the assigned spots on the shuttle. Scott and Tamara Johansen were chosen by Young, as he was a pilot and she was a medic. With the lottery held and the shuttle full, Scott piloted it to a nearby planet, but they were soon contacted by Destiny which had instead recharged using the star and was going to leave. Scott found that they wouldn't be able to make it to Destiny in time and Rush told him to perform a slingshot maneuver around the planet to get the speed needed to get back. Scott managed to land the shuttle on Destiny before it jumped away. (SGU: "Light")

Water supplies began running low and Destiny dropped out in range of a frozen planet. Scott went with Young to the planet to harvest ice and they soon found a frozen waterfall to mine. An earthquake opened a crevasse and Scott fell in and became wedged part way down. His suit was damaged and began to lose pressure. He told Young to leave but Young refused and kept trying to pull him out. He lost consciousness and Young was going to leave when another tremor opened the crevasse more and Young was able to pull Scott out. At the Stargate, a barrel was thrown through containing the cloud creatures from the desert planet who had came aboard Destiny. The creatures collected over Scott as he woke up and formed a face for him before leaving. They returned to the ship and he made a full recovery. (SGU: "Water") Colonel Telford was given command of the Destiny and came aboard to enact a plan to dial Earth when Destiny recharges in a star. Telford had Greer locked up and Scott went to go and see him where he said he should just turn the stones off but Scott said that he wasn't like Greer. Rush faked the plan failing to get Telford to leave as he believed it wouldn't have worked and would have destroyed the ship. (SGU: "Earth")

He went back to Earth and was given some mail which revealed that Annie Balic had given birth to a child of his years ago. He went to see them and found a boy at home alone. Eventually Annie came home and he said he was a friend of Scott's and was sent to speak to her. She revealed that she did not have an abortion and he got upset at her, stating she should have told him. She was working as an exotic dancer to make money and he then said that he had been in contact with Scott who was going to transfer her his paycheck so she could go back to school and quit her job but she turned him down as she didn't want to be told what to do. He returned to Destiny and revealed to Chloe what he had learned and was quite upset that he hadn't been there for his son for so long. (SGU: "Life")

When Sgt. Spencer was found dead, Scott was among those that had an alibi and Young put them to work searching for the weapon used. He and Eli searched Young's quarters and Eli found the missing gun. Scott wanted to let everyone know they had found it in a storage room to flush out whoever hid it but Young refused as if they were caught out it would look bad for him. Scott told Eli to search through the Kino footage to try to find some evidence to prove the Colonel's innocence. Eli soon found a deleted file where Spencer spoke to the Kino before he killed himself, exonerating Young of his death. (SGU: "Justice") Young used the communication stones to report to Earth and whoever took control soon attacked Scott. Young revealed he wasn't on Earth but had swapped with an alien. Soon an alien spaceship arrived and launched fighters against Destiny. Scott and Greer went aboard the shuttle to fight back but were soon called off as the aliens had kidnapped Chloe. Scott wanted to go after her but Young instead used the stones to go aboard and Scott tried to interrogate the alien. When Young ordered the ship fired on, Scott and Greer went aboard the shuttle anyway to try to rescue Chloe, but the alien ship left. Luckily Rush was also aboard the ship and freed Chloe and flew them back to Destiny. (SGU: "Space")

Finding an alien fighter attached to the hull, Scott and Young took the shuttle out to destroy it but when they got back the shuttle couldn't attached to the ship, which would destroy it when Desitny jumped to FTL. They soon learned Rush and the civilians were taking control of the ship but he stopped in time to get the shuttle to attach. Young and Greer used space suits to get into the locked down area and let Scott and other military personnel in. They took back control and soon learned that Rush had a transmitter implanted in his body by the aliens and took control to stop Young from just throwing him out an airlock. Young instead ordered TJ to surgically remove it. Once removed, Scott destroyed it. (SGU: "Divided") When Destiny dropped out in an unknown system and needed a month to readjust its course, Scott lead a team to a planet to gather supplies. During this time he and Chloe reconnected after her joining with Rush to take over the ship. When it was time to leave, some people wanted to stay and Scott was against it until TJ told him that she was pregnant and was going to stay as well and he decided he needed to remain to take care of them. Young came down and convinced him and TJ to leave. (SGU: "Faith")

A planet was connected to and Scott led a team there. While exploring some underground ruins, they encountered a Spider-like creature and when Greer shot it, his gunfire caused a collapse and trapped them. A rescue team came to help get them out but had to leave as Destiny was about to jump away. (SGU: "Human") While trying to find a way out, part of the tunnels collapsed and they Scott, Eli and Chloe believed that Greer was dead. They managed to get out and began trying to use the Stargates to get back to Destiny. Eventually they found they were going the wrong way but Eli realized they could find the crashed alien spaceship Rush had examined to learn how best to get back to Destiny. They made their way back but the Stargate didn't connect to Destiny when it was in range and it soon jumped away, stranding them. (SGU: "Lost")

Destiny's engines were sabotaged and it dropped out of FTL, which allowed them to dial back to the ship. He later helped deliver an Ancient Repair robot to the back of the ship to enact repairs. (SGU: "Sabotage") Scott led a team offworld and they became affected by Tick-like creatures. Back on the ship, Scott began to hallucinate his son who asked him why he left him. They soon found the creatures but when TJ tried to remove the one on Scott, it caused his heart to stop and dug in deeper. It later jumped off him and went to someone else. Scott found Chloe speaking to her father and took her to the infirmary to get the creature removed. (SGU: "Pain")

Lucian Alliance invasion

Everett Young asked Scott about the memories he had experienced from swapping with Colonel David Telford as Nicholas Rush had experienced it as well and seen Telford meeting with the Lucian Alliance. When Telford came aboard and Young locked him up, Scott expressed concerns when Young ordered the air vented from the room. (SGU: "Subversion") He asked Young to reconsider and said that he was killing Telford; he tried to get to the room but was stopped by Ronald Greer. Young revived Telford, causing him to overcome the brainwashing and he revealed the Alliance was coming to Destiny. Scott was angered at Young and said he should have told him what he was trying to do. When the Alliance arrived, they managed to take over part of the ship and captured a few people. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1")

After a prisoner exchange, Scott learned that Chloe Armstrong was not among the other prisoners and no one knew where she and Eli Wallace were. They discovered a Binary pulsar was causing the FTL engines to not engage so the shields needed to be modified. A deal was made to hand over control in order to allow Scott and Greer to go outside and modify the shields but when they came back no on responded to let them back in. Rush told them they needed to race to the front of the ship to get to an airlock. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2") Running out of time they instead headed to the underside of the ship to escape the radiation from the pulsar. They got inside and found Eli and Chloe. He and Greer did some recon and stopped some Alliance soldiers who found Rush and the others. They were to get Tamara Johansen from the infirmary and any others but were cut off from escaping. Luckily Rush threatened to disable the shields and kill the Alliance, forcing them to surrender. (SGU: "Intervention")

Back to work

Scott flew a shuttle to a nearby planet to gather supplies and Rush radioed to warn about potential turbulence when entering the atmosphere. Passing the turbulence, the shuttle lost power and they crashed on the planet. Sgt. Hunter Riley was trapped under a console and severely injured and Scott sent the others out to try to find the Stargate so they could get back to Destiny next time it dropped out of FTL. Scott went to use explosives to help clear rubble surrounding the Stargate and they got it working again. They got back to the ship but nothing could be done for Riley and he died. (SGU: "Aftermath") When Destiny docked with a Seed ship, Scott lead a team aboard. After they encountered an alien aboard, Scott offered it some food but it didn't' find it edible. He and Ronald Greer had to drag Nicholas Rush and Airman Dunning off the ship when more of the aliens arrived and stunned them. (SGU: "Awakening")

He began to notice Chloe Armstrong acting strangely and later she went missing. After finding her she said she was experiencing blackouts. He checked her diary and found her writing in Ancient and an alien language and Rush said it appeared that the aliens who took her must have done something to her. Rush said the Neural interface chair could be used to cure her and she agreed to use it. (SGU: "Pathogen") While offworld, Scott stopped an organism from attacking Chloe and was infected by some of its blood. He began to experience a dream world where he was living a normal life and was marrying Chloe. In the dream he and Chloe saw a movie that caused a panic attack as it was the same thing that had happened when he became infected. He began to feel that things were off. He was cured with Chloe's blood, due to what had happened to Chloe and he and Chloe were quarantined once back on Destiny. (SGU: "Cloverdale")

Scott was found to not be infected like Chloe so was released from quarantine. When Young gave up his command, doubting his abilities, Destiny similarly stopped. They discovered that the ship was testing Young's command through his dreams and Scott went to tell him what was happening and get him back. Young refused and told him that he had killed Riley, suffocated him to give him a quick death and wasn't able to deal with it. Scott told him he was a good commander because he didn't stop caring, and that they needed him. Young retook command and Destiny almost immediately jumped back into FTL. (SGU: "Trial and Error") When Simeon killed people and escaped, Scott led a team to go after him, arriving as Rush was going to find Simeon. Going with Rush and Greer, they were ambushed but Rush soon figured out that Simeon had left and was ambushing the others. After Greer was shot by Simeon, Scott wanted them all to go back to the Stargate but Rush refused and Scott told him not make revenge make him miss the ship. Luckily the ship was turned around and Scott returned with a a team to the planet to either find Rush or stop Simeon; they soon found Rush returning. (SGU: "Malice")

After the people who stayed behind in the last galaxy returned aboard the shuttle, Scott talked Dr. Robert Caine through landing the shuttle on Destiny. He went to see Chloe and she told him that he needed to realize that she was going to be gone soon. Greer spoke to Scott about the same thing and that one day they would have to get rid of her. (SGU: "Visitation") Chloe told him to stop coming to see her as she was disappearing. He piloted a shuttle to take people to a derelict ship but had to be called back when there were automated drones among the wreckage. Scott helped to shoot down some of them as they made their way back to Destiny. When Chloe escaped from her quarters, Scott went after her and found her in the control interface room having done something to the ship. (SGU: "Resurgence") The aliens that took Chloe arrived and help in a battle with a Command ship. Scott took a shuttle to recover an inactive drone for study and they were stopped by the aliens. A deal was made to give them Chloe so they could undo what was happening to her, and recover information she had been gathering and Scott took her over to their ship. Chloe was returned and appeared to be cured. (SGU: "Deliverance")

When they encountered an alternate Destiny that had travelled through time, Scott joined a team to go aboard to gather supplies and spare parts. He went with Rush and found that Telford had been killed and Rush's alternate self was nowhere to be found. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") After the consciousness of Ginn appeared in Chloe when she used the stones, Scott grew concerned when she began experiencing choking episodes. The consciousness of Dr. Amanda Perry also appeared and a plan was made to download them into the computer. (SGU: "Hope") Scott took part in a mission on Langara, using a stone to swap bodies with a Captain and posed as him. He helped Young swap with Administrator Halperin and later ordered around some of the Langaran soldiers. (SGU: "Seizure") When TJ and Corporal Reynolds were captured by a creature, Varro convinced Scott to ask Young to let him and the other Alliance personnel to help. (SGU: "The Hunt")

Scott led a team to a planet and they ran into humans who said they were descendants of their alternate timeline selves. Scott returned with others to learn more and to gather supplies. When the drones attacked, Scott managed to shoot one down but it had damaged the Stargate and stranded them. When Eli said the only thing he could do was to turn the subspace transmitter on and off, Scott realized they could use it to sent a Morse code message to Destiny that it was safe to come back for them. (SGU: "Common Descent") Taking the people back to their homeworld, Scott took a team down but the planet was abandoned. (SGU: "Epilogue") When most of the crew evacuated the ship during a recharge in a different type of star, Scott led a team to search for supplies and they were soon trapped by a drone. They managed to take the drone down and escape. (SGU: "Blockade") In order to escape the drones once and for all, a plan was made to put everyone in stasis and get to the next galaxy. Scott went back to Earth to see his son again, but didn't speak to him. He joined others to eat the last of the fresh food on board and then entered stasis. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Scott led a team to a planet to gather food when they started to fall ill. Quarantining on the planet they were attacked by creatures during the night. Scott was bitten but not killed and fell into a coma. He awoke a day later to find everyone had died during the next night. With the Stargate malfunctioning, he sent a Kino through before waiting to the last minute to go back to Destiny. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, after learning of the illness affecting themselves from the Kino Scott had sent through and how the creatures venom had cured him. He went with a team to the planet to find some but they wer attacked and Scott was the only survivor. He recorded a message on another Kino telling them they were infected and to go for the creatures in the daytime before he sent it through the Stargate and back in time. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Rush asked for volunteers to remain on Destiny when the others were going to go back to Earth. Scott joined after Chloe decided to stay. When it appeared that Destiny was going to be destroyed he and the others went through as well. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Ending up 2,000 years in the past, they settled on Novus. He married Chloe and they had at least one son - Alan. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")