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Meredith Rodney McKay
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David Hewlett, Peter Kelamis

Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay is a male Tau'ri, a member of Atlantis expedition and a member of Sheppard's team.


Early life

He was born in 1968. (SGA: "Quarantine") He is allergic to citrus and suffers from hypoglycemia. (SG1: "48 Hours") He built a model of a Nuclear bomb in grade six for the science fair and was questioned for six hours by the CIA, who believed he was part of a secret pre-teen organization. (SGA: "Underground") He had an uncomfortable childhood as his parents hated one another and took it out on him. He used music as an escape and wanted to be a concert pianist but when he was 12 his teacher told him to quit as while he was a competent player he had no sense of the art. McKay turned to science thinking it would be different to music. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 2") He was on a chess team in high school. (SGA: "Underground") He was once almost struck by lightning. (SGA: "The Storm") When his sister, Jeannie got pregnant and dropped out of school, he told her that she was throwing her life away and the two became estranged. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller")

Area 51

He worked at Area 51 studying the Stargate using a virtual computer model and reporting directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Teal'c became trapped within the energy buffer of the Stargate, McKay was briefed and he gave a 48 hour deadline for attempting to get him out as he believed any longer would cause deterioration of his energy signature. He was brought to Stargate Command by Colonel Frank Simmons and he was not really impressed to be there and criticized Samantha Carter's dialing system. He became attracted to Carter, saying he had a weakness for dumb blondes after criticizing her theories. When they received information on how to get Teal'c out from a Goa'uld, McKay said he was lying and wanted them to destroy themselves as his plan could cause a massive feedback and potential overload and explode the Stargate. McKay was immediately transferred to Russia to work on their Naquadah generator program, much to his chagrin. (SG1: "48 Hours")

When he learned that the Stargate was building up energy and was going to explode, he left Russia and went to the SGC to help. When Carter and Jack O'Neill were going to use the X-302 to get to Abydos for help, McKay told Hammond that the Hyperdrive wasn't going to work. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 1") He came up with a plan to send an Electromagnetic pulse back through the Stargate to disable whatever was causing the energy build up, but it caused feedback that overloaded the computers and cause Carter to be injured. He went to see her in the infirmary and told her that the things he says and does are out of jealously. After a plan was developed to use the X-302 to take the Stargate out into space but the extra weight meant the ship couldn't reach orbit, McKay recommended dropping it in the Atlantic Ocean so it could sink and the explosion would be lessened. The X-302's hyperdrive was temporarily activated to take the Stargate as far away from Earth as possible. As McKay was leaving the SGC, Carter gave him a kiss on the cheek and he said that meant that she didn't hate him and she countered by saying it was bad as she was more attracted to him when she did. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 2")


He began working with Elizabeth Weir at the Antarctic outpost, studying the Control chair. He had Dr. Carson Beckett sit in the chair and he accidentally activated a Drone. He joined the Atlantis expedition, giving his car to a neighbor before he left for Atlantis. After discovering that the city's power levels were dropping, he told them that the shield that was protecting the city from the ocean above it was going to fail and he got to work on finding a possible solution but came up with evacuation being their only solution. When power ran out the city instead rose to the surface of the ocean. When several people had been captured by the Wraith and the planet they were taken to had a Spacegate, a Stargate in orbit, McKay took John Sheppard to see the Puddle Jumpers and if he could pilot them. After a successful rescue mission, the expedition celebrated with their new friends, the Athosians and McKay wondered if the food he was eating had lemon in it. (SGA: "Rising")

McKay found a Lantean Personal shield device and volunteered to take Beckett's Gene therapy to get the ATA gene. It was successful and he gained the gene, using it to activate the shield but became worried when he couldn't remove it. He grew more concerned when he couldn't eat or drink through the shield. When Jinto went missing, and Halling said a prayer to the ancestors offering to leave if they have offended them by living in Atlantis and the power went out, McKay fainted. He and Sheppard located Jinto and McKay discovered that he had accidentally released an energy entity that the Lanteans had been studying for ascension. He figured out they could re-trap the entity and when Weir mentioned that the shield he was wearing would protect him, the device deactivated. The entity retreated from their trap and a plan was developed to attract it to a Naquadah generator and send it through the Stargate but it failed. McKay put the shield back on and walked into the entity, picking up the generator and throwing it through the Stargate and drawing off the entity. The shield was drained and he passed out but was otherwise fine. (SGA: "Hide and Seek")

While gathering intelligence on the Wraith, Sheppard had an Iratus bug attach itself to his neck and their Jumper became lodged in the Stargate as they retreated to Atlantis. McKay got to work on finding a way to retract the drive pods that had caused them to become stuck. While Teyla Emmagan and Aiden Ford attempted to remove the Iratus bug, McKay managed to find the right circuit and the drive pods retracted but the ship remained still. A plan was developed to blow the rear hatch, and Ford had McKay go through the Stargate while he did it. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes") Escaping from a Wraith attack, McKay was hit in the face by a stunner and ended up in the infirmary. When it was believed a spy on Atlantis was giving away Sheppard's team's position, the Athosians were believed responsible. After another mission ended up in an attack and Teyla and Ford were left behind but later returned, McKay didn't believe that Teyla was responsible. Sgt. Bates had McKay check Teyla's things and he found that her necklace was a Wraith Transmitter designed to track Lanteans and had been activated when Sheppard picked it up. They used it to set a trap to capture a Wraith and McKay took part despite being nervous and stated that he was a member of the team. (SGA: "Suspicion")

After their Jumper crashed on M7G-677, McKay found an Electromagnetic field generator and took the ZPM powering it back to Atlantis to check it out. He found that it was almost depleted and was of more use powering the field generator than Atlantis. (SGA: "Childhood's End") After discovering that the Genii were building Nuclear bombs to use against the Wraith, McKay said he could get their program back on track. They went on a mission to infiltrate a Hive ship and gain some intel and McKay had to figure out how to open a door by slicing the wall open. (SGA: "Underground")

A planet was discovered which offered a return to Earth and Weir and Sheppard's team went through but their return opportunity was destroyed and they became stuck. He ran into his neighbor who said that she had missed him and asked him out, which he felt was strange. He came up with the idea to use what little power remained in the ZPM on Earth to dial the planet they dialed from in order to get back and began running tests on the ZPM. His resulted indicated that the laws of physics were not working. Hammond revealed the world was created by the Mist on the planet they had been on as using the Stargate harmed them. They convinced the Mist to release them as they would leave and not come back. (SGA: "Home")

When a massive Hurricane was heading towards Atlantis, McKay and Zelenka came up with a plan to use the lightning of the storm to power the shield and protect it from damage. McKay stayed on the city to help run the plan and disabled one of the grounding stations. He returned to the control room with Weir only to be captured by a Genii strike force that had invaded the city. Commander Acastus Kolya interrogated McKay to learn what their plan was. (SGA: "The Storm") When Sheppard took down some of Kolya's men, he threatened to kill Weir but McKay stood in front of her and made a case for her being kept alive. Kolya took them to grounding station three which had been damaged and had McKay fix it. When the power went out, McKay said that he couldn't fix it until power was turned back on. He managed to fix it and as the storm reached the city, he faked enacting the plan and claimed that it wasn't working. Kolya was going to take them back with him but they were rescued by Sheppard and Ford. McKay enacted the plan, activating the shield and saving the city. (SGA: "The Eye")


He went with Sheppard, Dr. Brendan Gall and Abrams to examine a Lagrangian Point satellite in the Lantean System and discovered a crashed Cruiser on a nearby planet. They detected no lifesigns so they went in to investigate but a lone Wraith was still aboard and it attacked and killed Abrams and almost killed Gall. McKay stayed with Gall as Sheppard went after the Wraith but he wanted to go and help but refused to leave Gall. He told McKay to leave but he would not, so Gall, knowing he wasn't going to survive being fed on, shot and killed himself. McKay went out to help Sheppard, providing a distraction and saving Sheppard. (SGA: "The Defiant One")

McKay led a research team to examine an area of the city that had flooded during the storm and as they were preparing to leave, two members of the team experienced hallucinations and died. McKay refused to let anyone go back as they might all be affected. They discovered that they were infected with a nanovirus and McKay discovered that he and Hays were next to be exposed and would soon die. After Hays died, McKay asked Ford to track down his sister if he ever got back to Earth and tell her that he died saving some kids. When he didn't die, they learned that the nanovirus didn't kill those with the ATA gene. He came up with a plan to use an Electromagnetic pulse generator to release an EMP to disable the virus but it didn't work correctly, so Sheppard detonated a Naquadah generator in orbit to create an EMP and save them. (SGA: "Hot Zone")

After Sheppard's team was saved from Darts by an unknown energy force, McKay theorized that such a weapon would probably be powered by a ZPM. After landing on Proculus and meeting the People of Proculus who were pre-technological, they met Chaya Sar who communed with her god, Athar, to ask if refugees could come to Proculus but she said they could not; McKay was annoyed she was using her religion to refuse them. Sheppard invited Chaya to Atlantis to try to change her mind and after she activated a Biometric sensor array, McKay became suspicious of her and confronted Sheppard for being so close to her. He later was secretly scanning her when she revealed that she knew what he was doing and he realized she was a Lantean. (SGA: "Sanctuary")

When they found someone in stasis in the city, McKay wanted to revive her to learn from her, believing her to be a Lantean. The person was actually Weir from an Alternate Timeline. (SGA: "Before I Sleep") Sheppard's team went to Dagan to try to find a ZPM kept there and he worked with Allina, who became interested in McKay. He was oblivious to this until the rest of his team keyed him into it. They were captured by Commander Acastus Kolya who forced McKay and Allina to help him find the ZPM. After finding it, Kolya and his men were taken down but Allina took the ZPM to put it back into hiding. (SGA: "The Brotherhood") After learning that three Hive ships were headed for Atlantis, McKay stopped sleeping much. He came up with the idea of sending a data burst through the Stargate to Earth and recorded a message to be sent to his sister. (SGA: "Letters From Pegasus")

Discovering a hidden Wraith lab, McKay examined a data storage device which revealed to them that the Wraith had experimented on humans by giving them Wraith DNA. (SGA: "The Gift") McKay went with Dr. Peter Grodin and Lt. Miller to the Lagrangian Point satellite to bring it back online so it could take out the incoming Hive ships. McKay wore a Spacesuit and entered the station to bring its systems online but they soon discovered that the weapon's power conduits were damaged and needed to be rerouted. McKay went outside to reroute the power but it caused the dock to lose power and Grodin was left aboard. McKay wanted to fix it but Grodin told him there was no time and to get to safety and he would manually fire the weapon. It destroyed one Hive ship but overloaded and the Wraith destroyed it, killing Grodin. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")

When a military team arrived from Earth, McKay was annoyed that the military took over and shut them out stating that they would need the scientists eventually. He worked on powering up the Control chair using a Mark II Naquadah generator sent from Earth but learned there were only a few dozen Drones left. He later came up with idea to use the chair to remotely pilot Puddle Jumpers to the Hive ships to deliver nuclear bombs. He and Zelenka worked on finishing the warheads obtained from the Genii, asking Beckett to provide them with stimulants as they were exhausted. When the Mark II generator failed, Sheppard went to fly the Jumper himself. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 2") Sheppard was saved when the Daedalus arrived and they delivered a ZPM for McKay to install. When his marine escort was taken down by the Wraith he was saved by Teyla. He managed to get the ZPM online and activate the shield. He laid down on the floor to rest only for Teyla to ask if she should tell the other Wraith on the city that he was unavailable to fight. After more Hive ships arrived, he worked on connected a Jumper's cloak to the city and after a nuclear bomb was detonated above the city, they cloaked the city to make the Wraith think they had destroyed it. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 3")

He returned to Earth with senior staff and when going back to Atlantis aboard the Daedalus, Dr. Monroe was killed in an accident and McKay wanted them to drop out of hyperspace to run tests but Colonel Steven Caldwell refused. He later found evidence that it may not have been an accident and convinced Caldwell to stop the ship. After Dr. Lindstrom was sucked out of an airlock, McKay was convinced someone was behind it. A Wraith Computer virus was found aboard and McKay worked on purging it but it came back almost immediately. He and Sheppard went to the F-302 bay to remove their memory modules and they had to take refuge in one when the virus opened the bay door. The ship was purged and they returned to Atlantis. (SGA: "The Intruder") He went with his team to P3M-736 to help search for Ford and was concerned about the solar radiation on the planet. Ford found him and took him along to rescue Sheppard and Teyla, who had been captured by Ronon Dex. He became annoyed that Ford had no clue where he was going and refused to move on. He shot Ford in the arm to stop him and ran off. He was caught in a trap and Ford was going to kill him when he was saved by Ronon. (SGA: "Runner")

He arranged a date with Dr. Katie Brown. While offworld searching for survivors of a Wraith attack, he and Lt. Laura Cadman were taken aboard a Dart. After it was shot down, he was brought out but Cadman's mind came along, sharing his body. He became annoyed with Cadman who wanted to be included in the effort to remove her. They were sent to see Dr. Kate Heightmeyer and McKay was convinced to relinquish some control of his body. As soon as McKay fell asleep, Cadman took control of his body and he awoke naked in her quarters with sore legs as she had taken him for a run. He arrived for his date with Katie to find Beckett there who claimed that McKay had asked him to come along, which McKay realized had been Cadman's doing. The strain on his body became too much and Cadman volunteered to let go, knowing it would destroy her mind. McKay came up with a solution to get Cadman back to her body but before it was enacted she took control to kiss Beckett, in case it didn't work. (SGA: "Duet")

After their Jumper was shot down by some prisoners, McKay was tasked with repairing the Jumper by threatening the rest of the team. He said that it was impossible to repair it as he didn't have what he needed but figured he might be able to tie it all together to dial out. (SGA: "Condemned") After discovering Project Arcturus, McKay was sure that he could finish the Lanteans work and make the project viable. A scientist was killed during their test and further work was stopped. McKay convinced Sheppard to allow him to finish, asking Sheppard to trust him. The two went back but McKay was unable to fix it and it began to overload. McKay wanted to fix it but was convinced to leave by Sheppard. Weir yelled at him for him being responsible for destroying most of the Dorandan System when Arcturus detonated. He later approached Sheppard and asked if he could have the opportunity to earn back his trust. (SGA: "Trinity")

After meeting the female Wraith Ellia who was being raised by a man, he and Beckett had to go after her when she tried Beckett's Iratus bug retrovirus. They were attacked by a Wraith but were rescued by Ellia. (SGA: "Instinct") When Sheppard was infected by the retrovirus as well, McKay joined the team to go an retrieve Iratus bug eggs to manufacture a cure for Sheppard but they were attacked and had to flee. He returned with Sheppard, who was able to get some eggs when he was ignored by the bugs due to the retrovirus. (SGA: "Conversion") After finding the derelict Lantean warship, the Aurora], Sheppard's team went to investigate and after finding the crew still alive in stasis, McKay discovered their minds were inside a Virtual reality. He helped Sheppard enter the reality but after finding a Wraith in a pod and controlling the reality, McKay went in to get Sheppard out. He later disconnected the Wraith and woke it up, shooting it several times before running off. (SGA: "Aurora")

The team was captured by Ford who dosed McKay, Teyla and Ronon with the Wraith enzyme and McKay was furious at being drugged. He examined some of the Wraith data that Ford and his men had collected and was then put to work on fixing a Dart to be used in a mission. McKay was taken off the enzyme to keep him clear headed and after the others went on the mission, McKay became concerned that the hadn't come back. (SGA: "The Lost Boys") In order to escape, McKay injected himself with a massive dose of the enzyme in order to take out Ford's men and get back to Atlantis. As the enzyme began to break down, McKay went through withdrawals but came out fine. He reported to Weir what had happend and then went with the Daedalus to rescue the others. He went with Lorne to try to make contact but they could not. The two hive ships began firing on the Daedalus but soon began fighting one another and were destroyed. McKay returned to Atlantis to find the others had managed to escape in time. (SGA: "The Hive")


When Sheppard became trapped in a Time dilation field, McKay returned to Atlantis to gather gear and supplies to rescue him. Examining the data recovered, he determined that they could disable the field to get him out and he went with the team inside. The people inside that Sheppard had been living with for 6 months ascended and used their abilities to let them all leave the field. (SGA: "Epiphany") While preparing a data burst to be sent back to Earth, McKay read a message from the Daedalus warning of a bomb on Atlantis that would detonate if Earth was dialed and he managed to stop the dialing in time. He disabled the Zero Point Module to prevent the Stargate from being able to dial Earth and later found that there was no bomb but the city's safety protocols had been disabled so if enough power was drained from the ZPM it would detonate. As two Cruisers came near the city they had to install the ZPM to use the cloak. Luckily the code to re-engage the protocols was found and the city was saved. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

Examining Jumper Six on its test flight after being repaired, McKay and Captain Hugh Griffin became trapped when the engines failed and it crashed and sank into the ocean. Griffin sacrificed his life to close the bulkhead door when the windshield broke, much to McKay's confusion as to why he chose to save McKay's life. With a concussion from the crash, he began to hallucinate Samantha Carter, who said she was a part of McKay's mind manifest to help him. McKay was annoyed that she was only there to shoot down his ideas to save himself as it could drain all his power. As the rear compartment began filling with water, he tried to enact his plan and Carter attempted to seduce him until he realized she was trying to stop him. With time running out he lamented over treating Griffin so badly and told Carter that she was wiser than he was. He was rescued before the Jumper flooded by Sheppard and Dr. Radek Zelenka. (SGA: "Grace Under Pressure")

Finding the Tower, a City-ship like Atlantis, McKay runs some scans and enters the lower levels to determine the status of the ZPM. He and his guide, Baldric, become trapped inside after a cave in closes a hallway. McKay manually activates a Drone to blast a hole to allow his radio to work. He learns that the Lord Protector is going to launch Drones against a revolting village and he has to find a way to drain the almost depleted ZPM to stop it. Sheppard recommends activating the Star Drive and McKay brings it online and drains the ZPM. (SGA: "The Tower") When Sheppard and Weir are taken over by the consciousnesses of two fighting soldiers and begin hunting each other down, McKay argues with Colonel Steven Caldwell about who is technically in charge. He has to repair the ZPM system to bring power back online and then works to override Weir's code that was used to lock down the city. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye")

When Ladon Radim offers to exchange a ZPM for military supplies to overthrow Cowen, McKay goes with Sheppard to inform Cowen. He joins the team to track down Ladon and take the ZPM but they are gassed and captured with Ladon revealing he is working for Cowen. The team is later freed by Ladon who uses a Nuclear bomb to kill Cowen and his elite guard and position himself as leader of the Genii. (SGA: "Coup D'etat") After Michael Kenmore, a Wraith, was converted into a human, McKay introduced himself and was a little concerned when Michael rcognized Wraith Culling beam schematics indicating that maybe his Wraith memories were not entirely gone. (SGA: "Michael") After meeting the Taranians, McKay discovered that they had been using a Lantean shield continuously for a year and it had caused a supervolcano that powered the shield to become active and would soon erupt and render the planet uninhabitable. After the Stargate was destroyed by lava, McKay worked on fixing the Orion, a Lantean warship, coming up with a plan to allow it to be thrown up during the eruption and then activate the hyperdrive for a second to send them safely into orbit. (SGA: "Inferno")

McKay worked on fixing the Orion when a Hive ship was detected heading to Atlantis. The Hive had Michael aboard and they wanted to use the retrovirus against enemy Wraith to turn them into a food source. They were given the Wraith Jamming codes and McKay worked on bypassing it. When the Hive was damage trying to use the gas on another ship, McKay went aboard to help with repairs. For the next test, McKay went with Ronon aboard the Hive but they were captured and the Wraith revealed they had taken the location of Earth and were heading there. (SGA: "Allies") Trapped in coccoons, Ronon managed to get out and free McKay and they went to try to find a way to sabotage the Hive. They were found by Sheppard and Michael and they escaped to the Daedalus. After a battle, McKay had to work on trying to repair the ships life support systems. A plan was developed to use the retrovirus on the damaged Hive in order to board it as it still had life support. (SGA: "No Man's Land")

He worked on finding a way to manually control the Hive ship but it proved difficult. When the converted Wraith were going to be found and rescued by other Wraith and a failsafe to stop them didn't work, McKay used the Hive to fire on the camp to destroy them. (SGA: "Misbegotten") He joined Carter and Cameron Mitchell aboard the Odyssey to enact a plan to dial a Stargate into the Supergate in the Milky Way and prevent the Ori from using it. He calculated the yields of nuclear bombs used to try to get the Stargate placed near the Supergate to jump. After a failed attempt, he figured out they needed to use two bombs detonated one after the other but it also failed. When a Hive ship arrived they lured it around the Black hole and launched more weapons which succeeded in both destroying the ship and causing the Stargate to jump. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")

When everyone on Atlantis fell under the influence of a man called Lucius Lavin, McKay and Sheppard were the only ones not yet affected. McKay began analyzing some liquid that Lucius was drinking until Lucius had Ronon hold McKay to a wall and let Lucius talk to him, with McKay eventually falling under his influence as well. (SGA: "Irresistible") When Ronon was taken by the Wraith, McKay searched for Runner signals and believed the one coming from Sateda, Ronon's homeworld, was his. He joined the team to go and rescue him. (SGA: "Sateda") After meeting the Asurans who put their hands in the teams head, McKay realized they were machines. After making a deal to save Atlantis by removing aggressive programming from the Asurans, McKay found a way to temporarily freeze them all and allow an escape. He uploaded the new code to Niam, the one they made the deal with, and made their escape, with McKay overloading the ZPM's in the city-ship they were aboard. (SGA: "Progeny") After Weir was infected with Asuran nanites, McKay helped Carson with a plan to kill them by distracting them using Wraith DNA and then hitting them with an Electromagnetic pulse. McKay set up the pulse and it appeared to work but the nanites soon came back which McKay realized was because they were organic in composition and immune from the EMP. Luckily Weir was able to fight them off and gain control of her body. (SGA: "The Real World")

McKay received a request from Carter to return to Earth concerning his sister. He arrived to learn that she had written a math proof that helped with a project he had been working on. He went to see her and she was upset at his sudden arrival. She husband invited him to dinner and afterwards he had her beamed up to the Daedalus to show her that her work would have real world applications. He took her to Atlantis where they created a Matter bridge to draw zero point energy from an alternate reality. She was annoyed at him dismissing her as part of the project and he was annoyed that she had told his team embarrassing things from his past. When an alternate reality version of himself arrived to warn them that their experiment was endangering his universe, McKay was annoyed that Jeannie and his team appeared to like him more. A plan was developed to send the alternate McKay back and collapse the matter bridge as it was continuing to damage the alternate reality. Jeannie got mad at McKay when he didn't want her spending time with her alternate self and said that he had been more of a brother to her in the short time he had been there. After the alternate McKay returned, McKay came to see Jeannie and promised that he would be in her life more often. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller")

While searching for Leonard's team that had gone missing, a Wraith Mind manipulator was found, McKay worked on trying to disable it but it started to make him hallucinate that its power levels were rising and it was going to explode. He was shot by Sheppard who hallucinated he was an enemy. (SGA: "Phantoms") During the first test of the McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge, McKay detected a ship moving at near light speed. Once it passed he figured out it as an Aurora-class warrship. The ship began to slow and they were contacted by Lanteans aboard. They were transported back to Atlantis and took control of the city, having the expedition return to Earth. McKay took a position at Area 51 but dislike the position. When the Asurans took control of Atlantis, a plan was developed to take it back before the Daedalus destroyed it. While Weir distracted Dr. Bill Lee, McKay hacked his computer. Without authorization they went back to Pegasus and collected Teyla and Ronon. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1") McKay came up with a plan to collect Niam's body and use it to cause the Asurans to be frozen so they could be easily taken down but when Niam woke up and was destroyed, a new plan was developed. They interfaced the Anti-Replicator guns with Atlantis' shield generators to take out all the Asurans at once, and he had them place C-4 in the emitters and then told Jack O'Neill and Richard Woolsey about the C-4, making them think it was the plan so when the Asurans interrogated them they removed the C-4 but not the new crystals. The plan worked and they were all wiped out. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2")


McKay discovered that the Flagisallus that had helped Sheppard and Zelenka find him in a sinking Jumper had returned and he named him Sam. He and Sheppard took a Jumper to get a closer look and soon were surrounded by the creatures who began affecting them due to the frequency that their calls were. McKay and Sheppard suffered from perforated ear drums but were otherwise fine. They found a bio-lab and soon learned that the apparitions of Lanteans that people were seeing were projections created by the Flagisallus to warn them. It was discovered that a Coronal mass ejection was soon to occur and would render Lantea uninhabitable. Sheppard came up with a plan to install the ZPM on the Daedalus and use its shields to deflect the ejection. (SGA: "Echoes") After meeting a "hero" who saved a village who turned out to be Lucius Lavin using a Lantean Personal shield, McKay warned Ronon not to hit Lucius when he asked Ronon to try. (SGA: "Irresponsible")

Shutting down devices that the Lanteans had activated, McKay accidentally activated a device but was found to not have affected him. While on a mission to rescue Lorne's team, McKay thought how it would be good if all the enemies weapons jammed right before they did. Back on Atlantis he proved he had done it by using Telekinesis to lift up Beckett. He soon learned he had other abilities including super-hearing and Telepathy and his intelligence had increased. He worked to reconfigure the city's power grid but when Sheppard and Weir came to tell him that they had learned that he would need to ascend or else he would die, there was a power surge and Zelenka was critically injured. McKay used his Healing ability to revive Zelenka and fully heal his injury. Trying to get to ascension, he worked with Sheppard who tried to teach him things he learned when with Teer's people. Weir suggested he rid himself of things that made him feel shame, regret or anger and so he ended up apologizing to Zelenka for how he had treated him, performed a Memorial tea ceremony for Teyla, healed the scars on Ronon's back and write a 500-page book on Weir's accomplishments. As he began to die he attempted to reach ascension again but he figured out how to get the device to reset his DNA and was saved. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

McKay and Sheppard learned that their "game" was in fact a Lantean experiment and was directing actual people. They went to Geldar, McKay's country and he met Nola, their leader. After Baden, the leader of the other country, arrived, they explained what had happened and took them back to Atlantis to show them. McKay told Nola that what he had taught them was real and useful and commended how much progress they had made in two years. When the two countries went to war, McKay hacked their Portals and the Daedalus to simulate a war and how bad it could go for them, convincing them to return to negotiations. (SGA: "The Game") Discovering a hidden space station in a moon and people who had stored themselves away to survive a Wraith attack, the team became trapped when the station was damaged. Teyla was taken into storage as well to force them to save the people inside at any cost and McKay said that it would take too long to figure out how to get only her out so Sheppard had to take the storage module aboard a shuttle and ride it down to the planet. (SGA: "The Ark")

He agreed to go Fishing with Beckett on a mandatory rest day. The night before he chastized two scientists who activated a device. On the rest day he went to see Katie Brown and asked her to spend the day with him so he could get out of fishing, when she said she had to remain in her lab he offered to bring food to her. He told Beckett that Katie had asked him to join her and got out of going. When an explosion rocked the city, McKay discovered that the device activated had caused explosive tumors to grow in the scientists. Beckett was operating on the other scientist who had been injured in the explosion and managed to remove the tumor but as he was taking it away it exploded and killed him. McKay served as a pall bearer at a memorial when taking his body back to Earth and was there at the funeral with Beckett's family on Earth. He briefly hallucinated Beckett back on Atlantis and said goodbye. (SGA: "Sunday")

McKay joined a team to explore a Mobile drilling platform on Lantea. He didn't believe Teyla when she said she sensed a Wraith presence but a Wraith Queen was soon found aboard, swimming over from a crashed Cruiser. Teyla learned that the queen had armed an auto-destruct on the Cruiser so he and Sheppard went over using pressure suits but a command code was needed. A plan was developed to trick the queen into thinking they had repaired her ship so she escaped and went back. McKay shot at her from behind and he and Sheppard killed her after she deactivated the auto-destruct. (SGA: "Submersion") Checking in on the Taranians, they found them all to be dead and a strange creature attacked them. Learning that Michael Kenmore was behind it, McKay went over the research and learned he had been conducting these experiments on other planets. (SGA: "Vengeance")

McKay was tasked with checking the Horizon weapon before it was launched against the Asurans. He oversaw its launch and analyzed the data to report that they had destroyed the fleet of ships the Asurans were building. An Asuran Stargate satellite arrived in orbit and began firing on Atlantis and McKay came up with a plan to submerge the city to buy them more time as it was draining the shield. When the plan didn't buy them much time, he and Sheppard came up with a plan to take Atlantis off of Lantea. As asteroid was pushed into the satellite's weapon's path and as they were launching they didn't have enough power so he had to lower the shield briefly to take off. McKay activated the shield again but the weapon grazed the control tower. Atlantis was taken into hyperspace but soon dropped out and McKay reported that he had no clue where they were. (SGA: "First Strike")

He had to work on repairing the conduits on Atlantis as they were losing massive amounts of power. When the city was drifting towards an asteroid belt, McKay joined a group of others to destroy the asteroids using the Jumpers. The city passed through safely but they were too late in repairs to stop too much energy from being lost. With Weir injured in the Asuran attack, Dr. Jennifer Keller spoke to McKay about activating the nanites in her body to repair the injury and save her life. Sheppard told him not to but he did it anyway and Weir recovered. With few options left, McKay come up with an idea of using the Jumper hyperdrive he designed and go to Asuras to steal a ZPM from them. (SGA: "Adrift")

McKay went with Sheppard, Ronon and Weir to Asuras and allowed the nanites in Weir to access the Asuran network to direct them to a ZPM. While obtaining it, he found a command in the Asuran code to direct them to attack the Wraith. He converted their Jumper's cloak into an anti-Replicator field to be able to reach the central data core and activate the command. When Sheppard and Ronon were surrounded, Weir ran off and managed to find Oberoth, using him to froce all the Asurans to stop. They escaped but Weir was left behind and were rescued by the Apollo. With the new ZPM installed, they took Atlantis to M35-117 and managed to land in the ocean. (SGA: "Lifeline") After Ronon met some old friends who revealed the Wraith were working on disabling the command that made the Asurans attack the Wraith, so they went on a mission to stop it. It was a trap and they were captured and McKay was put to work on disabling the command himself. They were later rescued. (SGA: "Reunion")

When it was discovered that an energy entity was moving between people and causing horrific dreams, McKay became affected so Sheppard entered his dreams to help him fight it. It killed McKay but he was revived and realized that the entity was affected by electrical shocks so he entered Sheppard's mind to fight it. Sheppard was shocked and he was able to defeat the entity. (SGA: "Doppelganger") When Sheppard was captured, McKay figured out that someone with hyperdrive technology had taken him. With few leads, McKay eventually found a Morse code signal being sent through subspace that was Sheppard and went with the rescue team to find him. (SGA: "Travelers")

He went to see Katie Brown when she returned from the mainland on M35-117 and accompanied her to the infirmary when she mentioned feeling ill. As she began to lose her memory, he grew concerned and was shocked when she had no clue who he was. A mutated strain of Kirsan fever was spreading and McKay soon became infected as well, but began working on a way to distribute a cure through the life support system. As his memory was failing he recorded a message for himself and tied himself to a chair. Suddenly with no memory, McKay saw the message telling him to find Teyla and then set out to find her. He was captured and locked up by Lorne but convinced the others to rush the guards and escape. He got away with Carter and soon ran into Zelenka. They followed Lorne to the brig and found Teyla. The plan was finished and a cure was distributed. Everyone got their memories back and McKay waited in the infirmary for Katie to wake up. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")

When Teyla and Keller failed to return from New Athos, Sheppard's team went to check on her and had to fight off some Bola Kai attacking the pair. (SGA: "Missing") Sheppard's team went to meet with Davos, a man who could see the future, and McKay was unconvinced until Davos showed him a vision of the team being captured by the Wraith. The team went to meet with Todd, the Wraith who escaped with Sheppard from Kolya, and ambushed the Wraith when they ambushed them. They learned from Todd that the Asurans were destroying human worlds as a way to fight the Wraith and McKay blamed himself. He began to work with Todd on disabling the Asuran attack directive again. (SGA: "The Seer")

While working on the directive, McKay emailed Jeannie for help. He received word that she had been kidnapped and he returned to Earth with Sheppard and Ronon. He spoke with Kaleb who blamed him for Jeannie's kidnapping. While following a lead, McKay was kidnapped as well. Their kidnapper, Henry Wallace, had them taken to fix the nanites he had injected into his daughter to save her life. After they attempted to escape, Wallace injected Jeannie with nanites as well. They created a solution but the nanites soon stopped her heart to repair a heart murmur resulting in brain damage. Knowing that the nanites in Jeannie would soon try to fix her Epilepsy and probably result in brain damage, McKay had her put in a coma and had her legs broken to slow down the nanites. Todd was brought in to help but he collapsed from hunger and McKay was planning to sacrifice himself. Sheppard convinced Wallace to give up his life instead and Jeannie was saved. McKay bought her a Prius out of guilt. (SGA: "Miller's Crossing")

When duplicates of the team and Elizabeth Weir contacted Atlantis, the team went to meet them and McKay was happy to work alongside himself. Asurans arrived and the duplicates created a distraction so the team could escape. McKay worked on an Asuran Core drive the duplicates gave them and he soon was able to track Asuran ships, finding there were a lot in the galaxy. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil") McKay continued to work with Todd on shutting down the Asurans but they were making no progress. The Daedalus and the Apollo worked to take down Asuran ships but they soon retreated to Asuras. McKay came up with the idea of increasing the attraction in Asuran nanites to bring them all together so they could be destroyed. Unable to create a block of nanites to do what he needed, McKay created FRAN, a nanite being to enact the plan. He beamed down the Asuras during the attack to overload the ZPM's but when the nanite blob crushed the subterranean power grid the plan could not be performed. Carter detected the planet was rich in Neutronium so McKay dialed up the nanite attraction, causing it to sink down and reach the planet's core, destroying the Asurans and their planet. Back on Atlantis, McKay deleted the planet from the database. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")


McKay detected a signal from Todd's tracking device and found his Hive ship sitting in space. They went to investigate and found the crew dead or gone. McKay found a reference to the location the hive was headed to and they were to see what it was. They found a Wraith facility and rescued Todd who revealed the facility was used to clone Wraith. They were captured and McKay was almost fed on until the Queen suddenly sent them away. The Queen came to free them and revealed that she was Teyla who was controlling the Queen. (SGA: "Spoils of War")

McKay bought an engagement ring for Dr. Katie Brown and intended to ask her to marry him. He went to collect her from the botany lab when the city went into a lockdown. With no radio and no computer he was unable to figure out what was happening and figured that there was another outbreak in the city. He began to feel ill and thought himself to be sick. The ring fell out of his pocket and Katie found it but McKay said that it didn't matter if they were going to die. The lockdown ended later and he went to see her, saying that he wasn't ready to get married as he still had to work on his issues. As she said goodbye to him, he realized that she was ending things between them. (SGA: "Quarantine")

McKay and Sheppard were asked by Mardola to escort Harmony on a pilgrimage to the Great Temple of Larris. McKay was annoyed at the task and found Harmony to be annoying and spoiled, especially after she ate Sheppard's Energy bar and blamed it on him. Genii mercenaries ambushed them and told McKay he could leave if he handed over Harmony before Sheppard rescued them. He suggested to Sheppard they stun Harmony and carry her back when she refused to leave with them. After she ran off and they found her, she told McKay that she liked Sheppard and didn't want McKay to get in the way. When they got to the temple, McKay discovered it was a Lantean testing site for Mini-drones and managed to repair the damage the Genii had done to it. When more Genii showed up, he tripped and fell on Harmony and she assumed he had covered her from the attack. After Sheppard used the mini-drones to force off the Genii they returned to the castle. Harmony had a painting made that showed McKay protecting her while Sheppard cowered behind them. (SGA: "Harmony")

When Sheppard's father died, McKay was going to go with him back to Earth but had to go to M7G-677 to help repair the [[Electromagnetic field generator. (SGA: "Outcast") He went with Carter and Keller to M5V-801 to try to convince the people there to move their settlement to a safer area when they fell into an abandoned Genii mine. After stacking crates to get out failed, Keller mentioned a bar bet for free Beer and showed them how it was done, which they used to try to make a bridge between two beams to escape but it collapsed and Carter broke her leg. McKay used a gas pipe to make a cannon and fire a rod out with a rope attached but when he pulled on it, dirt fell in and the facility they were in began to collapse. Keller fell out a door but grabbed the rope and McKay had to hold onto the other end. Keller saw a tunnel with daylight in it and swung over. Even with McKay's injured hands he helped lower Carter down and then climbed down himself, barely getting away before the facility fell. Keller told him he owed her a beer and he said he never agreed to the bet. Keller asked him if he wanted to get a drink with her or not and he finally got what she was saying. (SGA: "Trio")

When the gate bridge stopped working, they discovered that the Wraith had invaded Midway so McKay joined a team to go and take it back. While trying to override the Wraith lockout, Dr. Peter Kavanagh accidentally activated the auto-destruct. McKay had to vent the air from the station to get rid of the Wraith, even though Sheppard was still out there. As they were making their way to the escape Jumper, McKay found Sheppard in a spacesuit. Midway was destroyed and they had to wait for over a week for the Daedalus to arrive and rescue them. (SGA: "Midway")

McKay records some notes on science for Teyla to play for her baby and gives it to her as a gift. When Teyla says she had a vision of her child's father, Kanaan, and McKay tells her he believes her but later tells Sheppard he didn't believe her. It is discovered that the Hoffan drug is being distributed on other planets and McKay goes with Sheppard to Hoff to search the ruins. He finds some kids scavenging and is told that all the good stuff had already been taken. Teyla is taken offworld and while searching for her at one of Michael's facilities, they find Carson Beckett alive. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") At Atlantis he explains to Beckett that another Beckett had been on Atlantis but had died in an explosion and they soon learn that he is a clone created by Michael. When Beckett wants to work on curing himself from genetic deterioration and wants to help find Teyla, McKay is against it as it could kill him. Going to another one of Michael's planet they locate the missing Athosians but Michael escapes with Teyla. Beckett finally agrees to be put in stasis to maintain his life. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

After Sheppard obtained Teyla's location, the team went there but Teyla had not been brought there yet. An Auto-destruct caused the building to collapse on them. (SGA: "The Last Man") McKay was trapped with Lorne and he found among the rubble, Michael's hard drive and was able to obtain all of Michael's data and plans. They were found by rescue teams but had to leave before finding others when Michael's Cruiser arrived in orbit. The Daedalus came to the planet and was able to beam up Sheppard and Ronon. Knowing that Teyla was aboard the Cruiser, the team went over and managed to locate her. While Sheppard and Ronon went to disable the hyperdrive, McKay remained with Teyla but she started giving birth and he had to assist. After giving birth, they managed to escape the ship before the Daedalus destroyed it. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")

A cure for Beckett was devised and he was brought out of stasis and later McKay was angered at a plan to send him back to Earth to recover. After Keller became infected with a Hive ship pathogen it was discovered that everyone who had been on M2S-445 was infected, including McKay. To try to stop the pathogen that began growing tendrils out of Keller, they shut power down to the building she was in an evacuated, and McKay was angered that they had just left her there. Beckett was able to come up cure that saved Keller. (SGA: "The Seed") When Ronon was taken by Tyre, McKay tried everything to try to come up with a way to find him. After they found Tyre and he went through withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme, he led them to Ronon but instead betrayed them to the Wraith. He later freed them and helped them find Ronon. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

After the Daedalus arrived in orbit with no one aboard, they discovered that the Daedalus was in the Milky Way and went aboard to investigate. A strange energy reading led McKay to discover that the ship was jumping through alternate realities and had a drive created by an alternate version of himself. When they entered a reality with an alien spaceship attacking Atlantis, Sheppard had McKay bring the beam weapons online and they fired on the ship. McKay came up with a way to jump faster to avoid the ship's attacks. In the next reality they found themselves close to a star and they didn't have enough power for the shields to be sustained before they jumped again, so McKay directed all the power to jump again. With the drive damaged, he figured out a way to put it in reverse and managed to bring the sublight engines online to get the ship away from the alien ship. Approaching their reality, one of the aliens was aboard and caused a hull breach that cut them off from their Jumper, so they had to get off the ship using Spacesuits. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")

After strange disturbances on the city, they discovered an entity in its systems and were contacted by someone claiming to be Elizabeth Weir. After Weir used the Nanite creation machine to create a body, McKay removed the control crystal. He later reinstalled it when member of Niam's group came to the city to also get bodies and a deal was made for them to get temporary bodies to work on creating human bodies. After one of them escape but was stopped, Weir said they were too dangerous and she tricked the others into going with her through a Spacegate where they were disabled in the vacuum of space. McKay remarked that it pretty much proved that the entity was in fact Weir. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")

The team went to M44-5Y9 and immediately found themselves underwater, swimming up they took refuge on top of the Stargate. While waiting for rescue, McKay passed out but back on Atlantis nothing was found wrong. He soon began experiencing memory loss and was found to be infected with a Second Childhood parasite. He and Keller began recording him to track his progress and he admitted to her that he loved her and had for some time. As it got worse, Jeannie Miller was brought to Atlantis. At Ronon's suggestion, they took him to the Shrine of Talus where he almost immediately regained all his memory. They discovered that a radiation there caused the parasite to retract and McKay was upset that he was going to die within a day. Keller performed surgery on McKay in the cave as the radiation allowed the parasite to be removed. Back to his old self, he seemed to have no memory of most of the events that had happened. (SGA: "The Shrine") When Beckett returned to Atlantis but decided to leave again, McKay was upset. (SGA: "Whispers") Teyla went undercover, disguised as a Wraith queen, to help Todd convince his alliance to take a gene therapy to remove their need to feed on humans. When the ship they were on jumped away, Sheppard and the others took a Jumper to a nearby planet and Sheppard fired drones at a Hive ship attacking their ship, destroying it. They were captured on the hive but later freed by Todd. (SGA: "The Queen")

He went to accompany Keller to M33-985 and was annoyed when Ronon decided to come along as well. When Keller disappeared, Ronon went to track her while McKay went back to the Stargate. When he arrived, Wraith came through and Ronon realized they were hunters and were after a Runner. McKay went with Ronon to try to find Keller and once they took down one of the Wraith, McKay took the tracking device scanner from the Wraith so they could find the Runner. When they found him, Keller stopped Ronon from attacking him and explained the Runner, Kiryk, had taken her to help heal a little girl. McKay examined a disabled transportation device that Kiryk had and managed to repair it. Kiryk used it to distract the Wraith and get them to chase him through the Stargate. Back on Atlantis, McKay asked Ronon if he had romantic intentions towards Keller as he did. When he said he did, McKay said the best man would win. (SGA: "Tracker")

McKay was set to help Daniel Jackson when he came to the city, much to his dismay. Jackson said he was searching for a hidden lab used by Janus but McKay didn't believe they would find anything. After finding the lab, McKay helped to go through all the inventions and data there. He and Jackson were kidnapped when aliens arrived in the city. Taken to another planet they were told to activate a device. McKay found that the device was invented by Janus and caused Wraith ships to be destroyed when they entered hyperspace. Activating the device, McKay soon discovered that the device also caused Stargates to explode when activated. (SGA: "First Contact") He and Jackson managed to escape and found some of the alien armor which they wore to go inside the device's chamber and shut it down. Jackson was hit by a discharge and badly injured but luckily they were rescued by the Daedalus. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

While delivering supplies to Beckett offworld, Wraith showed up and wanted the Balarans who had settled on the world and had been affected by the Hoffan drug. McKay and Beckett were captured by the Wraith and taken aboard the Hive ship where Beckett was told to continue the research on identifying those affected by the drug. Beckett went to see the Commander and soon returned to release McKay. They made contact with Sheppard who wanted McKay to disable the Hive's weapon. Once accomplished, they had to beam themselves into a Dart to get off the ship, which deposited them on the ground when the Dart tried to beam up people. (SGA: "Outsiders") The team was kidnapped by the Coalition of Planets who put them on trial for the crimes of the Atlantis expedition. Woolsey arrived to serve as their defense and managed to get them set free. (SGA: "Inquisition")

Michael invaded and took control of Atlantis. A plan was developed to destroy the Jumper Michael was using to power a stun field and Sheppard went with McKay to the underwater Jumper bay for him to fix one of the Jumpers to use. When its weapons couldn't be brought online, McKay came up with a plan to dial the Stargate which would destroy the Jumper in front of it. Sheppard had McKay fly the Jumper up there and dial the Stargate. (SGA: "The Prodigal") Zelenka came to McKay and said they should scan the ocean around the city after he noticed some strange readings. McKay was dismissive but went along and they located a Sekkari Seed carrier under the water. He found it contained a lot of information on technology as well as the ability to create life but if they took the information the DNA would be destroyed. Woolsey was contacted by the device's AI and convinced him to help get it to the target planet. McKay was annoyed at not being able to see the AI so it appeared to him. He later remarked that he would be able to tell if the AI tried to trick him, only to learn that Zelenka was still offworld and hadn't returned yet. (SGA: "Remnants")

McKay was invited to a presentation on Earth by Malcolm Tunney and he asked Keller to accompany him. At the presentation he ran into Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson who made fun of the fact that McKay hasn't published in a while. The presentation was on using a Matter bridge to siphon off heat from Earth and McKay realized his own work was being used. He tried to stop Tunney from turning his heat sink on but could not convince him. He and Keller snuck into Tunney's office and were later accused of sabotaging the sink and they could not shut it down and couldn't leave due to a plasma grid being tied to the device. McKay worked on finding a solution and after his plan to dial up the sink to overload it failed, he realized they could create a second matter bridge to drain the power. He had to go to rescue Keller, who became stuck in a flooding corridor and had to resuscitate her. She told him that she loved him and had for some time, mirroring what he had told her when affected by the Second Childhood parasite. (SGA: "Brain Storm")

A Hive ship arrived in orbit and Sheppard's team went aboard to find that Todd had used the gene therapy but it had caused a virulent disease. McKay discovered the entire crew was locked into stasis. When a Wraith warrior exited and ate one of the marines, Sheppard had McKay cut power to the pods to kill the occupants but one couldn't be shut down. McKay discovered the ship was breaking in half and it soon ripped apart and began to fall into the ocean. Todd managed to land it safely and they were rescued before it sunk. (SGA: "Infection") Keller began to act strangely and McKay found her trying to fly a Jumper. She wanted him to fly it and when he refused she pulled a gun on him but was stunned by Ronon. She revealed she was a woman named Neeva Casol who had switched bodies with Keller and McKay realized she had found an Ancient Long-range communication device. The team went to a planet to find Neeva's body and the device and after Keller's body was shot, McKay tried to find a way to disable the device but Ronon shot it instead and it died. (SGA: "Identity")


Todd contacted Atlantis to inform them that one of his underlings who he tasked with integrating a Zero Point Module to a Hive ship has turned against him. Sheppard's team went aboard the Daedalus to find this Hive and as the team approached the Hive in a cloaked Puddle Jumper, the Hive was able to detect it and opened fire. The Daedalus jumped in to rescue them and was overwhelmed before the Hive suddenly left. They learned that it had intercepted a signal from an alternate reality that had the location of Earth. Atlantis was being taken to Earth to help with the defense. They dialed Earth but had dialed into the Hive ship which was in orbit of Earth with a Stargate aboard. With Sheppard already on Earth, the team and Major Evan Lorne went through to try to stop the Hive. They were attacked and Ronon was stabbed by one of the warriors. Unable to stop the bleeding, Ronon died in front of them. They eventually ran into Sheppard who had come aboard on an F-302 with a Nuclear bomb and McKay rigged it to a detonator so they could escape. Atlantis arrived to engage the Hive and they went to escape through the Stargate, and on the way found Ronon alive, having been revived by the Wraith to be interrogated. They escaped and the Hive ship was destroyed, but Atlantis had to land on Earth. McKay joined others on a balcony to look out over the Golden Gate Bridge where he told Jennifer Keller that he had her and what else could he need. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")


McKay began working on improving the calculations to dial the Ninth Chevron and found a way that should avoid destroying the dialing planet. He was to present his work to Ambassador Ovirda from Langara to use their planet but he refused to listen. McKay used the Communication stones to go aboard Destiny, swapping bodies with Dr. Adam Brody and showed Eli Wallace his work. Returning to Earth he joined a mission to Langara to attempt a dial. The stones were used to allow Everett Young and Matthew Scott to swap bodies with Administrator Halperin and a Captain and McKay arrived with Colonel David Telford, SG-4 and SG-5. He worked on the dialing program and it soon began, appearing to be working fine. Ovirda arrived with troops and McKay told Young that they needed to stop as regardless of what happened, the mission was a failure. (SGU: "Seizure")

Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality, McKay had a good relationship with his sister and was the godfather of his neice and nephews. When a strange anomaly appeared above Atlantis, McKay and Sheppard drew straws to see who would be beamed inside to get to an alternate reality and McKay won. He later returned. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller")
  • In an alternate reality, he had married Samantha Carter but the two divorced. He stopped working in scientific fields and became a millionaire in trading companies. He was approached by Carter who said she was from an alternate reality and the woman that he had been married to was dead. He asked for his help in getting back to her reality. He later began working as a science advisor to President Hank Landry as he had been blackmailed to work in the position. Carter told him to continue to try to push Landry into reversing his martial law policies. (SG1: "The Road Not Taken")
  • In an alternate reality, he created the Alternate Reality drive and it was installed on the Daedalus. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")
  • In an alternate reality, he went with his team aboard a Daedalus that arrived in orbit but it jumped into alternate realities. He and the others eventually starved to death aboard. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")
  • In an alternate reality, he met an alternate John Sheppard who had helped save Earth several times. He came to Earth to help deal with a Hive ship that attacked and launched a number of Darts. When Detective John Sheppard began tracking a serial killer who was an escaped Wraith and was brought to Area 51, McKay spoke with him, telling him about the Stargate and the Wraith and mentioned his encounter with his counterpart from another reality. He was later contacted by Sheppard who had found the location of the Wraith and McKay told him not to get involved as he could get killed. Aircraft attacked and killed the Wraith and destroyed his equipment and McKay remarked that the equipment had tried to send a signal but had caused a rift and the signal went to other realities. (SGA: "Vegas")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Atlantis began flooding shortly after the expedition arrived and he worked on trying to open the outer door of the Jumper bay to let people escape in Puddle Jumpers. He drowned in his attempts. (SGA: "Before I Sleep")
  • In an alternate timeline in 2005 he was brought to Cheyenne Mountain to study the Time Jumper. When he was introduced to Samantha Carter, he was attracted to her and kept pestering her. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1") When the Stargate was found and it was activated, McKay remarked that he was glad he wasn't going through it. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 2")
  • In an alternate timeline, after Teyla had been found dead, McKay figured out that Sheppard had been sent 48,000 years into the future and helped Carter fix up the Phoenix to fight against Michael Kenmore. After Carter and Ronon were killed, Richard Woolsey took command of the expedition and pulled back all relief efforts. Jennifer Keller resigned and McKay followed suit. On the trip back to Earth, the two became close and began a relationship. McKay got a high paying job at an aerospace engineering firm but after a year Keller began to die due to complications of exposure to the Hoffan drug. McKay came up with a plan to change the past but Keller told him not to waste his time trying to change things. After she died, he continued to work on his plan. In 2034 he had finally figured it all out and went to Stargate Command to see Major General Evan Lorne. McKay convinced Lorne to allow him to try his plan and he went to Atlantis and installed his systems to make contact with Sheppard in the future and guide him to travel back in time to stop Teyla's death and stop Michael. (SGA: "The Last Man")