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This is the page for the character. You may be looking for the episode, see: Michael.
Michael Kenmore
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Wraith-Human hybrid






Michael Kenmore - List of Appearances

Portrayed by

Connor Trinneer, Brent Stait

Michael Kenmore was a male Wraith-Human hybrid.


Michael was captured by Sheppard's team and given the Iratus bug retrovirus. Within five days his body had converted into a human and after twelve days the physical transformation was complete and his memories were blocked. He was told by Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard that he was "Lieutenant Micheal Kenmore" (actually named from "Mike" that Sheppard called him during his transformation, and "Kenmore" from a location in Scotland that was on a calendar used by Carson Beckett. He met Teyla Emmagan who told him that she was a friend and showed him to his quarters. He met Meredith Rodney McKay and recognized some Wraith Culling beam schematics that McKay was looking at, despite them being in the Wraith language. He sparred with Teyla as part of his physical therapy and he was eventually able to throw Teyla down until he was pushed up against the wall by Ronon Dex. Dr. Kate Heightmeyer said that he and Ronon had a run in and not to think about it too much. He began to have dreams about the Wraith and after being given ineffective sedatives he went to see Beckett and came across a number of CDs with his name on them. He watched them and learned that he was a Wraith. He was disgusted at what they had done to him and when he was confronted by Ronon again, he escaped and ended up shooting and killing Sergeant Cole. He was imprisoned before being taken to the Pegasus Alpha Site. He managed to enter Teyla's mind and get her to free him and took her as a hostage to escape. They went to another planet where more Wraith were arriving. He was shot by Sheppard but survived and was found by the Wraith. (SGA: "Michael")

He let a Hive Queen know what had happened to him and the idea was formed to use the retrovirus on enemy Wraith to turn them into a food source. Michael led them back to Atlantis and made contact with Weir. He joined the group of Wraith to come down the city and he returned to the isolation room where they had turned him into a human, meeting with Teyla and telling her that the plan to use the retrovirus was as much as about survival as them using it on him. He told Teyla that they would not be seeing each other again. When Ronon pulled his weapon on Michael and said he should kill him, Michael said that his life wasn't Ronon's to take. He watched as the retrovirus gas was tested on a Wraith but didn't watch when the Queen fed on the new human. (SGA: "Allies") The Queen betrayed Atlantis and they obtained the location of Earth instead and joined with another hive to go there. Michael confronted the queen about not being told that was the plan all along and she revealed that they don't trust him anymore. When he overheard Sheppard trying to contact McKay over the radio, he told him that he was not part of this and told Sheppard where best to attack the hive to take out its hyperdrive. Sheppard was captured and Michael took custody of him, helping him find McKay and Ronon. The Daedalus arrived and the four of them escaped aboard a Transport ship, Michael disabled the jamming codes before they left. With the Daedalus losing life support, the only other breathable air was on the Hive and Michael suggested sending over the gas to convert the Hive. (SGA: "No Man's Land")

Michael was brought back to Atlantis and confined in his old quarters. Teyla approached him and when he revealed that the Wraith do not trust him and asked for a ship so he could make his own way, Teyla offered up the retrovirus but he refused as erasing his memory was no different than killing him. He was forcibly given the treatment again and joined the other converted Wraith from his Hive. He and some of the others started to remember who they really were and began working on a plan to escape. When Lathan, another converted Wraith, stopped believing what they were being told and ran off, Michael and the others found and killed him to hide their secret. Dr. Beckett found them out and was captured by Michael who entered Beckett's mind and got him to reveal that Sheppard had placed a Nuclear bomb nearby as a failsafe. Michael disabled the bomb and he and the others waited for a Hive ship to rescue them. (SGA: "Misbegotten") Michael took a sample of Beckett's DNA and created a clone. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

Knowing that he was not accepted anywhere he began a plan to make a place for himself. He began experimenting to create his own footsoldiers, using Iratus bugs which he allowed to feed on humans and then manipulated the DNA to form the Bug people. He created some of these on a planet where he experimented on the Taranians. He returned to this planet to find some marines from Atlantis that he captured and forced Lt. Negley to contact Atlantis and tell Weir that Sheppard's team had found the missing Taranians further away and would be out of contact. He used the marines to further his experiments and soon captured Teyla. He released a bunch of the creatures to hunt down Sheppard's team and was soon confronted Sheppard, telling him he would gladly die knowing that Sheppard's team would soon die as well. He tried to stop the team from escaping but Sheppard stole his Dart and escaped with them. Michael took the creatures and left the planet. (SGA: "Vengeance") On another planet he created other experiments but deemed them failures as he couldn't control them. (SGA: "Whispers")

Michael began working on new hybrids and kidnapped the Athosians as test subjects. He found a way to remove his need to feed on human life and forced his Beckett clone to work on the hybrids well as we refine the Hoffan drug. He began disseminating the drug to human worlds to taint the Wraith food supply. He used Kanaan, one of his hybrids and the father of Teyla's baby, to lay a trap for Teyla and had her captured. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") He revealed to her that with both parents having Wraith DNA, her baby would allow him to further his experiments. When Sheppard's team located them, Teyla was rescued by Beckett but Michael was able to exert control on him and escaped with Teyla. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2") He learned his facility on M2S-445 had been compromised so he went there but ran into the Daedalus. His cruiser was damage and he was unable to escape. When the hyperdrive was completely destroyed, he realized that someone was on board. His ship was destroyed by the Daedalus, but he had escaped by stealing the Jumper Sheppard's team used. (SGA: "Search and Rescue", "The Prodigal") A report of his surviving the destruction of his cruiser was given to Atlantis. (SGA: "The Seed")

With his plan failing, Michael decided to take a run at Atlantis. He captured Nelson's team and interrogated Major Nelson to obtain his IDC. Using the stole Jumper he and his last hybrids went to Atlantis, where the cloak was converted into a stun field to take control of the upper levels of the Atlantis Control tower. He had his hybrids go and stun Teyla and bring her and her baby up to him. He took a DNA sample from the baby just in case. When Teyla awoke he told her he planned to use the baby to perfect his hybrids and was going to destroy Atlantis to prevent anyone from stopping him. In a moment of compassion, he offered to bring Teyla along so she could survive and remain with her child but she refused. Ronon and others attacked and he and Ronon got into a fight, but Michael managed to defeat him. Teyla escaped and Michael activated the auto-destruct to draw her out but she said she would come if he disabled the auto-destruct. He prepared to leave, only for the Stargate to activate and destroy his Jumper, allowing teams to get into the area. He ran up to the Jumper bay but became stuck and continued up to the top of the tower, chased by Sheppard. He beat Sheppard down but Teyla arrived to knock him off the edge. Holding on to the ledge, Teyla kicked his hands off, causing him to fall to his death. (SGA: "The Prodigal")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Michael took Teyla Emmagan's baby and used it to perfect his hybrids. He began to disseminate the Hoffan drug more and cause the Wraith to fight against each other more, allowing him to finish them off and defeat them. (SGA: "The Last Man")