Nicholas Ballard

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Nicholas Ballard
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Crystal Skull

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Jan Rubeš

Nicholas Ballard is a male Tau'ri, the father of Claire Jackson and grandfather of Daniel Jackson.


He was from the Netherlands. (SG1: "The Other Side") Ballard worked as an explorer and discovered a crystal skull in Belize in 1971 which transported him to P7X-377 where he met the Giant aliens but he just shut his eyes and refused to speak to them. He was sent back to Earth and found the temple around him collapsing, so he climbed out. (SG1: "Crystal Skull") He became interested in the "fountain of youth" and found evidence of the fountains power being a piece of alien technology used by Mayan tribes around 900 B.C.. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1") He spent years trying to get the skull to transport him again and tried to convince others of what happened. When Jackson's parents died in 1973 he took Jackson to a diner after the funeral but he didn't adopt him as he was always travelling. (SG1: "Threads", "Crystal Skull") He and Jackson had a tough relationship, with him insisting on being called 'Nick", and neither of them believing the other - Jackson not believing him about the aliens and Ballard not believing his theories about the pyramids. His obsession drove him to madness and he checked himself into a psychiatric facility in Oregon where he was visited by Jackson until 1995 when Ballard kicked him out. In 1999 he was visited by SG-1 who asked him about the skull he found and then had to take him back to Stargate Command to see the skull they had found. Ballard apologized to Jackson for not adopting him and Jackson, who had been shifted into another dimension by the skull where no one could see, hear or interact with him, was surprised that Ballard could. Jackson told him about the Stargate and came up with a plan to allow the skull to finish its process to bring Jackson back. Not believing that Jackson was there, Ballard told Major General George Hammond that if they did the plan he would be able to go and see his granddaughters play, which Jackson had overheard. He accompanied SG-1 and the skull activated allowing them to meet the giant aliens. Ballard was chosen by them to remain behind to exchange knowledge and culture. He and Jackson reconciled with Jackson calling him grandpa. (SG1: "Crystal Skull")