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Nicholas Rush
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Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips

Dr. Nicholas Rush is a male Tau'ri, a member of Icarus Base and a member of the Destiny expedition.


Early life

His father worked in the shipyards at Glasgow. Rush earned a scholarship to Oxford and worked two jobs as he studied. (SGU: "Air, Part 3") He married Gloria Rush at some point and she developed cancer but went into remission. He taught at a university and soon Gloria's cancer came back. He was approached by Daniel Jackson who recruited him to work on the Ninth Chevron. During this time he neglected his wife in her final days. (SGU: "Human")

Icarus Project

He was brought on to the Icarus Project and worked for two and half years on figuring out the power calculations needed to dial the Ninth Chevron. (SGU: "Human") He began working with Dr. Amanda Perry, calling her "Little Miss Brilliant". (SGU: "Sabotage") When the problem was included in the game Prometheus toa attempt to find someone who could solve it, Eli Wallace was found. Rush and Jack O'Neill went to see him and they had Eli beamed up to the George Hammond where Rush told him they needed his help. After a failed attempt to dial out, he and Eli worked for a few hours on the problem but Everett Young took Eli away to join in a dinner in the officer's mess. When Rush went to get some food he overheard others saying that Eli would solve it and Rush was annoyed. He returned to his quarters but soon the base came under attack. With the planets core became unstable, Rush knew they had only one last chance to dial and Eli realized that they were using the wrong Point of Origin and it was a combination not an address. Rush has a dial out to Earth aborted and instead dialed the Ninth Chevron. With no other choice, 80+ people had to evacuate through the Stargate. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Finding themselves on the Ancient ship Destiny, Rush goes wandering and finds himself on the Observation deck. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") Rush uses the Tau'ri Long-range communication device to speak with Jack O'Neill on Earth. Rush tells everyone that O'Neill placed him in charge, to which many do not believe. As air on the ship is running out due to failing processing nodes, Senator Alan Armstrong seals himself in a damaged shuttle to prevent the air from being sucked out, killing himself in the process. Chloe Armstrong attacks Rush blaming him for her father's death as he was responsible for the current predicament. When Everett Young ordered Earth to be dialed, Rush tried to stop them stating that they didn't have the power to do so. The ship suddenly dropped out of FTL and Rush guessed the Stargate was going to dial itself to a planet where they could find something to fix the life support. (SGU: "Air, Part 2") He joined the mission to the planet to search but soon gave up as he believed it was impossible due to the heat on the planet. When Eli Wallace communicated that the group he was with was going to try to dial another planet, Rush went with Ronald Greer to go stop them. When Rush didn't want to go on and wanted some of Greer's water, Greer refused and Rush tackled him but Greer overpowered him. At the Stargate, Rush told Greer to shoot Dr. Jeremy Franklin to stop him going through the Stargate with the Ancient Remote they needed. Matthew Scott managed to locate some Lime which was used to restore life support. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Suffering from caffeine and nicotine withdrawals and sleep deprivation, Rush began to notice power levels on the ship dropping. He told Young to stop people activating the systems and later yelled at Sgt. Hunter Riley for asking him a question. The ship lost power and Rush went into a rant about how he was right before he finally collapsed. He awoke later to learn the ship was to perform an aerobraking maneuver around a gas giant but when they came out the other side, they found the ship was heading straight for a star. (SGU: "Darkness") A lottery was to be held to determine who would be able to escape aboard a shuttle and Rush asked Young to take his name out of the running as coming to Destiny was his destiny and he wanted to remain to the end. Finishing a book while he waited he noticed that things were not happening as he predicted and he saw that the ship did still have power and was using the star to recharge. As it started to leave, Rush came up with the idea for the shuttle to perform a slingshot maneuver around a planet to get the speed needed to get back to Destiny. While others celebrated, Rush returned to his normal self and Young mentioned how he took his name out of the lottery but then remarked that he may have known what was going to happen to the ship and Rush remained silent. (SGU: "Light")

While Young and Scott went offworld to harvest ice for drinking water, some alien organisms were found aboard and when Eli informed Young of them, Rush berated him for telling them as they needed them to focus on the ice and called Eli a child. When Scott became trapped in a crevasse, Rush told Young that he needed to make a decision to leave him in order to make it back himself. (SGU: "Water") After Colonel Telford was given command of the Destiny to enact a plan to dial Earth while the ship recharged in a star, Rush voiced his opinion to the plan as it would most likely end in catastrophe. After Telford continued with the plan, Rush got help from Dr. Adam Brody to fake that the plan was failing to get Telford to leave. When they dialed and it appeared to be failing, Brody followed Telford and his scientists and reported to Rush when they left, letting Rush end the theatrics. (SGU: "Earth") Rush soon learned that Eli was being told to do things by Young that he wasn't to be told about. When they found a Neural interface chair that could allow them to unlock the master code to the ship, Rush wanted to have it used but Young refused. Rush accessed the subspace link to the Seed ships and planted a fake planet similar to P4X-351 that they would arrive at in a year, in order to get Young to allow him to use the chair. When his lie was exposed, Rush said he did it to improve morale and motivate everyone to work harder. (SGU: "Life")

Rush overheard a gunshot and went to investigate, finding that Sgt. Spencer had killed himself. Rush deleted the Kino recording Spencer had made and then took the gun, hiding it in Young's quarters, wanting to frame him enough to have him removed from command. When Camile Wray was put in command, Rush got permission to begin running tests on the neural interface chair. After Dr. Franklin sat in the chair while working on it, Young blamed Rush for putting him in the situation and tempting him. When a spaceship was found offworld, Rush went to join the team and Young accompanied him. With time before Destiny leaving running out, Young sent the others back before confronting Rush. Rush said that Young wasn't capable of being in charge and Young attacked him. Rush fought back but was beaten down. He awoke hours later and Destiny was gone. (SGU: "Justice") He eventually made it inside the ship, and soon some aliens arrived and took him captive. They probed his mind but Rush was able to resist them. He was freed by one of them, much to Rush's confusion and he allowed Rush to use the probe on him, where Rush learned that Young was controlling the alien and that they had recently captured Chloe. Young disconnected and Rush was able to briefly probe the aliens mind to learn more. When it regained control, Rush choked it to death. He found Chloe and released her and using knowledge taken from the alien took one of their ships to get back to Destiny. (SGU: "Space")

Rush initially confirmed Young's story about a landslide taking him away on the planet but soon worked with Wary to seize control of the ship. Rush learned that he had a transmitter implanted in him by the aliens and confided in Chloe to see if she had one as well. He began transferring away controls as Young and Scott were destroying an alien ship attached to Destiny. He had to stop the transfer as their shuttle couldn't attach before Destiny jumped which would kill them. The civilians traded some supplies for Eli and Rush and him worked on diverting all power to the shields as he knew the aliens would be coming again. He revealed to Eli that he had a transmitter and when Wray learned of it she accused Rush of taking control just to stop Young from tossing him out an airlock. When Young retook control he instead had TJ remove the transmitter. (SGU: "Divided") Despite still recovering from surgery, Rush put himself back to work. When Destiny dropped out in a star system it had no data on, Rush discovered it would take over a month for the ship to move around the star to get back on course and that there was a habitable planet nearby. A team went to the planet to gather supplies as Rush continued to work on the ship. When people wanted to remain on the planet, Rush said they can't stand to lose so many people and to just send in soldiers to round everyone up. (SGU: "Faith")

After creating a buffer for the neural interface chair, Rush sat in it, choosing the memory of the time of his wife dying as the basis for the "dream" he would live through, knowing that if that memory was damaged, it wouldn't matter to him. In the "dream" he began seeing the number 46 all over the place and when he met Daniel Jackson in the "dream" he realized that it was a clue. He went to see his wife who helped him realize that 46 had to do with Ancient DNA chromosomes. Gloria said that the things he had done on Destiny was not who he was and that he needed to listen to his consciousness. (SGU: "Human") With Scott, Eli, Chloe and Greer left behind, Rush joined a team to go back using the Stargates to try to find them but they were unable to get to the planet and had to return to Destiny. (SGU: "Lost")

When Destiny's engines were damaged, Rush recommended bringing Dr. Amanda Perry aboard to help with repairs. The two worked together once again and eventually Perry asked Rush if he knew how she had felt about him in the past before kissing him. Rush explained that his recent experience in the chair meant he had to relive Gloria's death again and wasn't ready for anything romantic. When the aliens came to attack the ship, Rush talked Young through what he needed to do in the chair to bypass the engine damage but James explained that Franklin wanted to use the chair instead. With the engines online, Rush said goodbye to his old friend. (SGU: "Sabotage") Rush became affected by a Tick-like creature, first hallucinating that he was trapped in one of their tanks before seeing several of them arrive through the Stargate. He hallucinated others as the aliens and when cornered by Wray, stabbed her in the shoulder. The creature was later removed. (SGU: "Pain")

Lucian Alliance invasion

Rush experienced a dream that had memories from Colonel David Telford, as the two had swapped bodies recently, that showed Telford meeting with Lucian Alliance personnel and giving them information. Rush went back to Earth to swap with Telford again, posing as Dr. Morrison, and he went to Telford's house to gather information. Finding a safe deposit key he recovered a cell phone and made contact with the Alliance. They collected him but when he met with Commander Kiva, she knew he wasn't Telford and they captured him. Taking him aboard a ship, he was tortured and eventually relented and revealed who he was. He was taken to a planet where the Alliance was planning to dial the Ninth Chevron and forced Telford to help them. (SGU: "Subversion") He soon collapsed as his body had died but awoke up later when it was revived and was put back to work. When Earth attacked the planet, they dialed Destiny and brought Rush through. The Communication stones were disconnected due to Stargate travel and Rush was back in his own body. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1")

When Everett Young revealed that Kiva had killed Rivers, Rush said it was going to be someone, Young tried to attack him. They discovered that the ship had dropped out in range of a Binary pulsar which was draining the shields and preventing it from jumping to FTL. A plan was developed to give up control of the ship to the Alliance, but Rush and Dr. Adam Brody would hide in an auxiliary lab to take back control, so the Alliance would allow them to modify the shields. When Matthew Scott and Ronald Greer finished repairs, Rush told them that something had gone wrong and they needed to get to an airlock to get back inside, telling them to run to the front of the ship. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2") Scott and Greer didn't make it to the airlock but took refuge on the underside of the ship to survive the pulsar burst. Eli Wallace and Chloe Armstrong soon arrived to help and Rush realized that as the Alliance had sent everyone else off the ship, they could siphon power from the shields so the radiation would kill the Alliance personnel. Dannic, the new commander, refused to surrender to Rush but Ginn shot and killed him and surrendered. (SGU: "Intervention")

Controlling the ship

Rush finally figured out the master code for Destiny and gained access to the bridge. An appearance of Gloria Rush appeared and asked him if he was going to tell everyone that he had solved it but he didn't answer. He told Gloria that the systems were designed to be run by a crew but he couldn't trust anyone on board. Coming near a planet with a locked out Stargate, Rush dropped Destiny out of FTL in shuttle range. An appearance of Dr. Jeremy Franklin appeared and told him that he had failed to see how potentially dangerous entering the planet's atmosphere could be. The shuttle crashed on the planet and Destiny soon jumped away. He dropped Destiny out in Stargate range of the planet and those on the planet found and unburied the Stargate to get back but Sgt. Hunter Riley died on the planet. Rush figured out that the ship was named Destiny for a reason. (SGU: "Aftermath")

Detecting a Seed ship in their path, Rush dropped the ship out and the two ships docked with one another. After discovering that the Seed ship had large energy reserves, Rush went aboard to examine it and stayed to help direct energy into Destiny to dial back to Earth. Some aliens aboard, stunned him and began siphoning energy from Destiny to the Seed ship. Rush was taken back on Destiny and he went to the bridge to disconnect the two ships, leaving Colonel David Telford aboard with the aliens. (SGU: "Awakening") After Chloe Armstrong began to suffer from blackouts due to her experience with the aliens in the last galaxy and started writing in their language, Rush took her to see his work and she completed some of his equations. Rush claimed she may be the one behind Destiny dropping out of FTL so much and said that the Neural interface chair could cure her. Afterwards she asked him if it had worked and he told her that it hadn't, wanting to keep her new skills to use on his work. (SGU: "Pathogen")

He joined a team to go to a planet but when Matthew Scott was infected by an organism, he went back to the Stargate to request supplies, including something to cut through bone if needed. Quarantined on the planet, they barricaded an area around the Stargate to defend from the organism while Scott was treated and Rush noticed how the organism was repelled when the Stargate activated. Chloe allowed herself to be infected, showing that the changes happening to her made her immune, and Rush was concerned at what she had done. (SGU: "Cloverdale") Destiny dropped out of FTL and wouldn't go back in and Rush found out that the ship was running a program involving dreams with Young, testing his command ability and had shut down as Young had done the same. Rush disabled the program and put Destiny back on its path. (SGU: "Trial and Error")

Rush dropped Destiny out near a derelict alien spaceship and he volunteered to go on board, accompanied by Rush. Using the Ancient Space suits they floated over and boarded the ship. Rush brought the life support online but accidentally activated the engines, causing the ship to begin moving away. He recommended bringing Dr. Amanda Perry aboard to try to get Destiny to come after them. He provided her with information to get her to access the bridge, telling her that he couldn't trust the others with his discovery. When Perry was found and Rush's discovery of the bridge uncovered, Young overheard and beat Rush down. Rush told him that he had found the mission that Destiny was launched for and asked that Young help him with it, promising not to keep things from him ever again. When Destiny got close to the ship, it struck the ship causing it to begin to rotate. The pair had to jump out to get back to Destiny. Rush landed safely but Young came in at the wrong angle and began to float away, however Rush managed to grab him in time. Rush shared a drink with Perry and kissed her. (SGU: "The Greater Good")

He went to go back to see Perry and found her dead. Simeon had killed her to kill Ginn, who had swapped with Perry. Rush left to go after Simeon coming to the gateroom where Simeon had just left, taking Park as a hostage. Once on the planet, Rush found Park with an explosive on her and went to disarm it but didn't have the tools. He suddenly realized the wire used to fix his glasses could be used and removed the explosive before it killed Park. He went after Simeon and was joined by Scott and Greer. Rush broke down at Perry's death while searching and they were ambushed by Simeon and pinned down when Rush realized he could use the Kino remote to track the remote that Simeon had with him and learned that he was no longer watching them. They caught up to Simeon and Greer shot him in the leg and Rush was annoyed that he hadn't killed the man. After Greer was shot, Scott wanted to go back but Rush refused. He followed Simeon and used explosives to cause some animals to stampede and run Simeon down. Severely injured, Simeon told Rush that he had information about the attack on Earth but Rush didn't care and shot him dead. (SGU: "Malice")

When the people left behind in the last galaxy suddenly appeared, Rush examine the shuttle they had come in and found it to be completely restored. When Dr. Robert Caine came to see Rush about the "message" in the background radiation and he was annoyed that Caine thought it may be evidence of God. Rush said that the restoration of the shuttle but not of the people (such as fixing bad eyesight or receding hair) was evidence that it wasn't God. (SGU: "Visitation") Investigating an energy signature, they came across a debris field and soon came under attack from automated drones. After being saved when the Seed ship with Telford arrived and asked for help by the aliens with him, Rush suggested they double cross the aliens and just leave instead. He spoke to Eli about losing Ginn, telling him not to get beaten down and to realize that he had so much potential. (SGU: "Resurgence") Engaging with the drones Command ship, Destiny managed to destroy it but another was detected incoming. Rush worked with Eli on studying one of the inactive drones and worked on altering its programming so the inactive ones attacked the new drones. (SGU: "Deliverance")

After Eli believed he had found a way to dial Earth when Destiny recharged in a star, Rush was against it stating that it was too unprdictable. He said that he was going to remain on the ship and asked Young if he could find volunteers to remain as well. He was called to the bridge where Destiny was receiving a radio signal from an approaching shuttle that had an alternate Rush aboard. The alternate explained that the plan didn't work and everyone was killed in the wormhole, except Telford, and Destiny ended up being sent back in time. He joined a team to go aboard the alternate Destiny to gather supplies and spare parts but the alternate Rush disappeared and Rush went after him. He was asked to activate the neural interface chair for the alternate Rush as he wanted to remain aboard as Destiny fell into the star. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Rush met Senator Michaels and reunited with Dr. Andrew Covel when they came aboard to see Destiny. When they learned that Homeworld Command had been attacked, the communication stones could not be shut off and Rush discovered that Covel had rigged them to stay on as going back to Earth would kill them. Rush fixed the stones. (SGU: "Alliances")

Waiting to hear back from Earth after the attack, Chloe was inhabited by the consciousness of Ginn when using the stones. He was against turning the stones off as they should study why this happened. He suggested using the neural interface chair to download Ginn's consciousness to the ships computers. Perry's consciousness appeared and Rush said he was hoping she was in there as well. Rush worked on the chair and they managed to download both of the consciousnesses from Chloe. (SGU: "Hope") Perry told Rush that it was possible for them to be "physically" together if he uploaded his consciousness to the computer and into a simulation. After spending time together, Rush went to leave but it didn't work. Perry found a solution but Rush soon discovered he was still in the simulation and tried to end it by destroying Destiny. The simulation reset but Eli had found a way to get Rush out by quarantining Perry and Ginn. Rush woke from a coma a few days later and Eli was angered that he had to quarantine Ginn to save him. (SGU: "Seizure")

After finding some stasis pods, Rush wanted to examine the database before investigating them. Learning that Eli and Brody were checking them out anyway, he activated the one that Brody was working on and put him into stasis. After letting Eli stress for a day thinking he had trapped Brody, Rush let him out. After noticing Volker's interest in Park, he told him not to try as he wasn't the romantic type. (SGU: "The Hunt") Rush grew concerned about the lime for the life support which was running out. After meeting people who were the descendants of the alternate timeline version of the expedition, Rush wasn't much interested, only wanting to know if they could help get something for the life support. He was annoyed when some of them came near him and appeared almost frightened. When the ship was attacked by drones again, Rush said that they needed to jump away and Young agreed. He figured out that the drones were able to detect when a Stargate was activated and that's how they found them. He was against transporting the people back to Novus as it would drain the life support more. (SGU: "Common Descent") On Novus he found some substance that could be used in the life support and didn't much care for anything else. (SGU: "Epilogue")

When the drones began blockading stars needed for Destiny to recharge, Eli came up with a plan to recharge in a Blue super giant and he and Eli remained on board to manually control the ship. Park remained as well to gather more of their plants to save them, but when she was trapped in the garden, Rush told her that they needed Eli focused on the task and that she would be safe. Eli later asked Rush if Destiny may have locked the door because it knew that the dome of the garden wouldn't survive and Rush said it had crossed his mind. The plan worked and the ship recharged but Park was blinded. (SGU: "Blockade") When the drones began blockading worlds with Stargates on them, Eli said they could all go in stasis and skip the rest of the galaxy. Rush tried to come up with another plan thinking that they may miss some piece of information on the background radiation. Chloe convinced him that being alive was a better option. He joined others to eat the last of the fresh food on board. When the last pod wasn't working, Rush said he would stay out to fix it but Young wouldn't allow it. Eli volunteered to do it instead and Rus entered his stasis pod. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Rush went with a team to a planet where they began to fall ill. During the night they were attacked by creatures but Rush was among the survivors. The Stargate was malfunctioning and they were unable to make contact with Destiny. The next night they were attacked again and Rush took the opportunity to go through the Stargate but was instead sent back in time to the same planet where he later died. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Rush and a team went to a planet and found a Kino as well as human remains, actually his own. Back on Destiny they learned what had happened to them. Rush figured out that they needed to go back to the planet as what was making them sick could be healed by the creatures venom. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Rush asked for volunteers to remain on Destiny to help him with the mission and had several people join him. When Earth was dialed, people went through but when it appeared that the ship wouldn't survive, he sent the others through as he tried to keep the wormhole active. He and Destiny were sent several hours back in time. (SGU: "Twin Destinies")