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Nightwalkers is the fifth episode of Season 6 of Stargate SG-1.


After Carter receives a strange phone call, SG-1 go to investigate the disappearance of the biologist who called her and discover a town filled with strangely acting people. While investigating they discover an alien ship being constructed by the townspeople.




Adrian Conrad, Apophis, Goa'uld (Desperate Measures), Harry Maybourne, Janet Fraiser, Peter Stofer, Rya'c


Goa'uld, Jaffa, Langaran, Tau'ri


Chulak, Earth


1953, American Journal for Evolutionary Science, Amphetamine, Antibiotics, Area 51, Beer, Carter's house, Cloning, Coffee, Corn, Cotton, Credit card, Crusty Bill's Bar, Doughnut, Ginger ale, Goa'uld language, Hamburger, Helicopter, Immunitech Research, Mallozzi Courier & Packing, Meningitis, Milkshake, Motorcycle, Naquadah, National Intelligence Department, NID headquarters, Oregon, Phoenix, Russia, SGC Base library, SGC Briefing room, Sheriff, Spaceship (Nightwalkers), Stanford University, Stargate, Stargate Command, Stem cell, Steveston, Sugar, United States Air Force, Wormhole, Zat'nik'tel, Zeditron Industries


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Filming locations

  • The scenes at the motel were filmed at the 2400 Motel in Vancouver.
  • The scenes on the street of Steveston was filmed in Steveston, Richmond.
  • The scenes at the diner were filmed at Dave's Fish & Chips in Steveston.
  • The scenes at the shipyard were filmed at Britannia Heritage Shipyards in Steveston.