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Osiris - List of Appearances

Portrayed by

Anna-Louise Plowman

Osiris was a Goa'uld.


Osiris was supposedly Egypt's first Pharaoh and ruled with his Queen Isis. (SG1: "The Curse") Osiris was said to have hidden from his brother Seth on Kheb. (SG1: "Forever in a Day", "Maternal Instinct") Osiris was removed from his host and put into the Osiris jar and Isis was placed in the Isis jar. In 2000 the jar was opened by Dr. Sarah Gardner and Osiris took her as a host. Pretending to be Sarah, Osiris looked for the Isis jar and the Amulet key, causing an explosion that killed Dr. Jordan, murdering a Curator and a lab technician to cover their tracks. After discovering that Dr. Steven Rayner had taken the key, Osiris followed him to Egypt and to the Temple of Osiris, attacking him and taking a hidden Hand device. Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter and Dr. Janet Fraiser arrived and Osiris knocked out Carter and Fraiser and questioned Jackson as to where the Stargate and the Isis jar were located. When Jackson stabbed Osiris with a sedative dart, they activated a nearby hidden ship and escaped Earth. (SG1: "The Curse")

Osiris began to rebuild their forces and drew the attention of Anubis who sent Zipacna to recruit Osiris. Zipacna had Osiris go to the Hasara Space station to petition the System Lords for Anubis to join their ranks. After arriving, Osiris noticed that Yu's slave was Daniel Jackson but did not say anything. They came to find Jackson after demanding to know what they were doing. (SG1: "Summit") Jackson stuck her with a Reole chemical ring which made Osiris believe Jackson was Yu's servant. Osiris revealed to the System Lords that Anubis was alive and they came to represent him. They tried to convince Yu to vote in favor of Anubis stating that before he takes his place as System Lord he will destroy Earth. After they accepted Anubis back, Osiris told them that he was currently destroying the Tok'ra. Osiris was called to see Yu in his Tel'tak but was captured in the cargo area by Jackson. The door opened shortly afterwards with Yu there and Osiris stabbed him before attacking Jackson. When Jackson mentioned Sarah, Osiris was confused but was then attacked by Yu as Jackson escaped. (SG1: "Last Stand")

He was given a ship with new shields and sent to a planet to attract the Asgard and test out the shields. Thor arrived and told them to leave but Osiris refused and they survived the Asgard attack. They destroyed the Asgard ship and captured Thor as he tried to escape. Osiris told Thor that Anubis was coming to personally interrogate Thor. Osiris ordered his Jaffa to search the planet for a hidden Asgard lab and had his Jaffa take Death gliders down to locate it, risking their lives in the dangerous atmosphere. When intruders boarded the ship, Osiris had Hyperdrive coolant gas vented in to stop them and captured Jack O'Neill and Teal'c. After finding the Asgard lab, Osiris went down, capturing Carter and used a hand device to interrogate her and appeared to be visibly shocked when they learned of Jackson's death. Carter was transported out before Osiris could learn anything more. (SG1: "Revelations")

Osiris came to Earth, using Asgard Transporters to get into Jackson's house, placing a modified Memory recall device on Jackson as he slept so she could control his dreams. Using knowledge from Sarah, she made Jackson dream of his first meeting with Sarah and the beginning of their relationship. They introduced a tablet written in Ancient to try to get Jackson to reveal the location of the Lost City. Coming back each night they continued the dream, changing details about the past to get Jackson comfortable and for him to translate the writings by filling in details he may have from when he was ascended. After Jackson said that he never knew, Osiris ended the dream and began to kill him with a Hand device. Jack O'Neill attempted to shoot Osiris with a tranquilizer but they stopped him and escaped. Attacked outside, Osiris fired on a van's fuel tank to destroy it. They were then shot by O'Neill with another tranquilizer and fell unconscious. The Tok'ra removed Osiris from Sarah. (SG1: "Chimera")