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Paul Langford
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Erik Holland, Duncan Fraser, Connor Trinneer

Professor Paul Langford was a male Tau'ri, an archaeologist and the father of Catherine Langford.


He was married at some point and they had a daughter, Catherine together. (SGO: "Episode 1") Langford ran an excavation at Giza in Egypt in 1928 and worked with Heinrich Gruber. (SG1: "1969") He was called in one day after something had been found, bring his daughter Catherine with him. He met with an interpreter who took him to see Foreman Taylor who had been working on the Coverstones. The two of them went to see the Stargate as it was being raised up out of the sand. When the workers began to yell that something else was underneath, Langford went forward to see the fossilized remains of the Jackal and Horus Guards. (Stargate)

For years he studied the Stargate in Egypt along with Catherine. Partnering with Dietrich who help find financial backing for them, he receieved a Telegram from the man on August 22, 1939 that he had ended their partnership and wouldn't be coming back. He met Captain James Beal who had been dating his daughter. Dr. Wilhelm Brücke, a Nazi arrived with others and took him and Catherine hostage. (SGO: "Episode 1") Langford watched as Brücke activated the Stargate. He made Brücke promise not to harm Catherine if he agreed to help and he was then pushed through the Stargate. (SGO: "Episode 2") On Abydos they encountered Aset who killed Gunter, one of Brücke's men and Langford dropped to his knees. (SGO: "Episode 3") He later told Brücke that he should thank him for not including Catherine in the mess. (SGO: "Episode 5")

When he learned that Aset wanted slaves, he told Brücke he didn't want to help him anymore. (SGO: "Episode 6") When Aset asked about the other humans that followed them and showed Langford the hairpin from Catherine, Langford told her that she didn't need to do anything as they would deal with their own problems. He later told Aset that Brücke would turn against her and when Brücke demanded to know what he had said, he found the hairpin and realized that Catherine had followed them. (SGO: "Episode 9") Catherine arrived and shot Brücke but Langford convinced her not to kill him as it wasn't worth it. Eva Reinhardt killed Brücke instead. Aset arrived and Langford asked her to let them leave but she instead used her hand device to alter their memories to make them forget what had happened on Abydos. Beal got them through the Stargate but they had no recollection of what had happened. He and Catherine packed up to move to the United States.(SGO: "Episode 10")

In 1945 he was working on the Stargate again, alongside Heinrich Gruber and Dr. Ernest Littlefield, who had began a relationship with Catherine. They managed to activate the Stargate and Ernest volunteered to go through but the wormhole shut down shortly afterwards. With Ernest presumed dead, he told Catherine that there was an accident and a transformer had exploded and killed Ernest. (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus") After the end of World War II he and Catherine were sworn to secrecy about the project. (SG1: "1969")