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Radek Zelenka
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Radek Zelenka - List of Appearances

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David Nykl

Dr. Radek Zelenka is a male Tau'ri and a member of the Atlantis expedition.


Early life

When he was young his brother would leave candles burning and once burned the house down, leaving the family to live in a tent during winter. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney") He used to train Pigeons for racing. (SGA: "Echoes")


He is from the Czech Republic and joined the Atlantis expedition and went to Atlantis. When Jumper One was lodged in a Spacegate, he began running tests on Jumper Two to try to locate the circuits needed to retract the drive pods on Jumper One. He eventually managed to find which ones were responsible and relayed the information. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes") He was working with Meredith Rodney McKay on a Jumper and complained about the diversity of food they were receiving. He accidentally activated a subroutine in the Jumper that opened a door that led to outside the Jumper bay. (SGA: "Suspicion") He worked with McKay on finding a way to save Altantis from an approaching Hurricane and had an idea to use lightning to power the shield during the storm. He and McKay worked to enact the plan by visiting the power distribution centers. (SGA: "The Storm")

He was given the Gene therapy but it didn't take and he didn't get the ATA gene. He was part of a team to go and explore sections of the city that had been flooded during the storm and he was exposed to a nanovirus. When people started to die, Zelenka grew anxious that he would be next. Luckily, an EMP was used to disable the virus. (SGA: "Hot Zone") He was called in to examine an issue with a console in the control room when he discovered that the deep-space sensors had been activated and later discovered they had detected an incoming Dart. After the Dart scanned the city and self-destructed, he found it had sent a signal to some nearby Hive ships. (SGA: "Before I Sleep") He helped McKay with his plan of sending a message to Earth and recorded a message for someone back home but had to re-record when he revealed classified information. (SGA: "Letters From Pegasus")

He worked with McKay to try to figure out if they could power the Control chair for when the Wraith arrived but they came up short. (SGA: "The Gift") When McKay was going to repair the Lagrangian Point satellite, Zelenka said he should be the one to go as if something was to happen it would be better for him to be lost than McKay as he knew more about the city than he did. He showed Weir how the city would be destroyed by their self-destruct and said that it was not enough as the Wraith would be able to recover technology so he started work on a Computer virus to wipe the database. He told Weir that they would only be able to save 7-8% of the database to take with them. He activated the Biometric sensor array so they could track down a Wraith in the city. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")

Zelenka worked with McKay on powering up the Control chair with a Mark II Naquadah generator that had been brought by a military team from Earth. He and McKay worked on linking the chair to a Puddle Jumper to try to remotely pilot it. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 2") He was in the control room as McKay went to install a ZPM and tried to activate the shield but it didn't work. McKay figured out the problem and Zelenka was able activate the shield. He and McKay worked on linking a Jumper's cloak to the shield generators in order to cloak the city and hide it from the Wraith. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 3")

He was called offworld when McKay and Lt. Laura Cadman had been taken into a Dart and he worked on getting them out, managing to remove McKay. He worked on freeing Cadman back on Atlantis and it was discovered that Cadman's mind had been taken out with McKay and they were sharing his body. After McKay was making mistakes in his work, Zelenka told him he should leave. A solution was later found to save them both. (SGA: "Duet") He worked with McKay on Project Arcturus but after an accident, he went over the results and believed it could not be operated safely. He tried to warn McKay but he refused to believe him and Zelenka grew angry at his obstinence. (SGA: "Trinity") He was sent to a planet to examine the Dial Home Device and find out the last few addresses that were dialed. (SGA: "The Lost Boys")


He came up with an idea of using a Tether probe to be sent into a Time dilation field to gather readings. (SGA: "Epiphany") He was chosen by McKay to go to M7G-677 to repair the Electromagnetic field generator there and was forced to remain when Atlantis went into lockdown. He found the experience annoying as the children there painted his face and hair during his visit. (SGA: "Critical Mass") He worked on repairing Jumper Six but didn't want to take part in a test flight and asked McKay to do it instead. After the Jumper crashed into the ocean, Zelenka led a team to determine where the Jumper had sunk to and was later asked to take part in the mission, which he refused, stating that he couldn't even swim. He was convinced by Weir and modified a Jumper's cloak to work as a shield to protect it. He and Sheppard went down and managed to locate McKay and rescue him. (SGA: "Grace Under Pressure") Zelenka was in the control room when the Taranians were arriving and received a call through the Stargate from McKay to immediately raise the shield. He later showed Weir that they had detected an incoming Hive ship. (SGA: "Inferno")

After Michael Kenmore returned with a Hive ship and they wanted to use the Iratus bug retrovirus against enemy Wraith to turn them into a food source, Zelenka worked with Beckett and a Wraith Scientist on the plan. He later examined information about Hive ships and soon discovered a Computer virus in it that had taken the location of worlds in the database and information on hyperdrives and uploaded it to the Hive. (SGA: "Allies") He worked on repairing the Orion and went aboard it to stop two Hive ships heading for Earth but after arriving they had to sacrifice their shields for weapons and the ship was critically damaged and they had to abandon ship. He worked with McKay on trying to repair the life support on the Daedalus after the battle. (SGA: "No Man's Land") He detected a Hive ship headed towards the Odyssey that was performing a mission near a Black hole and tried to contact them but could not so he called in Weir. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project") He fell under the influence of Lucius Lavin. (SGA: "Irresistible")

When Sheppard's team and Weir encountered the Asurans, he helped McKay go through the database for any reference to them. (SGA: "Progeny") He worked on modifying a Lantean Containment chamber for a project that McKay and his sister, Jeannie Miller, were working on. When they arrived she praised Zelenka for his work and he was surprised. After creating a Matter bridge he was called in to find that McKay was inside the chamber, but it was a McKay from an alternate reality. He later worked on the plan to collapse the bridge and send the alternate McKay back that resulted in them draining the city's ZPM. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller") When Sheppard's team went in search of Leonard's team but didn't check in, Zelenka tried to contact them and later controlled a UAV but it was shot down. (SGA: "Phantoms") When Lanteans returned to Atlantis and took control of the city, the expedition returned to Earth and Zelenka thought he might take a position at Masaryk University. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1")


He went with Ronon Dex to the Lantea mainland where he ran some experiments while Ronon was hunting and Ronon became annoyed that Zelenka's instruments made noises that scared everything away. He monitored Sheppard and McKay as they took a Jumper underwater to observe some Flagisallus. He let them know that he was detecting a large number of them heading right for their Jumper. (SGA: "Echoes") After McKay was affected by a device that accelerated his evolution, Zelenka worked on fixing the device to learn if it had harmed McKay. He grew annoyed McKay disabled power to the lab in his work and as he was off to yell at him, a power surge injured him. As he was rushed to the infirmary, McKay came in and used his Healing ability to revive Zelenka and fully heal his injuries. Zelenka kept working on the device and McKay soon came to him and apologized for how he had treated him in the past, calling him a brilliant scientist and a decent human being. As McKay was dying he came up with a way to reverse what was done to him and Zelenka worked to fix the device. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

He examined a social development lab and was amazed at the power it allowed a person to have over a society. He and Lorne began "playing" the "game", initially just helping some people, but were soon shut down by Weir. (SGA: "The Game") On a mandatory rest day, Zelenka took part in a tournament for the Chess club, winning a desk fan, Dr. Mallozzi's anime DVD collection, and a coupon for a free Swedish massage from Dr. Ambrose. Carson Beckett asked him to join him on a Fishing trip but he turned Beckett down. When Beckett was killed, Zelenka served as a pall bearer at a memorial and carried Beckett's body back to Earth. (SGA: "Sunday") He joined a team to explore a Mobile drilling platform on Lantea and became trapped when a Wraith Queen caused their Jumper to be flooded. He discovered that a crashed Cruiser nearby, when its auto-destruct went off, would release so much geothermal energy and destroy Atlantis. (SGA: "Submersion")

He helped McKay prepare the Horizon weapon and said that they could say that there was something wrong with it so it wasn't used but McKay said that it needed to be used to stop the Asurans. After the mission an Asuran Stargate satellite arrived in orbit and attacked the city and Zelenka worked with McKay on sinking the city to try to protect it. When the plan proved to not buy them much more time, it was decided to fly the city off of Lantea. During the launch the satellite weapon damaged the city's power conduits and it dropped out of hyperspace. (SGA: "First Strike") He worked on repairing the conduits to try to get them back into hyperspace and had to go with Sheppard in Spacesuits to repair the final part. During the repair, a micro asteroid shot through his leg but he managed to finish the repairs. They were too late and didn't have enough power to jump away. He later told Sheppard that there was a chance they could make a small jump but it was risky with such low power. (SGA: "Adrift") A plan was made to steal a ZPM from Asuras and he helped McKay finish his Jumper hyperdrive. After retrieving one they landed Atlantis on M35-117 and Zelenka later noticed that the Asurans were launching ships and heading for a Wraith world. (SGA: "Lifeline")

McKay told Zelenka that he believed that the IOA had chosen him as the new leader of the expedition, much to Zelenka's shock. Samantha Carter had instead been chosen. When Sheppard's team was captured offworld and Ronon made it back, Zelenka joined the rescue team and located a power relay in a wall inside the Wraith facility, allowing Carter to shoot and disable it. (SGA: "Reunion") He made a bet with McKay that M3X-387 had nothing on it of value. After a crystal entity was found, Zelenka came with McKay and a team to the planet to recover some of the crystals. While examining it, Zelenka stopped Dr. Jennifer Keller from trying to touch it. He calibrated the city's sensors to locate who the entity had moved into and called for McKay to come to an isolation room as it was in him. He helped with a plan to allow Sheppard to enter McKay's mind to help him fight the entity. (SGA: "Doppelganger")

When people began to become afflicted with a mutated strain of Kirsan fever, Carter had Zelenka remove the control crystal for the Stargate so they couldn't dial out. Zelenka soon fell ill and lost his memories but when he began to be hunted by soldiers he managed to evade them. He was found by McKay and Carter and went with them to find Teyla. He and everyone else were later cured. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa") He worked on a team with McKay on the Asuran directive but they made no progress and Zelenka told McKay to send a message to Jeannie Miller for help instead. (SGA: "Miller's Crossing") After obtaining an Asuran Core drive, he worked with McKay on accessing the information. He tried to get McKay to take a break, saying that he was throwing himself into his work to avoid thinking about Weir, who they had learned was dead. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil") He worked with McKay on his plan to create a block of nanites for a plan to destroy the Asurans but the nanites didn't hold together. He was called away to fix a power issue to return to find that McKay had created an entire nanite being instead. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")


He ran into Sheppard who came back from examining a Hive ship and asked if it was badly damaged. (SGA: "Spoils of War") He was in a transporter with Carter when the city went into a lockdown. They connected a tablet to the systems to learn that an ionospheric storm had caused a lockdown and disabled the radios. Carter tried to work on accessing more systems but Zelenka accidentally caused a short and disabled the tablet. They were rescued a few hours later and learned the auto-destruct had been activated and they needed to reset the power to disable it. Zelenka volunteered to crawl through the ventilation shafts and made it to the main power room where he rest the city and ended the lockdown. (SGA: "Quarantine") He helped set up an Ancient Stasis pod to be used by a clone of Carson Beckett. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

He examined the data on the Hive ship pathogen and the tendrils growing out of Jennifer Keller with Beckett and found that it may be a Hive ship growing out of her. He went with Teyla to examine the main power conduits and found that the tendrils had attached to them to draw power. The tendrils attacked him but he was saved by Teyla. He helped to shut down power to try to slow its growth. (SGA: "The Seed") When Sheppard's team investigated the Daedalus that arrived in orbit and disappeared, he went with Lorne aboard a Jumper when the ship came back. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations") When Asurans uploaded to subspace came to Atlantis Zelenka was monitoring the power levels and tried to contact McKay to ask if he should pull the ZPM. With no contact he sent someone to pull the ZPM but they were hit by an electrical discharge and killed. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine") He helped prepare Jumper Three for Sheppard's team to take to Talus. (SGA: "The Shrine")

After some aliens invaded Atlantis and kidnapped McKay and Daniel Jackson, Zelenka examined one of the aliens they had killed but they couldn't scan through its armor. When he began cutting into it, an auto-destruct activated and it was destroyed. Zelenka examined the city's subspace log to find a signal from a device the aliens took that attracted them to Atlantis and he found a possible location. After the Stargate was dialed, Zelenka discovered that a charge was building up inside the event horizon and the Stargate was going to explode. Sheppard had him collapsed the city's shield around the Stargate and he worked to direct as much power as possible. He stopped it from destroying the city but part of the blast got through. (SGA: "First Contact") He and Sheppard managed to survive but the control room was damaged. Todd commandeered the Daedalus and came to Atlantis, wanting to know the location of the Attero device, which was what caused the Stargate to explode. A Traveler Spaceship came to Altantis and Zelenka went with Sheppard aboard to go after Todd. Zelenka worked with Mila, the fifteen year old engineer on the ship to maximize the hyperdrive, and he had serious misgivings about their hyperdrive. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

When Michael Kenmore invaded Atlantis, Zelenka worked on restoring some power to parts of the city. He later managed to override some of Michael's lock outs including controlling the shield over the Stargate, allowing it to be activated and destroy Michael's Jumper that was maintaining a stun field around the area. (SGA: "The Prodigal") He went with Donovan's team to M2J for a diplomatic festival. (SGA: "Remnants") He found Keller in the lab he was working in, seemingly confused and when he tried to take her to the infirmary she stabbed him. After surgery and a brief coma, he was told that someone had switched bodies with Keller. (SGA: "Identity")


He helped install two more Zero Point Modules to Atlantis to power the city for its trip to Earth to fight a Hive ship headed there. When they dropped out of hyperspace on the way, Zelenka recalibrated the Stargate so they could dial Earth, but when they dialed they connected to the Hive ship which had a Stargate aboard. Sheppard's team and Major Evan Lorne went through and Zelenka told Richard Woolsey about the Wormhole drive which may be able to get them to Earth instantly. He worked on the calculations for the drive and Atlantis jumped to Earth to engage the Hive. During the battle, Zelenka reported that the Hive's weapons fire was pushing the city into a lower orbit, causing the shields to be drained faster. The Hive was destroyed by a Nuclear bomb aboard but Atlantis was forced to land on Earth. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")


Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality, Zelenka came to Earth to help track down a Wraith. He theorized the Wraith was building a bomb but his idea was shot down by McKay. He remarked that he had wanted to see Star Trek: The Experience when in Las Vegas and was saddened that it had closed down. The Wraith was found but activated his device that caused a rift and sent a signal, Zelenka said the signal would be stronger in other realities. (SGA: "Vegas")

Alternate Timelines