Redemption, Part 1

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Redemption, Part 1 is the first episode of Season 6 of Stargate SG-1.


An incoming wormhole begins causing the Stargate to build up energy which would eventually result in it exploding. Teal'c visits his son offworld and learns that Anubis is attacking Earth. A plan is developed to use the newly constructed X-302 to contact the Asgard for help.




Apophis, Cronus, Drey'auc, Janet Fraiser, Mathison, Ronac, Thor


Asgard, Goa'uld, Jaffa, Langaran, People of P2X-374, Tau'ri


Abydos, Alpha Site 1, Chulak, Earth, Langara, Planet (Redemption, Part 1), P2X-374


Apple, Area 51, Babylon, Boxing, Brainwashing, Cadillac, Cake, Coffee, Colorado, Death glider, Dial Home Device, Doughnut, Event horizon, First Prime, Fruit, Funeral, Goa'uld language, Grape, Hologram, Hyperdrive, Inertial dampener, Iris, Naquadah, Naquadah generator, Naquadria, Nevada, Pie, Potato, President of the United States, Protected Planets Treaty, Rite of M'al Sharran, Russia, Sandwich, SG-1, SGC Archaeology lab, SGC Astrophysics lab, SGC Briefing room, SGC Commander's office, SGC Commissary, SGC Control room, SGC Gateroom, SGC Gym, Staff weapon, Stargate, Stargate Command, Tel'tak (Redemption, Part 1), Tel'tak (Summit), The Pentagon, Titanic, Tranquilizer, Wormhole, X-301, X-302


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